Historian at Work

Elwood with a stack of boxes Elwood Jones is a prominent Peterborough historian,
Professor Emeritus of History at Trent University and
archivist at Trent Valley Archives. Elwood has authored
a dozen historical books, several pamphlets and many
articles, including over 300 columns for the Peterborough
Examiner. He is the editor of the Heritage Gazette of the
Trent Valley and has been a long-time editor for the
Peterborough Historical Society and the Canadian
Church Historical Society.

Elwood’s column, Historian at Work is currently
published weekly in the Peterborough Examiner.

If these walls could talk at the old Peterborough County Jail
Published in the Peterborough Examiner 02/20/2016
The County Jail has been in the news this week as its demolition and repurposing continues for the next six weeks or so. As well, for Heritage Week I spoke on the history of the two county jails that were built on this site. People comment how great it would be if these walls could talk. Continue reading…
A rarely seen 1846 map
Published in the Peterborough Examiner 01/12/2016
Sir Sandford Fleming (1827-1915) had many accomplishments in his lifetime, but his first career as a surveyor led to his producing several superb maps including of Peterborough in 1846, and of the local districts and Toronto by 1848. Continue reading…
At home on The Avenues: Second in a three-part series about the history and architecture of one Peterborough neighbourhood
Published in the Peterborough Examiner 06/27/2015
As the city has invested in a study with a view to creating a Heritage Conservation District on the Avenues, and a block or so south of King, some comments upon the emerging scenario are in order. These observations are based on a close look at who was tied to the Avenues in the first years of the Edwardian residential suburb, from about 1900 to 1940. This is the second of a three part series. Continue reading…