Fonds 29

Reference Number: F 29

Repository: Trent Valley Archives

Title: Anne Heideman Fonds

Extent: 30 cm (1 cubic foot) of textual and graphic materials; includes 16 photographs

Dates of creation: [ca. 1870]-2000

Biographical sketch / Administrative history:
Anne Louise Heideman was born in Peterborough, Ontario, on April 4, 1908, to Robert Heideman and Emily McGraw. Anne Heideman was a staunch proponent of preserving Peterborough’s historical artifacts and documents, and became the second president of the Peterborough Historical Society after its rejuvenation in the 1950s. She worked in an insurance office during the early part of her career, and was elected first curator of the Peterborough Centennial Museum in 1968. She was instrumental in extending the museum’s mandate (and, consequently, its name) to include archives.

Upon her retirement in 1973, she continued to work as a volunteer with the emergent Hutchison House Museum, the parish archives of St. John’s Anglican Church, and was among the first volunteers at Trent Valley Archives. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Historical Society and was a recipient of the Peter Robinson Medal.

Anne Heideman passed away on December 25, 2001. She was predeceased by her brother, Alan, in 1968.

Custodial /Administrative History:
The papers were donated to Trent Valley Archives by Anne Heideman between 1998 and 2001. A reprint of the 1908 Sears Catalogue, issues of Ontario History, and issues of Imperial Oil Review were transferred to the Trent Valley Archives research library.

Creator: Anne Heideman (1908-2001)

Scope and content:
The Anne Heideman Fonds consists of records accumulated and used by Anne Heideman that pertain primarily to the history of Peterborough and the Kawarthas but also to other parts of Canada and the United States.

Record types include newspapers; newspaper clippings; periodicals; post cards; photographs; and pamphlets.

Arrangement Notes:

Access Conditions: No restrictions.

Accruals: None expected.


List of files

VolumeFileTitle of File
11Crowe, Joseph-Memories of 1885 Rebellion
12Northwest Rebellion series [June-July 1970]
13Peterborough Today- 27 March 1984- Peterborough Examiner Tabloid; drawing of Market Hall
14Peterborough Sports
15Trent University
16Peterborough Heritage- issues- Hutchison House Museum, Trent Severn Waterway
17Peterborough People, Memories columns, King George School 1913,Vermont Marble 1928, Baseball 1930, Cam Wasson, Geraldine Staples, W. R. Philip, Derek Tennant, Ron Gardiner, Gordon and Christine Johnston, Mr and Mrs Gordon Minnie, Frank Thornton, John and Dave Bowes, Wilf Benstead, Greg and Helen Boorman, Bay Bell
18Peterborough Businesses
19Peterborough Militia
110Sideroads, Volume 1 Number 2
111Peterborough Examiner 19 Mar 1929, Canon Allen, Millbrook, Dobbin Cup, Curling
112Examiner Oct 1924, Charlotte St, Homer O. Fish, Ontario Temperance Assn, Bishop J.F. Sweeney, Brantford Sectional Building
113Examiner March 1929, Fred L. Roy in Europe, 2 copies
114Examiner 15 Oct 1931, McCarthy, Mrs. Margaret Langley
115Baseball- Peterborough vs Toronto St George's
116Brown, Capt Edward, Batoche monument Confederation Park, Peterborough
117Rice Lake
118Frost, Leslie, Alan Capon Forgotten Pathways
119Nickels, Nick
120Plowing Match 1964
121Heritage and History
122Craw, Wilson, municipal government history
123Craw, Wilson, growth of municipal government series, Nov 1963-Mar 1964
124Craw, Wilson, municipal government in Peterborough series, Jan-April 1965
125Grant, Ulysses S.
126music, Peterborough section of Royal choir 1901, Tinker's song, Market Hall concert, Richard F. Choate
127Hickson family, Reaboro
128Northcote celebration 1967; Canadian centennial; Gastle, Hugh Dr.
129Liftlock 1954
130RCMP Musical ride
131Zack's fire 1951
1321883 seventy years later 1953
133Empress Hotel fire, 1958
135Marshall, John R
136Market Hall cornerstone 1887
137World War I 1919
138Peterborough City Hall 1951
139Old Stoney Lake; Davis Island Manor
140Balsam Lake War Canoe Tragedy 1926
141Our History- Jones and Dyer 1987
142Local history scrapbook mainly 1934
143Ontario Historical Society 1958-1963
144Around the Mall/ around the City 1969-70
145Examiner, 19 Sept 1956 Examiner Centennial Edition
146Yunge-Bateman, Nick only 50 horses left in city; April 1955
147Jameson, Lavenia, Postcard album Hold-All
148Needler, George H.
149Cavan /Millbrook
150Mather's Corners
151Otonabee Township; Bell; Hope; Stewart
152Asphodel Township
154North Monaghan
155Centreville/ South Monaghan
161Lang Pioneer Village
162Emily, Omemee
166Pleasant Point, Arthur Burridge, football
168Fenelon Falls and area
171Port Hope
172Hamilton Township; Camborne
174Red River cart
175Port Hope to Peterborough last train
179Railway photo collection
180Shakerton, Kentucky 1971
181Logos- Anglican Church 1987
182Souvenir Pins, S.O.E.B.S. 1896 (Sons of England Benevolent Society); George VI Coronation 1937; Peterborough Old Home Week 1929
2832 photographs, Anne Heideman
284Stereoscope Photos of Sam Stickland; view from Smithtown Hill; Robert and Charlotte Nicholls; County Courthouse
285Peterborough Museum
286Peterborough Centennial Celebrations
287Photos; post card; letter; unveiling Historic Plaques
288Roy Studio post card of Peterborough Hockey Club Intermediate OHA Champions
289Post card- William Sherring
290Advertisement “Ten Cent Store;” 2 empty Court Plaster packages Johnson and Johnson
291Sandford A. Fleming Architect and Civil Engineer card
292Photos- Florence and Mayme Hamilton with Linden Hall; note wirtten by Elwood Jones
293Program- Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication, 1945
294Peterborough Centennial Museum 1971-1973
295Hutchison House Museum
296Peterborough Historical Society newspaper clippings and photographs
297Christmas, memories of a Depression Christmas Floyd Alton
298Market Hall newspaper clippings “Save the Market Hall”
299Anne Heideman Save the Market Hall and Clock Tower report
2100Book Reviews, Centennial book 2nd edition Peterborough Land of Shining Water, County Atlas 1825-1875 edition
2101Galvin, Clare-- “Clare Remembers” newspaper clippings
2102Martha Kidd local history news articles
2103History notes; Fairweather House; Jacob Herkimer; Harstone House
2104History and heritage articles; John J McCabe Asburnham; 150th anniversary of Peteborough
2105Menzies House
2106Historic Homes Profiles-weekly series, Peterborough Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee
2107Peterborough’s Architectural Heritage Special Supplements
2108Anson House
2109Nassau Mills
2110Canoe Building
2111Downey, R.F.
2112Nickels, Nick; North Water Street
2113Medd, Scott
2114Cluxton, William, Reminisces, 1840-1900
2115Peterborough History
2116Local history newspaper clippings
2117Peterborough County and beyond
2118Canadian History
2119First Nations
2121Christ Church Lakefield
2123Items of interest
2124Jones, Elwood, Mr. History
2125Edmison, Alex Q.C.
2126Local Pioneers
2127Port Hope house tours
2128TVA - A walk up Brock Street, Martha Kidd and John Martyn
2129The Orchid - Bulletin of the Peterborough Field Naturalists
2130Down Memory Lane, Joseph Walton
2131Curve Lake
2132Peterborough Examiner Weekend Magazine- Winston Churchill Funeral 1965
2133Peterborough Examiner article Era of the Hoop Skirt 1933
2134Upper Canada Village, Black Creek Village
2135Rebellion of 1837 Part 3
2136Dr Amos McCrea, Keene’s pioneer doctor
2137Ontario Historical Society newsletter Prescott
2138Booklet - Official Opening Evinrude Centre, Feb. 1st 1997
2139Programs - Theatre, concert and postcard
2140Peterborough Lock Manufacturing Company Ltd, Organization chart 1943
2141Izaak Walton, article in Scribner’s, magazine
2142Anson House to Fairhaven
2143Program - commemoration Plaque for Captain George Arundel Hill
2144Peter Robinson Awards- 2000, Obit for Gerry O’Connor, Alderman
2146Chester County Day Paper, Chester PA 1956
2147Booklet - from your Druggist
2148Queen’s Coronation Souvenir Book
2149A History of Brighton
2150Textile Booklet from ROM
2151Historic Homes and Landmarks Alexandria, Virginia
2152Book - The Architecture of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts
2154Booklet - Conservation Canada
2155Historical Guide to New Brunswick
2156Brochure: Mission Espiritu Santo: Exploring the Past
2157Copy painting of first flight Baddeck, Nova Scotia
3158Peterborough Examiner, 22 May 1937 containing a major tourism section on Trent Valley and the Kawartha Lakes
3159Pages from the Illustrated London News, 1887, relating to the wreck of the Channel Steamer “Victoria” near Dieppe; Montreal Daily Star, Jubilee Number, 1887; includes representations of famous British leaders
3160Matted photograph, 8” x 10" of special event at the Capitol Theatre, perhaps tied to the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation, 1927.