Peterborough Examiner Fonds 340 – SF C

As part of a Trillium funded project to scan a section of our Peterborough Examiner negatives collection, dating October 1970 to December 1972, we are making the cut line and a copy of the images available online.

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1970: Oct 27 to Dec 31
1971: Jan 1 – Mar 31

January 1, 1971 to March 31, 1971

1971 January
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage1YWCA Residence Christmas Dinner (p. 6): l-r, Mary Kutty, Veronica Wickens, Kathi Herring, Laurie White, Sherin Richardson, Barb Brown, Maureen Edness, Jackie Desormeaux
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage2PUC Repair Broken Water Main (p. 9): Nighttime shot, Rubidge and Wolfe St. area, nighttime shot, backhoe clearing drain
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage3City's First Baby (p.9): John Paul Scott born at St. Joe's. Parents are Paul and Bonnie Scott of Carlisle St.
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage4Time For Celebration (p. 9, two photos, 35mm): two unidentified people dancing in the penthouse of the Empress
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage5 Nick and Mary Lalani and Pam and David Baker at New Year’s Eve Party at Empress Hotel ballroom
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage6Playwright John Erdelyi
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage7Only Canadian Entry (p. 10): An international floor hockey tournament, sponsored by the Battle Creek, Michigan Recreation Deptartment, will be held April 2-3, 1971 at Battle Creek with teams from Peterborough forming the entire Canadian entry. The teams will be representative of all the public school teams which enter the county floor hockey tournament to be held in February and March. George Campbell, Lloyd Sager and Robert Dunford are co-ordinating the program in Peterborough.
1971-01-04 MondayImage1Practice Makes Perfect (p.9): kids skiing (no names)
1971-01-04 MondayImage2St. Pete's Takes Ovaltine Trophy at Christmas Basketball Tourney (p.10): no names
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage1Council’s Inaugural Meeting (p.3): The city’s new mayor, Douglas Galvin, centre, and aldermen move out of the council chamber after Monday’s inaugural meeting of council to form a reception line. The mayor and members of council greeted a great number of citizens ranging from children and teenagers to some of the older residents of the community (see story and picture on city page).
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage2First Lakeshore Baby (p.5, 35 mm): Jason Kurt Lang, son of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Lang of Margaret St. Port Hope. Photo by Eleanor Cutting
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage3Amateur potters can learn new skill at Dixon House (p. 6, both 35mm): Pat Croft
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage4Brian Osborne
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage5Mayor Galvin chats with Malcolm McIntyre. Oldest living former member of city council, elected 17 times between 1913 and 1940 (p.9)
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage6Mayor Galvin receives chain of office (p.9)
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage7Kawartha Cup promo (p 10): Don Bye and Woody Howard on snow at Morrow Park
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage8Christopher Parks, 4 yr old, on mini snowmobile, son of Examiner sports editor Wayne Parks
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage1Construction Start (page 3): $25,000 expansion of RCAF 428 Wing facilities at 274 King St. Pres. Don Kingdon and secretary Perc Johnston use a pneumatic drill for the sod turning ceremony
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage2First Aid graduation for teens attending YWCA first aid course (p.6): Mrs. James Bell (right) presents certificate to Margaret Spenser while Margaret Found looks on.
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage3Separate School Board Head Says System Facing a Year of Dilemma (p.17): C. G. O'Donnell, James Redmond, Mary Amyotte, Frank Leahy
1971-01-07 ThursdayImage1Rug Hooking One of Several Craft Classes to Start Soon (p.6): Betty Braithwaite and Mary Davis
1971-01-07 ThursdayImage2
Lindsay Mayor John Eakins (p.10, two 35mm): with replica of Second Great Seal of the Commonwealth. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: photo of Kawartha Cup trophy (2 ¼)
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: two 35mm frames of kids tumbling (see Jan. 18 for photo from (perhaps) same event)
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: same as above
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: Humane Society inspector with cat (35mm)
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: stacked picnic tables (35 mm) (moved to Jan 30)
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: snowmobile (35mm)
1971-01-08 FridayImage1Weaving class for beginners (p.6, two 2 ¼): Bernice Watkins at loom
1971-01-08 FridayImage2place mats are first project
1971-01-08 FridayImage3Only Woman on Victoria County Board of Education (p.7, 35mm): Mrs. Margaret Stewart, new rep for Laxton, Digby, and Longfron and Carden and Dalton Townships, with Victoria County director of education William Perkins, in Lindsay
1971-01-08 FridayImage4William C. Lech, new chairman of PCBE (p. 9)
1971-01-08 FridayImage6New Chief Meets his Staff (p. 9): New fire chief John Ritchie (left) Percy Gould, David James, Dick Fines, Captain Cy James, and Deputy Chief Ed Hynes
1971-01-08 FridayImage7Nature at Rest (p. 9, 35mm): Pretty snow scene at Beavermead
1971-01-08 FridayImage830 Prints on Display at Library (p. 9): Nancy Mark (10, of St. Anne's Cres.) and Paul Gimblett (8, of Oriole Drive) admire a print
1971-01-08 FridayImage7Pete's vs. Toronto Marlies ((p. 10, 35mm): Rick Plumb (#24), Laurie Rawn (#16) fight for puck behind Mike Ralph
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage1Snowmobilers End Trip From Owen Sound to City (page 1): Bob Shouldice, Andy Siegrist and Orville Thompson snowmobiled 217 miles from Owen Sound
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage2Miss Kawartha Cup 1971 Rose Attard of Goodfellow Rd. (p.9)
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage3Kawartha Cup parade, Young's Point Winter Capers float (p. 9)
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage4Arctic Antics (p. 10): Kawartha Cup International entertainment, sign says “Arctic Cat presents Inspector Henderson's International Snowmobile Safety Patrol.” Photo of man in vintage clothing holds a mock key to a jail cell attached to a snowmobile, part of a comedy show by people from River Falls, Minnesota
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage5Discussing Education (p.12, 35mm): Stan Smith, Reeve Emily Township and Rev. O.G. Locke, chairman Victoria County School Board. Photo by Al Capon.
1971-01-10 Sunday117 negs, all 35mm, all Kawartha Cup International Snowmobile races Jan. 10 was a Sunday, no paper that day. 37 frames have been scanned
1971-01-11 MondayImage1Part of Overflow (page 3): Even rooftops became seating space for spectators at the Kawartha Cup snowmobile competitions on the weekend. Several thousand were turned away from the gates Sunday when snowmobile enthusiasts jammed Morrow Park for the second day of the event.
1971-01-11 MondayImage2Pieces of Picton Pottery Tell 125 Year Old Tale (p.6): David Taylor, with pottery shards, spoke to Women's Art Association
1971-01-11 MondayCup Races Draw Record 53,000; Ten in Hospital (images 3-8)
1971-01-11 MondayImage3Every seat in the grandstand at Morrow Park was filled. (p.9)
1971-01-11 MondayImage4An injured competitor is given aid on the track during Kawartha Cup snowmobile races. Ten were sent to hospital with injuries sustained in accidents during the days of competition. (p.9)
1971-01-11 MondayImage5High powered snowmobiles and jump considerable distance (p. 9)
1971-01-11 MondayImage6Four snowmobiles race by crowded grandstand at Morrow Park (p.10)
1971-01-11 MondayImage7Roger Janssen and the Kawartha Cup (p.10)
1971-01-11 MondayImage8Bobcaygeon Exercise and Diet Club winners (p. 13, 35mm): l-r, Millie Jones, Shirley Junkin, Violet Jones, Eve Jermey, Edna Nichols. Standing, leader Annette Kukemueller. Photo by George Thomson.
1971-01-12 TuesdayArt of Ancient Egyptians Taught in City Batik Class (p. 6, 3 frames)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage1Liz Arthur painting with wax
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage2Elspeth Munn dying the cloth
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage3Jane Stobie removing wax
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage4Trudeau Interests Them (p. 9): St. Francis DeSales students collected pictures and articles for a collage shaped like Trudeau's head. Steven Cote, Clair Moloney, Elain Borg, Kath Cavanagh
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage5Peterborough Liberal Association Delegate Election (p. 9): Dr. Ian Wilson, Mrs. Ann Haldiman (president Riding association) and David Hobson, Peterborough. Liberal candidate for next election
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage6Pat White Wins Molson Trophy For Second Time in her Life (p.10): Pat White receives Molson trophy from Jack Palmer (p.10)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage7Don Bye (left) and Roger Janssen with cup (p. 10)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage8Three snowmobilers are tightly packed (35mm) (p.10)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage9Wins Ribbon (p. 10) Ross Gerry, member of Peterborough Swim Club receives second place ribbon from Bill Prest, Executive Director YMCA
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage1EOBA Executive (p.5, 35mm): Back row from left: baseball officials Cec Carveth, Art Parry, Sprio Annis, Grant Wade, Charlie McCaw, Bob Whitehill, Ed Christopher and Pete Maartense; front, Jim Gilmer, Jim Lutton, Joh Ryan and Mike McArthur. Photo by Jim Cutting.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage2Chief of Curve Lake Band Shares Memories with Club (p. 6): Chief Elsie Knott of Curve Lake brought to the Log Cabin Antique Club meeting, a stone point (arrowhead) a 100-year-old butter bowl shaped from the burl of a tree with the broadaxe on the table, and a rolling pin carved by a bride on the reserve 75 years earlier, and items of ash wood and quills.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage3Down to 24 below (p. 23): Jane Burrett, Examiner employee in Classified holds hands over frozen ears below the Examiner Clock Thermometer. It would not register below ten degrees below.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage4It's Just Ducky (p.23) Sylvia Woods with ducks that won't fly south. They have been coming to the backyard of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wood of Auburn St for two years.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage5New executive of Peterborough and District Construction Exchange (p. 23): In foreground, Herman Ksander, incoming president examines text book with J.R. McFarland, director labor relation council of Toronto Construction Association. In back, Ed Moloney, immediate past president and Frank Behan, past president.
1971-01-13 WednesdayUnpublished negative, three men with poster that says “The Young Expos Need You. Join here.”
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage1Amateur Ball Enthusiasts (p. 5, 35mm): Provincial court judge R.B. Baxter (left) chats with Jim Gilmer, past president Eastern Ontario Baseball Association Photo by Jim Cutting
1971-01-14 ThursdayPantsuits Have Taken Over Hospitals and Clinics (p.6): Three frames of nurses in pants:
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage2Karen Dunford (top) and Betty Hancock demonstrate how pant suits solve bending and reaching problems
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage3patient Cindy Hill (12) and roommate Linda Nihill (8, left) and nurse Rosemary Bristow.
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage4June Jones, secretary of pediatrics ward and Margaret Condon registered nursing assistant in old and new styles
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage5Retires after 50 years (p.17) Examiner linotype machinist Bob Baker (65) with foreman of Examiner composing room, Ken Underhill.
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage6Damage Costs Staggering – Program Needed, Say Manager (p. 18): About 40 officials of senior management from several Peterborough industries were given Wednesday an indication of the need for effective damage control programs. Milton Norris, manager of training services of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association, addressed the Peterborough- Lindsay section of this provincial association at the Rock Haven Motel. Discussing the topic are from left, Al Metcalfe, director of industrial relations for Outboard Marine; Mark Kello, manager of public relations and personnel for Quaker Oats Company; Mr. Norris, and Stan Adamson, general manager of the industrial apparatus division of Canadian General Electric.
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage7Lions Unbeaten Streak Is Stopped By [Oshawa] Crushmen (p. 8, 35mm)
1971-01-15 FridayImage1Interior Decorator Pans Junk Art (page 6): Eric Gray waves his arms to emphasize his dislike of exhibits at Canadian Furniture Mart. Interior decorator for Robert Simpson Co. spoke at Women's Sales and Ad Club
1971-01-15 FridayImage2Fleming Praises Party's Work (p.11): Alexander (Sandy) Fleming, president Peterborough Conservative Association With Young Progressive Conservatives member Barba Stitt (left) and Maria Carravagie, who were processing memberships.
1971-01-15 FridayImage3Mrs. Alice Moore (p. 11): Peterborough Woman Champion for the Poor.
1971-01-15 FridayImage4Hockey, Three Power Play Goals Help Petes Defeat Junior Habs (p. 12, two 35mm frames): Five Montreal players help keep puck out of net.
1971-01-15 FridayImage5Wayne Wood, Montreal Junior Canadiens' goalie looks behind him after Pete's Jim Mahon (#11) scored his first of two power play goals late in the second period. Montreal's Michel Latrielle (#6) arrives too late to help Wood.
1971-01-15 FridayImage6President's Gavel (p. 15, 35mm): Incoming Lindsay Chamber of Commerce president Warren Shippel receives president's gavel from past president Don Moir. Left is 1st vice president R.A. Goard. At right, 2nd vice president W.A. Mitchell. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-15 FridayFour unpublished frames are of kids tobogganing County Court House hill
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage1Glass Recycling a Myth? (p. 6): Pat Smith surrounded by jars and bottles she collected for recycling (This is not the exact frame that ran)
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage2Safety Instructions (p.9): More than 1,200 Grade 6,7,8 students received instructions in snowmobile use. Scott King and Cindy Hobbins, both Gr. 6 Central School students shown mini snowmobile by Sergeant Ray Craig of city police.
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage3Two Champion Teams From Queen Mary P.S. (p. 10): top picture: Members of the Peterborough County bantam football champions from Queen Mary School, back row from left: Coach J.A.H. Langley, Greg King, Jim Shephard, Cal Gordon, Cam McLeod, captain, David Morton, Eric Grafstein and Peter Haldimand. Front, l – r, Galvin Sandeman, Mark Pitman, Jimmy Hooper, Glen Wilson, Don Buck, Richard Careleton, Julian Lewis and Andrew Turner. Missing are Louis Yeotes and Doug Hoyle.
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage4 bottom picture: Peterborough County Public School Athletic Assoication girls volleyball league champions from Queen Mary School are: back row left: Mrs. Paula Wager, coach, Ollen-Bittle (assistant captain), Judy Mortlock, Pat Fleming, Marg Philips, Heather Buntins, Susan Canzi, Moira Graham and Marilyn Robson. Front row, from left: Sharon Foster, Valerie Yateman, Chris Foster, Janet Mortlock, Ann Leishman, and Chris Clark, Absent was team captain Carol Dean.
1971-01-18 MondayImage1Gallery Director at Lyceum Club (p. 6): Paul Bennet of Oshawa's Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery shows Moroccan bridal belt to Mrs. D.J.C. Fleming.
1971-01-18 MondayImage2Charlie Brown Was Here (p. 6): Theme for Nurses Alumni Purple and Gold Ball. Left rear Larry Urbach, Terry Dunford, and Ralph Gatfield. Front, Carol Urbach, Karen Dunford and Joan Calberry
1971-01-18 MondayImage3Better Than a Toy (p. 9, 35mm): Alison Wearing (3) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wearing, Merino Rd., on trampoline at YMCA gym course for children. (see Jan. 7 for similar negs)
1971-01-18 MondayImage4Federation of Ontario Naturalists President Says Man Must Live With, Not Fight Nature (p. 9): Stone carving of a wood duck is examined by Gerry Seabrook, president of Peterborough Naturalists Club (left) and Dr. Martin Edwards, pres. Federation of Ontario Naturalists. The carving was done by William A. Eakins of Peterborough.
1971-01-18 MondayImage5Official Opening, new co-operative grocery store, 774 Rye St. (p. 9): Ribbon cutting by MPP Walter Pitman (left) and Trent Co-operative Distributing Centre president J.C. Veenman
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage1Firefighters Battle $25,000 Blaze – Farm Home Razed Near Omemee (p. 3, 35mm): Nighttime photo, Endicott farm, owned by Mark Traill. Firefighters delayed by sightseer stuck in the lane. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage2Street Blocked (p. 9); Car crashed into concrete traffic light outside Empress. [CKPT radio station in background]
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage3Coventry singers rehearse (p. 9): in All Saints Church
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage4Trentway Peewees In Walk-A-Thon (p.10): Twenty-three members of the Trentway Peewee All-stars walked 10 miles Saturday to raise enough money to help send them to the annual Quebec pewee hockey tournament, which starts Feb. 12 in Quebec City. Coach Cy Coombes said “the response was excellent.” Club officials were hoping to raise $100 a boy for the event. |Hot chocolate and donuts were given to the walkers at three check points during the 10-mile walk. Each boy was sponsored by friends and neighbors. Twenty boys, a coach, a manager and a trainer will make the trip.
1971-01-19 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: two frames of kids, adults and snowmobiles at night;
1971-01-19 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: man at podium
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage1Victoria County Clerk Ken Symons and new warden Harvey Malcolm, Manvers Township. Photo by John Radley. (p.5)
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage2Panel discusses separate school rights (p. 12): Re. Henry Neuman, Thelma Tedford, Cyril O'Donnell
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage3New Peterborough County Warden (p. 12): Harry Wilford, new warden sworn in by County Judge Harry R. Deyman. With them, assistant sheriff Harry Hartle (with sword)
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage4Hutchison House Restoration (p.12) Peter John Stokes, consulting restoration architect (right). l – r, George Cobb, Peterborough. Historical Society; Mrs. Stokes, president Niagara Historical Society; Mrs. Kenneth [Martha] Kidd, chair of society's old building committee
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage5Trent Goalie Takes Time Out to Talk (p. 14): Erica Metcalfe, Shirley Farquhar, Terry Tabulentus, players on Trent U. women's hockey team.
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage1Change With The Church, Says Woman Minister to UCW (p.6): Rev. Margaret Errey with Mrs. Dorothy Elston of Kingston
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage2First Hundred Years, book about Quaker Oats presented (p. 17): L – r, artist Harold V. Shaw; H.E. Miskiman, president Quaker Oats Canada; K.V. Gadd, director trade relations; W.F.W. Neville (seated) co-author.
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage3Trent's Women's Hockey Team (p. 20): Front l – r, Shirley Farquhar, Mary Lewis, Erica Metcalfe, Terry Tabulentus, Karen Babcock. Back, Ruggle Pritchard (coach), Pat McBride, Gail McClaren, Pauline Darling, Darlene Gates, Lesley Hulse and Roger Young
1971-01-22 FridayImage1Apsley Pupils Visit City (p. 6, two pics): Stayed for two days, stayed at Central School. Bedding down, seven girls in sleeping bags
1971-01-22 FridayImage2Girls did the cooking, the boys did the cleanup. l – r, Fred Woolacott, Terry Johnson and Jim Johnson
1971-01-22 FridayImage3Ability Fund Kickoff (p. 9): More than 900 workers will blitz Peterborough on Feb. 1 around 6 p.m. To raise money for the ability Fund, formerly known as the March of Dimes. Local organizers met Thursday at the Holiday Inn to officially kick-off the 1871 campaign. Jack Rogers, campaign chairman, kneels down to hold a symbolic football while fellow workers make the kick-off. From the left are Mrs. Don Harte-Maxwell, out-of-town van canvas chairman; John Meyers, provincial campaign director, and Mrs. John Pierce, local canvas chairman.
1971-01-22 FridayImage4TPT Pete's shutout, 4-0 Victory over Niagara Falls (p. 10, two pics, 35mm): Goalie Paul Elford gloves shot.
1971-01-22 FridayImage5Pete's Paul Raymer (#18), second goal against Niagara Flyers goalie Keith Pallett, defenseman Brent Meeke (#4)
1971-01-22 Fridayunidentified woman wearing coat indoors near furnace. No story but note on original sheath says “welfare”
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage1Winter Games Flame Arrives in Peterborough (page 1): The 1971 Canada Winter Games flame, a traditional symbol of athletic competition, is being carried from Ottawa to Saskatoon in a specially designed sled towed by snowmobiles. Brian Tutton, seated on his snowmobile, drove the flame from Havelock to Peterborough Friday afternoon. Pictures warming their hands over the flame, from left to right are: Ken Wyatt, Peterborough Mayor Douglas Galvin and Harry Linda, official ambassador of the winter Games, which will take place Feb. 11-12 at Saskatoon. Photo by Bruce Christensen. (n.b. See 1971-01-19 negs for two more photos of this sled, with kids, at nighttime)
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage2 Law Opportunities Explained at YWCA series (p. 6): Speaker Elizabeth Pie, chief counsellor, Women's Bureau Career Centre in Toronto
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage3PC leadership candidates visit Peterborough (p. 9): Alex Fleming, president Peterborough P.C. Riding Association; Joe Allen, Peterborough delegate for East Centre; Terry Dunford, Peterborough. Young PC Association President, Darcy McKeough, Minister of Municipal Affairs
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage4Popularity of Floor Hockey Grows – Peterborough To Represent Canada (p. 10): Central's Andre Brown checks Ken Henwood of Confederation
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage5Discussion Precedes CBC Production (p. 10): CBC producer Moe Watters (right), asks Trent University Athletic director Paul Wilson for directions at the university's athletic bubble. The CBC television filming crew is at the bubble, and later at the drumlin, to film badminton and skiing sequences. Film clips will be included in a CBC university sports program Feb. 6.
1971-01-25 MondayImage1Scottish Club Celebrates (p. 3): At the Robert Burns dinner, piper Donald Whatley pipes in Tom Nimmo, past president of Scottish Club to present the haggis to the head table, Empress Hotel.
1971-01-25 MondayImage2Resort Owners Meet (p. 3): On panel answering resort owners’ questions at annual meeting of Rice Lake Tourist Association, from left, Charles Clay, Fred Austin, Peter Elmhirst (rear), Ray Hope, chairman and Ralph Lang. About 20 resorts were represented.
1971-01-25 MondayImage3Sword Dance (p. 5, 35mm): At the Burns supper in Cobourg, Shaureen Aithcheson, Sonia Clow, Beth Craig, Mary Ryan. Photo by John Radley
1971-01-25 MondayImage4Change Of Command (page 9): Major J.W. Cairns, new commanding officer B company, Hastings Prince Edward Regiment (centre). Col. J.A. Richardson (left) former company commander; Brig. Gen. M.E. Clarke (right)
1971-01-25 Monday5, 6, 7 – additional frames of Change of Command
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage1Junior Achievers (p. 3): Displaying the products of the Corkey Light Company at the Junior Achievers annual open house, Karen Smith, Timothy Metcalfe (company president), and Wendy Silver. The manufacturers used only cork, table glass, net onion bags and Christmas tree bulbs to make the lanterns
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage2Working Women Fight Prejudice - Day Care Not Growing Fast Enough (p. 6): John Grant (bottom) Tracy Richmond, Timmy Moncrief play at Lester B. Pearson day nursery.
1971-01-26 TuesdayUpholstery Class Will Start Soon (p. 6, 3 pics, 4 negs): At Dixon House Community Centre
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage3Hazel Dunford
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage4George Cain
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage5Ruby Murray
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage6Poverty Protest Outside City Hall (p.9, nine negatives): Mayor Galvin speaking to protestors. About 130 demonstrators gathered in front of City Hall Monday
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage7Modern Library Concept (p. 9, 2 negatives): Teacher librarian George Bedford, Prince of Wales School
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage8William Davis, Ont. P.C. Leadership candidate (p. 9): wants to win in Peterborough, says it shouldn't be socialist
1971-01-26 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: seven more of protest
1971-01-26 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: another upholsterer
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage1Looking Over Quality Certificates given to nine milk producers (p.3): Bruce Rosborough, John Edmison, Mervin Napper, representative Ontario Milk Commissioner.
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage2Lester B. Pearson all day nursery, Julie Moncrief, Tracy Richmond
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage3Role of Father in Society Changed (p. 19): Brian Kelly, MSW, Exec. Director United Community Services, Rich Nichols, of Headquarters House, Dr. Bryan Pell, chairman of panel
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage4John Howard Society annual meeting (p. 19): Mr. and Mrs. James R. Goldie, A.M. Kirkpatrick, and Keith Couse, associate director of the society and speaker at the meeting
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage5Two Schools Closed – Wind chill factor, 52 below in City (p. 19) Sub-zero Temperatures and gusting wind keep traffic and pedestrians to a minimum.
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage6Basketball- Griffins Perfect Record Snapped by Adam Scott (p. 27): Al Shea (#55), Dave Eves (#45), and Brent Palmer (#33)
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage1Peterborough Community Concert Association membership drive (p 3): Discussing the upcoming drive Donald Wiegand, rep. Community Concerts of Canada; Tim Benson, membership secretary; Mrs. K.E. Kidd, pres. city association.
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage2New Pres. Peterborough. County Medical Association. Dr. Donald J. Harterre (left) presented with the symbol of office by outgoing president Dr. John G. Kempff.
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage3Boys (no names) play soccer in the snow at Riverside Park
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage4Realtors Meet (p. 13): l-r, Norm Bowler, Joe Schejbal honoured by John Tozer, chairman if MLS committee. Bowler was broker of the year for selling more than $300,000 worth of MLS property
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage5Lindsay Exhibition Boards Appoints New Manager (p.14) Lindsay Exhibition president is seen at left with secretary Mrs. Jamieson and new manager Ralph Hodgson of Brampton. Al Capon photo.
1971-01-29 FridayImage1OUS Delegates Register (p. 10): Winter conference of Ontario Union of Students register at Empress Hotel in Peterborough. 50 delegate, 4-day conference hosted by Trent U. Left, Paul Western Ontario
1971-01-29 FridayImage2Central School boy slides down courthouse hill on cardboard (no name. This negative was originally filed with similar frames on Jan. 15, 1971
1971-01-29 FridayImage3Deleted Hamilton Line-up Proves Useless Against Flu-Ridden But Explosive Petes (p. 10, two photos): Petes won 7 – 1: - Referee Tom Smith watches shot miss Hamilton net
1971-01-29 FridayImage4Doug Mahood receives medical attention
1971-01-29 FridayImage5Rookie-of-the-Year (p. 10): Jim Wasson received the Higgins Trophy with the 1969-70 Peterborough. TeePees Junior 'A' Lacrosse club during presentation at Pete's game
1971-01-29 FridayUnpublish Negatives: one frame of hockey
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage1World of Women series at the YWCA (page 6): Nurse Susan Dundas of city county health unit, spoke about contraception
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage2How Much Longer (p.1): Rearing like prehistoric beasts from the edge of a primordial forest, picnic tables in Beavermead Park await an early spring thaw and a useful return to summer. But they will probably stay in their positions for several more months. The weather is forecast to remain cold and icy but sunny. (negative originally filed Jan. 7)
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage3Mineral Collection (p. 8): At the Peterborough Centennial Museum, mineral collection of late Roy Bradley, bequeathed to the museum and art gallery foundation.
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage4Kawartha Master Approaching (p. 10): Peterborough. Curling Club bonspiel chairman Howard Woodcox with table of trophies
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage5Golf, Junior 'A' Hockey and Apple Pie Rate Highest on Skip Foster's Agenda (p. 10): l-r, Skip Foster, Danny Gloor, Brian Shortreed, Pete's players at home
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage6Most Gentlemanly player (p.11): Gord Ford presented with the Bert Austin Trophy for the most gentlemanly player of the Peterborough TeePees Junior 'A' Lacrosse club during the 1970 season. Pictured with Ken Pappas who has been elected to a fourth consecutive term as club president.
1971 February
1971-02-01 MondayImage1Our Revolting Youngsters – Is Mother To Blame? (p. 6): Workshop on parent child relationships. Ruth Blishen, Dr. B.A. Bell, Peter Goodwin, Barbara Crook
1971-02-01 MondayImage2Just Visiting Trent, (p. 9) Jill Robinson (right) a third-year student at Trent and two visitors from Toronto, Debbie Hopkins (left) and Lauren Hardy found sliding down a snow bank cold business during Trent's winter weekend. Photo by Bob Beavers
1971-02-01 MondayImage3Peterborough Theatre Guild entry to Drama League Festival (p.9): John Wilson and Rita Smith in The Imaginary Invalid.
1971-02-01 MondayImage4PC Convention (p. 9): Murray Agnew, president Of Victoria Haliburton County PC Association: Allan Lawrence, Minister of Mines; Orville Clements, Peterborough delegate; Mrs. Gord Farquharson, county delegate
1971-02-02 TuesdayImage1March of Dimes (p. 9): Canvassers collected $8,700. Seated, Ronald Holley. l-r, back, Mary Cowling, Bert Morrow, Joan Davis.
1971-02-02 TuesdayImage2Crestwood Jr. Boys Won Red & White Tournament (p. 10): Back, l-r, Ron Ellis, Rick Semel, John Chessar, Griffin Gardanier, John Harrison, Coach Bob Findlay. Front, l – r, Dave Spencer, Mike Sullivan, Dale Moncrieff, Bill Hughes, Bill Burrows.
1971-02-02 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: an extra of No.1
1971-02-02 TuesdayUnpublish Negatives: five extras of No. 2
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage1Peterborough County Delegates at Tuberculosis Workshop in Toronto (page 3): Edward O'Brien, past Association President; Doris Pruner, secretary of county association; Nora Carleton, pres.; Frank Petrie; Phyllis Nelson
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage2Linda Crough (21) of Romaine St. in Peterborough Floral Company hot house. (p.17)
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage3Red Cross blood donor clinic (p. 17, 35mm): at Legion Hall on Murray St.
1971-02-04 ThursdayImage1Shriner Club Officers (p. 7): Max Kaye, treasurer; Reg Burns, vice president; Keith Innes, president; Wes Edwards, secretary
1971-02-04 ThursdayImage2Senior citizens Seminar (p. 6, two 35mm): Gerald Turner, executive Director of Peterborough Social and Family Service;
1971-02-04 ThursdayImage3Profiles of elderly women in audience.
1971-02-04 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: five more of Shriners in groups
1971-02-05 FridayImage1Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority report (p. 5): looked at by A.S.L. Barnes, former branch director; Dr. Richard T. Potter, MLA Quinte riding; Cy MacDonald, chairman of authority; Norman Patrick, present director.
1971-02-05 FridayImage2VON Executives (p. 6): Beverly Boomer, Peterborough VON nurse administrator; R.M. Kennedy, outgoing president; Dr. R.M. King, physician in charge of home care program Ontario; V.A. Taylor, incoming president.
1971-02-05 FridayImage3Raid on Headquarters House King St. (p. 11): Typewriter seized
1971-02-05 FridayImage4Peterborough High School wrestlers in Lindsay (p. 15): No names. Photo by Al Capon
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage1One of Canada's top free skaters, Ron Shaver, (p. 3): bends on one knee after finishing his free skating program. He placed fifth in the North American figure skating men's singles division.
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage2Twirls Sister (p. 3): Val Bezic lifts Sandra (14) in the air during their free skating program Friday night at the Memorial Centre. They placed third in the N.A. Figures skating pairs division.
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage3John and Clara Whittington, 60th anniversary (p. 6): Married in 1911. She was the granddaughter of Jeannette Scott, 1st pioneer child, daughter of Adam Scott
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage4
St. Peter's High School to close? (p. 9)
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage5Sandra and Val Bezic performing in free skate (p. 10)
1971-02-06 SaturdayUnpublish Negatives: several 35 mm negatives and contact sheets of professional skaters
1971-02-06 SaturdayUnpublish Negatives: three more frames of St. Peter's High School, different angles
1971-02-08 Monday Image1Commissioner Tells “Down Under” Story (p.6): Women's Art Association, Mrs. H.A. Mitchell (seated), Mrs. F.L. Patterson, High Commissioner D.W. McNicol of Australia
1971-02-08 Monday Image2B.G. MacKenzie (p. 11) shows a new safety feature, a light for snowmobiles invented by Peterborough. Native Hugh Heslip.
1971-02-08 Monday Image3Victor Cromier of Laurentian University (p.11): conference on emerging universities
1971-02-08 Monday Image4Skating winners, Kim Magnussen Janet Lynn and Dawn Glab (p.12)
1971-02-08 Monday Image7Janet Lynn Twirls
1971-02-08 Monday Image6Excellent form of Karen Magnuson
1971-02-08 Monday Image8Karen Magnusson signs autographs (photos 4 to 7 by Bruce Christenson)
1971-02-08 Monday Unpublish Negatives: more 35 mm of professional skaters
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage1PCVI Comedy, Ruddigore (p.3): Dinny Sweeny as Mad Margaret, Ann Pattison (sitting)
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage2Snow photos, (p. 9) (three photos, all by Bob Beavers: Reporter Cheryl Hamilton on bench, deep in snow, waiting for bus
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage3Examiner Volkswagens covered in snow
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage4Telephone booth, half buried
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage5His Name Is James Barry Robertson – Most People Call Him The Prophet (p. 9) originally filed 1971-1-25
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage6TPT Pete's left winger Danny Gloor (p. 10): in cast
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage1Peterborough Motor League (p. 3): Max Comstock (new President), Gordon Hancock (vice president)
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage2A Shy Rider (p.17): Young lady on horseback in the deep snow near Jackson Park
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage3Keeping In Shape (p. 17) at Morrow Park, driver Kees VanKatwyk with horse and Trotter at Morrow Park.
1971-02-10 WednesdayUnpublish Negatives: four people, one looks like William Davis (soon to be premier), in Toronto
1971-02-10 WednesdayUnpublish Negatives: more 35 negs of girl on horse in snow
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage1Pioneer Gardens Discussed (p. 8): Mrs. Gerald Aspinall, president Women's University Club and Mrs. Ross Skinner and Mrs. John Kinsey, members of the Toronto Garden Club
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage2Stuck (p. 13): car stuck in snow. (Looks like the alleyway behind Examiner)
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage3Budding Scientists (p. 13): Students Cheryl Landry and Dave Carpenter in new $23,000 science facility St. Peter's Intermediate.
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage4Floor Hockey Action (p. 16): Central and Queen Elizabeth will meet in the finals of the senior boys' Public School floor hockey tournament March 13. These two schools advanced to the finals Wednesday night when Central defeated Confederation B 10-2 and Queen Elizabeth beat Queen Mary 9 – 4.
1971-02-11 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: five 35mm frames of men at microphone, outside event
1971-02-11 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: four large negs of man in suit with children in day care setting. Looks like Pitman
1971-02-12 FridayImage1VIP Visits Club (p. 3): The lieutenant-governor of the Pine Ridge division of Kiwanis Clubs, Don Blakely, made an annual visit to Peterborough club Thursday. Jack Naish, Peterborough Kiwanis president listens on the left.
1971-02-12 FridayImage2Valentine Tea, (p.6): Shawn Brown (5) helps himself to fudge offered by Mrs. Phyllis Sheldon
1971-02-12 FridayImage3IODE annual meeting, 57th regiment (p. 6): Mrs. W.A. Master, regent; Mrs. S.A. McBride, guest speaker; Mrs. Gordon Hall, honorary regent
1971-02-12 FridayImage4Ald. Alene Holt, centre, president Ontario Progressive Conservative Women's Association; Mrs. Cameron Montrose (Windsor) and Mrs. John Robarts.
1971-02-12 FridayImage5Pete's vs Kitchener Rangers (p. 12) Mahon, Gibson Net two in Pete's 10 – 0 Victory over Kitchener (p. 12); three photos, 35mm: Burgess (#16), Paul Raymer
1971-02-12 FridayImage6Bruce Abbey (#2) protects wandering Petes goalie John Garett
1971-02-12 FridayImage7Goalie Reg Logel looks behind after a Petes goal
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage120th Anniversary of Edith Carlton Chapter of IODE, (p. 6): Mrs. Leonard Martin (first regent), Mrs. Ronald Coleman (new regent)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage2YWCA lecture series “World of Women” (p.6): Susan Taylor, Mrs. Christine Johnston (local home economist) looking at book
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage3Aquarium Club meeting (p. 6): Bruce May (10, Lee St.) with Derek Hinks, president with red velvet swordfish
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage4PUC lineman Dave Reid up pole (p. 9, 35mm)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage5Rev. Leo J. LaFreniere; Fraser Hogle, superintendent Four County Separate School Board; William Lech, chairman Peterborough Board of Education; Aubrey Allen, separate school board. Trustee, re: family living program (p. 9)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage6Peewee hockey players head for Cornwall (p. 10): Howard Murney, Brian Seabrooke, Brian Cowie, Paul Lacey
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage7Adam Scott Caps Unbeaten Year With Come-From-Behind Victory (p. 10): Two Lions ready to go after ball
1971-02-13 SaturdayUnpublish Negatives: group of Peterborough PeeWees outside bus in Quebec
1971-02-15 MondayImage1Women's Lib Group Takes Pro-Abortion Stand at Civic (p. 6): Women and man picketing outside Peterborough Hospital. “Uppity Women Unite” on one sign
1971-02-15 MondayImage2Big Brother Annual Meeting (p. 9): Jim Armstrong, new president Peterborough. Chapter; Wally Wilkins, national pres.; Dick Sadler, acting pres. Trent U.
1971-02-15 MondayImage3Lakefield arena roof collapses (p. 10) (2 negs)
1971-02-15 MondayImage4same as above
1971-02-15 MondayImage5Winter Capers, Young's Point (p. 10): Norma Hick, Miss Dominion of Canada; Sgt. Scott Raybold, OPP Peterborough on snowmobile
1971-02-15 MondayImage6High School Wrestling (p. 10): 14 teams in day long event. Two boys, no names.
1971-02-15 MondayImage7Kawartha Masters curling (p. 10): Ed Werenich of Bayview; Jim Sharples
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image1IODE Chapter Fundraiser, Major Bennet Chapter (p. 6): Left to right, Dance convenor Mrs. Carl Burton and Mr. Burton; co-convenor Mrs. Albert Bianco and Mr. Bianco; Mrs. J. Stewart Gardiner and Mr. Gardiner
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image2
Women's Lib Coffee Shop (p. 6, two photos): Donna Fraser and customer Tom Kirkham
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image4same people, with Mrs. Malo, centre Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image4
Snow covered mail boxes (p. 9)
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image7Heart Fund Drive Lakefield H.S. (p. 9): Debbie Ferrill (left) Dennis Johnson and Barb Storey
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image8Hockey, PCVS Raiders and Crestwood Mustangs (p. 10): PCVS forward eyes puck (no names)
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image7On Their Way (p.10): The Peterborough Lions, Ontario reps in the Canada Winter Games hockey tournament boarding the bus for the airport Monday. Pictured from the right, Bob Gainey, Randy Spencer, D'Arcy Jenish, Jim Johnston, Dave Cooper, and Rick Kemp
1971-02-16 Tuesday Unpublish Negatives: two large frames of building - looks like Legion
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage1Area Youth Councils in City Hall to Help Students Seeking Jobs (p. 17): D.T. Craig, UCS president; Reuben Baetz, executive Director Canadian Council of Social Development and Ray Jonassen, past UCS pres (United Community Services Organization of Peterborough)
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage2OMC Official Raps Conservation Purists- Defends Industry on Ecological Issues (p.17): Haward Larson (left) vice president OMC USA for environmental affairs; Thomas P. McMillan, president OMC Canada and Pioneers Saws Ltd.
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage3Students Getting on the Job Training (p.17): Adrienne Knott, grade 12 Lakefield, gets typing experience at Lakefield Chamber of Commerce
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage4Prepare for the Season (p. 20): Rugger players Sam Baker, Kevin McCoy, Deane Lynch
1971-02-17 WednesdayUnpublish Negatives: one 35 mm frame of hockey, PCVS
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage1Peterborough Symphony - Youth Makes Strong Representation (page 3): l -r, Malcolm Crawford, Peter Bowen, Lois Winstock, Tim Watson, Jim Kitson
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage2Student Journalists (p. 13): Two journalism students from Sheridan College, Vera Richters, left, and Pam Roters, centre, are visiting with The Examiner this week as part of on the job training. Examiner's city editor, Leon DeMarch, explains Canadian Press wire services to the two students who have spent the week accompanying reporters on their beats.
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage3PCC Rink Wins Purvey Trophy At Annual Ladies' Bonspiel (p. 14, two 35mm): PCC's Betty Aitchison released stone
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage4Clair Woodcox
1971-02-18 ThursdayUnpublish Negatives: eight Unpublished negatives of pie-eating contest – two used in year-ender (December 1971 or Jan 1972)
1971-02-19 FridayImage1Women Urged to Become Architects of Progress (p. 6): Lilah Limburgher, director of Women's Advisory Dept, Ontario Dept of Trade and Development with Vivian Harvie (left) and convenor Marion Williamson (right)
1971-02-19 FridayImage2ORCA (p 9): Chistine Nornabell, retired chair of ORCA with her successor Ray L. Bishop (left) and unidentified male. They are admiring a watercolor painting of Lang Mill by Gordon Baskerville. The painting won honorable mention at Atom Fair '70 in Washington D.C. the previous fall.
1971-02-19 FridayImage3Bridgenorth “Buddy System” (p. 9): Bridgenorth Senior “big brothers and sisters” pose with Bridgenorth Junior “little brother and sisters” along with some of the things they do together, modeling, printing and painting. Once a week the senior students visit the kindergarten at the junior school as part of an experiment by teachers Olga Harrison and Helen Cavanagh.
1971-02-19 FridayImage4Thomson's Effective Playmaking Leads Club To Win Over Oshawa: Pete's beat Oshawa Generals 7 – 4 (p. 10): Jim Maho tumbles past Oshawa's Gerry Methe (35mm)
1971-02-19 FridayImage5Goaltender Gilles Gratton smothers play at crease.
1971-02-19 FridayUnpublished negatives: firemen at smoky fire, old frame building
1971-02-19 FridayUnpublished negatives: several 35mm frames of Petes hockey
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage1Contest Winner Dal Bertrand (p. 3) one of 17 consolation winners get $50 merchandise certificate from W.J. Garner, publisher and General Manager Peterborough Examiner
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage2National Convention (p. 3) Two delegates to the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada national convention in Toronto are, from left, Stewart Nelson, Keene and Gordon Bradfield, RR
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage2Peterborough. Both men receive the identification tag from Joyce Peacock, staff member of the association head office in Brantford.
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage3(2)Mill Destroyed in Blaze (p. 9): Omemee. Built in 1875, the grist mill was still in use until the fire. Owned by George Stephenson of Peterborough
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage4(2)Walter Currie (p. 9): President of Indian Eskimo Association of Canada At Trent conference
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage3Ready for Competition (p. 9): Don Irvine (left) and Tim Wilson rolling over in kayaks in the Tops Motel swimming pool.
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage4Trent Squash player Richard Fleming (p. 10)
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage5Adam Scott Collegiate Midget Basketball Club (p. 10): Back left to right: Mike Oldham, Kim Roberts, Scott Crawford, Rod Alton, Paul Stamp, Wayne Dunham, Greg Weichel, Garruth Ives, coach. Front, l – r, Gord Mark, manager, John Gourley, Jim Carey, Dave Ramey, Dave Cuffe, Doug Klotz and Paul Burke, manager.
1971-02-20 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: several frames of squash player
1971-02-20 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: several frames of kayaking in pool
1971-02-22 MondayImage1Could Be Anything ...Almost (p. 3, 35 mm): snow covered mailboxes
1971-02-22 MondayImage2Bancroft Carnival Queen (p. 3): Beth Lee
1971-02-22 MondayImage3Indian Eskimo Association (p. 9): Noah Qumak (left) of Sugluk, Quebec; Tagak Curley; Jacob Oweetaltuk
1971-02-22 MondayImage4Trent Art Gallery Opened (p.9): Mrs. Hugh MacKenzie of Toronto; Professor R.H. Sadleir, acting Trent president
1971-02-22 MondayImage5Two delegates Indian Eskimo Association (p. 9): Tony Belcourt, (left), President National Native Council and Norman Dunne (right), IEA Western division director
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage1Long, Long Lineup (p. 3): Lineup for license plates at the Chamber of Commerce (Hunter St., across from Examiner)
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage2Young Talent at Theatre Guild, rehearsal for three plays (p .6): Gail Elliott (right) directs Terri Kirk (kneeling), Nancy Nurse and Morgan Jones.
1971-02-23 TuesdayCostumes of Other Lands (p. 9, two frames): Central Public School, International Brotherhood Week
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage3(2)Aruna Murthy, Hanneke deVries and Hum Lai Men
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage4Same event, lots of kids, no names
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage5Rotary Club, Hill says new regulations needed to end disadvantage to farmers (p. 9): Gordon Hill, president Ontario Federation of Agriculture; Miss Margaret Fallis, winner of Rotary scholarship in France; and John Cockburn, ag. Rep. Peterborough County
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage6Car-train collision, CNR Ashburnham
1971-02-23 TuesdayUnpublished Negative: head shot of older woman
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage1Tinker, female Australian Terrier winner of Animal Award of Merit from Peterborough Humane Society, for saving the life of his mistress, Mrs. Angelica Herron of Peterborough.: (p. 3) l-r, Judge John DeNavarre Kennedy, guest speaker; Mrs. Herron and Tinker, Mrs. Allan MaDougall, Society pres.
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage2YWCA election (p. 6): Mrs. P.C. Sanders (left) re-elected president; Mrs. J.A. Baird, Executive Director; Mrs. Antoinette Sutherland
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage3Canadian architect John Parkin (p. 17) (left) with Don Bark, vice president Canadian Club Peterborough; and club president Vic Henderson
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage4Pancake Party, grade one class of Terry Ashton, Sacred Heart School (p. 17): Gobbling up the finished product, Judy Arcano, Chris Smith
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage5Part of the baking team, Lisa Russell, Kate Sullivan, David Lustic, Joseph Masterson
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage6A flapjack race can be disappointing if you drop your pancake halfway to the finish line. Judy Arcaro, on the left, dropped hers but Cathy Theobald on the right finished the race. - Kurt Johnson photos
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage1Peterborough's Top Skater (p. 3): Peterborough Figure Skating Club pro Sharon Lee (left) keeps close eye on Susan Elgar (15), 1970 club championship
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage2Cora Bailey, retiring teacher (p.6): and Dorothy Martin, executive secretary Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario, who gave testimonial. Bailey was Principal and kindergarten teacher At Parkhill school, finished her career as Primary Supervisor for Peterborough schools for seven years.
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage3Mr. and Mrs. Allan Taylor golden wedding anniversary. She was Blanch Crowe of Alderville
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage4Timmy Show 1971 promo (p.13): Rotary Club publicity chairman Don Earle (right) and Tommy Show producer Del Crary talk over the March 7 production with nine-year-old Ann Kennedy.
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage5Susan Elgar, figure skater (p.14): practices a jump
1971-02-26 FridayImage1Fairhaven Auxiliary Meet (p. 6) Mrs. Grant Palmer (refiled from February 23)
1971-02-26 FridayImage2Equality Really Works... (p.9): Examiner reporter Rick Holt puts license plates on car in front of Sue Burley of Cumberland Ave. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-02-26 FridayImage3Crowd control Training In City (p.9): 100 officers spent 4 days at Armoury to learn about crowd control
1971-02-26 FridayImage4PCVS Wrestler Joe Skelly (p. 10): Peterborough's best hope in 115 pound range in upcoming COSSA wrestling event with fellow competitor Terry Ellement
1971-02-26 FridayImage5Petes vs Ottawa, 6 -2 (p. 10): Doug Gibson circles in front of Michel Laroque
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageLast Minute Scramble to Buy License Plates in City (p.1): Long lineup for plates, around the corner, Hunter and Water Streets.
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageWeek Long Task (p. 6) Gloria Parker and Bev O'Toole at Venture Club, working on chairs for Pearson Day Care. (another negative may be filed a few days earlier)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageHeavy Burden of Spring (p. 9, two photos): Frank Jones, 280 Braidwood and collapsed garage roof
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageCanopy of Kawartha Plaza collapsed
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageThat's Fun! (p. 9): kids playing in puddles caused by warm weather and melting snow, Karen Wood (3), Wendy Hemphill (3) and Julie Moncrief (3)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageCompeting In Novice Tournament (p. 10): Alderman Jack Doris dropped in to Civic arena to wish players luck. With him from left to right, Doug Lake, Peterborough; Sean Simpson, Brampton; Steve Peters, Peterborough; Paul Gallagher, Brampton
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageAdams Scott Senior Lions (p. 10): completed an undefeated North Kawartha 'AA' High School Basketball League season and advanced to the Kawartha final by eliminating Port Hope. Seated are (l -r) Don Smith, John Behan, Doug MacGillvary, Mike English and Jeff Stannard. Back, l-r, Kim Rhodes, manager, Jim Longhurst, Steve Douglas, Phil McColl, Bob Behan, Glen Ferguson, Bill Bourne (coach)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageThe Junior Lions of Adam Scott (p. 10): advanced to the Kawartha District 'AA' High School Basketball League finals Friday by eliminating Port Hope. Front row, left to right, Scott Harrigan and Bob Gynane. Second row Don Cuffe, Ted Lucas, Jim Clarke, Doug Cuffe. Back row, Jim Senior, Steve Smith, Alan Shea, Bruce Scott, and Paul Burke (coach).
1971-02-27 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: wrestling, several frames
1971 March
1971-03-01 MondayImage1Pioneer Crafts Gaining Popularity (p. 1): Mrs. John Lesley looks at graduation quilt made by Mrs. Meta Britton of Bobcaygeon for her daughter Wanda, who graduated from Civic Hospital School of Nursing. Quilt was on display at meeting of Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, of which Mrs. Lesly was chairman of craft section
1971-03-01 MondayImage2Oriental Bonspiel, Omemee (p. 9): Marathon costumed bonspiel started 7 p.m. Friday, went to midnight Saturday. Best costumes went to Art Weir and Mary Simpkins
1971-03-01 MondayImage3Getting Into the Boss' Hair (p. 9): David Gray, chairman of SSFC Retraining division with two of 16 grads from the hairdressing course. Mary Patrick (left), Robert Geddes (SSFC Admissions Director) and Shirley McWilliams
1971-03-01 MondayImage4Competitors Strain During Championships (p.10): COSSA wrestling, no names
1971-03-01 MondayUnpublished negatives: seven 2 ¼ negs of 3 people at Beef Convention. An eighth is refiled on the day it ran, March
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. Melville Taylor, married 60 years (page 6)
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage2Lincoln Alexander, MP Hamilton West (p.9): chats with Ron Frye vice president Peterborough Progressive Conservative Students Association and Chris Lambert, association president.
1971-03-02 TuesdayBattle On For New School In Buckhorn (p. 9). Four photos:
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage3washroom facility
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage4rear portion of class is kitchen (there is a kettle) storage area and cloakroom
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage5by comparison, a picture of R. F. Downey staff lounge with modern furnishings and a coffee machine
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage6R.F. Downey general purpose room
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage7Dr. Harry Ebbs (p. 9) Rotary speaker says snowmobiles are causing injuries to kids
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage8Mike Legrow (p. 10) lacrosse goalie with Larry Rose Memorial Trophy
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage5Bob Lawes (p. 10) preparing for shoot (loading bullets) for Revolver, Pistol Club Annual handgun competition
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage1Double Shooting Probed (p. 1): Police cars are shown at entrance to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Maxwell, Gaebel RD., Bancroft, where the couple were found shot to death Tuesday afternoon. (35mm)
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage2Bad Weather Failed To Deter Crowd At Bobcaygeon's Winter Carnival (p. 3) (35mm): David Thompson on a pony. No name for the woman in photo. (35mm)
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage3Empress Hotel Blaze in Storage Room (p. 17): close up of fireman
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage4Fire Chief John Ritchie ascending stairs
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage5Hit By Truck Near His Home, Area Boy, 9, Dies In Hospital. (p. 17): Mark Allen Johnston, nine, died in hospital
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage6Differing Medical and Legal Opinions Complicate Drug Problem (p.17): Dr. John Ogrodnik shows Lynda Carey (right) and Eleanor Gardiner, regent of Major Bennett IODE, a poster.
1971-03-03 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: twelve frames of nighttime fire at Empress
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage1At Poster of Sr. Citizens Rec Centre activities (p.6): Walter Head, treasurer; R.E. (Bob) Know, president; and J.C. Rutherford, chairman property committee.
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage2OHC Tenants Meet (p. 1) (This picture ran backwards): About 150 Ontario Housing Corporation tenants met with OHC officials in a public forum to discuss mutual problems.
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage3175 Attend Civics Seminar (p. 17): about caring for the chronically ill and elderly. Left to right Mrs. Anna McMillan, acting head of occupational therapy, Mrs. Barbara Bailey, Occupational therapist at Civic and Cathy Rodgers, 2nd year rec student at SSFC
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage4Delegate Elwood Dunford of RR #4 Lakefield has a badge for the Ontario Beef Improvement Ass. pinned on by Luba Nickerson while Chester Hamilton, also a delegate at the convention watches. Luba is Canadian Cattlemen's Association Secretary. [There are 7 more negatives like this with different delegates in March 1, 1971 file]
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage5Angus McKay accepts Bill Higgs trophy from TPT Pete's Captain Craig Ramsay
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage6Peterborough Legion Improvements (p. 23) (thee photos, all 2 1/4): exterior photo
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage7shot of the new lounge
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage8Secretary treasurer Cliff Pirie in new office
1971-03-04 ThursdayUnpublished negatives: Crestwood Mustangs hockey players hold trophy high
1971-03-05 FridayImage1Don't Give Up (p. 3): Geraldine McGlennon, Stewart St. with plants budding
1971-03-05 FridayImage2Open Fabric Fair (p. 6): Alderman Alene Holt chats with Una Abrahamse, consumer editor Chatelaine magazine and Walter Pitman at CAC Fabric Fair
1971-03-05 FridayImage3Alice Moore (p. 6); speaker at Women's Caucus Welfare Recipients Need Dignity, Not Just Money
1971-03-05 FridayImage4Buffy and Betty Here to Stay (p. 9): pair of ten-month-old buffalo calves from Bowmanville
1971-03-05 FridayImage5Howard Powell, general manager Peterborough Utilities Commission with plaque given to PUC for community relations. With him is Jack Naish, president of Kiwanis Club
1971-03-05 FridayImage6Gibson Ties Team Mark For Assists By Rookie (p. 10): Kitchener Rangers gang up on Craig Ramsay (10), Skip Foster
1971-03-05 FridayImage7Gibson Ties Team Mark For Assists By Rookie (p. 10): Kitchener Rangers gang up on Craig Ramsay (10), Skip Foster
1971-03-06 SaturdayCAC Fabric Fair (p. 6) (2 photos): event was to inform consumers about fabric care. Chatelaine magazine speaker Una Abrahamse explained the problems with permanent press clothing:
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage1Astrid Nordholt surveys evidence on a coat ruined by dry cleaning
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage2Calamity Corner was a showcase of horrible example (Canadian Consumer …)
1971-03-06 SaturdayPCBE art on display at former bowling alley (p. 9) (2 photos):
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage3PC board of education employees Marilyn Martin (top pic)
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage4Lynn Maudsley with student art
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage5St. Peter's Basketball Teams Win Kawartha District Crowns (page 10) (n.b., page is blank where picture should be, but caption says: Norwood's Art Harnden (#24) tries to sink a basket
1971-03-06 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: one frame of man with something coiled in his hands
1971-03-08 Monday [There is no folder for March 8, 1971, although there was a paper that day]
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage1244 City Women Of All Faiths Attend World Day of Prayer Services (p. 6): photo of women in St. George Anglican
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage2Oklahoma...Here I Come (p. 9): Bob Trennum gets a friendly kick from Sandi Johnson in rehearsal of Rogers and Hammerstein musical by Theatre Guild
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage3First Snowmobiler Tagged (p. 9): Photo shot from Examiner upper window of snowmobiler on Water St. pavement. Driver was ticketed by police (but not in photo). Photo is cropped, but negative shows old Review office. Photo by Jerry Stevens
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage4YWCA Captures Another Title (p. 10): for the eighth consecutive year the YWCA team has won the regular season championship of the Peterborough Women's Basketball League. Front, from left, Sharon Hill, Jean Kelly, Judy Shaw, Jean Russelle and Mary Thompson. Standing, from left, Penny Rush, Elaine Emery, coach Ann Lang, Anna Marie Cullen and Pat Bronson.
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage1Sorority Princesses competing for title of Rose Queen at Bib 'n Tucker Ball (page 6): front row, Betty Thompson (Xi Iota), Ruth Clark (Xi Alpha Xi), Susan Masters, (Epsilon Mu), second row, Sylvia Hardill (Preceptor Psi), Roxanne Heard (Phi Alpha Xi), third row, Joan McCoy (Gamma Xi), Beryl Baptie (Gamma Omega), Sandra Taylor (Delta Chi)
1971-03-10 WednesdaySkiiers on Armour Hill (p.10) (2 photos): Part of a series about need for parks in Peterborough
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage2Robert Lewis (13) shows skiing style
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage3Denis Payne instructs skiers at Armour Hill
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage4District Intermediate Entry (p. 16) Ontario Intermediate Curling Championships: l-r, Roy Aitchison (vice), Bob McCuaig (skip), Bud Kidd (lead) and Ron Smith (second)
1971-03-10 WednesdayUnpublished: four frames, looks like fashion show pics, taken in a stairwell
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage1Expert Stresses Good, Clean Food (p. 6): Phyllis Kingdon, Peterborough Milk Foundation Representative
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage2Joint meeting Women's Sales and Advertising and Men's Advertising and Sales Clubs (p. 13): Left to right Speaker Dr. Charles Irvin of Romano, Florida; Pauline Hill, president Welcome Wagon Canada, Keith Garnett, president Canadian Advertising and Sales Club; Mrs. Gordon Snape, Women's club president and Herb Hall, Men's club president
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage3Not All Trains Are Meant to Go – CP Rail Exec (p. 13): Colin Deck (left) President Peterborough. Traffic Club and L.R. Smith, vice president Eastern region CP Rail
1971-03-11 ThursdayIt Only Hurts When I Limp – Examiner and Chex broomball in the snow (p. 16) (two photos): CHEX Chickens and Examiner Media Meanies
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage4Al Simmons (left), Margot Murray and Cary Jennings
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage5Wayne Parks and Bob Beavers
1971-03-11 ThursdayUnpublished negatives: head shot of man, middle aged, in suit, no glasses
1971-03-11 ThursdayUnpublished negatives: several negatives of nighttime broomball, but not one for the photo on page 3
1971-03-12 FridayImage1Plant Layout Judged (p. 3): Terry Jones, Jim Park and Tod Willcox (Fisher Gauge general manager) inspect a model of a die-casting department done by SSFC evening Plant Layout course students.
1971-03-12 FridayImage2Jars and Bottles Collected By Mothers Club (p. 6): Pat Smith of Peterborough CAC (left), Jim White, coordinator Peterborough Pollution Probe, and Marlene Puukila of Mark St. Church Mothers Club. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-03-12 FridayImage3Spring Fashion From Black's at St, Joseph's Auxiliary Dessert Bridge & Fashion Show. Models Dave McKinstry, Colleen Gardiner, Carol McCann. [there are more negatives like this in March 10, 1970.]
1971-03-12 FridayImage4Sharp Decline In Area Scouting Blamed On Hike In Competition (p. 9): Peterborough. District Boy Scouts 46th Annual dinner: More than 200 persons attended. From left: Mrs. Peggy Wakeford, 11th Knox United; Donald Rosenburgh, 7th St. Paul's; Mrs. Lenore Allen, Assistant. District commissioner for training and Thomas Littlefair, 10th St. James. Uniforms worn by the leaders, following a recent change in style, include from left the former cub leader uniform, the new venture uniform, the new cub leader uniform and the former venture uniform.
1971-03-12 FridayImage5Dave Hobson, provincial Liberal candidate and Apsley School teacher spoke to Civitan Club. On the left, Ken Dales (club vice president) and right Martin Landry, club president
1971-03-12 FridayImage6Womens' Curling (p. 10): Joyce Stovel (second), Lois Atkins (lead), Joyce Taylor (vice) and Audrey Miskiman receive Smith and Smith Trophy from Bob Phillips at Peterborough Golf and Country Club
1971-03-12 FridayImage7Scouting Lacrosse Prospect (p. 10) Snow sculpture on George St. depicting Lakers' centre Joey Todd. Cathy Nelson (17) looks at the Snowman
1971-03-12 FridayUnpublished negatives: twelve frames of young women posing near river
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage1Dorothy Burnie (p. 6) (seated) and Virginia Arcand examine a poster used in connection with an anti-abortion meeting sponsored by St. Ann's Catholic Women's League in January. Members now hope to start a local branch of an anti-abortion group called Alliance for Life.
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage2Think Spring (p. 9): Trent student April Holland on a swing
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage3Bishop Gives YMCA “Shot-In-The-Arm” Needed to Give Christian Twist (p. 9): l-r, Bill Prest, Toi Halme, Francis A. Marrocco, and Tom Cook, annual meeting of Family YMCA
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage4Cunningham's Future Set on Track To Pro Hockey (p. 10) (two photos): Rick Cunningham close-up
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage5Cunningham outside at Trent
1971-03-13 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: eight more frames of Rick Cunningham
1971-03-13 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: eight more frames of girl on swing
1971-03-15 MondayCity Girl Falls Through Otonabee Ice, Drowns After Rescue Attempts Fail (pages 1 & 9):
1971-03-15 MondayImage1Skin divers from the Peterborough Trident Club spent one and a half hours combing icy water of the Otonabee river Sunday searching for the body of 8-year-old Jeannette Stanley (inset).
1971-03-15 MondayImage2Picture of picture of Jeanette Stanley used in inset, front page
1971-03-15 MondayImage3city firemen chop hole in ice where girl disappeared
1971-03-15 MondayImage4Wayne Parks (26, Examiner staff) was the first to spot the girl and attempt rescue
1971-03-15 MondayImage5Tom Foddle attempted rescue
1971-03-15 MondayImage6Gerrit Master, attempted rescue
1971-03-15 MondayImage7Horace Lapp, Canadian Orchestra leader and pianist (p. 6): performed his “Little Show” for Women's Art Association And Lyceum Club
1971-03-15 MondayImage8Education Week (p. 6): working on their puppets at Queen Mary School, Anne Swanston, Birgit Alting Mees and Galvin Sandeman.
1971-03-15 MondayImage9Education Week, Science Art Fair at Havelock Belmont P.S. (p. 7): John Hay, Sr. art instructor pointing to art features for Karen Newton, Lori McGeachy and Ron Horner. Photo by Wm. W. Reid
1971-03-15 MondayImage10June Moore Leads Rink to Victory in Fontaine Bonspiel (p. 10): Back l-r, Dot Jackson, lead; June Moore, skip. Front l- r, Pat Willett, vice and Chris Hoag, second.
1971-03-15 MondayImage11Tournament A Success (p. 10): Jim McNabb, superintendent of Peterborough public schools (left) and Hugh Faulkner, MP Peterborough, flank Jeff Amer (right) and Kerry Paquette upon the conclusion of the Peterborough public schools floor hockey tournament held Saturday night at Adam Scott Collegiate. Jeff was with Queen Mary and was named most valuable player while Kerry was the goaltender of Central Public School the champion senior boys team.
1971-03-15 MondayUnpublished negatives: several frames of motor bike on top of roof
1971-03-15 MondayUnpublished negatives: several more frames of rescue operations at river
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage1Kinnettes Entertain Their Men (p. 6) (35 mm): Wally McIlmoyl is invited to duck his wife Shirley's head in a bucket of her homemade chicken soup. It was part of the hijinks of the Kinettes Monte Carlo night and dance. Men were also allowed to track muddy footprints across a white rug, use a sexaphone for obscene phone calls and play Belt the Boss. Shirley McIlmoyl organized the event.
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage2Headquarters House at 283 King St. (no story)
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage3Snowbound In Storm For Ten Days (p. 9): Near Bethany, Mr. And Mrs. D'Arcy Proctor dig out of a drift a snow around their house
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage4Separate School Volleyball Winners (p. 10): St. Paul's School, won the Separate School volleyball championship. Top row, l – r: Peggy Mulligan, Kelli McLean, Ann Conlin, Debbie Greeg, Mary Ann Marchand, Sylvia Kinkela. Second row, l-r: Sister M. Anne Monk (coach), Cathy Roach, Dianne McKonkey, Cindy Alberico, Christine Cook, Julie Brownson, Frances O'Connor. Front row, Karen Owczar, Cindy Tobin, Linda Flamminio, Caeryl Clarke, Cathy Owczar.
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage5Capture Two Championships (p. 10): Thomas A. Stewart Sr. girls' volleyball team won Kawartha District championship and the Central Ontario Secondary School Association Crown this year. Top row, l – r: Elizabeth Dawes (coach), Linda Kelly, Jane Stewart, Gwen Brown. Bottom row, Andrea Taylor, Kathy Bright, Monica Rutledge (captain), Cheryl Batley. Absent: two players
1971-03-16 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: more of Kinettes having fun
1971-03-17 WednesdayFashion Puzzle at SSFC Campus (p. 6): Show featured garments of home economic students
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage1Jeannette McGeachie in gaucho pants, Peggy Hill in gypsy dress
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage2Ursula Donovan in paisley-patterned maxi and Barry Elford wears flares and matching vest
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage3A Sure Sign Of Spring- Potholes receiving attention (p. 21): City employees Ron Peters (left) and Bert Reid work on Reid St. hill between London and McDonell
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage4Man's “Eyes” Quarantined- Rules Prevent English Visit (p. 21): Dennis Wilkinson is blind and wants to visit England, where he is originally from, for six weeks, but his seeing eye dog two-year-old “Mountie” would have to be quarantined for six months.
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage5Captain Steve Lawrence of Peterborough. Kinsmen receives George Vanier Trophy (p. 33) from Charley Wilson, OMLA exec. Director.
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage6Oakville Player misses wide open net (p. 33): Peterborough Kinsmen Minor Hockey
1971-03-17 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: two more of SSFC fashion show
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage1St. Pat's Party at Fairhaven (p. 6): Staff, auxiliary members and residents honoured St. Patrick at Fairhaven. Pictures are some of the entertainers. Front, l-r: Anne Marie O'Vandenbos, Myrtle McLittle, Dora O'Graham, and Anne O'Murphy. Rear, Art Campbell, Dorothy O'Foster, Frank McBertrand, Mary O'Louden and John O'Sandy.
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage2There's More to Puppets Than Meet The Eye (p. 13): At R.F. Downey School, a Hansel and Gretal puppet play with Lisa Peconi (8), Heather Wilson (9), and Jennifer Linton (8)
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage3The Color Makes All the Difference At Civic Hospital (p. 1): Mrs. H.S. Vinette, convenor of hospital social and recreation, festoons Bill Robinson's cast with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage4Tepees Stretch The Muscles (p. 16): The Peterborough TeePees of the Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior “A” series are favored to finish in the top three over the 28-game schedule which opens in May. Second-year coach Don Barrie is pictured placing a lacrosse ball between the sticks of Peter Guerin (left) and Tom Parnell as Steve Plunkett (left) and Tom Barrie look on.
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage5Watson Reyolds Rinks Win Leona Woods 'Spiel (p. 16): Skips Audrey Watson and Fern Reynolds plan their next moves. Lindsay rinks won one and two places at the Peterborough Curling Club
1971-03-19 FridayImage1The Black Dress Is Dead (p. 6): Silver vinyl midi coat is worn with black crushed vinyl gaucho hat and vinyl boots by Gail McIntyre. Rose Schacher carries a dressy umbrella with her wool and camel hair suit and completes the outfit with elegant pumps.
1971-03-19 FridayImage2Women's Sales and Advertising Club fashion show (p. 6): models in outfits, Ingrid Arff, Susan Taylor, Stella Hendry and Julie Poole
1971-03-19 FridayImage3Rights Of Unions Must Be Extended To Give Workers A Voice (p. 9): Ed Broadbent, MP Oshawa and candidate for federal NDP leadership in Peterborough at meeting of Union of Electrical Workers. Left, Bruce Hodgins, former federal candidate of Peterborough. NDP and Cyril Carter, riding association president.
1971-03-19 FridayImage5Claims House Damaged in Raids, Suit Against Police Considered (p. 9): Police raid at 194 London St. boarding house, landlady considers suing: contents of waste basket strewn over floor
1971-03-19 FridayImage6Dresser with emptied drawers
1971-03-19 FridayImage4Art Show at SSFC (p. 9): A public showing of 70 paintings by Canadian artists from the Canadian Industries Ltd. Collection on display at the new SSFC campus. Kenneth Ed of CIL Toronto and Andrew Aarons, coordinator of fine arts, SSFC admire “La Pendule” by Reywald Connelly.
1971-03-19 FridayImage7OOOPS!...Sorry, Champ (p. 10); Monty Keast (6) and his boxing instructor Bill Cridland, former Ontario 175 pound class champ at Midtown Boxing Club
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage1Hog Producers Meet (p. 3): Low price of pork the big issue at 30th annual meeting of Ont. Hog Producer Association. Fred Crowe (left, president) and Clare Curtin of Lindsay, past pres. of Ont. Hog Producers Marketing board.
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage2Cystic Fibrosis Discussed at Peterborough. Chapter of Association (p.6): Dr. Douglas Crozier of Sick Children's Hospital and specialist who treats seven Peterborough children with Cystic Fibrosis spoke at the local association meeting. Pictured with John Longo and Mrs. Jack Chapman
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage3340 Students Get Work Experience (p. 9) (two photos): Patricia Sexsmith, 16 of TAS helps in a professional laundry
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage4Luella Ellis of Norwood H.S. Works in a professional kitchen
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage5New Courtrooms 'Barely Adequate' But Better Than Before (p. 9, two photos): Provincial Court Judge R.B. Batten
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage6Judge Batten in remodeled courtroom at city hall
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage7Peterborough Panthers (p. 10): In front of large Peterborough Panthers sign, Curly Doherty (left), pres. Of Canadian Travelers Association; Jack Gotta, Ottawa Rough Riders coach; Norm Jamieson and Jeff Adair. The Panthers are the new entry in the Ontario Junior Football League.
1971-03-22 MondayImage1Stamp Show (p. 3): Kawartha Philatelic Society exhibition chairman Jack Hales (left to right), Mrs. Edward Killingbeck, past Pres. And Mrs. Fre Wilkins, program director. There was a two day show at Holiday Inn
1971-03-22 MondayImage2Fringe Benefits Necessary, ACA Head Says (p. 9): at seminar on employee benefits: l-r, W.F. Currie, Dr. J. Brodie, W.G. Johnson (President of American Compensation Ass.), and Henry Nokes, chairman of seminar on benefits at SSFC
1971-03-22 MondayUnpulished negatives: young swimmers in water with awards
1971-03-22 MondayUnpulished negatives: man putting theatrical makeup on woman
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage1Rug Hooker Doris Matatall (p.6) with 12 x 9 ft rug she has hooked. Used 66 pounds of wool, which she cut into 170,000 short pieces. She is from England but learned rug hooking in Nova Scotia when she lived there in 1923
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage2Henry Bennewith, 100 Years old (p. 9) (two photos), lives at 492 Mark St., born England, using a carpet sweeper
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage3smoking his pipe
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage4Toys With a Difference (p. 9) Members of the Peterborough Live Steam Club displayed models of several authentic steam locomotives and steam tractors at Lions Club meeting. Henry Moxon, (right) a member of the Steam Club shows Peterborough. Lions president Dennis De Rivers, (left) and Lions program convenor Ron MacGee, one of the trains
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage5Help For The Panthers (p. 10): Curly Doherty (left) president of the Association of Canadian Travellers, presents a cheque to Jeff Adair, president of the Peterbrorough Panthers Junior football team during the ACT’s football banquet. All proceeds from the dinner went to the football team, a new entry in the Ontario Junior Football League.
1971-03-23 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: detective (?) wearing suit, holding cocked-open firearm
1971-03-23 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: two people in costume -one in cowboy hat looks like Linda Wilcox. May be related to 1971-03-22-04
1971-03-23 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: group of three, one man two women (to be scanned)
1971-03-23 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: group of five or six men around table (to be scanned)
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage1Hobby Show At St. John's Anglican Church (p. 6, two photos): Popsicle stick lamp made by D. Lehman
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage2Rickey Edgington with remote control for his family's handmade model ocean liner
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage3Richard Needham, Globe & Mail columnist, speaking at library
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage4

New Home for Trent Students (p. 17) Peter Robinson college. Two exterior pics
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage6At the YWCA, a band called Ebenezer played in the afternoons for kids during their week off school
1971-03-24 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: more frames of Richard Needham
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage1
Singer Ada Lee (p.3): three close up photos at concert at SSFS;
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage4Rapt young fans (no names) seated with the overflow crowd.
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage5Who Cares About the Weatherman? (p. 3) Kids skipping, l-r, Alan Cummings, 7; Sherry Derrett (7) and Paula Frise (6)
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage6Ada Lee Concert A Great Success (p. 13): accompanied by John Oesterbroek, flute; Dave Marton, drums; John Aquin, bass; Rick Bezemer, guitar; and Ted Moses, piano
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage7The World of Films (p. 13): Gerald Pratley (left) of the Ont. Film Theatre Institute and chief librarian Robert Porter. A film about David Wark Griffith, movie producer in the 1930's, was shown at the library.
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage8Swimming Instructors Complete Compulsive Course (p. 14): Lucille Collins helps Betty Elliott.
1971-03-26 FridayImage1Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jacobs celebrate 50th anniversary at Curve Lake (p. 6): Lorraine, 79, born in Alderville, daughter of Wesley and Alice Beaver
1971-03-26 FridayImage2Petes 3-2 victory over Ottawa (p.10): Blake Dunlop (#18) flattens Pets Craig Ramsay
1971-03-27 SaturdayImage1Making A Game Of Winter (p. 9) Boys playing marbles (these negs were originally filed March 25): Danny Caldwell (8) and Jim Mountney (7) both of Kenneth Ave, in the yard at Prince of Wales School. Photos by Bruce Christensen
1971-03-27 SaturdayLittle NHL Tournament banquet (p.10) two pics: three-day tournament ended with parade from Memorial Centre to Empress Hotel for a banquet
1971-03-27 SaturdayImage2Charles Stemp of Peterborough fills those hollow legs
1971-03-27 SaturdayImage3Trevor James of Toronto digs in
1971-03-29 MondayImage1Gary Niziol (p. 9) (left) captain of Peterborough Trident B Team gets the winning teams trophy from Brian McCrodah, president of Trident Underwater Club of Peterborough
1971-03-29 MondayImage2Winters Last Stronghold (p. 9) Brothers Doug (11) and Glenn Bonner find a snow fort a handy place for a snowball fight
1971-03-29 MondayImage3Trentway Peewee All Stars (p. 10): scored a total of 24 goals in four games without allowing opposing teams a single goal while playing in the peewee division of the Little NHL Tournament of Champions at Memorial Centre on weekend. Left to right, front row: Jeff Read, Brian Cowie, David Nobes, Larry Byers, Bob Gardiner, Keith Campbell, Jim McDowell, and Randy Pooles. Back row, Cy Coombes (coach), Jim Grady (trainer), Tom Gerolamy, Blair Larock, John Ross, Paul Lacey, Mike McGillis and Bob Evans (manager).
1971-03-30 TuesdayThis edition has a special Peterborough promotional edition. The pie-eating pictures on page 6a were originally located in Feb 18, 1971 file. Other pie eating photos are in the Unpublished 1970 February folder.
In a scene reminiscent of an early Max Sennet movie, these pie-eaters and others, managed to shovel through some 25 pies, at St. Peter’s High School recently. The event was billed as a pie-eating contest although many contestants opted for pie-wearing instead. The chap wearing the blueberry make up is student Mark Armstrong and the other fellow who is just about to be pronounced full is teacher Pat Kelly. The contest was part of the annual spirit week at St. Peters, which had at one point, students taking over teaching duties from staff.
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage1Pat Kelly, teacher
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage2Student Mark Armstrong
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage3Salvation Army's Drama (p. 3): The Temple Drama Group from the Salvation Army presented 1 ½ hours of drama, Pontius Pilate at the regular service Sunday night. The cast is composed of members of the Salvation Army.
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage4Peterborough's Liftlock Squares (p. 6) danced up a storm at Crestwood District High School Saturday night. Members are preparing for their annual Spring Spree to be held Saturday.
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage5Superintendent of Instruction for the Peterborough County board of education, Jack Nichols (inset) addresses the students of the Peterborough Teachers' College on programs available locally in special education. Mr. Nichols is one of the resource people taking part in the three-day seminar on special education. [inset picture of Nichols is not in this file]
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage6It would be difficult to assess the average age of the crowd which attends junior ‘A’ hockey games at the Memorial Centre. The Petes draw support from every age group, including the likes of six-year-old Tracy Hehn, who proudly supports her red and white Petes booster button. Tracy was three days early for tonight’s opening game of the OHA quarter finals when the picture was snapped Saturday morning at the Little NHL Tournament of Champions. The Petes host the Toronto Marlboros in the first game of their quarter final playoff at the Memorial Centre tonight.
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage1Book Fair Held (p. 3): PCBE library consultant Maureen Pammett and Haliburton county board of education learning material co-ordinator Noel McNeil survey some of the 3,000 books supplied for the area Book Fair by publishers and publisher's representatives. The Fair, which ends today has been set up to accommodate the small libraries and school libraries in the Peterborough area.
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage2Haddasah Antique Show (p. 6) (three photos): Mrs. Frank Katz with antique sewing box
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage3Carol Pulver, convenor, with china biscuit box
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage4Melanie McKenna parked herself in an antique rocker, with the owner's permission
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage5Most Farm Hazards Are Man-Made Hydro Official Tells Safety Group (p. 21): Oscar Snyder of the Ontario Farm Safety Council, Guelph; Mrs. Lorne Reynolds, chairman of the Peterborough. Farm Safety Council; and Grant Webber of Ontario Hydro.