Fonds 425

Fonds Number: 425

Title: T. Frank Matthews Family Fonds

Creator: T. Frank Matthews

Dates of Material:1907-1929, 1940

Physical Description: 30 cm

Scope and Contents:
1.  Albums 1 and 2, 57 vintage photographs, many by studio portrait photographers, of members of the family; Victorian albums preserved; photographs placed in photo preservers.
2.  Album 3, the Harold Matthews album; primarily photos related to Harold Matthews who trained at Royal Military College, Kingston.
3.  Album 4, family travel os S. S. Acquitania, 1921, visiting places such as Pompeii, Rome, Monte Carlo; Nice; Riviera; Venice, Milan, Geneva; Zurich; Chester, England; Killarney; Dublin; Bellagio; Cork; Oxford.
4.  Album 5, family travel on S. S. Acquitania, 1921, visiting places such as Greece, Egypt, Spain, Algeria, Malta, Turkey, and Palestine. Identified locations include Grenada; Cadiz; Seville; Athens; Smyrna; Jerusalem and Bethlehem; Luxor; Heliopolis; Cairo.
5.  Empty albums 1 and 2.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
None Available on site.

None expected.

Custodial History:
The albums were in the possession of the grand-daughter of T. Frank Matthews, Joan Wilkins, and they were donated to the Trent Valley Archives, 2014. The photos were removed from two Victorain albums, and placed in photograph preservers; the albums were kept.

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
T. Frank Matthews (1869-1941), son of George and Anne (nee Smithson), He worked for his father George Matthews, who moved to Peterborough from Lindsay, in 1888. The company was Matthews amalgamated with Parker Blackwell Company Ltd in 1911, and then became part of Allied Packers in 1919 and the Canadian operations, Canada Packers in 1927. Frank Matthews was the secretary of the new company and manager of the Peterborough plant, June 1919. Served on Peterborough Water Works board, 1902-1919. Chaired Peterborough Utilities Commission 1914-1919; Peterborough Library Board, 1913-14; Peterborough Golf Club; Peterborough Curling Club. Moved to Toronto, 1919. Was member of the Canadian Club, New York.
Married Martha Stratton, daughter of James Stratton, June 7, 1892. They had three sons and one daughter: Harold Stratton Matthews (d. 1916); Gordon Smithson; Jessie Stratton; James Herbert.

Access points
Royal Military College, Kingston, ON
World War I
Kells family
Peterborough Photographers, P. H. Green; G. B. Sproule, H. J. Byers; Louis Mendel
Other photographers: S. J. Jarvis
Peterborough Collegiate
Peterborough Summer Fair, 1912
S. S. Acquitania, 1921
570 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario (home of Matthews family)
Heymann, Lt. F. A.

File List

Series item Description Description II / & photographer Date1 Date 2

0            Research file for Matthews family fonds 2014
1            Family tree information for Matthews and Stratton families 2014
1     1     Lady with hat; bust; cabinet S. J. Jarvis, Elite Studio; 117 Sparks Street, Ottawa
1     2     Baby sitting on blanket P.H.Green, Post office block Hunter St. Peterboro
1     3     Aunt Kells sitting on a chair, Text on back reads, Aunt Kells- Brought up my mothers Lee [ ] Byers, George St. Peterboro
1     4     Thomas Francis Matthews looking to the side portriate style Sproule, 170 Charlotte St. Perterboro
1     5     Woman stitting with newspaper Fowler and Oliver, Sunbeam photo gallery Kent St. Lindsy ONT
1     6     Woman sitting S.J.Jarvis, Elite studio 117 Sparks St. Ottawa
1     7     Gril sitting in chair with book S.J.Jarvis, Elite studio 117 Sparks St. Ottawa
1     8     Youn girl sitting on bench Sproule, 170 Charlotte St. and 158 Hunter St. west Perterboro
1     9     Man leaning on post, Text on back reads, Mr W.A. Stratton H. H. Mertens, Orting WASH
1     10   Woman looking forward S.J.Thompson, New Westminster B.C
1     11   Woman leaning on chair
1     12   Young man looking forward
1     13   T. G. Nells: notation “Cousin T. G. Kells (Bauher) Millbrook” H. J. Byers, George Street, Peterborough
1     14   Young girl with parasol in woodsy setting P.H.Green, Post office block Hunter St. Peterborough
1     15   Baby lying on a pillow P.H.Green, Hunter St. Peterboro
1     16   4×2.5″ Bust of a woman Roy 1907
1     17   4×2.5″ Baby sitting on fur covered object
1     18   4×2.5″ Baby sitting on pillow P.H.Green, Hunter St. Peterboro
1     19   4×2.5″ Baby lying on a fur covered object
1     20   4×2.5″ Man in a small boat sialing in open water
1     21   4×2.5″ Bust of Harold Matthews Louis Mendal, Mendal Studio 374 1/2 George St
1     22   4×2.5″ Man in military dress uniform The Roy studio, Peterboro
1     23   4×2.5″ Bust of youge girl E.B.Momll, 174 Broad St Brimingham
1     24   4×2.5″ Bust of young boy E.B.Momll, 174 Broad St Brimingham
1     25   4×2.5″ Harold beside sister Jessie
1     26   4.5×2.5″ Candid shot of two trees by waters edge
1     27   4.5×2.5″ Mr.Matthewsand Mrs.Matthews posing in garden, coment on back reads, Ma Black velvet frock & poke bonnet find net pale blue feather strings. Pa & S. First prize going out on Cllandovers Castle 150 first class. Home on MelBoat Winchester Castle 600 first class. Pa claret coloured coat light grey & xxx frilled shirt. xxx yellow waistcoat & check shorts.
1     28   1.5×2.5″ Two young girls standing side by side, text on back, notable text states Sommerville
1     29   Woman standing in front of building
1     30   Brother,sitster and mother posing with Harold in uniform behind a building, text on back states my
1     31   Brother, sister and mother posing with Harold in uniform posing in front of a building
1     32   Three girls three boys and one woman posing in a yard
1     33   Men in hats sitting in a car
1     34   5 woman 2 men in a tropical location
1     35   Man and woman posing by bench in tropical location
1     36   Woman in a wedding gown
1     37   Little girl standing beside a chair with a teddy bear on it
1     38   Harold Matthews in full uniform
1     39   Etching of a woman Roy, Peterboro
1     40   Bust of Harold Matthews in rugby uniform Louis Mendel, Mendel Studio 374 1/2 George St
1     41   Bust of Harold Matthews in rugby uniform Louis Mendel, Mendel Studio 374 1/2 George St
1     42   Three men two woman on a ship, text on back reads, S.S. Acquitania, May 19/21: Wilson Bradford Esq.; Agnes, Jessie; E. C. Fox; T. F. M.; Taken by F. W. Moffatt Moffat, F. W. 1921
1     43   Uncle Wing Irwin; mounted photo about 5×7 to 7×9 Farmer & Hunter als
1     44   young girl in studio portrait
1     45   bride and two bridesmaids 8×10
1     46   View of Royal Military College and the city of Kingston viewed from a harbour point; cows parading in foreground
1     47   Summer Fair, Peterborough Armoury 1912
1     48   lady 3/4 length holding flower art print; in cover signed J. Kennedy
1     49   duplicate of 1-48 signed J. Kennedy
1     50   Matthews Home, 570 Water Street, Peterborough, mounted, b&w, 10x 12 not identified
1     51   Matthews-Harris wedding Toronto Star 17 Sept 1929 1929
1     52   Master Jim Matthews bell card
1     53   London theatre program c. 1915
1     54   Letter from Lt. F. A. Heymann, Instructor of Surveying, Royal Military College, Kingston to Harold Matthews, 13 June 1914 Holograph als 1914
1     55   Woman with book sitting in chair
1     56   lake shot looking at two houses in the distance
1     57   Perterborough Collegiate rugby team posed for photo 1909
1            Album 1 and Album 2 contents listed above; the albums are in boxes 3 and 4.
2            Album 3 Highlights of the album relate to Harold Matthews especially during his years at Royal Military College, Kingston. c 1913 c 1915
2.1         Photos of family travels to Greece, Egypt, Spain, Algeria, Malta, Turkey, Palestine and other points; most of which are purchased, but several are shot by the family. Album 4, Gibson refillable album 90 folios, 268 photos, of which 49 are colour
2.2         Photos of family travels to Greece, Egypt, Spain, Algeria, Malta, Turkey, Palestine and other points; most of which are purchased, but several are shot by the family. Album 5, Gibson refillable album 86 folios, 292 photos, of which 55 are colour

Hilights of album 4 include, Vittoria page 1-2, Pompeii? page 4, Boat tours on page 4, Rome pages 5-21, Monte Carlo pages 22-23, Nice, Riviera, pages 24-26, Matthews family page 27,Marseille pages 28-31, Geneva page 32-33, Venice pages 46-56, Milan pages 57-58, Geneva page 59, Zurich page 60, Alps page 64, Matthews family pages 65-66, Chester England pages 67-74, Matthews pages 69-71, Killarney pages 73-77, Dublin pages 77-78, Bellagio page 79, Oxford page 82, Cork page 83, Matthews family on steam ship page 84-90.

Highlights of album five include, Madeira, Matthews faimly pages 7-14, Algeria page 12-20, Mattews faimly interspersed, Grenada, Cadiz, Scville pages 25-36, Malta pages 37-40, Athens pages 41-52, Smyrna page 54, Jerusalem and Bethleham pages 59-71, Matthews family pages 61-67, Matthe2ws family on camales pages 74, Matthews family page 75, Eygpt including Luxor, Heliopolis and Cairo to the end.