Fonds 121

Fonds Number: 121

Title: Central School fonds

Creator: Central School administration

Dates of Material: 1944-2002

Physical Description: 1 metre

Scope and Contents:
Scrapbooks, news clippings, collections of photographs, special events photographs, correspondence and memorabilia relating to the history of Central School in Peterborough from 1860 to the present, but mainly with documents gathered from 1960 to 2002.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

None expected.

Custodial History:
Donated by Barbara McMahon, 2005, 2013; xerox materials were donated by Keith Dinsdale, 2002.-

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
History of Central School – see R. J. Bolton’s historical pamphlet on the history of the school.

Access Points:

Schools, Peterborough

File listing:

F121, files 1 to 136

Volume 1, files 1-24
1 Scrapbook Record, 1948-1985
Photocopies of newspaper articles and photographs for events and people at Central School, correspondence, speeches.

2 Sports, 1944-45
Photocopies of newspaper articles pertaining to sports at Central School, mainly for the soccer and hockey teams. Also includes handwritten notes on referees, line-ups, team players.
3 Central School Sports Account, 1944-49,Hockey awards, 1950-52
Sports account ledger and three Bristol board cutout hockey awards.

4 Central School Scrapbook, 1944-45
Scrapbook of newspaper articles of the sports activities at Central School. Includes team photographs and written notes on team players, coaches, line-ups, final standings, house league players, and game schedules.

5 Central School Scrapbook, 1945-46
Articles on athletic activities for Central School including hockey, softball, soccer, and swimming. The scrapbook includes team lists.

6 Central School Scrapbook, 1947-48
Articles on athletic activities for Central School including hockey, softball, soccer, and swimming. The scrapbook includes team lists.

7 Central School Scrapbook, 1949
Articles on athletic activities for Central School including hockey and softball.

8 Central School Scrapbook, 1950-52
Articles on athletic activities for Central School including hockey and softball. The scrapbook includes team lists, scores and standings.

9 Central School Scrapbook, Soccer, 1949-53
The soccer scrapbook includes newspaper articles, team pictures, standings, and schedules.

10 Central School Scrapbook, Hockey, 1950-53
The hockey scrapbook includes newspaper articles, pictures, standings, and schedules.

11 Central School Scrapbook, Field Day, 1950-52, 1956
The field day scrapbook includes the programme, ribbons, field day records, lists of participants by sport and by level, and newspaper articles.

12 Central School Scrapbook, Swimming, 1952
The swimming scrapbook contains newspaper articles, pictures, team lists and attendance.

13 Central School Scrapbook, Softball, 1950-52
The softball scrapbook contains newspaper articles, schedules, pictures, leading scorers, notes, scoring sheets, and batting averages.

14 Galt Public School Centennial, 1956
Contains an envelope.

15 King Edward School, 1957
Newspaper article on King Edward School titled, “King Edward’s 50-Year Scars”.

16 Cunningham Trophy, 1959
Framed type-written article describing the trophy’s purpose and how it should be awarded.

17 In Our Public Schools, 1959-60
Type-written article describing changes, improvements, hundredth anniversary plans, parent questions, parking problems, hockey, and home economics at Central School.

18 Pearson, Lester B., 1960
Two letters to Lester B. Pearson from the principal, D.T. Crawford regarding Pearson’s attendance at the centennial celebrations at Central School.

19 Pearson, Lester B., 1960
A letter from Pearson’s press secretary, L.F. Jones requesting information regarding Central School for Pearson’s address at the centennial celebrations. Includes the envelope.

20 Centennial, 1960
Centennial pageant programme, speeches, staff lists, correspondence, newspaper articles, publicity, and notes pertaining to the Central School centennial celebrations.

21 Davisville School, 1960
A letter to Mr. & Mrs. Sutton requesting they answer questions to help gather the history of the Davisville School for the upcoming centennial.

22 Central School’s Former Pupils, 1960
A school exercise book listing the names, address, year of attendance of former pupils. Also contains correspondence from the principal, former student lists, and anniversary celebration information.

23 End of School Year, c1960s
Newspaper article on the end of school for the summer.

24 Safety Patrol, 1967
A framed award of merit for Central School Safety Patrol.

25 St. Joseph’s Hospital History, n.d., c1970s
Newspaper article titled, “First patient stayed 159 days” under the heading “Hospital History”.

26 1970
Newspaper articles titled:
Pupils Learn about Japan
It’s Difficult to determine if Dawson City Is Just a Little Miffed at Robert W. Service
Trent University’s After Four Program

27 1970
Newspaper article titled:
Brotherhood The Year Round At Central School

28 Current Events News Clippings, 1970
Newspaper articles regarding Central School.

29 Paintings and disturbed minds, 1970
Newspaper article titled, “Paintings unlock the secrets of disturbed minds” from the Toronto Daily Star.

30 Rising Cost of Education, 1970
Newspaper article titled, “Opposition mounts to soaring cost of education” from the Toronto Daily Star.

31 Education, 1970
Comments in Toronto Star, 28 Nov, 1970
A page of education-related articles.

32 IODE Essay, c1970s
Newspaper picture of essay winners.

33 Peterborough Official Plan, 1976
Newspaper printing of the Peterborough Official Plan for 1976.

34 Newspaper, 1978
Newspaper articles on Silverwood and milk sales.

35 Sportsmanship Awards, 1979
Two sportsmanship awards awarded to Central Public School

36 PCVS Pep Rally, 1979
Newspaper photo and brief write-up on the pep rally for the first football home game of the year.

37 Safety Patrol, Safety, 1980-81
Two safety patrol award of merit certificates for Central School safety patrol

38 Newsclippings 1981-82
Various newspaper articles and photos pertaining to Central School

39 Peterborough’s Kiwana’s Music Festival
Contains several award certificates and one adjudicator’s report for Central School

40 Diocese of Peterborough, 1982
Special Peterborough Examiner newspaper insert highlighting the one hundredth anniversary of the Diocese of Peterborough.

41 MusicChord, 1984
Central intermediate choir certificate of appreciation for Musichord.

42 Peterborough, 1984
Toronto Star, 26, August 1984

43 History of Central School, 1960
Contains a booklet outlining the history of Central School and letter to CKPT Radio regarding the centennial celebrations for the school.

44 Certificates, 1984
Two Peterborough County Board of Education certificates of recognition for Central School.

45 Education Week Guest Book, 1984

46 George Elliott Sketch of Central School, 1985

47 Newspaper page,1985
Peterborough Examiner, Saturday, October 5, 1985

48 Central School–125th Birthday, 1985
Letters, planning committee notes, presenter lists, staff lists, ticket sales booklet, publicity all pertaining to the planning of the Central School anniversary.

49 Central School 125 Planning Book 1985
Sales booklets, invoices, notes, letters pertaining to the planning of the Central school anniversary.

50 Kiwana’s Music Festival
Two adjudicator’s reports for Central Public School. One letter regarding the guest book for the 125th anniversary celebration.

51 Central School Centennial file, 1960-1987
Various letters and information pertaining to the centennial and 125th celebrations.

52 Heritage Peterborough Walking Tour, 1986
Includes one walking tour pamphlet.

53 Newspaper, 1986
Peterborough Examiner, Friday, January 10, 1986

54 History Scrapbook, 1985-87
Various articles on Central School history and 125th celebrations.

55 Central School, 1985
Letters, agenda, notes, copies of pictures, and staff lists pertaining to the 125th celebrations.

56 Miscellaneous items pertaining to the 125th anniversary of Central School.

57 History Scrapbook–photos, 1985-87
Several pages of photos.

58 Icy School Yard, Jan. 1988
Newspaper photo of Central School’s icy yard by Pat Marchen.

59 St. Mary’s Convent, 1934, 1989
Peterborough Examiner article, Tuesday, July 4, 1989, two copies.

60 1993
Newspaper letter regarding uses for Central School.

61 Graduation 1995
Central School graduation programme for 1995.

62 Milestones, 1995
Newspaper articles, November 19, 1995 and Milestones page August 22, 1995.

63 Central School, 1996
Newspaper articles on the closing of Central School.

64 Vibrations, 1996
One copy of the magazine, “Vibrations”, volume 2, issue 1, June/July 1996.

65 High School Entrance Exam, 1890
One copy of the High School Entrance, December Examinations, 1890, Education Department, Ontario.

66 Teachers, 1962-75
A list of teachers and the dates they were at the school.

67 Education History
Photocopies of three newspaper articles on the history of Central School, St. Mary’s, and Confederation School.

68 History of Kindergarten, 1890-91
A report describing the beginnings of kindergarten at Central School.

69 Flavelle, Dorothea
An article titled “Personal Reminiscences of Teachers in the Town of Peterborough” by Dorothea Flavelle.

70 Peterborough’s First Teacher
Elwood Jones
Newspaper article about Peterborough’s first teacher, Rev. Henry Scadding .by Elwood Jones.

71 Our Christmas Picture Book
A scrapbook of pictures depicting a Christmas supper.

72 Science Notebook, Eileen Armstrong, Mr McKee’s class
A notebook on natural science from Mr. McKee’s class..

73 Exercise Book
A primary exercise book belonging to “Joanne” with practise printing in it.

74 Scrapbooks
Two scrapbooks with paper art inside.

75 Central School Class, c. 1895
Original photograph of Central School’s 1895 class.

76 Photos
Class and team photos for Central School.

77 Winter Pageant
Programme and photos for a winter pageant.

78 Photos
Two large photos, one of two ladies and one of three boys.

79 Peterborough Photo
Photo of a building in Peterborough about mid 1950s,

80 Hockey
Photo of a boys hockey team.

81 Soccer Team, 1936
Photo of the 1936 Central Public School soccer team.

82 Caption Only, 1950s
Caption from a picture with the names of the people in the picture.

83 Group Photo, c.1960s
Staff Christmas phot.

84 Class Photos, 1960?
Several class photos and lists of names.

85 Whitwell, Mr., 1964?
A photograph of Mr. Whitwell.

86 Centennial Class, 1967
Centennial class photo.

87 Christmas, c. 1970s
Four photos from Christmas party.

88 Class Pictures, 1972-3
Several class pictures.

89 Class Pictures, 1973-74
Various class pictures.

90 Class Pictures, 1974-75
Various class pictures.

91 Class Pictures, 1975-76
Various class pictures.

92 Class Pictures, 1976-77
Various class pictures.

93 Class Pictures, 1977-78
Various class pictures.

94 Class Pictures, 1978-79
Various class pictures.

95 Class Picture, 1978-79
Black & white photo of graduating class.

96 Class pictures, 1979-80
Various class pictures with some student identified.

97 c. 1980, n.d.
Unidentified class picture.

98 Class Pictures, 1980-81
Various class pictures.

99 Class Pictures, 1981-82
Various class pictures.

100 Class Pictures, 1982-83
Various class, staff, and team pictures.

101 Album Pages, 1983
Pictures from Play Day, 1983.

102 Class Pictures, 1983-84
Various class pictures.

103 Class Pictures, 1984-85
Various class pictures.

104 Album, c.1985
Pictures of various school events.

105 Photo Album, c.1985
Pictures of various school events.

106 Class Pictures, 1985-86
Various class pictures.

107 Class Pictures, King Edward, 1986-87
Various class pictures from King Edward Public School.

108 Class Pictures, 1987-88
Two class pictures from King Edward Public School.

109 Class Pictures, 1988-89
Various class pictures.

110 Group Photos, c.1980s
Two group photos.

111 Class Pictures, c. 1990
A few class pictures.

112 Class Pictures, 1991-92
Various class pictures.

113 Graduates, 1991-92
1991-92 Graduating Class photo.

114 Photo, 1990s
Possible graduating class photo.

115 Graduates, 1992-93
Photo of graduating class.

116 Central School, 1993
Several newspaper articles pertaining to closing Central School. Two pages regarding Lester B. Pearson.

117 Class Pictures, 1993-94
Various class pictures.

118 Class Pictures, n.d.
One unidentified class picture.

119 “Denne Cup”, c.1994
Newspaper articles titled, “Central’s cadets were winners”. Recalls the 1924 win.

120 1960s?
School photo.

121 LaMoire, Donna
Sports photo identifying Donna LaMoire.

122 Graduates?
Photo that might be a graduating class.

123 Staff Photo?

124 Class Photo
Unidentified class photo.

125 Barb McMahon & Central School, Historical Documents, c.1995
Three pictures.

126 Buildings Photos Xeroxed
Several photocopied pictures of Central School.

127 Sports, 1940s
Photocopies of various sports stories, statistics, and team lists

128 Sports
Photocopies of team pictures, articles, and team lists.

129 Sports, 1940s
Photocopies of team pictures, articles, and team lists.

130 Sports, 1940s
Photocopies of team pictures, articles, and team lists.

131 Sports, 1940s
Photocopies of various sports stories, statistics, and team lists.

132 Sports, 1950s
Photocopies of various sports stories, statistics, and team lists.

133 Sports, 1950s
Photocopies of various sports stories, photos, statistics, and team lists.

134 Sports Photos, 1950s
Photocopies of various sports photos.

135 Central School History
Photocopied articles and photos pertaining to Central School history.

136 Central School Photos, 1960s
Photocopies of various school photos with pages containing names.