Peterborough County Land Records

Fonds Number: 60

Title: Peterborough County Land Records

Creator: County of Peterborough Land Registry Office

Dates of Material: Predominantly 1866-1955

Physical Description: 80 meters (240 feet)

Scope and Contents:
The Peterborough County Land Records are arranged in two series. The abstract registers are in Series A and are useful for researchers interested in the history of transactions related to a particular property.

The land instruments – land deeds or equivalent, and occasionally mortgages, and wills. Generally mortgages are removed when they cease to be liens on the property, although the evidence is usually accessible in the abstract registers. Wills are usually transferred to the Surrogate Court Records, also available at the Registry Office, but some have been left with these documents.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

There is an expectation that the records relating to the post-1955 land transactions will be released by the Archives of Ontario.

Custodial History:
The land records were made available through the agency of APOLROD working in co-operation with the pertinent provincial departments, of which the Archives of Ontario was the most important.

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
The provincial land records are in the custody of the Archives of Ontario, and the Trent Valley Archives agreed to look at those records tied to the county of Peterborough with the same guidelines used in other collections at the archives. Land records which precede Confederation are generally with the Archives of Canada, or with the Library and Archives of Canada depending on whether land grants were done by registry offices or by a provincial agency.

The land records in the province were microfilmed around 1955, and subsequently the province declared that for land transaction purposes the microfilm copies were deemed to be originals. Copies of the microfilm are accessible at the Registry Office, housed in the MNR building at the corner of Water and Charlotte. Copies of the plans are also available there.

Access points

Digital index have been prepared for most townships. The abstract registers were indexed for full names for each property. See the in-house computers looking for the pertinent township file.

To find the instruments, researchers must consult the abstract register page looking for the specific names. On each line there is an instrument number in the first column.
* The abstract registers for the following townships and places have been indexed.

Monaghan Township Park Lots

The abstract registers for the following townships have not been completed: Burleigh (North and South); Chandos; Galway; Harvey; Havelock; Methuen; and North Monaghan.

File listing: Series A The abstract registers, 206 heavy volumes, are available for the following:

1 Allandale *
2-9 Ashburnham *
10-15 Asphodel *
16-25 Belmont *
26-27 Bridgenorth *
28-31 North Burleigh
28-31 North Burleigh
32-39 South Burleigh
40-45 Cavendish *
46-51 Chandos
52-63 Douro *
64-73 Dummer *
74 Dummer / Warsaw *
75-80 Ennismore *
81-88 Galway
89-99 Harvey
100-105 Havelock
106-107 Keene *
108-113 Lakefield *
114-121 Methuen
122-153 North Monaghan
154-157 North Monaghan, Park Lots *
158-159 North Monaghan Old Park Lots *
160-163 Norwood *
164-175 Otonabee *
176-177 Smith, Red Label *
178-203 Smith *
204 Patent Books Dummer, Otonabee
205 Patent Books Asphodel, Belmont, Methuen
206 Patent Books North Monaghan, Douro

Series B The land instruments, 1867-1955, are arranged in numerical order by township or municipality.

 1-4  Anstruther  1-1,235
 5-10  Ashburnham  1-1,290
 11-28  Asphodel  1-8,709
 29-54  Belmont  1-10,101
 55-63  Burleigh  1-2,815
 63-67  Cavendish  1-974
 67-76  Chandos  1-2,948
 77-99  Douro  1-10,700
 100-126  Dummer  1-11,123
 126-136  Ennismore  1-4,860
 137-142  Galway  1-2,136
 143-161  Harvey  1-6,485
 162-173  Havelock  1-5,260
 173-186  Lakefield  1-5,823
 186-192  Methuen  1-1,624
 193  Monaghan
 193-230  North Monaghan  1-291
 231-238  South Monaghan  1-3,400
 239  South Monaghan
 240-248  Norwood  1-3,750
 249-282  Otonabee  1-15128 S
 283-326  Smith  1-19,636 T
 327-343  Cavan  2,552-10,000 1866-1904
 343-357  Cavan  C1 to C5,385 1904-1955
 358  Cavan Millbrook Deeds and Land Transfers  1962-1991
 359-360  Cavan Land Titles  1978-1983
 361  Cavan Millbrook Bylaws  1883-1923;
 361  Land Registration Documents  1911-1955
 362-370  Millbrook Deeds of Sale  1-2,562
 371-373  Refiling and Conservation Files