Peterborough Examiner Fonds 340 – SF C

As part of a Trillium funded project to scan a section of our Peterborough Examiner negatives collection, dating October 1970 to December 1972, we are making the cut line and a copy of the images available online.

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October 27, 1970 to October 31, 1971

1970-10-27 MondayImage1Lions Honor Member (p.3): Stanley Darling (centre), a Peterborough Lion’s Club member for 32 years, became the first life member in the club’s 35-year history last night. His certificate of life membership was presented by Lion’s president Dennis DeRivers (left) and guest speaker, Justice Gregory T. Evans or Toronto.
1970-10-27 MondayImage2Shy To Use Language, But…Lake Indians Keep Ojibway Tongue Alive (p.13): A picture of a pig, piglet and beaver at work take the dull edge off memorizing vocabulary for these four Ojibway students, from left, Deanna Knott, 14, Suzy Coppaway, 9, Cathy Taylor, 13, and Carol Taylor, 17. Mrs. Elsie Knott, chief of the Curve Lake Band, is instructing
1970-10-27 MondayUnpublished negs: one extra frame of Ojibway class
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage1Convenor of Treasures of Yesteryear (p.44): Mrs. Frank Pope sits in one of the 19th century music rooms. Behind her is a Melodeon, a free-reed instrument built in Toronto in 1870. There is also a display of the works of Muzio Clementi (1752-1832). Bruce Christenson photos
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage2St. John’s ACW - Treasures of Yesteryear (p.44): Tea Time: The lyre-back chairs are American – Duncan Phyfe, c. 1800 and the tea seat is English. In the background is the boudoir vignette with nightgown resting on chair.
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage3Vaseline Glass
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage1Ray Geiger right; Farmer’s Almanac; Ted McKay public relations officer for Victoria and Grey Trust, 1971 edition. (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage2Dr John Frederick Foster, Secretary General of Association of Commonwealth Universities, with Trent students, Manindra Shah; Michael Jenkin; Barb Michael; John Pepall; and Sheila Dohoo (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage3Liberals meet: Nixon, l; David Hobson, c; Hugh Faulkner, r. (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayUnpublished neg: 5 men in suits, standing
1970-10- 30 FridayImage1County Warden Honored (p.3): L-r, Peterborough County Warden Peter Pearson; Richard Cavanagh, Dep. Reeve Douro Township; John Stevenson, Warden Victoria County
1970-10- 30 FridayImage2Ghostly Tea and Hallowe'en at St. Mark's (p.6): Miss Shirlie Aker (convenor, standing) and tea pourer Mrs. A.H. Sayer, of St. Luke's Anglican
1970-10- 30 FridayImage3Zoo welcomes Mouflons (p.13): One of the three mouflons donated to Filtration Plant Zoo in Peterborough is reassured before being put into the pen. The Toronto Dominion Bank donated the species of wild mountain sheep bought from the Bowmanville Zoo. The creatures originate from Corsica, Sardinia and Persia. Doug Ruttan, Northcrest Mall TD Bank; Ron Sinclair, chair PUC; Gerry Boegel, Bowmanville Zoo; Russell Wilson, Peterborough Zoo Keeper
1970-10- 30 FridayImage4Founding of Trent plaque (p.13): Hugh Waddell; Leslie Frost; Mayor Joseph Csumrik; W. H. Cranston
1970-10- 30 FridayImage5Constable Sexsmith Retires (p.13) : Percy Sexsmith, 2nd right; Const Lloyd Jackson, l; Chief Jack Shrubb, 2nd l; Hugh F. Waddell, chair of Police Commission,
1970-10- 30 FridayImage64H Programs Discussed: Donald Agar, Carm Hamilton, Robert Brusso
1970-10- 30 FridayImage7Petes win over Kitchener Rangers, 5 -3 (p.14): John Garrett smothers puck in crease
1970-10- 30 FridayImage8PMHA Opens Schedule [Peterborough Minor Hockey Association] :(p.14) Roger Neilson, l; Craig Ramsay, c; Ken Richardson
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage1Matching Honors Diplomas with Thomas A. Stewart’s first valedictorian Henry Clarke are Janet Cheel, Patricia Challos and Diana Close. (p.9)
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage2Hallowe’en party at Fairhaven, George Clark and Ann Murphy trip the light fantastic
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage3Mrs. Mary Loudon at piano, Fairhaven Hallowe'en
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage4Fairhaven residents uphold the old custom (p.9)
1970-11-2 MondayImage1UCS Member In Action (page 3): Miss Joanne Hamilton of VON visits Keith White at home to dress injured leg.
1970-11-2 MondayImage2Hallowe'en (p.13): Angelo Martignetti (12, Parnell St.); Tony (4, his brother); Ronnie Harrison, (11, Romaine St.)
1970-11-2 MondayImage3Park Named After W.A. “Bert” Curtis , (p.13): Plaque, Reeve Jack Chittick; Mrs. Norman Hinde; Ray Jackman
1970-11-2 MondayImage4PR And Communications Discussed (p.13); School Trustees Council, Zone 9 ,Mrs. Grace Wyatt; Robert Sarginson; Aubrey Allen; Mrs. Ruth Ward.
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley, (page 6): 570 Rose Ave. celebrate 50th anniversary
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage2Now They Are Pilots (p. 13): Two members of 534 Squadron Royal Canadian (Air) Cadets received air cadet pilot wings, Sgt. Bob Toth, O'Caroll St.and Cpl. Ken Connelly, Elmdale Cr.
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage3Wins Midget Championship (p. 16) Bob Hall of Lakefield finished first in Central Ontario School Association midget cross-country race, Picton.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. William Hope, Married 50 years (page 6): of Indian River Mrs. Hope is the former Jean Fife
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage2Sorority Charter Member Receives 25 Year pin (p. 6): Connie Caccavella, only active charter member of Beta Sigma Phi, presented with pin by Mrs. John Fulford, pres. of the city's sorority council
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage3Junior Achievers Start Season (p. 21): L-r, Karen Smith; Ray Fallis; Rick Ross; Janis Brady; Patti Brady with candle mould.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage4CMA Executive Terms Labor Laws are One-sided, Blames Government (p. 21); Keith Rapsey at podium, Ont. Chairman of Cdn. Manufacturers Ass.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage5Local Worker Receives $3659 in Arbitration, (p. 21): International Ass. Of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Lodge 872 , front l – r: Charles Lee, Lodge 872 pres.; Arthur Hodgin, laid-off worker; Stanley Rouse, chief steward; back, l-r, Alex Wallace, Int'l rep. of the union; Vince Crough, v.p.; Doug Jones, recording secretary.
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage1Welcomed to Club (page 13): New members of Peterborough Quarter Century Club, l-r, Mayor Joseph Csumrick with new members Malcom Bassett and Edward Humpage and club pres. Jack Morrow.
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage2Dr. H.R.L. Streight, pres. Elect Chemical Institute of Canada (p. 13) (head shot)
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage3Reports on Help for Blind Persons Made to Advisory Board of CNIB (p.13): L-r, George Dove, chairman CNIB advisory board; Clair Hilborn, CNIB district admin; Raqy Jonasson, pres. United Community Services
1970-11-6 FridayImage1
Fashions at Museum
Image 1 - Maxi, Mini, Midi (page 6): outfits on mannequin
Image 2 - Mrs. O.J. Frisken, curator of Peterborough. Centennial Museum with child's dress
1970-11-6 FridayImage3Quinte Area Guides Meet (p. 11): Peterborough division of Girl Guides hosted seven other divisions in Quinte area. With model of Liftlock, l-r, Mrs. T.W. Speer of Trent, first Quinte Area Commissioner; Mrs. D.W. White; Mrs. P.E. Bessey; Miss Eva Baker
1970-11-6 FridayImage4TPT Pete's 6, London Knights 1, (p. 12): Brian Shortreed (#23), Gord Barrett amid flying snow
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage1Mrs. Walter Allen, 83, with afghan it took her a year to crochet, to be raffled off at Fairhaven bazaar (p. 6) Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage2Fairhaven Annual Bazaar (page 6): Mrs. C. L. Culimore (left) and Mrs. E. W. Beatty visit with R.G. Gordon (86) at Fairhaven bazaar. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage3Art Price, Ottawa sculptor (p. 6) spoke to members of Lyceum Club and Women's Art Association. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage4City Youth Stages Musical for School (p.9): Michael Crary, 17 year old director of Oliver at Immaculate Conception School (see also # 4)
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage5Quarter Century Club Banquet, (p.9): Annual banquet for area provincial employees, l-r: Wes Corner, pres.; the Honorable George Gorner, Minister of Highways; guest speaker Ralph Lockhart, chairman; Gord Bennet, 1st v.p. (see also #8)
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage9Sr. Public School Football Champions, Confederation School (p10): Front l-r: Brent Youmans, Don Sanders, Stephen Harvey, Brian Connell, Don Bruce, Pete Thompson, Eric Perrin. Back row: Don McKnight, principal; Jack Riddell, Paul Black, Don Turner, Randy Chambo, Doug Anderson, Rod Williams and Lloyd Sager, coach. (see also #10)
1970-11-7 SaturdayUnpublished neg: two men in uniform with poppy boxes
1970-11-9 MondayImage1$15,000 Damages to a Judge's Home (page 3): Capt. James Deck watches as fireman works. Home of Judge J. DeN. Kennedy, 707 Weller St.
1970-11-9 MondayImage2370 Shriners meet (p.3): second from left Kenneth G. Howard, The Illustrious Potentate of the Ramses Temple, with : Ray Peterson, a past pres. of local Shriners ; Keith Brown, president; Ray Petty, past pres. local Shriners; Max Kaye, club director
1970-11-9 MondayImage3
Military Ball (p. 6): Preparing to be piped to the ballroom, Armoury guests of honor Col. And Mrs. J. A. Dewart (right) and Lt. Col. F. R. Allen, Commanding Officer of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment and Mrs. Allen.
1970-11-9 MondayImage4School Skating Party, hosted by joint P.T.A.s of St. John's and St. Pious Schools. Cindy Zinston (left) and Debbie Warr lend a hand to Toby Livingston.
1970-11-9 MondayImage5
50th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Friedly, 47 Lafayette. (Her name is Marie, no maiden name given. She was from Peterborough, he was from Houston, came to Peterborough age 5.)
1970-11-9 MondayImage6Anti-Pollution Drive? (p.13) Mr. and Mrs. James Goldie arrive at George St. United, celebrating its 135th anniversary
1970-11-9 MondayImage7Nov. 11 Poppy Day (p.13); Legion vet Leo Rochefort with Danny and Marrianne Millar
1970-11-9 MondayImage8Victory Ends Season (14) Trent rugger team beat Brock 21-
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage1Lakefield United Church hosted five congregations at annual Christmas Tea (page 11): Mrs. J. Furry pours tea for Mrs. Andrew Mavor (no name for woman in back)
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage2Bridal attendants of 50 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moscrop stand behind Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gant who celebrate 50th anniversary (p.11)
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage3Costs, Changes in School System Create Communication Problems: (p.17): Moderator Prof. Roy Bowles; direction of education, county bd, Rae Linton; Sep. School superintendent Fraser Hogle; news director CKPT radio, Al Porteous
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage4
Refurbishing Rolls Royce - Harry Sherry's World of Perfection (p. 17)
Image 4 - close-up of grill of Rolls
Image 5 - Harry Sherry and brother-in-law Bill Payne
Image 6 - 1937 Vanden Plas (Rolls Royce) and '65 RR with Harry
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage7Westgate Champions (p. 18) Racing drivers received trophies at Westgate Speedway's annual banquet. Names not in order. The top performers were Ron Robinson, Oshawa, David Lynch, Norwood, Art Robinson, Oshawa and Satch Callan.
1970-11-10 TuesdayUnpublished negs: two ladies with rag doll
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage1Remembrance Ceremony (page 1) (n.b., this neg ran backwards) Chief Petty Officer Jim Delong of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets bows his head during two minute silence
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage2 57th Regiment IODE holds Remembrance tea (p. 9): L-r, Mrs. J.A. Richardson; Mrs. Harold Baker, regent of IODE municipal chapters; and Mrs. W.A. Master, Regent of 57th Chapter of the IODE
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage3The Official Plan, (p. 21 John Wood, city planning director with proposed map of official plan with Lorne Mensforth, chairman of planning board and Isadore Black, pres. Peterborough. Chamber of Commerce.
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage4Olympic Style Gymnastics Training (p. 30): teacher Marie Krejcova of Czechoslovakia and Cheryl Finn (9)
1970-11-11 WednesdayUnpublished negs:
- Remembrance Day parade and ceremony (5 images
- gymnastics teacher Marie Krejcova
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage1
Civil Rest Termed: Active Discontent Among Civilians (p.3):
Image 1 - Head shot Andrew Osler
Image 9 - second frame of Andrew Osler
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage2Cobourg Remembrance parade (p. 5) Photo by John Radley (35mm)
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage3
Handweavers Show Talents (p. 6):
Image 3 - Pauline Fanning works on macrame
Image 4 - Mabel Peters spins wool
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage5Bobby Curtola, recording artist and Honey Wells at Queen's Hotel lunch for veterans (p.17)
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage5
Theatre Workshop, Audience Participation Makes a Difference (p. 17):
Image 5 - Ernie Schwarz (head shot, printed backwards) artistic director Studio Lab Theatre and founder
Image 6 - With above, Fran Gebhard and Don Porter warming up
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage PendingSt. Peter's Wins COSSA Crown (p.18): Oshawa runner sprints for big gain
1970-11-12 ThursdayUnpublished negs:
- pictures of students in shop class, library (6 frames) for series by Cheryl Hamilton on retraining at SSFC. One picture ran Dec. 12, another Dec. 17
- Hockey
1970-11-13 FridayImage1Memories Can Be Hilarious, Ex-Service women Discover (page 6): WW II War theaters where Canadians served are represented by these three ex-service women. Evalyn McMaster (left) was in the Canadian Women's Army Corps. Trixie Thompson (centre) came to Canada i8n 1952 and was in WAAF and served in Air Co9mmand South East Asia from 1943 -45. Belle Merrett (right) saw service in Canada, England and Holland as a CWAC with Royal Cdn. Corps of Signals.
1970-11-13 FridayImage2New Laws Banning Sex Discrimination in Hiring (p. 6): Barbara Shields, Education Officer of Women's Bureau. Ont. Dept. of Labour; Jeanne Snape, pres. Women's Sales and Ad Club.
1970-11-13 FridayImage3Resurgence of Native Religious Explained in Lecture by Mohawk (p.13): head shot of Ernest Benedict
1970-11-13 FridayImage4Bandits at City Hall (p. 13) : Trent U's “Just a Drop in the Bucket” campaign. Surrounding Mayor Joe Csumrick, from left: Marion Croft, Terry Hickey, Janet Bax, Elizabeth Coll and Roy Maddocks, all of Trent University.
1970-11-13 FridayImage5Education Reflects Slack Standards, District Teachers Trustees Told (p. 13): Four County Separate School Board guest speaker Bascom St. Jean, Chairman Policy and Development Council, Ont. Dept. of Ed. ; and Superintendent Fraser Hogle (right)
1970-11-13 FridayImage6Capture COSSA Junior Championship (p. 14) St. Pete's Saints won the C Major A junior title second year in row, defeating Oshawa Catholic School. Holding trophy are Pete Dorie (#52) and Paul De Souza. Others on the team are Chris Doherty, Larry Neary, Dave Carpenter, Mike Fryia, Don Bialik, Phil Cavanagh, Steve McGillis, Gord Tapp, Brian Beanish, Paul Collins, Matt Drysdale, Paul Evans, Fred Garvey, Jim Gifford, John Martin, Dave Moloney, Pete Moloney, Don Moloney, Pat O'Brien, Dennis Prindible, Dan Sheedy, John Aggione, Kevin Rose, Don Ferrin, . Absent William Heffernan. Also in the picture are John Allen, John Holmes, Mike Crook, Gerry Glover (coach) Phil McCabe (ass't coach).
1970-11-16 MondayImage1Beyond the Fringe, Peterborough Theatre Guild (p.3): L-r, Brian Jackson, Peter Edelmayer, Richard Hayman and Peter Timmerman.
1970-11-16 MondayImage2Discussions Reveal – Many Crucial Issues At Stake (p. 11): Rev. Mrs. Lois Wilson, Norman Pearson and Ray Affleck
1970-11-16 MondayImage3Eight Music Festival Groups Meet (p.11): From left: Mrs. Judith Thompson, Ottawa, chair of Ontario Centennial Festivals of Music; Ted Pridham. Toronto, past pres. Fed. Cdn. Music Festivals, Crawford Smyth, Toronto, pres. Of Federation of Canadian Music Festivals; and Mrs. Iris Sproule, sec. Peterborough Kiwanis Musicfest
1970-11-16 MondayImage4It's Fun For Some (p.11): Snowman builders at 623 George St., from left, Carrie Allman (11), Lori (11) and Linda Robinson
1970-11-16 MondayImage5Rink Skipped by Margaret McNeil Wins Event by Less than One Point at PCC (p. 12): Business girls bonspiel winners, clockwise from bottom: Bunny O'Neil, Carol Anderson, Marge McNeil, skip, and Anne McFadden.
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage1Golden Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. (Ruby) James Hopcroft (p. 6)
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage250th anniversary of Olive and William Downer (behind cake) (p.6)
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage3Ornamental Swimmers Hold Annual Birthday Party (p.6): L-r, Linda Seili, Laurie Prest, Janet Smith, Lucille Collins
1970-11-17 TuesdayUnpublished negs: three girls with bowl (?) in front of Santa poster
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage1Penny Simpson Spent 6 days in jail, Young Socialists Exec., speaks at Trent. (p.23)
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage2Bell Canada Pres. Blames Gov't for Inflationary Trends (p.23): Robert C. Scrivener (right), pres. Of Bell Canada spoke to a joint meeting of the Peterborough Sales and Advertising Club and Peterborough. Construction Exchange. With him are Don Foster, mgr. of Bell Canada in Peterborough and Herb Hall pres. of sales and ad club.
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage3Under Guise of Tax Reform Radical Social Changes Evident (p. 23): Robert Scott, v.p. Society of Industrial Accountants in Ontario
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage1Musician Tom Rush at Commoner (p.3): rock, blues and folk
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage2IODE Christmas crafts (p.6): Margaret Best demonstrates cup cake decorating
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage3Ladies with hand made Santa at Donwood United Tea and Bazaar (p. 6): Pres. Pat Harga and Mary Hinan
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage417 Members Received Into Quarter Century Club, Quaker Oats (p. 17) : Left, Gerald Payne, John Brewster, Jean Hamley, Joe O'Brien.
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage5Tom N. Shea, speaker at one day real estate teach in (p. 17)
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage6Bullets, Warriors, Celtics Capture Men's Basketball (p. 25): Hawks Don Powell has advantage
1970-11-20 FridayImage1Charter Members Optimist Club Peterborough (page 3): From left in front: Al Northcott, v.p.; Bud Gallagher, pres.; Larry Hanshaw, v.p. Back from left: Rus McGeachie, Les Nicols, Dick Moore, Chuck Russelle, Wilbert Vowels (sec. treas.), Dave Smith.
1970-11-20 FridayImage2Birthday Cake on Parade (p. 6) YWCA turned 100 and would celebrate with a birthday cake/ float in Santa parade. Hester Carson (back left) decorates a cup cake held by Anne Allan. Beside her in back are Cathy Flemons and Gail Smith. In front, holding “Y” is Christine Evans. Susan Vass holds “100”.
1970-11-20 FridayImage3George St. United tea and bazaar (p. 6): Lady caning chair (no name)
1970-11-20 FridayImage4Indians Hit Hard Under Social Services (p. 13): Marlene Castellano, head shot: Mohawk speaker at Trent says social services should be better coordinated
1970-11-20 FridayImage5Snowmobilers Jam Lions Club Centre to Hear About Laws and Maintenance (p. 13): picture of packed audience
1970-11-20 FridayImage6Now With City VON, (p.13): Miss Joan Affleck (left) and Miss Beverly Boomer
1970-11-20 FridayImage7Petes players get untangled in front of goalie George Hulme. 2-2 tie against St. Catharines Black Hawks. (p.16)
1970-11-20 FridayUnpublished neg: same as no. 1
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage1Santa Claus Arrives in Peterborough (page 1)
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage2Automobile Salesmen Form Club (p. 3): L-r, John Baldock, v.p.; Bernie Sullivan, pres.; Carl Foster, sec. Treasurer
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage3Eastern Star Women Hold Starlight Tea and Bazaar (p. 6): Marie Green, tea room convenor; and Berdene Goodfellow, worthy matron, with basket of pot scrubbers
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage4Lakefield District H.S. Ontario Scholars (p. 9): front l-r, Candy Coates, Elsie McIntyre, Cathy Twist. Back Alice Freeborn, Stephen Sisson
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage6Key Club Week Proclaimed (p. 9): L-r, Dave Landry, PCVS club treasurer; Jim Ireland, Lieut. Gov. of four clubs; Mike Benninger, governor of clubs; Doug Baird, PCVS club president
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage5Budding Movie Makers (p. 9): Joseph Carey, PCVS, Rosemary Gauley, [Rosemary Ganley perhaps] and Joe DiProfio, program consultant
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage7COSSA Champions Second Consecutive Year (p.10): Thomas A. Stewart Griffins (p.10): names are in alphabetical order: Paul Arnold, John Ayotte, Stephen Butcher, Bill Calder, David Collins, Robert Davidson, Peter Forbes, Howard Fisher, Michael Free, James Gow, Robert Hanbury, Ian Harris, Chris Hull, Brian Johnson, Stephen Jones, Paul McAdams, Dale McMurray, Randy Newton, Al Northcott, Brent Palmer, Rae Parnell, Bradley Patterson, Bob Patterson, Garry Payne, Jay Reichart, Randall Reid, Jim Reilly, Bill Robinson, John Russell, Dale Ryan, John Scriver, Bill Simons, David Stewart, Rick Toms, Robert Vans, Doug Wasson, Gord Watts, Roger Wells, Steve Winslow, Craig Wright. The coaches were Wayne Gilroy, Mike Lynch and Larry-John McKay. The managers were Bill Martin and Bob McPhail.
1970-11-21 SaturdayUnpublished negs: three football players with trophies
1970-11-23 MondayImage1Chorus Entertains (p. 3): Liftlock City Chorus, 7 people in costumes
1970-11-23 MondayImage2Frosty's Fantasy Fair, St. Barnabas Church (p.6): Kathy Konopczynski (10), Nancy Mason (9), fill a stocking
1970-11-23 MondayImage3Fern Rahmel, CBC playwright spoke to women's Art Ass. Meeting (p.6)
1970-11-23 MondayImage4
Series of four pics at Pearson Day Care, (p. 17): Photos by Bruce Christensen
Image 4 - Jimmy Brown blows out candles
Image 5 - Paul Morgan samples cake
Image 6 - Jimmy Moncrief enjoys book
Image 7 - at the piano, Gale Brown and Stephen Milne
1970-11-23 MondayImage8Carloads of Clothes (p. 23): Used clothing drive, from left: Rev. Joseph Lynch, Mike Free, Cathy Moloney, Claire Goselin, Paul Marchend and sister Joan. Photo by Don White
1970-11-23 MondayImage9Top Athletes Receive Trophies, Peterborough Legion Track Club (p. 14): Mark Simkins, outstanding athlete; Glen Vizniowski, club coach; Karen Walker, coaches award.
1970-11-23 MondayUnpublished negs:
- group of six kids in costumes near piano (may be Pearson Day Care)
- two Guides or Brownies with stocking
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage1Ennismore Champion (page 3): Murray McWhinney of Ennismore won championship Hereford Steer class at Royal Winter Fair
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage2Three men (no names) submitting qualification papers at Dummer Township Hall (p. 13)
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage3Size Only Difference (p. 16): Bowlers Jack Donohue (6'2”) and Charmaine Batley (7 years old, 3'6” high) at Lakeview Bowl
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage4Win Fred Stenson Bonspiel (p. 16): L-r, Rick Allain (lead); Gary Fenn (vice); Harold Peltzer, (skip); and Bill Jackson (second)
1970-11-24 TuesdayUnpublished negs: same group as above, (#4) with one additional person presenting trophy
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage1Board Fence Art (p. 3): Three students of Peter Robinson College won the chance to paint pictures on fence along George St. where Charles Huffman Ltd. is building a student residence. From left, Dennis Mori, Sue Wright, Ken Ludlow, Mr. Huffman and Ian Chapman, master of Peter Robinson College.
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage2Wives in Protest (p. 27): Wives strike Consumers Gas, where their husbands work, members of Local 161 International Chemical Workers. L-r, Mrs. Wiley Greer, Mrs. Roy Greer, Mrs. Charles Cavanagh, Mrs. Davis
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage3Separate Elementary School Champions (p.45): Immaculate Conception School captured the championship by beating St. Alphonsus 26-6. Top row, Karl Zmosynski, Mike Connelly, Peter Keating, Rob Marchen, Danny Melonson, Paul Movis, Tom Teasdale, Kelly deSouza. Bottom row, Eric O'Donnell, coach Mike Hennessy, Kevin deSouza, Terry Healey, Dennis Berger, John Lee, Ted Hennessey, David Browman, Danny Tapp. Missing is Randy Gates
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage1Print-Making at Adam Scott (p. 9): l-r Lorie McDermott, Myra Chase, Norman Matteson admire a silk-screen print
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage2Just Tuning Up (p. 19): Three members of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra from left: Chris Blount, Judy Burvill-Holmes, and Tim Watson
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage3Woodcox Rink Tops 22 Entries In PCC Bonspiel (p.27): front: Dorothy Cox, Anne Haldimand. back: Donna Vigar, Clare Woodcox
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage4Peterborough's Entry in Tournament (p. 27): Rehill Bantam Allstars. Names not in order. Members ar: Bob Gillett, Steve Byers, Shawn Graham, Calvin Graig, Steve Rupert, Joe Atkins, Chris Longo, Dan Eastman, Jeff McInroy, Pete Dettman, Terry Heard, Bill Golaska, Mark Shaughnessy, Mark Connelly, Paul Johnson, Paul Tilley and Don Laloney. Manager is Ken Tilley and coach is Fred Garvey
1970-11-26 ThursdayUnpublished neg: unidentified bearded man at overhead projector (may be George Jackson)
1970-11-27 FridayImage1Receives Diploma (page 3): Robert Connor (left) receives interim diploma from Donald W. Maddocks, district consultant of Youth and Recreation Branch, Dept. of Education
1970-11-27 FridayImage2Drama's Potential Stressed (p. 3): Sister Carmela, corresponding secretary of Ontario English Catholic Teachers Ass. Of Peterborough; Mrs. Dorothy Jane Needles. Toronto drama consultant; standing, Jack Vollering, pres. OECTA; Bill Russell, v.p. and religion consultant.
1970-11-27 FridayImage3St. Paul's Christmas Tea (p.6): Mrs. H. H. Hamilton (left); Mrs. W. C. Allison, Mrs. William Watson, Mrs. T. P. McMillan
1970-11-27 FridayImage4Candlelight Fantasy at St. James (p. 6): Mrs. W.E. Borland, general convenor; Kay Henwood and Bea Ashbridge , decorators, admire candles.
1970-11-27 FridayImage5Information Canada Explained (p.11): Victor Henderson, pres. Of Canadian Club of Peterborough (left); Tom Ford, member of government task force
1970-11-27 FridayImage6
Pete's vs. Montreal Junior Canadiens (p. 12):
Image 6 - Robert Fee, Brian Shortreed
Image 7 - Rick Cunningham, Ian Turnbull
Image 8 - Wayne Wood blocks Doug Gibson
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage1Mayoralty candidates (p. 11): Mayor Joseph Csumrick, Gordon Powell, moderator Walter Pitman, Douglas Galvin, Norman Bowler. (Cam Wasson not visible)
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage2
Head shots of basketball players (p12):
Image 2 - David Frid
Image 3 - David Frid, second of two images
Image 4 - John Behan
Image 5 - Glen Ferguson
1970-11-30 MondayImage1Bewdley Fire Hall gutted by fire (p. 11) Photo by John Radley (35mm)
1970-11-30 MondayImage2Jet for Peterborough (page 11): RCAF No. 428 members watch as crane unloads jet, a Sabre Mark V. Canadian Division of NATO used them in Europe from 1951 to 1961
1970-11-30 MondayImage3Herb Sullivan (p. 3) candidate in municipal election
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage1Re-elected (Page 3): J. M. Cathcart (left) re-elected zone director of Automotive Transport Ass., with H.G. Nickel of Listowel, pres. of association
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage2Panel discusses “Should a healthy dose of work experience outside of school be included in the school curriculum?” (p.3): Rolf Muller, center, moderated. From left, Mike Brown, Karen Byrnes, Stanley Rouse and Ron Gardiner. Photo by Don White
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage3Carnation Tea (p. 6): Liftlock Shrine No. 18, White Shrine of Jerusalem. Left, Zilla Hall, Mrs. James Jones, Mrs. Clifford Alexander, Mrs. A. G. Stewart (Lady on far left in negative was cropped out)
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage4Peterborough Teams Averages Far Below Those of Top Toronto Clubs (p. 14): Lakeview Bowl entry in Col. Sanders 5-pin champs. L-r, Nela Curtin, Jeane Porter, Betty Tulloch, Myrtle Pearson, Ruth Rutherford.
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage1OFA Annual Convention (p. 3): Graham McKay of Kirkfield; Gordon Hill, pres. of Ont. Federation of Agriculture; Clarence Hancock, Peterborough
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage2CPR Criticized by Commission for Lack of Promotion, Study (p. 21): three men from Canadian Transport Commission in Peterborough. J. A. D. McGee; D. H. Jones, chairman; Raymond March
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage3Local Artists Display (p. 21): SSFC students Bob Hughes, Jeannette Clements. Art by Jean Nind and Betty and Jack Hamer
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage4Girls H. S. Basketball, TA Stewart vs. Adam Scott (Scott won) (no names)
1970-12-02 WednesdayUnpublished negs: Unidentified young people at Xmas event – probably Trafalgar School students. See article Dec. 3, page 6. (3 images)
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage1Aerial Ladder Firetruck Too Big for Armouries (page 5): In Cobourg. Fire truck in front of open door at Armoury. 35 mm. Photo by John Radley
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage2Salvation army Home League Christmas Bazaar (p. 6): Mrs. Gordon Holnbeck, Mrs. Gordon Smyth, Mrs. Archie Peat
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage3All Candidates Meeting, Queen Mary auditorium (p. 21)
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage4Explain Parking to Marshalls (p. 24): Ross Wiegand (left) and Don Bye at map of grounds for Kawartha Cup International Snowmobile Races, Jan 8, 9, 10, 11
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage5Win Kawartha District Title (p. 24): Adam Scott Sr. girls, front l – r: Diane DeCarlo, Leigh Ives, Mailey English, Sue Smith, Debbie Bullock, Darlene DeCarlo. Back l-r, Cathy Strano, Chris Crawford, Judy Knowles, Barb Spurrel (mgr), Nancy Jonassen, Elaine Hill, Mary Evans (coach), Sheila Laszlo
1970-12-04 FridayImage1
Students Present Play at St. Peter's (p. 8):
Image 1 and Image 5 - Anthony Silva (baby Jesus), Ralph Weisner and Kim Leahy
1970-12-04 FridayImage2800 pound moose (p. 13) shot by Wally Harrison in Matheson area
1970-12-04 FridayImage3They're All Set (p. 13): Miss Hanneke Van Esch helped by Evan Lyons and Glen Wagner in a course designed to help condition muscled for skiing
1970-12-04 FridayImage4Craig Ramsay tests goalie Veisor (p.14) Petes vs Hamilton
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage1Sorority Giving Trees (page 6): Steven Adamson (5), Lisa Corp (4) and Joanne Fulford (5) and Christmas Giving Tree at Bank of Nova Scotia. Gamma Xi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi asks people to decorate with with mittens, scarves etc. that will go into Christmas Hampers
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage263rd Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. James Patterson (p. 6). Married in Bancroft 1907, lived in Peterborough Since 1927. Lived at 377 Water.
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage3Stephen Lewis, provincial NDP leader, was in town (p. 13). Lewis with MPP Walter Pitman and local municipal candidate Alene Holt
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage4Bowler Jim Conlin rolled a perfect game at Chemong Lanes (p. 14)
1970-12-05 SaturdayUnpublished Neg: Quartet of female singers
1970-12-07 MondayImage1YMCA Swimshow (page 6): Debbie and Teena Thompson
1970-12-07 MondayImage2Voting Ballots in Advance Polls Down, Weather Blamed (p. 11): City Clerk Syd Hendry and Carol Newton, employee in the clerk's office, with a ballot box.
1970-12-07 MondayImage3
City Finds Solution for Dead Tree Disposal (page 12) Three pics, inside plant and outside Domtar in Trenton.
Image 3 - Steve Hessian Domtar manager with roll of cardboard
Image 4 - Rolls of corrugating medium at Domtar Packaging Plant in Peterborough.
Image 5 - Crane amidst hardwood logs
1970-12-07 MondayImage6Talking About Bees (p. 12): Prof. P. W. Burke, Ont. College of Agriculture, Guelph; A. R. Mallory, Stirling, pres. Of Ont. Beekeepers Ass.; Lorne Thurston, Dunsford; Josep Valas, Lindsay
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage1Municipal Election pics, Douglas Galvin on shoulders of supporters after defeating incumbent mayor Joseph Csumrick (page 1)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage2Wesley Rogers with brush wolf that his dog killed near Warkworth (p.5)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage3Galvin crowned by Barry MacDougall and Barbara Galvin (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage4Former mayors Gordon Powell (L) and Joseph Csumrick after conceding (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage5Five members of new Board of Education James Telford, Alicia Perry, William Lech, Eric Cotton and J.D. Dawson (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage6Bomb scare at 11:30 sent candidates, supporters and newsmen scurrying from City Hall (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage7Queen's Frank Tindall Says (p. 16) Frank Tindall, and T.A.S. students Jim Reilly, Bob Patterson
1970-12-08 TuesdayUnpublished negs:
- seniors Christmas show
- election photos
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage1Christmas Display (page 3): Kids look at moving Christmas window display. Andrew Martin (11), Russell Harding (10), and Robbie Towse (10), all Prince of Wales students
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage2
Red Cross Sewers Hold Sale (p.9):
Image 2 - Mrs. Margaret Comley and oven mitts
Image 3 - Mrs. Margaret Barrick with Raggedy Ann
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage4Charter Night for Otonabells (p. 10): Barber shop harmony singers Twyla-Mae Guse, Veronica Duffy, Marie Nelson, and Lois Liscum
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage5Labor Council Executive (p. 25) (front) Gerald Wood re-elected pres.; back l-r, Morley Bell, treasurer; Alex Watt, v.p.; Walter Dollard, rec. sec.
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage6Pioneer Style Yule Party (p. 25): Santa at Lester B. Pearson day care
1970-12-10 ThursdayImage1
Official Opening at Civic (page 23):
Image 1 - Clinical supervisor in the new $38,000 intensive care unit, Miss Ethel Drury, explains the crash cart, the portable emergency cardiac arrest machine, to visitors.
Image 2 - Mrs. Cindy Horton demonstrates the use of the newly-installed nursing call system in the 20-year-old main building of the Civic Hospital
Image 3 - Nurse Mrs. Shirley Bennett explains the workings of “resussi-anne”, training dummy who breathes and has a mock heartbeat to chairman of the Civic Hosptial board of goverrnors, H. S. Matthews.
1970-12-10 ThursdayUnpublished negs:
- Examiner staff member (Cheryl Hamilton?) interviewing woman behind desk
- two head shots of dark haired woman, fur collar. Looks like Florence Butt (see 1970-12-12)
- head shot of woman with scarf on head
1970-12-11 FridayImage1School Theme Studied (page 5, 35mm) : At St. Anthony's School in Port Hope, l-r, Mayor Michael Wladyka; Maureen Kimball, prime minister of Peace Party in parliament; Sister Patricia Moore and Mrs. Anne-Marie Walkley, staff advisors; Robert Mol, opposition leader. Photo by Jim Cutting
1970-12-11 FridayImage2
Pupils Launch Rockets (page 13) at Kawartha Heights School under supervision of teacher Grant Johnston.
Image 2 - No names.
Image 3 - rocket launching
1970-12-11 FridayImage4Joint Film Library Contract Signed by Heads of Boards (p. 13): Left, Cyril O'Donnell, 4-County Separate Board; William Rowson, Peterborough County B. of E.
1970-12-11 FridayImage5Petes 6-1 over Oshawa (p. 16): Warren Anderson (#7) aids goalie Ted McComb
1970-12-11 FridayUnpublished negs:
- Girl sitting on top of grocery shelf
- Men's curling
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage1Car Crashes Barber Shop – Five Taken to Hospital (Page 1): Park St. and Braidwood, that morning. Photo by Jim Cutting
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage2Instructions At Library (p. 5, 35mm): Port Hope librarian Mrs. Constance McLean and several children.
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage3Florence Butt (p. 6): head shot, Status of Women Report
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage4ARC workers with Christmas tree, bows and ornaments. Two people, no names (p.6)
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage5Public Library Dilemma Still On, (p. 13): pic of old library, built 1910
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage6
Huge Riding Area Under Cover (p. 13):
Image 6 - horse riding structure
Image 7 - Cavan resident Bill Moore on horse
1970-12-14 MondayImage1Curve Lake Dinner (page 3): Maddan Taylor (75, left) and Walter Jacobs (81) among 42 elders at Curve Lake dinner Saturday. Photo by Don White
1970-12-14 MondayImage2Crippled Children's party (p.6) no names
1970-12-14 MondayImage3Quebec panel (p.13): l-r, Robert Dupont, Roger Garneau, Mrs. Gary Caldwell, Denis Smith, Michel Trudeau
1970-12-14 MondayImage4
More pics from Curve Lake dinner (p. 13) Photos by Don Whyte:
Image 4 - Mrs. Stephen Taylor receives prize from granddaughter Pamela Taylor. Looking on, Keith Knott, chairman of band's recreation committee
Image 5 - Don Taylor, 82, oldest elder and pie from Mrs. Nelson Jacobs
Image 6 - Curve Lake Sunday School choir entertained
1970-12-14 MondayImage7Diplomas Awarded (p. 14): Victoria County Deputy Clerk Barney Rogers receives two diplomas from county warden Charles Stevenson
1970-12-14 MondayImage8Hockey, Peterborough Lions (p. 16) 11th consecutive win, Northcrest Arena. Lee Palmer attempts to steer in shot by John Patterson
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage1
Dorothy Collins, (p.3): h&s, (head and shoulders) teacher, retiring, taught at Queen Mary for 36 years
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage3Joan Sadler (p.6): Lawyer looks at Abortion
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage4Exam Time is here Again (p. 17): PCVS, grade 13s doing English papers
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage1Candy House for Senior Citizens (page 3): Pupils from Beth Murphy's grade one class at Keith Wightman made it for seniors at Fairhaven. Three children from left: Kathy Riseborough, Cathy Foy and Tommy Cowling. Back l-r, Mrs. Grace Every, Elizabeth Copping, Isabella Kent, and Edith Falls of Fairhaven
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage2Pair Help in Parent Search (p.6): article by Marijo Amer; Shelley (6) and Mark (8) siblings up for adoption through Children's Aid Society
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage3Marycrest Tea (p. 6): L-r, Mrs. Pearl Charlton, Mrs. Florence Young, Miss Fran Sadler, (auxiliary pres.), Mrs. A. Doris (resident), Mrs. Ethel Herishy and administrator Sister St. Clare.
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage4Beauty and the Clown (p. 21): Knights of Columbus Christmas benefit show: Vincent Caron (11), next to Princess Sandy Scoville, and clown Ray Foley. In front of Grand Knight Jack Russell are Kendra Lustic (8), Susan Lustic (10) and Giselle Joksch (3).
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage5Jack Abrahamse, organist and director George St. United Church (p.21)
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage1
4H girls win awards (p 9):
Image 1 - Anne Brown, Karen Oliver, Elaine Kerr (home economist Victoria and Peterborough Counties) and Carol Franklin
Image 2 - Dianne Heard, Selwyn and Linda Webster, Warsaw
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage3Better Paid Jobs Objectives of Employees (p. 19) : John Price and Wayne Sweezey repair outboard motors at SSFC
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage4Work Under Way at Morrow Park in Preparation for Kawartha Cup (p.19): CHEX sports director Dick Trotter (seated) and Examiner sports director Wayne Parks on grand prize snowmobile
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage6
University Degrees, Memorial Cup Occupy Minds of 3 TPT Petes (p. 27):
Image 6 - Ramsay serves bacon to Ken Richardson
Image 7 - John Garrett at his books
1970-12-17 ThursdayUnpublished negs: Pete's players at home
1970-12-18 FridayImage1Stan McBride joins music makers Queenie Gray, Jane Forsythe, Alice Littlefair, and Elsie Peck at annual Sr. Citizens' dinner
1970-12-18 FridayImage2Nativity Scene (page 3): Grades 1 and 2 Curve Lake and nursery school children (no names)
1970-12-18 FridayImage3CKPT Gets Unexpected Cash for Toy Drive (p. 3): L-r, Student John Dines and (right) Joe Whitehead present $337 to disc jockey Ken Casavoy
1970-12-18 FridayImage4Christmas and Art (p. 3): Katherine Wallis sculpture of nativity scene at Peterborough. Centennial Museum
1970-12-18 FridayImage5Money Shortage Restricts Program Enrolment (SSFC retraining lab, was filed in November 1970 Unpublished. Originally filed Nov. 12, 1970)
1970-12-18 FridayImage6Former Players to Coach Juniors (p. 16): Geoffrey Adair (left) and Norman Jamieson, football players and lawyers at local firm (N.B. future team will be called Panthers)
1970-12-18 FridayUnpublished neg:
- Geoffrey Adair
- Norman Jamieson
- Stan McBride, same as #4
- two unidentified women at event, one looking at the other's boot
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage1Peterborough Dons Christmas Gear (page 1): nighttime shot of George St.
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage2Buy a Christmas Tree (p. 7): Danny Jackson, Gabi Pomplun, Teresa Bell
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage3YWCA 100th Birthday (p. 7): Mrs. P.C. Sanders YWCA pres, right) and Mrs. J. A. Baird cut birthday cake
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage4Decisions, Decisions... (p.9) Melani Frost (12 months) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frost at Bridgenorth and toys
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage5Miss Margaret McCabe (97) (p. 9) plays her own composition at Marycrest Tea
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage6In Manpower Retraining Program – Is Earning Or Learning Prime Goal? (p.9) (last in a series of three article: Retraining student Wallace Stewart works with acetylene cutting torch. (this picture was in Unpublished 1970 November folder)
1970-12-21 MondayImage1Pinata Breaks (page 6): Mexico Day in Paula Wagar's grade 6 class at Queen Mary P.S.
1970-12-21 MondayImage2Chief Receives Diploma (p. 17): Platoon Chief William Trick (left) receives diploma from Deputy Chief Ed Hynes
1970-12-21 MondayImage3PCFA directors (p. 17): Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture directors (l-r) Dan Caley, Francis Walsh, Joe Sullivan, Clarence Johnston
1970-12-21 MondayImage6Sunrise Serenity (p. 17): Little Lake on the shortest day of the year. Photo by Robert Beavers
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage1Snow Sculpture (page 3): Rudolph the Bulb-Nosed Reindeer in backyard of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harris. Created by Lloyd and Paul Harris
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage2Packing Food Boxes (p. 13): Judy Nichols, Mrs. Bud Nichols (sec. of U.C.S.) and Mary Parcels of SSFC packing food boxes at Trinity United Church.
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage3Packing Toys and Candy for 315 area children (p.13): Josie McCutcheon of CHEX and Jean Murney, volunteer packer, CHEX Toy Drive
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage4Blind Children Have Yule Party (p. 13): Party sponsored by Hi Y clubs at YMCA. Christine, 3 yr. old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Nicholas of Campbellford, gets present from Santa
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage5Otonabee River Receives City's Salted Snow (p.13)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage1School Safety Patrol Party (p. 9): 900 safety patrollers line up at Odeon Theatre
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage2Mrs. Adam Konopczynski, artist and resident at Fairhaven (p.9)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage3Wins O'Keefe Trophy (p. 12): Ken Skelly (centre), Jim McGrath (left, of O'Keefe), Ken Pappas (right)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage4Christmas Cheer for Hospitalized Children (p.12): Pete's coach Roger Neilson and centre Doug Gibson visit kids at Civic Hospital. Timmy Munroe (5), Craig Merchant (7), Perry Stoppa (6)
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage1Helping at Christmas (35mm, page 8): Don Fox (station manager CHUC Cobourg) and radio receptionist Ethel Davey and Salvation Army Captain Geoffrey A'Bear
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage2Christmas Lights (p.24): House on Hwy. 28 Near Rock Haven lit up at night
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage3Will Compete in Ontario Games (p.20): Norman Bowler Junior Girls Basketball, to compete in Etobicoke: back: Ann Land (coach), Cheryl Batley, Darlene DeCarlo, Pat Bronson, Heather Gilmour. Front, Leigh Ives, Karen Walker, Chris Crawford, Jane Munson
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage1Time for Carols (page 15): Anson house group around piano as Mrs. Elizabeth Telford played. Others were Mrs. Lillian Harrison, Mrs. Elsie Bingham, Mrs. Ruby Carnduff, Mrs Wilhelmin Convery, and Miss Shirley Wesley.
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage2
Christmas at Civic Hospital (p.15):
Image 2 - Nurse Margaret Tolmie and baby, Brenda May Fallis
Image 3 - Peggy Clark’s mother reading story to Peggy Clark and Angela Shelburne
Image 4 - Waiting for Santa, Peggy and Angela under table
Image 5 - David Connell, 12; Branda Stamplecosker, 4; and Mary Little, 9 hanging stockings
1970-12-28 MondayImage1The Lone Climber (page 13, 35 mm) This lone climber is toting his skates up Armour Hill through a tunnel of trees….
1970-12-28 MondayImage2Not Forgotten (p.13, 35mm) It’s a horse’s life … near Kirby. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-12-28 MondayImage3A Tricky Business (p.13, 35 mm) Baring your toes to the winter elements can be tricky business between toboggan runs, but when you’re only seven and these winter days are so short, you can’t waste any time dashing home for dry socks. Chris Copeland, Monaghan Road performs the operation while delicately balancing on the nose of new toboggan.
1970-12-28 MondayImage4A Day’s Work (p. 13, 2 ¼ ) Donald Brown, 12, of Steel Avenue spent a whole day making these snow sculptures. The black coat on the larger figure was made with spray paint.
1970-12-28 MondayImage5Curling (p. 16, 35 mm): Glenn Pagett (right) guides sweepers. Story about Woodcox Rink Examiner Trophy Winners
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage1A Prairie Scene? P(p.3): Slanting light from a winter sun sinking in the West highlights this composition of glittering snow and lines. Taken west from High St. in Peterborough, this part of the city’s Canadian Pacific Railway track sets a prairie like scene.
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage4A Daring Leap (p. 13, 35mm) Not only is it the season to be jolly, but also to be daring. Michael Bowes of Peterborough makes a daring leap over a snowbank after coming out of a 90 degree angled turn. The 17 year old was putting his snowmobile through the paces at the Old Orchard Park Winter Park, located about three miles east of the city. Michael is vice-president of the private winter park situated on 300 acres of recreational land. Besides 12 miles of snowmobile trails, there are skiing, skating and tobogganing facilities. The family of J. M. Bowes, well known real estator, own and operates the winter recreation business. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage2Educator Says Key to Future is an Enlightened Philosophy (p. 13, 2 ¼): Burt Smitheram, former Teachers College vice-principal, Report on talk to Rotary Club
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage3Win Examiner Trophy, p. 16, 35mm): “Howard Woodcox skipped his Peterborough Curling Club rink to victory in the Peterborough Examiner Bonspiel at the PCC over the weekend…. John Ambler, lead; Tony Van Katwyk, second, Howard Woodcox, skip, and Ernie Rutherford’s rink was second….” (Peter Woodcox may be third.)
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage1Pre-School Needs Volunteers (p. 6 , 2 ¼ ): Santa visiting retarded child in pre-school at St. James United Church
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage2Sir Sandford’s New Campus (p. 9, 2 ¼ ): The first phase of Sir Sandford Fleming College nearing completion
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage3The Boots Tell Story (p.9, 35mm): “It will be a cold trek home in frozen boots for these hardy hockey enthusiasts, braving the elements to put in some practice time on the ice. The abandoned footwear seems to huddle under the changing bench for protection from the snappy winds.” children and location unidentified
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage4
Junior A Hockey (p. 10, 35mm):
Image 4 - A wild scramble in front of London Goalie Mike McIntyre
Image 5 - Paul Raymer is Belted by Jack Kell
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage1
Community School Designed to Interest all the Family (p. 6, 2 ¼):
Image 1 - Dean Junkin prepares to give his best volleyball serve while friends look on at Central Community School indoor playground.
Image 2 - Anne DeVries, 9, Shelley Appleton, 6, and Heddie DeVries, 11 put finishing touches on wall mural at Central School
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage3Wrestling at Memorial Centre (p. 12, 2 ¼ ): Fred Atkins eyes Frenchy Lamont, Little Beaver
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage4All Set to Go (p.11, 35mm): John, 2 ½, son of Mr & Mrs John Terrion, 306 Carlisle Street in snowmobile suit.
1971 January
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage1YWCA Residence Christmas Dinner (p. 6): l-r, Mary Kutty, Veronica Wickens, Kathi Herring, Laurie White, Sherin Richardson, Barb Brown, Maureen Edness, Jackie Desormeaux
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage2PUC Repair Broken Water Main (p. 9): Nighttime shot, Rubidge and Wolfe St. area, nighttime shot, backhoe clearing drain
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage3City's First Baby (p.9): John Paul Scott born at St. Joe's. Parents are Paul and Bonnie Scott of Carlisle St.
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage4
Time For Celebration (p. 9, 35mm):
Image 4 - two unidentified people dancing in the penthouse of the Empress
Image 5 - Nick and Mary Lalani and Pam and David Baker at New Year’s Eve Party at Empress Hotel ballroom
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage6Playwright John Erdelyi
1971-01-02 SaturdayImage7Only Canadian Entry (p. 10): An international floor hockey tournament, sponsored by the Battle Creek, Michigan Recreation Deptartment, will be held April 2-3, 1971 at Battle Creek with teams from Peterborough forming the entire Canadian entry. The teams will be representative of all the public school teams which enter the county floor hockey tournament to be held in February and March. George Campbell, Lloyd Sager and Robert Dunford are co-ordinating the program in Peterborough.
1971-01-04 MondayImage1Practice Makes Perfect (p.9): kids skiing (no names)
1971-01-04 MondayImage2St. Pete's Takes Ovaltine Trophy at Christmas Basketball Tourney (p.10): no names
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage1Council’s Inaugural Meeting (p.3): The city’s new mayor, Douglas Galvin, centre, and aldermen move out of the council chamber after Monday’s inaugural meeting of council to form a reception line. The mayor and members of council greeted a great number of citizens ranging from children and teenagers to some of the older residents of the community (see story and picture on city page).
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage2First Lakeshore Baby (p.5, 35 mm): Jason Kurt Lang, son of Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Lang of Margaret St. Port Hope. Photo by Eleanor Cutting
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage3
Amateur potters can learn new skill at Dixon House (p. 6, both 35mm):
Image 3 - Pat Croft
Image 4 - Brian Osborne
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage5Mayor Galvin chats with Malcolm McIntyre. Oldest living former member of city council, elected 17 times between 1913 and 1940 (p.9)
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage6Mayor Galvin receives chain of office (p.9)
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage7Kawartha Cup promo (p 10): Don Bye and Woody Howard on snow at Morrow Park
1971-01-05 TuesdayImage8Christopher Parks, 4 yr old, on mini snowmobile, son of Examiner sports editor Wayne Parks
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage1Construction Start (page 3): $25,000 expansion of RCAF 428 Wing facilities at 274 King St. Pres. Don Kingdon and secretary Perc Johnston use a pneumatic drill for the sod turning ceremony
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage2First Aid graduation for teens attending YWCA first aid course (p.6): Mrs. James Bell (right) presents certificate to Margaret Spenser while Margaret Found looks on.
1971-01-06 WednesdayImage3Separate School Board Head Says System Facing a Year of Dilemma (p.17): C. G. O'Donnell, James Redmond, Mary Amyotte, Frank Leahy
1971-01-07 ThursdayImage1Rug Hooking One of Several Craft Classes to Start Soon (p.6): Betty Braithwaite and Mary Davis
1971-01-07 ThursdayImage2
Lindsay Mayor John Eakins (p.10, two 35mm): with replica of Second Great Seal of the Commonwealth. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-07 ThursdayUnpublished Negatives:
- photo of Kawartha Cup trophy (2 ¼)
- two 35mm frames of kids tumbling (see Jan. 18 for photo from (perhaps) same event)(2 images)
- Humane Society inspector with cat (35mm)
- stacked picnic tables (35 mm) (moved to Jan 30)
- snowmobile (35mm)
1971-01-08 FridayImage1
Weaving class for beginners (p.6, two 2 ¼):
Image 1 - Bernice Watkins at loom
Image 2 - place mats are first project
1971-01-08 FridayImage3Only Woman on Victoria County Board of Education (p.7, 35mm): Mrs. Margaret Stewart, new rep for Laxton, Digby, and Longfron and Carden and Dalton Townships, with Victoria County director of education William Perkins, in Lindsay
1971-01-08 FridayImage4William C. Lech, new chairman of PCBE (p. 9)
1971-01-08 FridayImage6New Chief Meets his Staff (p. 9): New fire chief John Ritchie (left) Percy Gould, David James, Dick Fines, Captain Cy James, and Deputy Chief Ed Hynes
1971-01-08 FridayImage7Nature at Rest (p. 9, 35mm): Pretty snow scene at Beavermead
1971-01-08 FridayImage830 Prints on Display at Library (p. 9): Nancy Mark (10, of St. Anne's Cres.) and Paul Gimblett (8, of Oriole Drive) admire a print
1971-01-08 FridayImage7Pete's vs. Toronto Marlies ((p. 10, 35mm): Rick Plumb (#24), Laurie Rawn (#16) fight for puck behind Mike Ralph
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage1Snowmobilers End Trip From Owen Sound to City (page 1): Bob Shouldice, Andy Siegrist and Orville Thompson snowmobiled 217 miles from Owen Sound
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage2Miss Kawartha Cup 1971 Rose Attard of Goodfellow Rd. (p.9)
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage3Kawartha Cup parade, Young's Point Winter Capers float (p. 9)
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage4Arctic Antics (p. 10): Kawartha Cup International entertainment, sign says “Arctic Cat presents Inspector Henderson's International Snowmobile Safety Patrol.” Photo of man in vintage clothing holds a mock key to a jail cell attached to a snowmobile, part of a comedy show by people from River Falls, Minnesota
1971-01-09 SaturdayImage5Discussing Education (p.12, 35mm): Stan Smith, Reeve Emily Township and Rev. O.G. Locke, chairman Victoria County School Board. Photo by Al Capon.
1971-01-10 SundayUnpublished negs: 117 negs, all 35mm, all Kawartha Cup International Snowmobile races Jan. 10 was a Sunday, no paper that day. 37 frames have been scanned
1971-01-11 MondayImage1Part of Overflow (page 3): Even rooftops became seating space for spectators at the Kawartha Cup snowmobile competitions on the weekend. Several thousand were turned away from the gates Sunday when snowmobile enthusiasts jammed Morrow Park for the second day of the event.
1971-01-11 MondayImage2Pieces of Picton Pottery Tell 125 Year Old Tale (p.6): David Taylor, with pottery shards, spoke to Women's Art Association
1971-01-11 MondayImage3
Cup Races Draw Record 53,000; Ten in Hospital
Image 3 - Every seat in the grandstand at Morrow Park was filled. (p.9)
Image 4 - An injured competitor is given aid on the track during Kawartha Cup snowmobile races. Ten were sent to hospital with injuries sustained in accidents during the days of competition. (p.9)
Image 5 - High powered snowmobiles and jump considerable distance (p. 9)
Image 6 - Four snowmobiles race by crowded grandstand at Morrow Park (p.10)
Image 7 - Roger Janssen and the Kawartha Cup (p.10)
1971-01-11 MondayImage8Bobcaygeon Exercise and Diet Club winners (p. 13, 35mm): l-r, Millie Jones, Shirley Junkin, Violet Jones, Eve Jermey, Edna Nichols. Standing, leader Annette Kukemueller. Photo by George Thomson.
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage1
Art of Ancient Egyptians Taught in City Batik Class (p. 6):
Image 1 - Liz Arthur painting with wax
Image 2 - Elspeth Munn dying the cloth
Image 3 - Jane Stobie removing wax
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage4Trudeau Interests Them (p. 9): St. Francis DeSales students collected pictures and articles for a collage shaped like Trudeau's head. Steven Cote, Clair Moloney, Elain Borg, Kath Cavanagh
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage5Peterborough Liberal Association Delegate Election (p. 9): Dr. Ian Wilson, Mrs. Ann Haldiman (president Riding association) and David Hobson, Peterborough. Liberal candidate for next election
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage6
Pat White Wins Molson Trophy For Second Time in her Life (p.10):
Image 6 - Pat White receives Molson trophy from Jack Palmer (p.10)
Image 7 - Don Bye (left) and Roger Janssen with cup (p. 10)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage8Three snowmobilers are tightly packed (35mm) (p.10)
1971-01-12 TuesdayImage9Wins Ribbon (p. 10) Ross Gerry, member of Peterborough Swim Club receives second place ribbon from Bill Prest, Executive Director YMCA
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage1EOBA Executive (p.5, 35mm): Back row from left: baseball officials Cec Carveth, Art Parry, Sprio Annis, Grant Wade, Charlie McCaw, Bob Whitehill, Ed Christopher and Pete Maartense; front, Jim Gilmer, Jim Lutton, Joh Ryan and Mike McArthur. Photo by Jim Cutting.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage2Chief of Curve Lake Band Shares Memories with Club (p. 6): Chief Elsie Knott of Curve Lake brought to the Log Cabin Antique Club meeting, a stone point (arrowhead) a 100-year-old butter bowl shaped from the burl of a tree with the broadaxe on the table, and a rolling pin carved by a bride on the reserve 75 years earlier, and items of ash wood and quills.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage3Down to 24 below (p. 23): Jane Burrett, Examiner employee in Classified holds hands over frozen ears below the Examiner Clock Thermometer. It would not register below ten degrees below.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage4It's Just Ducky (p.23) Sylvia Woods with ducks that won't fly south. They have been coming to the backyard of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Herman Wood of Auburn St for two years.
1971-01-13 WednesdayImage5New executive of Peterborough and District Construction Exchange (p. 23): In foreground, Herman Ksander, incoming president examines text book with J.R. McFarland, director labor relation council of Toronto Construction Association. In back, Ed Moloney, immediate past president and Frank Behan, past president.
1971-01-13 WednesdayUnpublished negative, three men with poster that says “The Young Expos Need You. Join here.”
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage1Amateur Ball Enthusiasts (p. 5, 35mm): Provincial court judge R.B. Baxter (left) chats with Jim Gilmer, past president Eastern Ontario Baseball Association Photo by Jim Cutting
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage2
Pantsuits Have Taken Over Hospitals and Clinics (p.6): Three frames of nurses in pants:
Image 2 - Karen Dunford (top) and Betty Hancock demonstrate how pant suits solve bending and reaching problems
Image 3 - patient Cindy Hill (12) and roommate Linda Nihill (8, left) and nurse Rosemary Bristow.
Image 4 - June Jones, secretary of pediatrics ward and Margaret Condon registered nursing assistant in old and new styles
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage5Retires after 50 years (p.17) Examiner linotype machinist Bob Baker (65) with foreman of Examiner composing room, Ken Underhill.
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage6Damage Costs Staggering – Program Needed, Say Manager (p. 18): About 40 officials of senior management from several Peterborough industries were given Wednesday an indication of the need for effective damage control programs. Milton Norris, manager of training services of the Industrial Accident Prevention Association, addressed the Peterborough- Lindsay section of this provincial association at the Rock Haven Motel. Discussing the topic are from left, Al Metcalfe, director of industrial relations for Outboard Marine; Mark Kello, manager of public relations and personnel for Quaker Oats Company; Mr. Norris, and Stan Adamson, general manager of the industrial apparatus division of Canadian General Electric.
1971-01-14 ThursdayImage7Lions Unbeaten Streak Is Stopped By [Oshawa] Crushmen (p. 8, 35mm)
1971-01-15 FridayImage1Interior Decorator Pans Junk Art (page 6): Eric Gray waves his arms to emphasize his dislike of exhibits at Canadian Furniture Mart. Interior decorator for Robert Simpson Co. spoke at Women's Sales and Ad Club
1971-01-15 FridayImage2Fleming Praises Party's Work (p.11): Alexander (Sandy) Fleming, president Peterborough Conservative Association With Young Progressive Conservatives member Barba Stitt (left) and Maria Carravagie, who were processing memberships.
1971-01-15 FridayImage3Mrs. Alice Moore (p. 11): Peterborough Woman Champion for the Poor.
1971-01-15 FridayImage4
Hockey, Three Power Play Goals Help Petes Defeat Junior Habs (p. 12, 35mm):
Image 4 - Five Montreal players help keep puck out of net.
Image 5 - Wayne Wood, Montreal Junior Canadiens' goalie looks behind him after Pete's Jim Mahon (#11) scored his first of two power play goals late in the second period. Montreal's Michel Latrielle (#6) arrives too late to help Wood.
1971-01-15 FridayImage6President's Gavel (p. 15, 35mm): Incoming Lindsay Chamber of Commerce president Warren Shippel receives president's gavel from past president Don Moir. Left is 1st vice president R.A. Goard. At right, 2nd vice president W.A. Mitchell. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-15 FridayUnpublished negs: kids tobogganing County Court House hill (4 images)
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage1Glass Recycling a Myth? (p. 6): Pat Smith surrounded by jars and bottles she collected for recycling (This is not the exact frame that ran)
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage2Safety Instructions (p.9): More than 1,200 Grade 6,7,8 students received instructions in snowmobile use. Scott King and Cindy Hobbins, both Gr. 6 Central School students shown mini snowmobile by Sergeant Ray Craig of city police.
1971-01-16 SaturdayImage3
Two Champion Teams From Queen Mary P.S. (p. 10):
Image 3 - Members of the Peterborough County bantam football champions from Queen Mary School, back row from left: Coach J.A.H. Langley, Greg King, Jim Shephard, Cal Gordon, Cam McLeod, captain, David Morton, Eric Grafstein and Peter Haldimand. Front, l – r, Galvin Sandeman, Mark Pitman, Jimmy Hooper, Glen Wilson, Don Buck, Richard Careleton, Julian Lewis and Andrew Turner. Missing are Louis Yeotes and Doug Hoyle.
Image 4 - Peterborough County Public School Athletic Assoication girls volleyball league champions from Queen Mary School are: back row left: Mrs. Paula Wager, coach, Ollen-Bittle (assistant captain), Judy Mortlock, Pat Fleming, Marg Philips, Heather Buntins, Susan Canzi, Moira Graham and Marilyn Robson. Front row, from left: Sharon Foster, Valerie Yateman, Chris Foster, Janet Mortlock, Ann Leishman, and Chris Clark, Absent was team captain Carol Dean.
1971-01-18 MondayImage1Gallery Director at Lyceum Club (p. 6): Paul Bennet of Oshawa's Robert McLaughlin Art Gallery shows Moroccan bridal belt to Mrs. D.J.C. Fleming.
1971-01-18 MondayImage2Charlie Brown Was Here (p. 6): Theme for Nurses Alumni Purple and Gold Ball. Left rear Larry Urbach, Terry Dunford, and Ralph Gatfield. Front, Carol Urbach, Karen Dunford and Joan Calberry
1971-01-18 MondayImage3Better Than a Toy (p. 9, 35mm): Alison Wearing (3) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wearing, Merino Rd., on trampoline at YMCA gym course for children. (see Jan. 7 for similar negs)
1971-01-18 MondayImage4Federation of Ontario Naturalists President Says Man Must Live With, Not Fight Nature (p. 9): Stone carving of a wood duck is examined by Gerry Seabrook, president of Peterborough Naturalists Club (left) and Dr. Martin Edwards, pres. Federation of Ontario Naturalists. The carving was done by William A. Eakins of Peterborough.
1971-01-18 MondayImage5Official Opening, new co-operative grocery store, 774 Rye St. (p. 9): Ribbon cutting by MPP Walter Pitman (left) and Trent Co-operative Distributing Centre president J.C. Veenman
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage1Firefighters Battle $25,000 Blaze – Farm Home Razed Near Omemee (p. 3, 35mm): Nighttime photo, Endicott farm, owned by Mark Traill. Firefighters delayed by sightseer stuck in the lane. Photo by Al Capon
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage2Street Blocked (p. 9); Car crashed into concrete traffic light outside Empress. [CKPT radio station in background]
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage3Coventry singers rehearse (p. 9): in All Saints Church
1971-01-19 TuesdayImage4Trentway Peewees In Walk-A-Thon (p.10): Twenty-three members of the Trentway Peewee All-stars walked 10 miles Saturday to raise enough money to help send them to the annual Quebec pewee hockey tournament, which starts Feb. 12 in Quebec City. Coach Cy Coombes said “the response was excellent.” Club officials were hoping to raise $100 a boy for the event. |Hot chocolate and donuts were given to the walkers at three check points during the 10-mile walk. Each boy was sponsored by friends and neighbors. Twenty boys, a coach, a manager and a trainer will make the trip.
1971-01-19 TuesdayUnpublished Negatives:
- two frames of kids, adults and snowmobiles at night;
- man at podium
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage1Victoria County Clerk Ken Symons and new warden Harvey Malcolm, Manvers Township. Photo by John Radley. (p.5)
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage2Panel discusses separate school rights (p. 12): Re. Henry Neuman, Thelma Tedford, Cyril O'Donnell
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage3New Peterborough County Warden (p. 12): Harry Wilford, new warden sworn in by County Judge Harry R. Deyman. With them, assistant sheriff Harry Hartle (with sword)
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage4Hutchison House Restoration (p.12) Peter John Stokes, consulting restoration architect (right). l – r, George Cobb, Peterborough. Historical Society; Mrs. Stokes, president Niagara Historical Society; Mrs. Kenneth [Martha] Kidd, chair of society's old building committee
1971-01-20 WednesdayImage5Trent Goalie Takes Time Out to Talk (p. 14): Erica Metcalfe, Shirley Farquhar, Terry Tabulentus, players on Trent U. women's hockey team.
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage1Change With The Church, Says Woman Minister to UCW (p.6): Rev. Margaret Errey with Mrs. Dorothy Elston of Kingston
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage2First Hundred Years, book about Quaker Oats presented (p. 17): L – r, artist Harold V. Shaw; H.E. Miskiman, president Quaker Oats Canada; K.V. Gadd, director trade relations; W.F.W. Neville (seated) co-author.
1971-01-21 ThursdayImage3Trent's Women's Hockey Team (p. 20): Front l – r, Shirley Farquhar, Mary Lewis, Erica Metcalfe, Terry Tabulentus, Karen Babcock. Back, Ruggle Pritchard (coach), Pat McBride, Gail McClaren, Pauline Darling, Darlene Gates, Lesley Hulse and Roger Young
1971-01-22 FridayImage1
Apsley Pupils Visit City (p. 6):
Image 1 - Stayed for two days, stayed at Central School. Bedding down, seven girls in sleeping bags
Image 2 - Girls did the cooking, the boys did the cleanup. l – r, Fred Woolacott, Terry Johnson and Jim Johnson
1971-01-22 FridayImage3Ability Fund Kickoff (p. 9): More than 900 workers will blitz Peterborough on Feb. 1 around 6 p.m. To raise money for the ability Fund, formerly known as the March of Dimes. Local organizers met Thursday at the Holiday Inn to officially kick-off the 1871 campaign. Jack Rogers, campaign chairman, kneels down to hold a symbolic football while fellow workers make the kick-off. From the left are Mrs. Don Harte-Maxwell, out-of-town van canvas chairman; John Meyers, provincial campaign director, and Mrs. John Pierce, local canvas chairman.
1971-01-22 FridayImage4
TPT Pete's shutout, 4-0 Victory over Niagara Falls (p. 10, 35mm):
Image 4 - Goalie Paul Elford gloves shot.
Image 5 - Pete's Paul Raymer (#18), second goal against Niagara Flyers goalie Keith Pallett, defenseman Brent Meeke (#4)
1971-01-22 FridayUnpublished Neg: unidentified woman wearing coat indoors near furnace. No story but note on original sheath says “welfare”
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage1Winter Games Flame Arrives in Peterborough (page 1): The 1971 Canada Winter Games flame, a traditional symbol of athletic competition, is being carried from Ottawa to Saskatoon in a specially designed sled towed by snowmobiles. Brian Tutton, seated on his snowmobile, drove the flame from Havelock to Peterborough Friday afternoon. Pictures warming their hands over the flame, from left to right are: Ken Wyatt, Peterborough Mayor Douglas Galvin and Harry Linda, official ambassador of the winter Games, which will take place Feb. 11-12 at Saskatoon. Photo by Bruce Christensen. (n.b. See 1971-01-19 negs for two more photos of this sled, with kids, at nighttime)
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage2 Law Opportunities Explained at YWCA series (p. 6): Speaker Elizabeth Pie, chief counsellor, Women's Bureau Career Centre in Toronto
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage3PC leadership candidates visit Peterborough (p. 9): Alex Fleming, president Peterborough P.C. Riding Association; Joe Allen, Peterborough delegate for East Centre; Terry Dunford, Peterborough. Young PC Association President, Darcy McKeough, Minister of Municipal Affairs
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage4Popularity of Floor Hockey Grows – Peterborough To Represent Canada (p. 10): Central's Andre Brown checks Ken Henwood of Confederation
1971-01-23 SaturdayImage5Discussion Precedes CBC Production (p. 10): CBC producer Moe Watters (right), asks Trent University Athletic director Paul Wilson for directions at the university's athletic bubble. The CBC television filming crew is at the bubble, and later at the drumlin, to film badminton and skiing sequences. Film clips will be included in a CBC university sports program Feb. 6.
1971-01-25 MondayImage1Scottish Club Celebrates (p. 3): At the Robert Burns dinner, piper Donald Whatley pipes in Tom Nimmo, past president of Scottish Club to present the haggis to the head table, Empress Hotel.
1971-01-25 MondayImage2Resort Owners Meet (p. 3): On panel answering resort owners’ questions at annual meeting of Rice Lake Tourist Association, from left, Charles Clay, Fred Austin, Peter Elmhirst (rear), Ray Hope, chairman and Ralph Lang. About 20 resorts were represented.
1971-01-25 MondayImage3Sword Dance (p. 5, 35mm): At the Burns supper in Cobourg, Shaureen Aithcheson, Sonia Clow, Beth Craig, Mary Ryan. Photo by John Radley
1971-01-25 MondayImage4
Change Of Command (page 9):
Image 4 - Major J.W. Cairns, new commanding officer B company, Hastings Prince Edward Regiment (centre). Col. J.A. Richardson (left) former company commander; Brig. Gen. M.E. Clarke (right)
Images 5, 6, 7 – additional frames of Change of Command
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage1Junior Achievers (p. 3): Displaying the products of the Corkey Light Company at the Junior Achievers annual open house, Karen Smith, Timothy Metcalfe (company president), and Wendy Silver. The manufacturers used only cork, table glass, net onion bags and Christmas tree bulbs to make the lanterns
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage2Working Women Fight Prejudice - Day Care Not Growing Fast Enough (p. 6): John Grant (bottom) Tracy Richmond, Timmy Moncrief play at Lester B. Pearson day nursery.
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage3
Upholstery Class Will Start Soon (p. 6, 3 pics, 4 negs): At Dixon House Community Centre
Image 3 - Hazel Dunford
Image 4 - George Cain
Image 5 - Ruby Murray
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage6Poverty Protest Outside City Hall (p.9, nine negatives): Mayor Galvin speaking to protestors. About 130 demonstrators gathered in front of City Hall Monday
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage7Modern Library Concept (p. 9, 2 negatives): Teacher librarian George Bedford, Prince of Wales School
1971-01-26 TuesdayImage8William Davis, Ont. P.C. Leadership candidate (p. 9): wants to win in Peterborough, says it shouldn't be socialist
1971-01-26 TuesdayUnpublished Negatives:
- seven more of protest
- another upholsterer
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage1Looking Over Quality Certificates given to nine milk producers (p.3): Bruce Rosborough, John Edmison, Mervin Napper, representative Ontario Milk Commissioner.
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage2Lester B. Pearson all day nursery, Julie Moncrief, Tracy Richmond
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage3Role of Father in Society Changed (p. 19): Brian Kelly, MSW, Exec. Director United Community Services, Rich Nichols, of Headquarters House, Dr. Bryan Pell, chairman of panel
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage4John Howard Society annual meeting (p. 19): Mr. and Mrs. James R. Goldie, A.M. Kirkpatrick, and Keith Couse, associate director of the society and speaker at the meeting
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage5Two Schools Closed – Wind chill factor, 52 below in City (p. 19) Sub-zero Temperatures and gusting wind keep traffic and pedestrians to a minimum.
1971-01-27 WednesdayImage6Basketball- Griffins Perfect Record Snapped by Adam Scott (p. 27): Al Shea (#55), Dave Eves (#45), and Brent Palmer (#33)
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage1Peterborough Community Concert Association membership drive (p 3): Discussing the upcoming drive Donald Wiegand, rep. Community Concerts of Canada; Tim Benson, membership secretary; Mrs. K.E. Kidd, pres. city association.
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage2New Pres. Peterborough. County Medical Association. Dr. Donald J. Harterre (left) presented with the symbol of office by outgoing president Dr. John G. Kempff.
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage3Boys (no names) play soccer in the snow at Riverside Park
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage4Realtors Meet (p. 13): l-r, Norm Bowler, Joe Schejbal honoured by John Tozer, chairman if MLS committee. Bowler was broker of the year for selling more than $300,000 worth of MLS property
1971-01-28 ThursdayImage5Lindsay Exhibition Boards Appoints New Manager (p.14) Lindsay Exhibition president is seen at left with secretary Mrs. Jamieson and new manager Ralph Hodgson of Brampton. Al Capon photo.
1971-01-29 FridayImage1OUS Delegates Register (p. 10): Winter conference of Ontario Union of Students register at Empress Hotel in Peterborough. 50 delegate, 4-day conference hosted by Trent U. Left, Paul Western Ontario
1971-01-29 FridayImage2Central School boy slides down courthouse hill on cardboard (no name. This negative was originally filed with similar frames on Jan. 15, 1971
1971-01-29 FridayImage3
Deleted Hamilton Line-up Proves Useless Against Flu-Ridden But Explosive Petes (p. 10):
Image 3 - Petes won 7 – 1: - Referee Tom Smith watches shot miss Hamilton net
Image 4 - Doug Mahood receives medical attention
1971-01-29 FridayImage5Rookie-of-the-Year (p. 10): Jim Wasson received the Higgins Trophy with the 1969-70 Peterborough. TeePees Junior 'A' Lacrosse club during presentation at Pete's game
1971-01-29 FridayUnpublished Negatives: one frame of hockey
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage1World of Women series at the YWCA (page 6): Nurse Susan Dundas of city county health unit, spoke about contraception
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage2How Much Longer (p.1): Rearing like prehistoric beasts from the edge of a primordial forest, picnic tables in Beavermead Park await an early spring thaw and a useful return to summer. But they will probably stay in their positions for several more months. The weather is forecast to remain cold and icy but sunny. (negative originally filed Jan. 7)
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage3Mineral Collection (p. 8): At the Peterborough Centennial Museum, mineral collection of late Roy Bradley, bequeathed to the museum and art gallery foundation.
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage4Kawartha Master Approaching (p. 10): Peterborough. Curling Club bonspiel chairman Howard Woodcox with table of trophies
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage5Golf, Junior 'A' Hockey and Apple Pie Rate Highest on Skip Foster's Agenda (p. 10): l-r, Skip Foster, Danny Gloor, Brian Shortreed, Pete's players at home
1971-01-30 SaturdayImage6Most Gentlemanly player (p.11): Gord Ford presented with the Bert Austin Trophy for the most gentlemanly player of the Peterborough TeePees Junior 'A' Lacrosse club during the 1970 season. Pictured with Ken Pappas who has been elected to a fourth consecutive term as club president.
1971 February
1971-02-01 MondayImage1Our Revolting Youngsters – Is Mother To Blame? (p. 6): Workshop on parent child relationships. Ruth Blishen, Dr. B.A. Bell, Peter Goodwin, Barbara Crook
1971-02-01 MondayImage2Just Visiting Trent, (p. 9) Jill Robinson (right) a third-year student at Trent and two visitors from Toronto, Debbie Hopkins (left) and Lauren Hardy found sliding down a snow bank cold business during Trent's winter weekend. Photo by Bob Beavers
1971-02-01 MondayImage3Peterborough Theatre Guild entry to Drama League Festival (p.9): John Wilson and Rita Smith in The Imaginary Invalid.
1971-02-01 MondayImage4PC Convention (p. 9): Murray Agnew, president Of Victoria Haliburton County PC Association: Allan Lawrence, Minister of Mines; Orville Clements, Peterborough delegate; Mrs. Gord Farquharson, county delegate
1971-02-02 TuesdayImage1March of Dimes (p. 9): Canvassers collected $8,700. Seated, Ronald Holley. l-r, back, Mary Cowling, Bert Morrow, Joan Davis.
1971-02-02 TuesdayImage2Crestwood Jr. Boys Won Red & White Tournament (p. 10): Back, l-r, Ron Ellis, Rick Semel, John Chessar, Griffin Gardanier, John Harrison, Coach Bob Findlay. Front, l – r, Dave Spencer, Mike Sullivan, Dale Moncrieff, Bill Hughes, Bill Burrows.
1971-02-02 TuesdayUnpublished Negatives:
- an extra of No.1
- five extras of No. 2
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage1Peterborough County Delegates at Tuberculosis Workshop in Toronto (page 3): Edward O'Brien, past Association President; Doris Pruner, secretary of county association; Nora Carleton, pres.; Frank Petrie; Phyllis Nelson
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage2Linda Crough (21) of Romaine St. in Peterborough Floral Company hot house. (p.17)
1971-02-03 WednesdayImage3Red Cross blood donor clinic (p. 17, 35mm): at Legion Hall on Murray St.
1971-02-04 ThursdayImage1Shriner Club Officers (p. 7): Max Kaye, treasurer; Reg Burns, vice president; Keith Innes, president; Wes Edwards, secretary
1971-02-04 ThursdayImage2
Senior citizens Seminar (p. 6, 35mm):
Image 2 - Gerald Turner, executive Director of Peterborough Social and Family Service;
Image 3 - Profiles of elderly women in audience.
1971-02-04 ThursdayUnpublished Negatives: five more of Shriners in groups
1971-02-05 FridayImage1Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority report (p. 5): looked at by A.S.L. Barnes, former branch director; Dr. Richard T. Potter, MLA Quinte riding; Cy MacDonald, chairman of authority; Norman Patrick, present director.
1971-02-05 FridayImage2VON Executives (p. 6): Beverly Boomer, Peterborough VON nurse administrator; R.M. Kennedy, outgoing president; Dr. R.M. King, physician in charge of home care program Ontario; V.A. Taylor, incoming president.
1971-02-05 FridayImage3Raid on Headquarters House King St. (p. 11): Typewriter seized
1971-02-05 FridayImage4Peterborough High School wrestlers in Lindsay (p. 15): No names. Photo by Al Capon
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage1One of Canada's top free skaters, Ron Shaver, (p. 3): bends on one knee after finishing his free skating program. He placed fifth in the North American figure skating men's singles division.
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage2Twirls Sister (p. 3): Val Bezic lifts Sandra (14) in the air during their free skating program Friday night at the Memorial Centre. They placed third in the N.A. Figures skating pairs division.
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage3John and Clara Whittington, 60th anniversary (p. 6): Married in 1911. She was the granddaughter of Jeannette Scott, 1st pioneer child, daughter of Adam Scott
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage4
St. Peter's High School to close? (p. 9)
1971-02-06 SaturdayImage5Sandra and Val Bezic performing in free skate (p. 10)
1971-02-06 SaturdayUnpublished Negatives:
- several 35 mm negatives and contact sheets of professional skaters
- three more frames of St. Peter's High School, different angles
1971-02-08 Monday Image1Commissioner Tells “Down Under” Story (p.6): Women's Art Association, Mrs. H.A. Mitchell (seated), Mrs. F.L. Patterson, High Commissioner D.W. McNicol of Australia
1971-02-08 Monday Image2B.G. MacKenzie (p. 11) shows a new safety feature, a light for snowmobiles invented by Peterborough. Native Hugh Heslip.
1971-02-08 Monday Image3Victor Cromier of Laurentian University (p.11): conference on emerging universities
1971-02-08 Monday Image4
Skating winners (by Bruce Christenson)
Image 4 - Kim Magnussen Janet Lynn and Dawn Glab (p.12)
Image 7 - Janet Lynn Twirls
Image 6 - Excellent form of Karen Magnuson
Image 8 - Karen Magnusson signs autographs
1971-02-08 Monday Unpublished Negatives: more 35 mm of professional skaters
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage1PCVI Comedy, Ruddigore (p.3): Dinny Sweeny as Mad Margaret, Ann Pattison (sitting)
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage2
Snow photos, (p. 9, by Bob Beavers):
Image 2 - Reporter Cheryl Hamilton on bench, deep in snow, waiting for bus
Image 3 - Examiner Volkswagens covered in snow
Image 4 - Telephone booth, half buried
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage5His Name Is James Barry Robertson – Most People Call Him The Prophet (p. 9) originally filed 1971-1-25
1971-02-09 TuesdayImage6TPT Pete's left winger Danny Gloor (p. 10): in cast
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage1Peterborough Motor League (p. 3): Max Comstock (new President), Gordon Hancock (vice president)
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage2A Shy Rider (p.17): Young lady on horseback in the deep snow near Jackson Park
1971-02-10 WednesdayImage3Keeping In Shape (p. 17) at Morrow Park, driver Kees VanKatwyk with horse and Trotter at Morrow Park.
1971-02-10 WednesdayUnpublished Negatives:
- four people, one looks like William Davis (soon to be premier), in Toronto
- more 35 negs of girl on horse in snow
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage1Pioneer Gardens Discussed (p. 8): Mrs. Gerald Aspinall, president Women's University Club and Mrs. Ross Skinner and Mrs. John Kinsey, members of the Toronto Garden Club
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage2Stuck (p. 13): car stuck in snow. (Looks like the alleyway behind Examiner)
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage3Budding Scientists (p. 13): Students Cheryl Landry and Dave Carpenter in new $23,000 science facility St. Peter's Intermediate.
1971-02-11 ThursdayImage4Floor Hockey Action (p. 16): Central and Queen Elizabeth will meet in the finals of the senior boys' Public School floor hockey tournament March 13. These two schools advanced to the finals Wednesday night when Central defeated Confederation B 10-2 and Queen Elizabeth beat Queen Mary 9 – 4.
1971-02-11 ThursdayUnpublished Negatives:
- five 35mm frames of men at microphone, outside event
- four large negs of man in suit with children in day care setting. Looks like Pitman
1971-02-12 FridayImage1VIP Visits Club (p. 3): The lieutenant-governor of the Pine Ridge division of Kiwanis Clubs, Don Blakely, made an annual visit to Peterborough club Thursday. Jack Naish, Peterborough Kiwanis president listens on the left.
1971-02-12 FridayImage2Valentine Tea, (p.6): Shawn Brown (5) helps himself to fudge offered by Mrs. Phyllis Sheldon
1971-02-12 FridayImage3IODE annual meeting, 57th regiment (p. 6): Mrs. W.A. Master, regent; Mrs. S.A. McBride, guest speaker; Mrs. Gordon Hall, honorary regent
1971-02-12 FridayImage4Ald. Alene Holt, centre, president Ontario Progressive Conservative Women's Association; Mrs. Cameron Montrose (Windsor) and Mrs. John Robarts.
1971-02-12 FridayImage5
Pete's vs Kitchener Rangers (p. 12) Mahon, Gibson Net two in Pete's 10 – 0 Victory over Kitchener (p. 12, 35mm):
Image 5 - Burgess (#16), Paul Raymer
Image 6 - Bruce Abbey (#2) protects wandering Petes goalie John Garett
Image 7 - Goalie Reg Logel looks behind after a Petes goal
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage120th Anniversary of Edith Carlton Chapter of IODE, (p. 6): Mrs. Leonard Martin (first regent), Mrs. Ronald Coleman (new regent)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage2YWCA lecture series “World of Women” (p.6): Susan Taylor, Mrs. Christine Johnston (local home economist) looking at book
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage3Aquarium Club meeting (p. 6): Bruce May (10, Lee St.) with Derek Hinks, president with red velvet swordfish
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage4PUC lineman Dave Reid up pole (p. 9, 35mm)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage5Rev. Leo J. LaFreniere; Fraser Hogle, superintendent Four County Separate School Board; William Lech, chairman Peterborough Board of Education; Aubrey Allen, separate school board. Trustee, re: family living program (p. 9)
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage6Peewee hockey players head for Cornwall (p. 10): Howard Murney, Brian Seabrooke, Brian Cowie, Paul Lacey
1971-02-13 SaturdayImage7Adam Scott Caps Unbeaten Year With Come-From-Behind Victory (p. 10): Two Lions ready to go after ball
1971-02-13 SaturdayUnpublished Negatives: group of Peterborough PeeWees outside bus in Quebec
1971-02-15 MondayImage1Women's Lib Group Takes Pro-Abortion Stand at Civic (p. 6): Women and man picketing outside Peterborough Hospital. “Uppity Women Unite” on one sign
1971-02-15 MondayImage2Big Brother Annual Meeting (p. 9): Jim Armstrong, new president Peterborough. Chapter; Wally Wilkins, national pres.; Dick Sadler, acting pres. Trent U.
1971-02-15 MondayImage3
Lakefield arena roof collapses (p. 10) (2 negs)
1971-02-15 MondayImage5Winter Capers, Young's Point (p. 10): Norma Hick, Miss Dominion of Canada; Sgt. Scott Raybold, OPP Peterborough on snowmobile
1971-02-15 MondayImage6High School Wrestling (p. 10): 14 teams in day long event. Two boys, no names.
1971-02-15 MondayImage7Kawartha Masters curling (p. 10): Ed Werenich of Bayview; Jim Sharples
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image1IODE Chapter Fundraiser, Major Bennet Chapter (p. 6): Left to right, Dance convenor Mrs. Carl Burton and Mr. Burton; co-convenor Mrs. Albert Bianco and Mr. Bianco; Mrs. J. Stewart Gardiner and Mr. Gardiner
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image2
Image 4 - Pending
Women's Lib Coffee Shop (p. 6):
Image 2 and 3 - Donna Fraser and customer Tom Kirkham
Image 4 - same people, with Mrs. Malo, centre Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image4
Snow covered mail boxes (p. 9)
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image7Heart Fund Drive Lakefield H.S. (p. 9): Debbie Ferrill (left) Dennis Johnson and Barb Storey
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image8Hockey, PCVS Raiders and Crestwood Mustangs (p. 10): PCVS forward eyes puck (no names)
1971-02-16 Tuesday Image7On Their Way (p.10): The Peterborough Lions, Ontario reps in the Canada Winter Games hockey tournament boarding the bus for the airport Monday. Pictured from the right, Bob Gainey, Randy Spencer, D'Arcy Jenish, Jim Johnston, Dave Cooper, and Rick Kemp
1971-02-16 Tuesday Unpublished Negatives: two large frames of building - looks like Legion
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage1Area Youth Councils in City Hall to Help Students Seeking Jobs (p. 17): D.T. Craig, UCS president; Reuben Baetz, executive Director Canadian Council of Social Development and Ray Jonassen, past UCS pres (United Community Services Organization of Peterborough)
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage2OMC Official Raps Conservation Purists- Defends Industry on Ecological Issues (p.17): Haward Larson (left) vice president OMC USA for environmental affairs; Thomas P. McMillan, president OMC Canada and Pioneers Saws Ltd.
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage3Students Getting on the Job Training (p.17): Adrienne Knott, grade 12 Lakefield, gets typing experience at Lakefield Chamber of Commerce
1971-02-17 WednesdayImage4Prepare for the Season (p. 20): Rugger players Sam Baker, Kevin McCoy, Deane Lynch
1971-02-17 WednesdayUnpublished Negatives: one 35 mm frame of hockey, PCVS
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage1Peterborough Symphony - Youth Makes Strong Representation (page 3): l -r, Malcolm Crawford, Peter Bowen, Lois Winstock, Tim Watson, Jim Kitson
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage2Student Journalists (p. 13): Two journalism students from Sheridan College, Vera Richters, left, and Pam Roters, centre, are visiting with The Examiner this week as part of on the job training. Examiner's city editor, Leon DeMarch, explains Canadian Press wire services to the two students who have spent the week accompanying reporters on their beats.
1971-02-18 ThursdayImage3
PCC Rink Wins Purvey Trophy At Annual Ladies' Bonspiel (p. 14, 35mm):
Image 3 - PCC's Betty Aitchison released stone
Image 4 - Clair Woodcox
1971-02-18 ThursdayUnpublished Negatives: eight Unpublished negatives of pie-eating contest – two used in year-ender (December 1971 or Jan 1972)
1971-02-19 FridayImage1Women Urged to Become Architects of Progress (p. 6): Lilah Limburgher, director of Women's Advisory Dept, Ontario Dept of Trade and Development with Vivian Harvie (left) and convenor Marion Williamson (right)
1971-02-19 FridayImage2ORCA (p 9): Chistine Nornabell, retired chair of ORCA with her successor Ray L. Bishop (left) and unidentified male. They are admiring a watercolor painting of Lang Mill by Gordon Baskerville. The painting won honorable mention at Atom Fair '70 in Washington D.C. the previous fall.
1971-02-19 FridayImage3Bridgenorth “Buddy System” (p. 9): Bridgenorth Senior “big brothers and sisters” pose with Bridgenorth Junior “little brother and sisters” along with some of the things they do together, modeling, printing and painting. Once a week the senior students visit the kindergarten at the junior school as part of an experiment by teachers Olga Harrison and Helen Cavanagh.
1971-02-19 FridayImage4
Thomson's Effective Playmaking Leads Club To Win Over Oshawa: Pete's beat Oshawa Generals 7 – 4 (p. 10):
Image 4 - Jim Maho tumbles past Oshawa's Gerry Methe (35mm)
Image 5 - Goaltender Gilles Gratton smothers play at crease.
1971-02-19 FridayUnpublished negatives:
- firemen at smoky fire, old frame building
- several 35mm frames of Petes hockey
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage1Contest Winner Dal Bertrand (p. 3) one of 17 consolation winners get $50 merchandise certificate from W.J. Garner, publisher and General Manager Peterborough Examiner
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage PendingNational Convention (p. 3) Two delegates to the Holstein-Friesian Association of Canada national convention in Toronto are, from left, Stewart Nelson, Keene and Gordon Bradfield, RR
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage2Peterborough. Both men receive the identification tag from Joyce Peacock, staff member of the association head office in Brantford.
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage3(2)Mill Destroyed in Blaze (p. 9): Omemee. Built in 1875, the grist mill was still in use until the fire. Owned by George Stephenson of Peterborough
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage4(2)Walter Currie (p. 9): President of Indian Eskimo Association of Canada At Trent conference
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage3Ready for Competition (p. 9): Don Irvine (left) and Tim Wilson rolling over in kayaks in the Tops Motel swimming pool.
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage4Trent Squash player Richard Fleming (p. 10)
1971-02-20 SaturdayImage5Adam Scott Collegiate Midget Basketball Club (p. 10): Back left to right: Mike Oldham, Kim Roberts, Scott Crawford, Rod Alton, Paul Stamp, Wayne Dunham, Greg Weichel, Garruth Ives, coach. Front, l – r, Gord Mark, manager, John Gourley, Jim Carey, Dave Ramey, Dave Cuffe, Doug Klotz and Paul Burke, manager.
1971-02-20 SaturdayUnpublished negatives:
- several frames of squash player
- several frames of kayaking in pool
1971-02-22 MondayImage1Could Be Anything ...Almost (p. 3, 35 mm): snow covered mailboxes
1971-02-22 MondayImage2Bancroft Carnival Queen (p. 3): Beth Lee
1971-02-22 MondayImage3Indian Eskimo Association (p. 9): Noah Qumak (left) of Sugluk, Quebec; Tagak Curley; Jacob Oweetaltuk
1971-02-22 MondayImage4Trent Art Gallery Opened (p.9): Mrs. Hugh MacKenzie of Toronto; Professor R.H. Sadleir, acting Trent president
1971-02-22 MondayImage5Two delegates Indian Eskimo Association (p. 9): Tony Belcourt, (left), President National Native Council and Norman Dunne (right), IEA Western division director
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage1Long, Long Lineup (p. 3): Lineup for license plates at the Chamber of Commerce (Hunter St., across from Examiner)
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage2Young Talent at Theatre Guild, rehearsal for three plays (p .6): Gail Elliott (right) directs Terri Kirk (kneeling), Nancy Nurse and Morgan Jones.
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage3(2)
Costumes of Other Lands (p. 9, two frames): Central Public School, International Brotherhood Week
Image 3 -Aruna Murthy, Hanneke deVries and Hum Lai Men
Image 4 - Same event, lots of kids, no names
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage5Rotary Club, Hill says new regulations needed to end disadvantage to farmers (p. 9): Gordon Hill, president Ontario Federation of Agriculture; Miss Margaret Fallis, winner of Rotary scholarship in France; and John Cockburn, ag. Rep. Peterborough County
1971-02-23 TuesdayImage6Car-train collision, CNR Ashburnham
1971-02-23 TuesdayUnpublished Negative: head shot of older woman
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage1Tinker, female Australian Terrier winner of Animal Award of Merit from Peterborough Humane Society, for saving the life of his mistress, Mrs. Angelica Herron of Peterborough.: (p. 3) l-r, Judge John DeNavarre Kennedy, guest speaker; Mrs. Herron and Tinker, Mrs. Allan MaDougall, Society pres.
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage2YWCA election (p. 6): Mrs. P.C. Sanders (left) re-elected president; Mrs. J.A. Baird, Executive Director; Mrs. Antoinette Sutherland
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage3Canadian architect John Parkin (p. 17) (left) with Don Bark, vice president Canadian Club Peterborough; and club president Vic Henderson
1971-02-24 WednesdayImage4
Pancake Party, grade one class of Terry Ashton, Sacred Heart School (p. 17, Kurt Johnson photos):
Image 4 - Gobbling up the finished product, Judy Arcano, Chris Smith
Image 5 - Part of the baking team, Lisa Russell, Kate Sullivan, David Lustic, Joseph Masterson
Image 6 - A flapjack race can be disappointing if you drop your pancake halfway to the finish line. Judy Arcaro, on the left, dropped hers but Cathy Theobald on the right finished the race.
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage1Peterborough's Top Skater (p. 3): Peterborough Figure Skating Club pro Sharon Lee (left) keeps close eye on Susan Elgar (15), 1970 club championship
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage2Cora Bailey, retiring teacher (p.6): and Dorothy Martin, executive secretary Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario, who gave testimonial. Bailey was Principal and kindergarten teacher At Parkhill school, finished her career as Primary Supervisor for Peterborough schools for seven years.
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage3Mr. and Mrs. Allan Taylor golden wedding anniversary. She was Blanch Crowe of Alderville
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage4Timmy Show 1971 promo (p.13): Rotary Club publicity chairman Don Earle (right) and Tommy Show producer Del Crary talk over the March 7 production with nine-year-old Ann Kennedy.
1971-02-25 ThursdayImage5Susan Elgar, figure skater (p.14): practices a jump
1971-02-26 FridayImage1Fairhaven Auxiliary Meet (p. 6) Mrs. Grant Palmer (refiled from February 23)
1971-02-26 FridayImage2Equality Really Works... (p.9): Examiner reporter Rick Holt puts license plates on car in front of Sue Burley of Cumberland Ave. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-02-26 FridayImage3Crowd control Training In City (p.9): 100 officers spent 4 days at Armoury to learn about crowd control
1971-02-26 FridayImage4PCVS Wrestler Joe Skelly (p. 10): Peterborough's best hope in 115 pound range in upcoming COSSA wrestling event with fellow competitor Terry Ellement
1971-02-26 FridayImage5Petes vs Ottawa, 6 -2 (p. 10): Doug Gibson circles in front of Michel Laroque
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageLast Minute Scramble to Buy License Plates in City (p.1): Long lineup for plates, around the corner, Hunter and Water Streets.
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageWeek Long Task (p. 6) Gloria Parker and Bev O'Toole at Venture Club, working on chairs for Pearson Day Care. (another negative may be filed a few days earlier)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImage
Heavy Burden of Spring (p. 9):
Image 3 - Frank Jones, 280 Braidwood and collapsed garage roof
Image 4 - Canopy of Kawartha Plaza collapsed
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageThat's Fun! (p. 9): kids playing in puddles caused by warm weather and melting snow, Karen Wood (3), Wendy Hemphill (3) and Julie Moncrief (3)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageCompeting In Novice Tournament (p. 10): Alderman Jack Doris dropped in to Civic arena to wish players luck. With him from left to right, Doug Lake, Peterborough; Sean Simpson, Brampton; Steve Peters, Peterborough; Paul Gallagher, Brampton
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageAdams Scott Senior Lions (p. 10): completed an undefeated North Kawartha 'AA' High School Basketball League season and advanced to the Kawartha final by eliminating Port Hope. Seated are (l -r) Don Smith, John Behan, Doug MacGillvary, Mike English and Jeff Stannard. Back, l-r, Kim Rhodes, manager, Jim Longhurst, Steve Douglas, Phil McColl, Bob Behan, Glen Ferguson, Bill Bourne (coach)
1971-02-27 SaturdayImageThe Junior Lions of Adam Scott (p. 10): advanced to the Kawartha District 'AA' High School Basketball League finals Friday by eliminating Port Hope. Front row, left to right, Scott Harrigan and Bob Gynane. Second row Don Cuffe, Ted Lucas, Jim Clarke, Doug Cuffe. Back row, Jim Senior, Steve Smith, Alan Shea, Bruce Scott, and Paul Burke (coach).
1971-02-27 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: wrestling, several frames
1971 March
1971-03-01 MondayImage1Pioneer Crafts Gaining Popularity (p. 1): Mrs. John Lesley looks at graduation quilt made by Mrs. Meta Britton of Bobcaygeon for her daughter Wanda, who graduated from Civic Hospital School of Nursing. Quilt was on display at meeting of Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, of which Mrs. Lesly was chairman of craft section
1971-03-01 MondayImage2Oriental Bonspiel, Omemee (p. 9): Marathon costumed bonspiel started 7 p.m. Friday, went to midnight Saturday. Best costumes went to Art Weir and Mary Simpkins
1971-03-01 MondayImage3Getting Into the Boss' Hair (p. 9): David Gray, chairman of SSFC Retraining division with two of 16 grads from the hairdressing course. Mary Patrick (left), Robert Geddes (SSFC Admissions Director) and Shirley McWilliams
1971-03-01 MondayImage4Competitors Strain During Championships (p.10): COSSA wrestling, no names
1971-03-01 MondayUnpublished negatives: seven 2 ¼ negs of 3 people at Beef Convention. An eighth is refiled on the day it ran, March
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. Melville Taylor, married 60 years (page 6)
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage2Lincoln Alexander, MP Hamilton West (p.9): chats with Ron Frye vice president Peterborough Progressive Conservative Students Association and Chris Lambert, association president.
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage3
Battle On For New School In Buckhorn (p. 9):
Image 3 - washroom facility
Image 4 - rear portion of class is kitchen (there is a kettle) storage area and cloakroom
Image 5 - by comparison, a picture of R. F. Downey staff lounge with modern furnishings and a coffee machine
Image 6 - R.F. Downey general purpose room
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage7Dr. Harry Ebbs (p. 9) Rotary speaker says snowmobiles are causing injuries to kids
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage8Mike Legrow (p. 10) lacrosse goalie with Larry Rose Memorial Trophy
1971-03-02 TuesdayImage5Bob Lawes (p. 10) preparing for shoot (loading bullets) for Revolver, Pistol Club Annual handgun competition
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage1Double Shooting Probed (p. 1): Police cars are shown at entrance to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Maxwell, Gaebel RD., Bancroft, where the couple were found shot to death Tuesday afternoon. (35mm)
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage2Bad Weather Failed To Deter Crowd At Bobcaygeon's Winter Carnival (p. 3) (35mm): David Thompson on a pony. No name for the woman in photo. (35mm)
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage3
Empress Hotel Blaze in Storage Room (p. 17):
Image 3 - close up of fireman
Image 4 - Fire Chief John Ritchie ascending stairs
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage5Hit By Truck Near His Home, Area Boy, 9, Dies In Hospital. (p. 17): Mark Allen Johnston, nine, died in hospital
1971-03-03 WednesdayImage6Differing Medical and Legal Opinions Complicate Drug Problem (p.17): Dr. John Ogrodnik shows Lynda Carey (right) and Eleanor Gardiner, regent of Major Bennett IODE, a poster.
1971-03-03 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: twelve frames of nighttime fire at Empress
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage1At Poster of Sr. Citizens Rec Centre activities (p.6): Walter Head, treasurer; R.E. (Bob) Know, president; and J.C. Rutherford, chairman property committee.
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage2OHC Tenants Meet (p. 1) (This picture ran backwards): About 150 Ontario Housing Corporation tenants met with OHC officials in a public forum to discuss mutual problems.
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage3175 Attend Civics Seminar (p. 17): about caring for the chronically ill and elderly. Left to right Mrs. Anna McMillan, acting head of occupational therapy, Mrs. Barbara Bailey, Occupational therapist at Civic and Cathy Rodgers, 2nd year rec student at SSFC
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage4Delegate Elwood Dunford of RR #4 Lakefield has a badge for the Ontario Beef Improvement Ass. pinned on by Luba Nickerson while Chester Hamilton, also a delegate at the convention watches. Luba is Canadian Cattlemen's Association Secretary. [There are 7 more negatives like this with different delegates in March 1, 1971 file]
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage5Angus McKay accepts Bill Higgs trophy from TPT Pete's Captain Craig Ramsay
1971-03-04 ThursdayImage6
Peterborough Legion Improvements (p. 23, all 2 1/4):
Image 6 - exterior photo
Image 7 - shot of the new lounge
Image 8 - Secretary treasurer Cliff Pirie in new office
1971-03-04 ThursdayUnpublished negatives: Crestwood Mustangs hockey players hold trophy high
1971-03-05 FridayImage1Don't Give Up (p. 3): Geraldine McGlennon, Stewart St. with plants budding
1971-03-05 FridayImage2Open Fabric Fair (p. 6): Alderman Alene Holt chats with Una Abrahamse, consumer editor Chatelaine magazine and Walter Pitman at CAC Fabric Fair
1971-03-05 FridayImage3Alice Moore (p. 6); speaker at Women's Caucus Welfare Recipients Need Dignity, Not Just Money
1971-03-05 FridayImage4Buffy and Betty Here to Stay (p. 9): pair of ten-month-old buffalo calves from Bowmanville
1971-03-05 FridayImage5Howard Powell, general manager Peterborough Utilities Commission with plaque given to PUC for community relations. With him is Jack Naish, president of Kiwanis Club
1971-03-05 FridayImage6Gibson Ties Team Mark For Assists By Rookie (p. 10): Kitchener Rangers gang up on Craig Ramsay (10), Skip Foster
1971-03-05 FridayImage7Gibson Ties Team Mark For Assists By Rookie (p. 10): Kitchener Rangers gang up on Craig Ramsay (10), Skip Foster
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage1
CAC Fabric Fair (p. 6): event was to inform consumers about fabric care. Chatelaine magazine speaker Una Abrahamse explained the problems with permanent press clothing:
Image 1 - Astrid Nordholt surveys evidence on a coat ruined by dry cleaning
Image 2 - Calamity Corner was a showcase of horrible example (Canadian Consumer …)
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage3
PCBE art on display at former bowling alley (p. 9):
Image 3 - PC board of education employees Marilyn Martin
Image 4 - Lynn Maudsley with student art
1971-03-06 SaturdayImage5St. Peter's Basketball Teams Win Kawartha District Crowns (page 10) (n.b., page is blank where picture should be, but caption says: Norwood's Art Harnden (#24) tries to sink a basket
1971-03-06 SaturdayUnpublished negatives: one frame of man with something coiled in his hands
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage1244 City Women Of All Faiths Attend World Day of Prayer Services (p. 6): photo of women in St. George Anglican
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage2Oklahoma...Here I Come (p. 9): Bob Trennum gets a friendly kick from Sandi Johnson in rehearsal of Rogers and Hammerstein musical by Theatre Guild
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage3First Snowmobiler Tagged (p. 9): Photo shot from Examiner upper window of snowmobiler on Water St. pavement. Driver was ticketed by police (but not in photo). Photo is cropped, but negative shows old Review office. Photo by Jerry Stevens
1971-03-09 TuesdayImage4YWCA Captures Another Title (p. 10): for the eighth consecutive year the YWCA team has won the regular season championship of the Peterborough Women's Basketball League. Front, from left, Sharon Hill, Jean Kelly, Judy Shaw, Jean Russelle and Mary Thompson. Standing, from left, Penny Rush, Elaine Emery, coach Ann Lang, Anna Marie Cullen and Pat Bronson.
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage1Sorority Princesses competing for title of Rose Queen at Bib 'n Tucker Ball (page 6): front row, Betty Thompson (Xi Iota), Ruth Clark (Xi Alpha Xi), Susan Masters, (Epsilon Mu), second row, Sylvia Hardill (Preceptor Psi), Roxanne Heard (Phi Alpha Xi), third row, Joan McCoy (Gamma Xi), Beryl Baptie (Gamma Omega), Sandra Taylor (Delta Chi)
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage2
Skiiers on Armour Hill (p.10): Part of a series about need for parks in Peterborough
Image 2 - Robert Lewis (13) shows skiing style
Image 3 - Denis Payne instructs skiers at Armour Hill
1971-03-10 WednesdayImage4District Intermediate Entry (p. 16) Ontario Intermediate Curling Championships: l-r, Roy Aitchison (vice), Bob McCuaig (skip), Bud Kidd (lead) and Ron Smith (second)
1971-03-10 WednesdayUnpublished: four frames, looks like fashion show pics, taken in a stairwell
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage1Expert Stresses Good, Clean Food (p. 6): Phyllis Kingdon, Peterborough Milk Foundation Representative
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage2Joint meeting Women's Sales and Advertising and Men's Advertising and Sales Clubs (p. 13): Left to right Speaker Dr. Charles Irvin of Romano, Florida; Pauline Hill, president Welcome Wagon Canada, Keith Garnett, president Canadian Advertising and Sales Club; Mrs. Gordon Snape, Women's club president and Herb Hall, Men's club president
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage3Not All Trains Are Meant to Go – CP Rail Exec (p. 13): Colin Deck (left) President Peterborough. Traffic Club and L.R. Smith, vice president Eastern region CP Rail
1971-03-11 ThursdayImage4
It Only Hurts When I Limp – Examiner and Chex broomball in the snow (p. 16): CHEX Chickens and Examiner Media Meanies
Image 4 - Al Simmons (left), Margot Murray and Cary Jennings
Image 5 - Wayne Parks and Bob Beavers
1971-03-11 ThursdayUnpublished negatives:
- head shot of man, middle aged, in suit, no glasses
- several negatives of nighttime broomball, but not one for the photo on page 3
1971-03-12 FridayImage1Plant Layout Judged (p. 3): Terry Jones, Jim Park and Tod Willcox (Fisher Gauge general manager) inspect a model of a die-casting department done by SSFC evening Plant Layout course students.
1971-03-12 FridayImage2Jars and Bottles Collected By Mothers Club (p. 6): Pat Smith of Peterborough CAC (left), Jim White, coordinator Peterborough Pollution Probe, and Marlene Puukila of Mark St. Church Mothers Club. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1971-03-12 FridayImage3Spring Fashion From Black's at St, Joseph's Auxiliary Dessert Bridge & Fashion Show. Models Dave McKinstry, Colleen Gardiner, Carol McCann. [there are more negatives like this in March 10, 1970.]
1971-03-12 FridayImage4Sharp Decline In Area Scouting Blamed On Hike In Competition (p. 9): Peterborough. District Boy Scouts 46th Annual dinner: More than 200 persons attended. From left: Mrs. Peggy Wakeford, 11th Knox United; Donald Rosenburgh, 7th St. Paul's; Mrs. Lenore Allen, Assistant. District commissioner for training and Thomas Littlefair, 10th St. James. Uniforms worn by the leaders, following a recent change in style, include from left the former cub leader uniform, the new venture uniform, the new cub leader uniform and the former venture uniform.
1971-03-12 FridayImage5Dave Hobson, provincial Liberal candidate and Apsley School teacher spoke to Civitan Club. On the left, Ken Dales (club vice president) and right Martin Landry, club president
1971-03-12 FridayImage6Womens' Curling (p. 10): Joyce Stovel (second), Lois Atkins (lead), Joyce Taylor (vice) and Audrey Miskiman receive Smith and Smith Trophy from Bob Phillips at Peterborough Golf and Country Club
1971-03-12 FridayImage7Scouting Lacrosse Prospect (p. 10) Snow sculpture on George St. depicting Lakers' centre Joey Todd. Cathy Nelson (17) looks at the Snowman
1971-03-12 FridayUnpublished negatives: twelve frames of young women posing near river
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage1Dorothy Burnie (p. 6) (seated) and Virginia Arcand examine a poster used in connection with an anti-abortion meeting sponsored by St. Ann's Catholic Women's League in January. Members now hope to start a local branch of an anti-abortion group called Alliance for Life.
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage2Think Spring (p. 9): Trent student April Holland on a swing
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage3Bishop Gives YMCA “Shot-In-The-Arm” Needed to Give Christian Twist (p. 9): l-r, Bill Prest, Toi Halme, Francis A. Marrocco, and Tom Cook, annual meeting of Family YMCA
1971-03-13 SaturdayImage4
Cunningham's Future Set on Track To Pro Hockey (p. 10):
Image 4 - Rick Cunningham close-up
Image 5 - Cunningham outside at Trent
1971-03-13 SaturdayUnpublished negatives:
- eight more frames of Rick Cunningham
- eight more frames of girl on swing
1971-03-15 MondayImage1
City Girl Falls Through Otonabee Ice, Drowns After Rescue Attempts Fail (pages 1 & 9):
Image 1 - Skin divers from the Peterborough Trident Club spent one and a half hours combing icy water of the Otonabee river Sunday searching for the body of 8-year-old Jeannette Stanley (inset).
Image 2 - Picture of Jeanette Stanley used in inset, front page
Image 3 - city firemen chop hole in ice where girl disappeared
Image 4 - Wayne Parks (26, Examiner staff) was the first to spot the girl and attempt rescue
Image 5 -Tom Foddle attempted rescue
Image 6 - Gerrit Master, attempted rescue
1971-03-15 MondayImage7Horace Lapp, Canadian Orchestra leader and pianist (p. 6): performed his “Little Show” for Women's Art Association And Lyceum Club
1971-03-15 MondayImage8Education Week (p. 6): working on their puppets at Queen Mary School, Anne Swanston, Birgit Alting Mees and Galvin Sandeman.
1971-03-15 MondayImage9Education Week, Science Art Fair at Havelock Belmont P.S. (p. 7): John Hay, Sr. art instructor pointing to art features for Karen Newton, Lori McGeachy and Ron Horner. Photo by Wm. W. Reid
1971-03-15 MondayImage10June Moore Leads Rink to Victory in Fontaine Bonspiel (p. 10): Back l-r, Dot Jackson, lead; June Moore, skip. Front l- r, Pat Willett, vice and Chris Hoag, second.
1971-03-15 MondayImage11Tournament A Success (p. 10): Jim McNabb, superintendent of Peterborough public schools (left) and Hugh Faulkner, MP Peterborough, flank Jeff Amer (right) and Kerry Paquette upon the conclusion of the Peterborough public schools floor hockey tournament held Saturday night at Adam Scott Collegiate. Jeff was with Queen Mary and was named most valuable player while Kerry was the goaltender of Central Public School the champion senior boys team.
1971-03-15 MondayUnpublished negatives:
- several frames of motor bike on top of roof
- several more frames of rescue operations at river
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage1Kinnettes Entertain Their Men (p. 6) (35 mm): Wally McIlmoyl is invited to duck his wife Shirley's head in a bucket of her homemade chicken soup. It was part of the hijinks of the Kinettes Monte Carlo night and dance. Men were also allowed to track muddy footprints across a white rug, use a sexaphone for obscene phone calls and play Belt the Boss. Shirley McIlmoyl organized the event.
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage2Headquarters House at 283 King St. (no story)
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage3Snowbound In Storm For Ten Days (p. 9): Near Bethany, Mr. And Mrs. D'Arcy Proctor dig out of a drift a snow around their house
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage4Separate School Volleyball Winners (p. 10): St. Paul's School, won the Separate School volleyball championship. Top row, l – r: Peggy Mulligan, Kelli McLean, Ann Conlin, Debbie Greeg, Mary Ann Marchand, Sylvia Kinkela. Second row, l-r: Sister M. Anne Monk (coach), Cathy Roach, Dianne McKonkey, Cindy Alberico, Christine Cook, Julie Brownson, Frances O'Connor. Front row, Karen Owczar, Cindy Tobin, Linda Flamminio, Caeryl Clarke, Cathy Owczar.
1971-03-16 TuesdayImage5Capture Two Championships (p. 10): Thomas A. Stewart Sr. girls' volleyball team won Kawartha District championship and the Central Ontario Secondary School Association Crown this year. Top row, l – r: Elizabeth Dawes (coach), Linda Kelly, Jane Stewart, Gwen Brown. Bottom row, Andrea Taylor, Kathy Bright, Monica Rutledge (captain), Cheryl Batley. Absent: two players
1971-03-16 TuesdayUnpublished negatives: more of Kinettes having fun
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage1
Fashion Puzzle at SSFC Campus (p. 6): Show featured garments of home economic students
Image 1 - Jeannette McGeachie in gaucho pants, Peggy Hill in gypsy dress
Image 2 - Ursula Donovan in paisley-patterned maxi and Barry Elford wears flares and matching vest
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage3A Sure Sign Of Spring- Potholes receiving attention (p. 21): City employees Ron Peters (left) and Bert Reid work on Reid St. hill between London and McDonell
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage4Man's “Eyes” Quarantined- Rules Prevent English Visit (p. 21): Dennis Wilkinson is blind and wants to visit England, where he is originally from, for six weeks, but his seeing eye dog two-year-old “Mountie” would have to be quarantined for six months.
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage5Captain Steve Lawrence of Peterborough. Kinsmen receives George Vanier Trophy (p. 33) from Charley Wilson, OMLA exec. Director.
1971-03-17 WednesdayImage6Oakville Player misses wide open net (p. 33): Peterborough Kinsmen Minor Hockey
1971-03-17 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: two more of SSFC fashion show
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage1St. Pat's Party at Fairhaven (p. 6): Staff, auxiliary members and residents honoured St. Patrick at Fairhaven. Pictures are some of the entertainers. Front, l-r: Anne Marie O'Vandenbos, Myrtle McLittle, Dora O'Graham, and Anne O'Murphy. Rear, Art Campbell, Dorothy O'Foster, Frank McBertrand, Mary O'Louden and John O'Sandy.
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage2There's More to Puppets Than Meet The Eye (p. 13): At R.F. Downey School, a Hansel and Gretal puppet play with Lisa Peconi (8), Heather Wilson (9), and Jennifer Linton (8)
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage3The Color Makes All the Difference At Civic Hospital (p. 1): Mrs. H.S. Vinette, convenor of hospital social and recreation, festoons Bill Robinson's cast with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage4Tepees Stretch The Muscles (p. 16): The Peterborough TeePees of the Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior “A” series are favored to finish in the top three over the 28-game schedule which opens in May. Second-year coach Don Barrie is pictured placing a lacrosse ball between the sticks of Peter Guerin (left) and Tom Parnell as Steve Plunkett (left) and Tom Barrie look on.
1971-03-18 ThursdayImage5Watson Reyolds Rinks Win Leona Woods 'Spiel (p. 16): Skips Audrey Watson and Fern Reynolds plan their next moves. Lindsay rinks won one and two places at the Peterborough Curling Club
1971-03-19 FridayImage1The Black Dress Is Dead (p. 6): Silver vinyl midi coat is worn with black crushed vinyl gaucho hat and vinyl boots by Gail McIntyre. Rose Schacher carries a dressy umbrella with her wool and camel hair suit and completes the outfit with elegant pumps.
1971-03-19 FridayImage2Women's Sales and Advertising Club fashion show (p. 6): models in outfits, Ingrid Arff, Susan Taylor, Stella Hendry and Julie Poole
1971-03-19 FridayImage3Rights Of Unions Must Be Extended To Give Workers A Voice (p. 9): Ed Broadbent, MP Oshawa and candidate for federal NDP leadership in Peterborough at meeting of Union of Electrical Workers. Left, Bruce Hodgins, former federal candidate of Peterborough. NDP and Cyril Carter, riding association president.
1971-03-19 FridayImage5
Claims House Damaged in Raids, Suit Against Police Considered (p. 9): Police raid at 194 London St. boarding house, landlady considers suing:
Image 5 - contents of waste basket strewn over floor
Image 6 - Dresser with emptied drawers
1971-03-19 FridayImage4Art Show at SSFC (p. 9): A public showing of 70 paintings by Canadian artists from the Canadian Industries Ltd. Collection on display at the new SSFC campus. Kenneth Ed of CIL Toronto and Andrew Aarons, coordinator of fine arts, SSFC admire “La Pendule” by Reywald Connelly.
1971-03-19 FridayImage7OOOPS!...Sorry, Champ (p. 10); Monty Keast (6) and his boxing instructor Bill Cridland, former Ontario 175 pound class champ at Midtown Boxing Club
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage1Hog Producers Meet (p. 3): Low price of pork the big issue at 30th annual meeting of Ont. Hog Producer Association. Fred Crowe (left, president) and Clare Curtin of Lindsay, past pres. of Ont. Hog Producers Marketing board.
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage2Cystic Fibrosis Discussed at Peterborough. Chapter of Association (p.6): Dr. Douglas Crozier of Sick Children's Hospital and specialist who treats seven Peterborough children with Cystic Fibrosis spoke at the local association meeting. Pictured with John Longo and Mrs. Jack Chapman
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage3
340 Students Get Work Experience (p. 9):
Image 3 - Patricia Sexsmith, 16 of TAS helps in a professional laundry
Image 4 - Luella Ellis of Norwood H.S. Works in a professional kitchen
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage5
New Courtrooms 'Barely Adequate' But Better Than Before (p. 9):
Image 5 - Provincial Court Judge R.B. Batten
Image 6 - Judge Batten in remodeled courtroom at city hall
1971-03-20 SaturdayImage7Peterborough Panthers (p. 10): In front of large Peterborough Panthers sign, Curly Doherty (left), pres. Of Canadian Travelers Association; Jack Gotta, Ottawa Rough Riders coach; Norm Jamieson and Jeff Adair. The Panthers are the new entry in the Ontario Junior Football League.
1971-03-22 MondayImage1Stamp Show (p. 3): Kawartha Philatelic Society exhibition chairman Jack Hales (left to right), Mrs. Edward Killingbeck, past Pres. And Mrs. Fre Wilkins, program director. There was a two day show at Holiday Inn
1971-03-22 MondayImage2Fringe Benefits Necessary, ACA Head Says (p. 9): at seminar on employee benefits: l-r, W.F. Currie, Dr. J. Brodie, W.G. Johnson (President of American Compensation Ass.), and Henry Nokes, chairman of seminar on benefits at SSFC
1971-03-22 MondayUnpublished negatives:
- young swimmers in water with awards
- man putting theatrical makeup on woman
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage1Rug Hooker Doris Matatall (p.6) with 12 x 9 ft rug she has hooked. Used 66 pounds of wool, which she cut into 170,000 short pieces. She is from England but learned rug hooking in Nova Scotia when she lived there in 1923
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage2
Henry Bennewith, 100 Years old (p. 9):
Image 2 - lives at 492 Mark St., born England, using a carpet sweeper
Image 3 - smoking his pipe
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage4Toys With a Difference (p. 9) Members of the Peterborough Live Steam Club displayed models of several authentic steam locomotives and steam tractors at Lions Club meeting. Henry Moxon, (right) a member of the Steam Club shows Peterborough. Lions president Dennis De Rivers, (left) and Lions program convenor Ron MacGee, one of the trains
1971-03-23 TuesdayImage5Help For The Panthers (p. 10): Curly Doherty (left) president of the Association of Canadian Travellers, presents a cheque to Jeff Adair, president of the Peterbrorough Panthers Junior football team during the ACT’s football banquet. All proceeds from the dinner went to the football team, a new entry in the Ontario Junior Football League.
1971-03-23 TuesdayUnpublished negatives:
- detective (?) wearing suit, holding cocked-open firearm
- two people in costume -one in cowboy hat looks like Linda Wilcox. May be related to 1971-03-22-04
- group of three, one man two women
- group of five or six men around table
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage1
Hobby Show At St. John's Anglican Church (p. 6):
Image 1 - Popsicle stick lamp made by D. Lehman
Image 2 - Rickey Edgington with remote control for his family's handmade model ocean liner
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage3Richard Needham, Globe & Mail columnist, speaking at library
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage4
New Home for Trent Students (p. 17) Peter Robinson college. Two exterior pics
1971-03-24 WednesdayImage6At the YWCA, a band called Ebenezer played in the afternoons for kids during their week off school
1971-03-24 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: more frames of Richard Needham
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage1
Singer Ada Lee (p.3): three close up photos at concert at SSFS;
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage4Rapt young fans (no names) seated with the overflow crowd.
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage5Who Cares About the Weatherman? (p. 3) Kids skipping, l-r, Alan Cummings, 7; Sherry Derrett (7) and Paula Frise (6)
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage6Ada Lee Concert A Great Success (p. 13): accompanied by John Oesterbroek, flute; Dave Marton, drums; John Aquin, bass; Rick Bezemer, guitar; and Ted Moses, piano
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage7The World of Films (p. 13): Gerald Pratley (left) of the Ont. Film Theatre Institute and chief librarian Robert Porter. A film about David Wark Griffith, movie producer in the 1930's, was shown at the library.
1971-03-25 ThursdayImage8Swimming Instructors Complete Compulsive Course (p. 14): Lucille Collins helps Betty Elliott.
1971-03-26 FridayImage1Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jacobs celebrate 50th anniversary at Curve Lake (p. 6): Lorraine, 79, born in Alderville, daughter of Wesley and Alice Beaver
1971-03-26 FridayImage2Petes 3-2 victory over Ottawa (p.10): Blake Dunlop (#18) flattens Pets Craig Ramsay
1971-03-27 SaturdayImage1Making A Game Of Winter (p. 9) Boys playing marbles (these negs were originally filed March 25): Danny Caldwell (8) and Jim Mountney (7) both of Kenneth Ave, in the yard at Prince of Wales School. Photos by Bruce Christensen
1971-03-27 SaturdayImage2
Little NHL Tournament banquet (p.10): three-day tournament ended with parade from Memorial Centre to Empress Hotel for a banquet
Image 2 - Charles Stemp of Peterborough fills those hollow legs
Image 4 - Trevor James of Toronto digs in
1971-03-29 MondayImage1Gary Niziol (p. 9) (left) captain of Peterborough Trident B Team gets the winning teams trophy from Brian McCrodah, president of Trident Underwater Club of Peterborough
1971-03-29 MondayImage2Winters Last Stronghold (p. 9) Brothers Doug (11) and Glenn Bonner find a snow fort a handy place for a snowball fight
1971-03-29 MondayImage3Trentway Peewee All Stars (p. 10): scored a total of 24 goals in four games without allowing opposing teams a single goal while playing in the peewee division of the Little NHL Tournament of Champions at Memorial Centre on weekend. Left to right, front row: Jeff Read, Brian Cowie, David Nobes, Larry Byers, Bob Gardiner, Keith Campbell, Jim McDowell, and Randy Pooles. Back row, Cy Coombes (coach), Jim Grady (trainer), Tom Gerolamy, Blair Larock, John Ross, Paul Lacey, Mike McGillis and Bob Evans (manager).
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage1
This edition has a special Peterborough promotional edition. The pie-eating pictures on page 6a were originally located in Feb 18, 1971 file. Other pie eating photos are in the Unpublished 1970 February folder.
In a scene reminiscent of an early Max Sennet movie, these pie-eaters and others, managed to shovel through some 25 pies, at St. Peter’s High School recently. The event was billed as a pie-eating contest although many contestants opted for pie-wearing instead. The chap wearing the blueberry make up is student Mark Armstrong and the other fellow who is just about to be pronounced full is teacher Pat Kelly. The contest was part of the annual spirit week at St. Peters, which had at one point, students taking over teaching duties from staff.
Image 1 - Pat Kelly, teacher
Image 2 - Student Mark Armstrong
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage3Salvation Army's Drama (p. 3): The Temple Drama Group from the Salvation Army presented 1 ½ hours of drama, Pontius Pilate at the regular service Sunday night. The cast is composed of members of the Salvation Army.
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage4Peterborough's Liftlock Squares (p. 6) danced up a storm at Crestwood District High School Saturday night. Members are preparing for their annual Spring Spree to be held Saturday.
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage5Superintendent of Instruction for the Peterborough County board of education, Jack Nichols (inset) addresses the students of the Peterborough Teachers' College on programs available locally in special education. Mr. Nichols is one of the resource people taking part in the three-day seminar on special education. [inset picture of Nichols is not in this file]
1971-03-30 TuesdayImage6It would be difficult to assess the average age of the crowd which attends junior ‘A’ hockey games at the Memorial Centre. The Petes draw support from every age group, including the likes of six-year-old Tracy Hehn, who proudly supports her red and white Petes booster button. Tracy was three days early for tonight’s opening game of the OHA quarter finals when the picture was snapped Saturday morning at the Little NHL Tournament of Champions. The Petes host the Toronto Marlboros in the first game of their quarter final playoff at the Memorial Centre tonight.
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage1Book Fair Held (p. 3): PCBE library consultant Maureen Pammett and Haliburton county board of education learning material co-ordinator Noel McNeil survey some of the 3,000 books supplied for the area Book Fair by publishers and publisher's representatives. The Fair, which ends today has been set up to accommodate the small libraries and school libraries in the Peterborough area.
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage2
Haddasah Antique Show (p. 6):
Image 2 - Mrs. Frank Katz with antique sewing box
Image 3 - Carol Pulver, convenor, with china biscuit box
Image 4 - Melanie McKenna parked herself in an antique rocker, with the owner's permission
1971-03-31 WednesdayImage5Most Farm Hazards Are Man-Made Hydro Official Tells Safety Group (p. 21): Oscar Snyder of the Ontario Farm Safety Council, Guelph; Mrs. Lorne Reynolds, chairman of the Peterborough. Farm Safety Council; and Grant Webber of Ontario Hydro.
1971 April
1971-04-01 ThursdayImage1Catholic Women Will Urge Bishops To Allow Abortion (p. 6): Rosemary Ganley discusses the Status of Women Report. She was afraid it would be anti-male and anti-baby, but instead found it recommended family and child welfare based on the premise that child rearing is a joint responsibility between mother, father and the community
1971-04-01 ThursdayImage2
Fooled You (p. 13) Barbara Dufrane (9) reacts to a fake spider her brother (not named) teases her with on April Fool’s Day.
1971-04-01 ThursdayImage4Art Display at Trent U. (p. 3): Timothy Turner, chairman of fine arts committee at Trent looks at work by Toronto artist Joan Willsher-Martel at MacKenzie Gallery
1971-04-01 ThursdayImage5Water Pollution Discussion (p. 21): Robert Reynolds (left) Superintendent Lindsay Board of Water Commissioners and Charles Kretch of consulting firm in Bramalea, at meeting of Ontario division of American Water Works.
1971-04-02 FridayImage1SSFC Fashion Show (p. 6): the lobby-like stairs were used for viewers' seating and the fashion show. No names
1971-04-02 FridayImage2Wooden Stones (p. 9): Sandy McLean saws wood that will soon be a rock – a curling rock in the 13th annual Kids Cordwood Bonspiel at Northcrest Arena. Sandy saws in the shop at Central School while Terry Robertson operates the lathe and Robert Connor, recreation department director watches. Each entrant must supply their own “rock” made of wood. (n.b. Two students are named but only one is in the picture.)
1971-04-02 FridayImage3
North Cavan P.S. Student Watch Walt Disney movie every week (p. 9):
Image 3 - Fred Vallekoop, Gr. 8, runs the projector
Image 4 - Tickets cost 10 cents. Kathy Adams and Cathy Parks, both in Gr. 8, count the day's receipts
Image 5 - Lynda Plumton and Brenda Shaw, both in grade 8, collect tickets from Judy Daniel (7) and Alfred Maynard (7) at theatre entrance.
1971-04-03 SaturdayImage1IODE Officers Installed at Municipal Meeting (p. 6): Looking over the chapter's annual report, from left, Mrs. Harold Baker, regent; Mrs. E.F. MacKay, 1st vice president of provincial chapter; and Mrs. W. Gordon Hall, honorary regent
1971-04-03 SaturdayImage2Getting Ready For Spring (p. 9): five kids on three tricycles. No names.
1971-04-03 SaturdayImage3Veteran Curler Belies Age Barrier, Completes 56th season in Sport (p.1 0): George Gable measure rocks at PCC
1971-04-05 MondayImage1Examiner Carrier Boys Win Prizes. (p. 3) Steve Braniff, Terry Henry, and Gordon Lush accept gifts from circulation manager Ernest Beatty
1971-04-05 MondayImage2Dominion Staff Protest IGA, Becker Sunday Opening (p. 3) (35mm): protestors with signs picket Jeffries IGA in Cobourg
1971-04-05 MondayImage3What Is Art? (p. 13): Painter Alex Millar describe artists absorbing their subject and then expressing feelings about it. He spoke to the Women's Art Association at YWCA
1971-04-05 MondayImage42,000 Attend Annual Event (p. 13): Susan Powsey (9) watches Pam Hallatt (2) taste sap at ORCA maple syrup demo at Warsaw Caves. It was a bad year for sap, ORCA brought in 54 gallons of syrup from Orillia for samples
1971-04-05 MondayImage5Wire Sculpture (p. 13) Pam Pilkington's was one of the contemporary designs at a “craft happening” hosted by the Peterborough recreation committee
1971-04-05 MondayImage6Taxes Rob People Says Shippam. (p. 13): at unemployment forum at PCVS: Stanley Shippam, general manager of the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, Ross Russell of the United Electrical Workers, panel chairman Michel Trudeau, Ray Peters, chairman of the UWUO, and Bryan Belfont, writer for Labour Challenge. The forum was sponsored by students of Champlain College.
1971-04-05 MondayImage7Cordwood Winners (p. 14): from the Kids Cordwood Bonspiel, sponsored by Peterborough Recreation Committee, front, Don Campanaro (second) and Tom Doyle (vice). Back Tom Stewart, skip, and Doug Campanaro
1971-04-05 MondayUnpublished negatives: three adults, one woman two men looking at something she is holding up (x-rays?)
1971-04-06 TuesdayImage1Information Centre Opened (p. 13): United Workers and Unemployed Organization co-chairman Ray Peters turns the key to the new self-help info centre. Looking on, Mrs. Myrtle Foster, secretary; Donald Tansley, service worker; Mrs. Flora Givens, treasurer; and William Amell, co-chairman
1971-04-06 TuesdayImage2Young Generation Praised By Fisher For Social Awareness, Love For Man (p. 13): John Fisher spoke to Canadian Club. With him, his brother Dr. George C. Fisher, a founding member of the club and Miss Margaret McCulloch, member.
1971-04-06 TuesdayUnidentified negatives:
- woman and dog (two frames)
- seniors at tables in room with a stage
- elderly people at tables (three frames)
1971-04-07 WednesdayImage1Kipp Campbell and Jennifer Silcox, work with United Community Services, have conducted city-wide interviews to determine needs and priorities in social services. Their surveys will be the raw material for Operation Update.
1971-04-07 WednesdayImage2
Kids playing, (p. 17):
Image 2 - Lorna Graziano (7), Monique Rishea (3), Maria Graziano (11) on swings
Image 3 - Up a tree, Greg McCallum (9) and below him Kim Corp (5) and Darleane McCallum (7)
Image 4 - Tim Magill (6) and Chris Jones (9) playing catch
1971-04-07 WednesdayImage5Canadian Manufacturers’ Association president A. G. W. Sinclair
1971-04-07 WednesdayImage6Undefeated Champions (p. 20): won the Vic Skips Club Championship at PCC. Left to right: Don Ferguson, skip; Peter Morley, vice; Tony Pasula (second) and Tom Cook (lead)
1971-04-07 WednesdayUnidentified negative: head shot of woman. Wearing turtleneck, hair pulled back
1971-04-08 ThursdayImage1Furniture Designer Talks Of New Trends (p. 6): Henry Adam, at Simpson Sears to promote the Designer Group
1971-04-08 ThursdayImage2Quota Club District Governor Evelyn Horne buys the first balloon from Dr. Kathleen Shaughnessy in their Balloon Day in the fundraising campaign, in past years members used a machine to inflate thousands of balloons.
1971-04-08 ThursdayImage3Will The Real Easter Bunny Please Stand Up? (p.13): Laurie Christensen, 1 ½, daughter of photographer Bruce Christensen with bunnies
1971-04-08 ThursdayImage4Pulmonary Function Indicator at Civic (p. 13): Peter Talusma, inhalation therapist, and Mrs. H.G. Carleton, president Of Peterborough County Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association look at the new device
1971-04-08 ThursdayImage5Drivers Meet (p. 14): Jim Hook (left) and Brian Aitken with a poster with opening date of Westgate Speedway
1971-04-23 FridayImage1A Rival For Examiner? (p. 6): Edmison Heights Baptist Church CGIT members started their own newspaper. l-r, Reporters Judy Floyd, Alana Murray, Kim Purdy, Linda Millar, Denise Kelsey, and Renee Hu. In back, CGIT leader Sharon Kingdon
1971-04-23 FridayImage2
Have Hats Had It? (p. 6): Ladies' opinions on hats, five head shots:
Image 2 - Miss Joan Reid,
Image 3 - Mrs. Lois Seaborn,
Image 4 - Mrs. Lois Seed (Steed?),
Image 5 - Miss Eunice Miles,
Image 6 - and Mrs. Beulah Pond
1971-04-23 FridayImage7Kiwanis Club Honors Adjudicators (p. 13) George McElroy of Toronto, Mrs. Iris Sproule, Secretary of festival, Mrs. Gladys Whitehead of Hamilton, and John Nornabell, chairman of festival
1971-04-23 FridayImage8Ojibway Indian Seeking Solution to Problems (p. 13): Harvey McCue
1971-04-23 FridayImage9
Jerry Stevens, Examiner reporter tests Nerf ball with fire (p. 13)
1971-04-23 FridayImage12Len Smith (left) and Herb Taylor (75) at YMCA pool (p. 14)
1971-04-23 FridayImage13U.E.W. Conference in city. George Davidson president Local 524 UEW and C.S. Jackson, national president (p. 1)
1971-04-23 FridayUnpublished negative: one photo of woman, maybe for hat story
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage1Dr. James P. Henniger (p. 3) will be feature soloist with Peterborough. Symphony, performing Mendelsohn's violin concerto
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage2
YMCA Gym Show (p. 6):
Image 3 - Laurie Harterre on balance beam;
Image 4 - Kim Allen on the horse;
Image 5 - Marie Krejcova helps Shannon Allan on the horse
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage5Bavarian Evening (p. 6): Professional Engineers Wives Association Verna Duckworth and Anne Fear, dance convenor
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage6Parachute Fun In Central Gym (p. 6): reunion night activity for 39 members of lacrosse teams that competed in Battle Creek, Michigan
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage7Garbage Dump Verulam and Harvey Townships, Bobcaygeon (p. 9): refuse and brush are being burned, against the rule
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage8R.H. Carley, (p. 6) (h&s): City lawyer appointed to LSUC Law Society of Upper Canada
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage9
It Will Do Anything For A Nibble (p. 9):
Some creatures will do almost anything for a nibble, like this bold 'Peterborough' squirrel. Joe Russell of 264 Stewart St., who picked up his furry friend at the corner of Stewart and King Streets, says that he has trained up to seven squirrels to seek nuts from his back pocket. However, due to traffic along the street, the number has been reduced to three over the years through accidents.
Here Mr. Russell attracts one friendly but cautious squirrel, always on the lookout for something, usually a nut. And after the handout is taken, it's up to the pocket, where there is sure to be more, then a flying leap to safety, just in case a problem may follow such a crunchie piece of luck. Bruce Christensen photo
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage13Gymnastic Team Champions (p. 8) at first annual PCBE gymnastic meet: Prince of Wales P.S. Captured both the junior and senior team titles a gymnastic meet. Teams combined for pyramid shot with Todd Batley on the shoulders of John Storey (left) and Wayne Batley. Supporting Storey and Batley (from l-r) are Keith Herzog, Dorwin Vardy, and Peter Buott. The bottom row consists of Wade Proctor, Bill Brierley, Jeff Bird, Willie LaRue, Bruce Herzog, and Gary Faulkner. Mr. D. Jewell, instructor and Lenny Bird are on the far right.
1971-04-24 SaturdayImage14Provincial Bowling Championships (p. 10): Peterborough Court Kawartha 747 team captured the Ontario Independent Order of Foresters bowling championship at Sudbury with a team score of 6693. Peterborough was presented with the Les Morgan Memorial Trophy in the first annual tournament. From l -r: Carolyn Mills, Linda Crowder, Bev Vondette, and Blair Mills. Ron Crowder and Jack Vondette admire their team and individual trophies.
1971-04-26 MondayImage1Kayak Races (p. 11): Boy Scouts from the Peterborough area braved the icy waters of Jackson Creek on Saturday for the annual kayak races. Under blustery skies, the scouts paddled in two heats – downriver ad slalom races. Winners of the two-mile down river were Don Irvine, senior, with the time of 27 minutes 57 seconds and Ralph Beler, junior with time of 29 minutes 10 seconds. In the slalom, Eckart Rapin's time of four minutes three seconds too first place for senior race. Allan Westman won the junior race with four minutes and 58 seconds.
1971-04-27 TuesdayImage1Beta Sigma Phi Celebrates 40th Anniversary (p. 6): Mrs. Max Middleton (left) and Mrs. Spiro Zakos (right) were presented with the Order of the Rose of Beta Sigma Phi Society by Chris Fulford, society president. The presentation was made during the annual dinner last night at Rock Haven.
1971-04-27 TuesdayImage2Stanley and Rose Lee celebrated their 50th anniversary Sat. They lived at 631 Brown. He served in WWI with the 93rd Battalion and later worked as a motor mechanic. They have two children, Alvin and Noreen (Mrs. John Loucks). Mrs. Lee did oil painting as a hobby for years.
1971-04-27 TuesdayImage3Came to Canada To Learn Farming, Japanese Man 'Would Like To Stay' (p. 9): Fujio N. Yanagawa and Steve Glenn (12, left) at the Glenn Farm near Keene. Fujio arrived in Vancouver in January with eight of his countrymen as a part of a scheme between the Japanese government and Canadian immigration office to help increase agricultural trade between the countries.
1971-04-27 TuesdayImage4Optimist Club (p. 9): President Raymond Gallagher sells the first ticket to city resident Orville Deyell.
1971-04-27 TuesdayImage5Lions Honor Namesakes (p. 10): Peterborough Lions honored the hockey club which bore the organization's name over the over the past hockey season and presented two trophies to individual players on the Canada Games champion Junior 'B' Lions. Lion Joe Boland (extreme left) presented the McCarthy and Johnston Trophy for team's most-valuable-player to Len Powers (second from left). Jim Johnston (second from left) received Bert Sisson trophy for team's leading scorer. The players were guests of honor at the Lions' Club dinner-meeting Monday. A film of the 1970 Stanley Cup playoffs was shown and Len Cooper displayed film slides of the team's trip to the Canada Games in February.
1971-04-28 WednesdayImage1Fun On The Bikes (p. 3) Unnamed kids on bikes enjoying the spring weather.
1971-04-28 WednesdayImage2Children's Fashion Show (p. 6): A great variety of styles and materials available in children's fashions was shown to an enthusiastic audience Wednesday night at Rock Haven as the Kinette Club held a card party and fashion show. All proceeds were for the Canadian Cancer Society. From left, Robert Liss, Kathryn Liss, Jana Blakely, Steven Markus, Danny Vasiga, Shelly Harrington and Joanne Casiga, Mrs. Diane Liss was convenor and Alderman Alene Holt was commentator.
1971-04-28 WednesdayImage3Kay Teschke (p. 6): head shot, 18, Trent student and delegate to NDP convention where a resolution to have 50/50 representation of men and women in the party executive did not pass. She said it might be a good thing, as the party would now have to prove it wasn't necessary.
1971-04-28 WednesdayImage4Rifle Cub (p. 21): Thomas A. Stewart Rifle Club members practise at the Fish and Game Club. The 16-member club hopes to have competition from other schools. Freya Sumbler (foreground) Ken Mark and Mike Kubica.
1971-04-28 WednesdayImage5Watching Lakers at Workout (p.32): Don Bye (left), president of Peterborough Lakers watches the team practice
1971-04-29 ThursdayImage199 Years Young (p. 6): Florence Rendell, 99, with her great-great granddaughter Kim Klingbeil (4). She came to Canada from England 70 years ago, and was a dressmaker. Her husband Sydney operated a market garden at the site of Simpson Sears at Monaghan and Lansdowne St.
1971-04-29 ThursdayImage2
Applying for summer jobs (p. 17):
Image 2 - About 58 applicants took a final examination Wednesday in the pre-selection orientation course for summer program leaders of the city recreation department. Only 43 candidates will be hired for positions as playground, day camp and sports leaders in the summer program. In the top photo, applicants write their test.
Image 3 - Below, some of the duties of the program leaders are explained by C.M. Bitton recreation dept. director, with (l-r) Carol Martin, Jim Hobson, and Lynne Thomson.
1971-04-29 ThursdayImage4American Visitors (p. 17): Mayor Douglas Galvin (left) welcomes T. G. Everett, band director of the Batavia, New York, High School Band, and Allen Andrews, band president, while Kathy McMullen, PCVS band president, and Mrs. Barbara Scott band director, look on. The Batavia band is a guest of PCVS for a three-day exchange program. The local band will travel to Batavia May 9
1971-04-30 FridayImage1Now Worth $1,000 (p.3): Sydney Bowman of Bowmanville Furniture and Antiques with a “Chinese Chippendale” hall seat, made in Canada in early 19th Century. He bought it in New Brunswick
1971-04-30 FridayImage2
Tying Themselves In Knots (p. 6):
Image 2 - Macrame class at Dixon House: Close up of Gertrude Ox's hands tying delicate knots;
Image 3 - Rose Baker explains monkey pod knot to Louise Davis
1971-04-30 FridayImage4It's Easy Once You Get The Knack (p. 11): Corporal Robert Conners of RCMP shows Steven McKee and Jane Banks how to play a vibraphone. Both are Grade 5 students at King George School. They were two of 9,000 students from public and separate elementary area schools treated to two free concerts by the RCMP band at the Memorial Centre Thursday. About 120 buses were used to transport the students.
1971-04-30 FridayImage Pending'Everyone Out to Knock Us Off' Says Larks' Coach Etcheverry (p. 12): Sam Etcheverry (second from left) was guest speaker at the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association’s annual dinner Thursday at the Empress. Jack Vollering, president of the association and to Etcheverry's right, chats with the coach of the Montreal Alouettes along with Sister Pelletier, dinner organizer, and Mayor Doug Galvin. An Examiner reporter asked Etcheverry about “the Duncan incident”, in which the coach suspended a key player, Denis Duncan, for discipline reason, days before an important playoff game. The Alouettes went on to with the Grey Cup.
1971-04-30 FridayUnpublished negatives: man in double-breasted suit
1971 May
1971-05-01 SaturdayImage1Pollution Probe Project (p. 6): Probe coordinator Jim White with volunteer Lois Morse
1971-05-01 SaturdayImage2
St. Joseph's alumni dance (p. 6): Looking over door prizes for the St. Joseph's Hosptial nursing school alumnae, two couples, members of the reception line, David Healey and Mrs. Healy, dance convenor; and Dr. David May, president of St. Joseph's staff and Mrs. May
1971-05-01 SaturdayImage3Local Farmers Giving Away Food In Protest Against Low Profits (p. 9): Siphoning unpasteurized milk into consumers' containers and explaining the farmers' stand, kept this farmer and 30 others busy Friday afternoon. The farmers, all members of the National Farmers' Union, brought their trucks and free handouts to parking lots at the Market Plaza near the Kmart store to back the union in its nation-wide protest.
1971-05-03 MondayImage1Operation Placement Opened at Canada Manpower (p. 3): More than 1,000 city school students have already registered for summer employment with the Operation Placement program of the Canada Manpower Centre. (Left) Mayor Douglas Galvin and (right) R.E. Kenzie, manager of CMC, watch as MP Hugh Faulkner cuts the ribbon for the office in the basement of city hall.
1971-05-03 MondayImage2Ronnie Hawkins Rolls Royce Gets Back Its Classical Look (p. 3): Hawkins picked his car up in Warsaw from Harry Sherry (nine 35mm negatives)
1971-05-03 MondayImage3Spring Flooding Serious (p. 5): On the Trent River, east of the control dam at Hastings
1971-05-03 MondayImage4Cub and Scout Auxiliaries (p. 6): All the Cubs and Scouts in town made their own lunches Saturday because their moms were meeting at George St. United Church. From left, looking at a display of badges are Barbara Beck, president of the George St. group, Anne LaRivers, secretary of the Edmison Heights Auxiliary and Muriel Speller, president of the district committee to the Scout Mothers Auxiliary.
1971-05-03 MondayImage5Living and Loving (p. 6): Sex, marriage and the family were the main discussion topics for 130 women who attended the district assembly of Lutheran Church Women held at Christ Lutheran Church on Highland Rd. Theme of the meeting was “living and Loving.” Brian Kelly of United Community Services, Vic Castellano of Family Counselling Service and Rev. Henry Fisher of Faith Lutheran Church, Ottawa were guest panelists. Pictured above are Marg Klinck, Hanover; Rev. Henry Fisher, Oshawa; Dorothy Bowes, Dundas; Rev. Walter Becker, pastor of Christ Lutheran Church; and Shirley Dimoff, president of Christ Lutheran Church Women.
1971-05-03 MondayImage6Roloff Beny. World Famous Photographer (p. 9): is 100% Canadian. In Peterborough to promote his show in Toronto. Photographer of book “To Everything There Is A Season”
1971-05-03 MondayImage7Kinsman Comes Second in Sr. Men's Division at gymnastics meet (p. 10): Tom Kinsman does a flip
1971-05-04 TuesdayImage1
On the street opinions (p. 6): Men are asked about long hair on men:
Image 1 - George Campbell (photo ran backwards)
Image 2 - Jim Fleming
Image 3 - Richard Henderson (photo ran backwards)
Image 4 - Andrew Ignatieff
Image 5 - Ted Gale
Image 6 - Donald Osborne
1971-05-04 TuesdayImage7Alison Gerry Receives Gordon Minty Trophy (p. 14) (35 mm): Y Swim Club trophy winners: Alison Gerry kneels in foreground with the Gordon Minty Memorial Trophy as the Peterborough YMCA's most outstanding swimmer of the 1970-71 season. Others receiving Y swim club trophies at the club's annual awards banquet were (counter clockwise): Len Cantello, Birgitte Alting-Mees, Rhonda Simpson, Judy Mortlock and Doug Anzai.
1971-05-04 TuesdayImage8Henry Wins Unanimous Decision; 600 Fight Fans See Card at Midtown Boxing Club: Walter Henry backs away from Art Rent
1971-05-05 WednesdayImage1Carrier Wins Bike (p. 3): Port Hope Examiner carrier Kelly Bisset of Pine St., Port Hope and W.J. Garner, publisher and general manager Peterborough Examiner
1971-05-05 WednesdayImage2Rose Teather (p. 6): head shot, new Residence and Food Services Director, YWCA
1971-05-05 WednesdayImage3The Ice Has Gone but... (p. 17): scenic picture of old bridge over Jackson Creek. Robert Beavers photo
1971-05-05 WednesdayImage4Get Lesson In Safety (p. 17): Children at Edmison Heights School were given a lesson today on safety around electrical installations by Ron Sinclair, right, chairman of the Peterborough Utilities Commission and Jake MacInally, a PUC foreman.
1971-05-05 WednesdayImage5Neilson Inks One Year Contract (p. 20): Doug Nobes (left) and Herb Warr watch Roger Neilson sign contract to coach Petes 1971-72 season.
1971-05-06 ThursdayImage1Traffic Safety Award For City (p.17): Peterborough is one of 43 Canadian Cities that went without a traffic accident during Safe Driving Week Dec. 1 to 7, held annually by the Canadian Safety Council. Communities with more than 44,000 population qualify under the program. On hand for presentation for a certificate of citation to the city were (from left): OPP Cpl. Fred Gooly, accident prevention coordinator; Mayor Douglas Galvin; Don Edwards, traffic safety consultant with the Ont. Dept. of Transport; city police chief Jack Shrubb; and Sgt. Maj. Stanley Palmateer of OPP District 8.
1971-05-06 ThursdayImage2Graduate Scuba Divers (p. 17): Graduation ceremonies of 48 new scuba divers were held Wednesday at Trent U. Janet Johnstone, Sharon Peers and Bob Peers receive certificates from Ben Davis, a well-known member of the diving world while course director Dave Addyman looks on. The divers completed a 12-week course to qualify for certificates.
1971-05-06 ThursdayImage3Music Concert at Kenner (p.17): Over 400 attended the last concert of the Kenner Collegiate band under the direction of Joseph Curran Wednesday night. Mr. Curran, who will be retiring at the end of the term, led the band to top honors in its class at the Kiwanis Music Festival this year.
1971-05-06 ThursdayUnpublished negatives: outdoor concert across from Empress Hotel, Market Hall. Brass band. Salvation Army band? Shows the corner of Water and Simcoe Streets, and the back of Market Hall.
1971-05-07 FridayImage1Shows Teacher Evolution (p. 3): Mural painted by five student teachers in main hall at Peterborough Teachers College. Robert Hall, chairman of the art and music exhibition, looks at the mural called “Achievement” by Stephen Rashotte, Colin Edwards, Suzanne Gravelle, Kevin McFarlane and Christopher O'Brien.
1971-05-07 FridayImage2
Home Economics Classes Ready for ARC Industries Open House (p. 6) (two photos):
Image 2 - Mrs. Evelyn Hamblin (centre) (no other names)
Image 3 - two trainees spread peanut butter they made from fresh peanuts (no names)
1971-05-07 FridayImage4
More Money, Greater Participation Urged (p. 13):
Image 4 - OMRA conference: C.M. Bitton deputy director of recreation for Peterborough (cutline says he is at right, but he is in centre) congratulates Clare Christie of Owen Sound, the new president of Ontario Municipal Recreation Association. Gerald Hales (left) works for Peterborough Recreation Committee.
Image 5 - Robert Welch, Minister of Education and with Terry Axelson, OMRA immediate past president and member of committee that produced a report on recreational services in Ontario
1971-05-07 FridayImage6
Worm Pickers (p. 13):
Image 6: Equipped with head lamps and pails, John Rudd and Jim Rudd pick worms for Peterborough Live Bait. Worm pickers make $5 per 1,000 worms
Image 7 - Worm pickers Emily Papp, Roy Chesney and Phil Reid choose their bait after a night's hunting
1971-05-07 FridayImage9Golf Season Opens At Peterborough Golf and Country Club (p. 14) Mrs. S.J. Williamson. Right gets a little help in her putting from Mrs. Hugh Waddell (left), Mrs. Eileen Henley and Mrs. Garry Rishor at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club. The women's 18-hole section opened the season with shot-gun competition. They will hold weekly events until October.
1971-05-07 FridayImage8Guest Speakers Arrive AT OMRA (p. 14): Bruce Kidd follows his father James Robbins Kidd into the OMRA conference
1971-05-07 FridayImage10Lacrosse (p. 14) Sandy Lynch (2) helps PCO Greg Thomas.
1971-05-07 FridayUnpublished Negatives: ten 2 ¼ frames of kids (in day care?) Four of these were used May 25.
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage1
Foster Mother of the Year Says Children's Progress Is Her Reward (p. 6):
Image 1 - Pictured is the entire Forsyth family: left to right, back row are Gary (11), Jane (15), Wesley (16), Gregory (13), Glen (10). Front, sitting, Grant (7) Jan Forsyth and her husband Larry, Renee (9), Graham (4), and Gordon (9). Gordon, Jane and Renee attend the Ontario School for the Deaf in Belleville.
Image 2 - Sixteen-year-old Wesley is unable to attend the Ontario School for the Deaf at Belleville because he can't read lips, but he's doing well with his guitar lessons.
Image 3 - Jane (15) holds a cookie while four-year-old Graham demonstrates the sign for “cookie.” One hand is held flat with fingers outstretched while the other cupped hand makes the motion of a cookie cutter.
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage4Tax Dollars Spread Too Thinly, Turner Tells Recreation Meeting (p. 9): Four politicians Friday gave their own versions of a councilor’s view of municipal recreation to about 50 delegates attending the annual conference of the Ontario Municipal Recreation Association. In Peterborough. The three-day conference ends today. From left are Mayor Leo Del Villano of Timmins, Alderman Dennis Timbrell of North York; panel moderator Robert Christie, Councilor David Logan of Lindsay and Alderman Philip Turner of Peterborough.
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage5OMRA Speaker (p. 9) A.R. Schmidt, a senior regional development analyst with the department of treasury and economics
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage6Quebec Visitors Welcomed (p. 9): Forty Quebec students were given an official welcome to Peterborough by Mayor Douglas Galvin and Walter Pitman, MPP for Peterborough. The students are here on an exchange visit with Crestwood Secondary School students. From left are John Chynoweth, head of the CSS French department; Mr. Pitman; Cathy Yeoman, also from the Crestwood French department. Mme. Beatrice Bedard and English teacher from the Albert L'Heureux Ecole Secondaire of Coaticook, Quebec; Monique Bokduc, also of Coaticook, and Mayor Galvin.
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage7Intermediate Basketball Champs and cheerleaders (p. 10): Immaculate Conception boys basketball team won the Peterborough separate school intermediate championships, defeating St. John's 20-15 in the final game. Randy Gates paced the winners with 11 points. Shown left to right, back row, Eric O'Donnell (assistant coach), Dan Tapp, Chris Gainey, John L., Terry Angevarre, Randy Gates, J. Murdock (coach); middle row, Tom Teasdale, Greg Guerin, Mike Hennessy, Ted Hennessy, Terry Healey, Dennis Berger; front row, cheerleaders, Mary Hickey, Irene Sich, Debbie Berger, Christine Shine, Jane O'Donoghue and Lisa Moher.
1971-05-08 SaturdayImage8OMHA president says Minor Hockey starts too early for youngsters – panel discussion
1971-05-10 MondayImage1Pollution Fighters: Here's How to Decrease Your Garbage (p. 6): Craig Dunford (3) looks on as his friend Moira Nordholt (4) and her mother put out a week's accumulation of garbage.
1971-05-10 MondayImage250th anniversary for couple (p. 6): Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wakeford
1971-05-10 MondayImage3
Walk Turnout Much Higher than Expected (p. 9): Miles For Millions Walk, 3,500 expected, 5,000 turned up:
Image 2 - Ingrid Miles and Sharon Toms put their feet up
Image 3 - Among the 5,000 participants in Saturday's Miles for Millions walk were Edmison Heights Students Greg Young (13), David Morrisson (13), Lynda Carey (12) Anne Lawrence (13) and Susan Halonen
1971-05-10 MondayImage4A Big One (p. 9): A 10-pound, 3-ounce pickerel gave Bill Simpson of 112 Dumble St. a lively fight on the opening of the pickerel season early Saturday morning. The fish took Mr. Simpson's lure at about 2 a.m. off an island on Pigeon Lake. Using a five-pound nylon test line, Mr. Simpson worked the fish to shore, then hefted it onto the rocks. Mr. Simpson, who is retired, says fishing and duck hunting are his favorite hobbies.
1971-05-10 MondayUnpublished negatives:
- man at podium
- nine 35mm frames of three wheeled vehicles
1971-05-11 TuesdayImage1
Fashion Show At Crestwood Tonight (p. 6):
Home economics students in grades nine to 11 will present a pageant of their own fashion creations tonight in the auditorium. Seventy-five students will participate in the student-organized show.
Image 1 - (left) Debbie King wearing a Spanish gaucho suit.
Image 2 - At right are Dorothy Morton modelling a mini-dress and Joan Glenn in a summer midi.
1971-05-11 TuesdayImage3Nurses Conference (p. 6) Harriet Kinney, right of Peterborough, a representative of the Kawartha Chapter of the Registered Nurses Ass. Of Ontario, was one of 1,500 delegates from across Ontario who attended the two-day provincial conference in Toronto recently. In the picture, Miss Kinney receives her delegate badge from Kay Lewis of the provincial association In Toronto.
1971-05-11 TuesdayImage4Author Richard Wright (p. 9): of Lakefield, author of The Weekend Man”
1971-05-11 TuesdayImage5Petes' Team Pics Mounted in Memorial Centre Corridors (p. 10) Harry Baptie, Marlow Banks
1971-05-11 TuesdayImage6Team Work Emphasized in PMLA Lacrosse School (p. 10): P.M.L.A. Instructors Peter Guerin, Jim Wason, Ken Byers and Al Walsh
1971-05-12 WednesdayImage1City Honors Lions (p. 3): Ald. Alene Holt presents a pair of City of Peterborough cufflinks to Dave Cooper, captain if the Canada Games champion Peterborough Lions Junior 'B' Hockey Club at a civic dinner held in the team's honor.Bill Twist, coach of the team is on the right.
1971-05-12 WednesdayImage2Easy Does It (p. 21) (35mm): Canoes are back in season. Barb Mayer, T.A.S.S. Grade 12 student Barb Mayer takes to the Otonabee with a little push from phys. ed. Instructor Jim Moodie. A meeting was to be held that night in the Trent room of the CIAG building for those interested in starting a canoe club.
1971-05-12 WednesdayImage3Builders Need More Funds (p. 21): The problems of insufficient flow of funds within the construction industry and financing of construction projects were the subjects if an address to the Peterborough District Construction Exchange Tuesday night by John Sadler (left) national manager of the Construction Industry. With him is Herman Ksander, president of the local exchange
1971-05-12 WednesdayImage4
Chile to Peterborough: Bandita and flat tires fail to stop firemen (p. 21) (two photos): volunteer firemen in their hometown of Conception, Chile, Ariel Betancourt (dark hair) and Roberto Schmidlin (fair hair) travelled from firehall to firehall in a 1929 Dodge.
1971-05-12 WednesdayImage6Lacrosse: Clark Scores Four Markers to Lead Twin Lakes Paving to 19 – 6 Victory (p. 24): Bob Birkhof, centre, president of the Twin Lakes Paving Junior 'B' lacrosse team, drops the ball to open the home season at Civic arena. Facing off is Peter Self, left and Oshawa's John Janetos.
1971-05-12 WednesdayUnpublished negatives: 10 negs of accident between a pickup and a Volkswagen
1971-05-13 ThursdayImage1POSCA Fashion Show (p. 6): Members of the Peterborough Ornamental Swim club at a Fashion Show and Bridge night at Rock Haven, raising funds for a proposed trip to Florida next year. 14 swimmers modeled fashions from Walkers Ltd. Hair fashions were by Chez Barry. Jean Gallagher convened the show. Pictured: Diane Siddall (front); rear, from left, Susan Powell, Lucille Collins, and Lynda Seili.
1971-05-13 ThursdayImage2
Flowers For City Streets (p. 13):
Image 2 - Artificial flowers used last year have reappeared on George St. Alderman George Bennett hands one of the bouquets to Mayor Douglas Galvin (right) while Alderman Anthony Ip, George Kerr of the Parks Department and Peterborough Downtown Association President Frank Gishman (holding flag) look on.
Image 3 - Ted Quick, parks dept. employee, places flowers in a high basket.
1971-05-13 ThursdayImage4Discussing recent political events (p. 13) as they affect the Progressive Conservative Party are Robert Page, left, chairman of the local PC policy committee; Doug Sweet, a Young PS delegate to the recent party leadership convention and Sandy Fleming, president of the local association.
1971-05-13 ThursdayImage5Junior Achievers Will Get Awards (p. 13): Linda McCrank (left) and Karen Eano study a lantern made by fellow junior achievers. Behind are the trophies that will be presented at the closing banquet for parents and the 120 persons involved. Guest speaker will be Les Haywood of Atomic Energy of Canada. His topic will be youth and business.
1971-05-13 ThursdayImage6Most Popular Player (p. 16): John Garrett, left, goalie of the Peterborough TPT Petes, received the Knox award from Mort Knox, right, at Pete's banquet earlier this week. The award, a watch, is presented annually to the most popular player chosen by the fans. Garrett spent two years with the Petes and was the top goalie in the Ontario Hockey Association Major Junior 'A' league this year.
1971-05-14 FridayImage1Dance Band portion of Crestwood School band (p. 3) (35m): 45 members of Crestwood school band will tour England for 30 days, including a stop in Peterborough, England. Picture is of the Dance band. (there is a larger group shot in the unpublished negatives)
1971-05-14 FridayImage2All Set To Go (p. 3): Examiner carrier Phil Northey (11, Sherbrooke St.), second winner in the Examiner bicycle draw with assistant circulation manager. Bernard McCracken.
1971-05-14 FridayImage3Poster Winners (p. 6): All public school children who entered posters in the Peterborough Lakers lacrosse contest were guests of the club at the season's opening game Thursday night. More than 900 posters were entered. Flanked by Dr. Don Curtis (left) and George Campbell (right) community school director, are: Bob Hunt, grade 7-8 runner-up; Anne McIsaac, grade 7-8 winner; Michelle Skinner, grade 4-6 winner and Susan Connelly, grade 4-6 runner-up.
1971-05-14 FridayImage4Lacrosse, Peterborough Lakers vs Aurora Astros (p. 14): Goalie Bryan Cuddy foiled Jim Grady on break away
1971-05-14 FridayUnpublished negatives:
- young kids in costume in front of “Hat Shop”
- large group band members (Crestwood?)
- kid in day care
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage1PTC Closing exercises (p. 3) (35mm): Closing exercises for the academic year 1970-71 were held Thursday night at the Peterborough Teachers College with ten students received awards for achievement during the year and 51 students named to the college honor roll. A total of 337 students are eligible for graduation this year.
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage2May Time Tea (p. 6): Mrs. William Warren pours tea for Mrs. T.R. Norman (left) and Mrs. Harold Paquette, pres. Of Knox UCW at their May-time Tea. About 300 people visited the church hall with its festive May-pole and fresh flowers.
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage3It's The Dogs' Show (p. 9): The International Championship Dog Show now under way at the Memorial Centre and sponsored by the Kawartha Kennel Club in conjunction with the Canadian Kennel Club is expected to feature 1,315 entries from across Canada. In the picture, Sandi Pierce from Kingston (left) is seen with Gregory, 3-year-old English Sheepdog. Her sister Mordeen Pierce is behind Tara, a 10-month-old Dachshund.
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage4It Was Bev Goulding Day (p. 9): B. G. Goulding, vice principal of Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational Institute was presented by students with a trophy bearing his name. The trophy will be given each year to the school's best athlete. During the 27 years he spent at PCVS he was active in sports and coached the basketball and football teams for 16 years. The presentation was made by Robert Turner (left) while Sandra Halme (right) presented Mrs. Goulding with a bouquet. Goulding is retiring from teaching profession and is taking a post with the Ontario Federation of Secondary School Athletics in Toronto.
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage5Church's 125th Anniversary (p. 9): The Rev. Donald B. Stratton (right) Minister of Murray Street Baptist Church, welcomed Robert N. Thompson MP, (PC – Red Deer, Alberta) and Dr. Ivan C. Morgan, D, D. (left) the special speakers for the celebrations
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage6Provincial Champion (p. 8): Gerry Young of the Liftlock City Riders Club was honored by the provincial government earlier this week for his feats on the motocross circuit. Young captured the 1970 junior championship in the open class. He plans to enter races at Pickering this weekend and the Liftlock Motocross Championships to be held at Knight's Farm in Omemee next weekend.
1971-05-15 SaturdayImage7Lucky Bell (p. 8) close-up of a horse in the stalls at Morrow Park. Opening night was delayed by one week because of a fire at the track.
1971-05-15 SaturdayUnpublished negatives:
- girl getting award on stage (same stage as #1, Teacher’s College event)
- lady with dachshund (from photo #3) in front of Hot Dogs sign
- horse and trotter
- biker Gerry Young in mid-air
1971-05-17 MondayImage1Hasty Pees Commended During Annual Inspection (p. 3): Capt. C. Granger, C.D. Commanding Officer of Squadron 534 Royal Canadian Air Cadets, inspects bandsman C/Cpl. Roger Knowland, while Drum Major C/MWO T. Fitzgerald and cadet commanding officer Major D. C. Coleman follows. The inspection was held in the armoury on Friday, May 14.
1971-05-17 MondayImage213 Cars In Rally (p. 3): Behind the wheel at the starting line of the car safety rally held Saturday from Peterborough to Presqu'le Park near Brighton, is Fred Sanders, getting last minute instructions from rally organizer Jean Wishart of the Ontario Council of Young Drivers. Thirteen cars took part in the rally.
1971-05-17 MondayImage3Prize Winning Nurses (p.6): The smiling nurses’ pictures were awarded special prizes at Peterborough Civic Hospital School of Nursing graduation ceremonies held at T.A.S.S. Miss Linda Falls (front left), won the prize for highest standing in bedside nursing, given by Women's Auxiliary, and she placed second in the G. Stewart Cameron proficiency awards. Miss Sharon Smith won the E. M. Leeson prize for highest standing in medical nursing. Miss Brenda Small (back left) won the Arthur C. Howson Memorial Prize for surgical nursing. Miss Judith Tompkins won the prize for highest standing in obstetrical nursing, given by the service of obstetrics and gynecology, and Miss Linda Meagher came first in the G. Stewart Cameron proficiency awards and won the G. Stewart Cameron Memorial Award for unselfish devotion to patient care.
1971-05-17 MondayImage4Hurt By Budget Cut- Pistol Practice a Part-Time Program (p. 9): Staff Inspector John Conlin, in front of a display of shoulder flashes and competition trophies
1971-05-17 MondayImage5Carol Field, city police stenographer on motorcycle on display at the police station. (p. 9)
1971-05-17 MondayImage6
Lindsay Wins Griffin Relays By Half A Point (p. 10):
Image 6 - Carol Wilson of O'Neill crosses the finish line
Image 7 - Crestwood's Ron Alexander in the relay
1971-05-17 MondayImage8Doctors Meet (p. 13): Doctors from across Ontario met in Toronto last week for the annual conference of the Ontario Medical Association Dr. Peter Gill of Lindsay (seated) studies the program of seminars with Dr. James T. Colquhoun of Thunder Bay, new president.
1971-05-17 MondayUnpublished:
- six negatives of track meet (# 6 and #7) annual Griffin Relays at T.A.S.
1971-05-18 TuesdayImage1
Community School Program Adds Two More Teen Nights:
Image 1 - Square Dancers (p. 6): Cardine Sharman, Leo Ryan, Sandy Taylor and Joh Charman work on dance steps at Central's Teen Club. Mr. and Mrs. Charman, leaders of a square dance group in Ennismore, donated their time to the community school program.
Image 2 - Framed by the guitars of Orv Taylor, left and Tim Slone, right, Teen Club members Brenda Downer, Alvin Wilkins, Joe Wilson and Dionysia Dunlop dance to rock music. (p. 6)
1971-05-18 TuesdayImage3Winning Track Team (p. 8): These four senior girls were part of the Lindsay Collegiate and Vocational Institute track team that won the Griffin relays Saturday in Peterborough. Left, Marilyn Glassford, and Minnie Jileson surround Gail Perdue. Missing is Karen Hladki. Photo by Bob Beavers
1971-05-18 TuesdayImage4The Remnants of Winter (p. 11): Spring is finally here, but a rural mail carrier spotted a bank of snow in Smith Township and told the Examiner about it. The drift, 25 to 30 feet long is shaded by cedar trees. Romping in the snow is Lynda Seili, a Grade 11 Kenner student. Photo by Bruce Christensen.
1971-05-18 TuesdayImage5Consultant says Technical Education Must Include More Than Job Training (p. 11): At a special meeting of the PCBE 's advisory vocational committee, D.E. Clark, technical program consultant for the Ontario Department of Education, (right), spoke to trustees and high school technical directors. Shown before the meeting with Mr. Clack are E.J. Bils, a committee member from the business community, chairman Larry Mahon and Don Isaac, technical director at Thomas A. Stewart S.S.
1971-05-18 TuesdayImage6
Golf (p. 12):
Image 6 - Mike Vitarelli unleashes a drive
Image 7 - Barbara Robertson holds the flag for Carol Dawson
1971-05-18 TuesdayUnpublished negatives:
- head shots of one man
- group shots of track winners?
- Linda Seili in the snow
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage1Gets Honorary Diploma (p. 3): Mrs. Shirley Millar, a 17-year veteran on the staff of Peterborough Civic Hospital received an honorary diploma Tuesday from the hospital's School of Medical Laboratory Technology. An active participant in the growth of the school and of the Ontario Provincial Health Laboratory Service, from which she received her training, Mrs. Millar is the first to receive an honorary diploma from the school, which has been in operation for ten years.
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage2Trafalgar School Students Train For 'Special Olympics' (p. 6): A cheque for $100 to help with Olympic expenses is accepted by Mrs. Neil Stewart on behalf of Trafalgar school from Jim Morrison, pres. of the Peterborough Ornamental Swimmers. Swimmers in background take a break from training sessions to watch.
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage3Need For Church Union Stressed (p. 17): 400 delegates attended Bay of Quinte Conference at Trent U. (view of audience from above and behind)
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage4Bay of Quinte Elects First Lay President (p17): Incoming president John Black, Q. C. of Kingston
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage5
Open House At SSFC for kids (p. 17) :
Image 5 - Krista Saunders
Image 6 - Glenn Hannah
Image 7 - Clive Worthington and David Alford
1971-05-19 WednesdayImage8Pollock Prepares (p. 20): Dave Pollock, defending Ont. And Canadian motocross racing champion, will receive his first big test of the 1971 season as the Liftlock City Riders holds its annual motocross races at Knight's Farm, Omemee on the weekend. Pollock is well-known for his boxing ability following his ring triumph in the Midtown Boxing Club's fight card three weeks ago. There is also an unpublished head shot of him, in Macs shirt. Bruce Christensen photo.
1971-05-19 WednesdayUnpublished negatives:
- two frames of swimmers at YMCA
- close up of Dave Pollock
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage157 Years of Shoemaking Celebrated By City Man (p. 3): Gabriel Bartok took over the shop at Sherbrooke and Rubidge in 1931
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage2Pioneer Flower Pressing Art To Be At Century Village (p. 6): Pressing flowers are Miss Leona Harris (left) and Beverly Campbell, both of Spencley's Florist
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage3County Form of Government Said Dying, LORDC Told Of Need For Reforms (p. 17):
(Lake Ontario Regional Development Council): Mayor John Eakins of Lindsay, Ald. Mrs. R. Jeffrey of Belleville, Mayor Douglas Galvin of Peterborough and Professor Richard Sadleir of Trent University discuss the trends of local development at the 15th annual conference
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage4Their Achievement Recognized (p. 17): Junior Achievement ended its year's activities with a banquet at the Rock Haven Wednesday night. From left, Rosemary Geraghty, Dennis Sullivan, Dan Keon and Linda McCrank.
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage5Annual Inspection Held (p. 17): Inspecting officer, Lt. Col. Jack Richardson led the inspection party into the Armoury Wednesday, just prior to the inspection ceremony of 103 sea cadets. Following Lt. Col. Richardson in the piping-in exercise are Sub. Lt. Rory McWilliams (left) and Lt. John Carter. About 350 persons attended the inspection.
1971-05-20 ThursdayImage6Petes Select Four Netminders In Draft (p. 6): Peterborough TPT Petes' delegates attending the midget draft are from left to right, Herb Warr, Petes's president; scouts Leo Lalonde, Norm Bryant, coach Roger Neilson and head scout Paul Goulet.
1971-05-20 ThursdayUnpublished negatives:
- two more frames of shoemaker Gabriel Bartok
1971-05-21 FridayImage1Horticultural Society's annual Variety Show (p. 6): Mrs. Harold Pulley offers an arrangement of tulips and narcissus to Mrs. T. S. Mersereau at the Legion Hall on Thursday. Mrs. Mersereau was convenor of the fair, attended by more than 400.
1971-05-21 FridayImage2Barbara Hulcoop (p. 6) Head shot of chairwoman of the junior section of the Peterborough Education
1971-05-21 FridayImage3KTA Promotes the Kawarthas (p. 13): Linda Doyle, secretary at Kawartha Tourism Association sits amid 150,000 placemats with 26 points of interests in the area.
1971-05-21 FridayImage4From 12 Eggs Come Ten Duck (p. 13): Students in Armour Heights K1 class received the eggs on April 5 and they began hatching this week. Scott Maybee and David Croft, both 6, examine the brood.
1971-05-21 FridayImage5
T.A. Stewart Takes Kawartha District Crown (p. 14):
Image 5 - Don Jamieson of Kenner over the bar in pole vaulting
Image 6 - Laurie Morrison of T.A. Stewart throws discus
1971-05-21 FridayImage7Official Opening of House Lacrosse (p. 16): Harry Bartlett, centre, is ready to drop the ball between Dave Austin, left, and Al Nice, to open the Peterborough. House Lacrosse League schedule. Others watching at the back, from l -r, Bill Russelle, Tom Parnell, and Murray Green.
1971-05-21 FridayUnpublished negatives:
- two more frames with ducklings in classroom
- seven more frames of track meet
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage1Students Build Trailer (p. 3): Thirty-two teachers and students, members of Thomas A. Stewart Outdoors Club left Thursday for a five-day canoe trip through Algonquin Park with this canoe-bearing trailer, designed and built by four Grade 11 students in the welding course at TAS. Pictured here are three of the builders: Keith Warren, Gary McCoy and Kevan Brownson. The fourth student is Jeff Toby. The trailer, which carries six canoes plus paddles and life jackets, was begun as a project in October, 1970. Approximately 130 man-hours went into its construction. The only part not made by the students are modified car wheels on which it rides. The canoe trip began in South Tea Lake and will end Tuesday afternoon in Lake Opeongo.
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage2Cleaning Out The Harbor (p. 5): Dredging in the Port of Newcastle. For the long range plan to rejuvenate the harbor which has remained inactive for nearly half a century, except for sports fishermen and duck hunters. Plans include a marina and apartment complex. James Cutting photo.
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage3Busy Weekend Ahead For Scouts (p. 11): Langley Park is the site this weekend of a Campboree for about 300 scouts from Canada and the United States. Two 12-year-old scouts from St. John's Church first troop in Peterborough, Mike Landry and James McIntyre are shown packing their gear on the 40-acre camp ground. A torchlight parade was held Friday night and today the dept. of Lands and Forests will be giving conservation lectures and organizing hikes.
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage4Appointed Circulation Manager in Barrie, Wayne Coombes (p. 11): Head shot. Was with the Peterborough. Examiner circulation department for five years
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage5Touring Area Prisons (p. 11): Director of Correctional services for the Salvation Army, Lt. Col. Peter Lindores (left) chats with Peterborough Brig. James Wilder Friday, prior to touring Warkworth prison.
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage6Chemong Lanes Wins Mercantile Bowling Crown Over Lakeview (p. 12): Lakeview Bowl's Gene Reynolds
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage7Tibetans Have Social Evening (Lindsay) (p. 15): Members of Cambridge Street Baptist Church (Lindsay) held a social evening for Tibetan families who arrived in the area recently. One highlight for the children was untangling a string puzzle to reach a prize. Bob Beavers photo
1971-05-22 SaturdayImage8Legion Branch 67 (Lindsay) Elects Officers (p. 15): From left, Joe Montemiglio, Sergeant-at-Arms; Doug Worrall, second vice president; Leo Algar, first vice president; Roy Rowbotham, president; and members of the executive Syd York, Charles McDonald, Bob Allison, and John Dayman. Bob Beavers photo
1971-05-22 SaturdayUnpublished negatives:
- 3 head shots, of youngish man, with pipe
- three frames of bowling
1971-05-25 TuesdayImage1
Learning To Live In The Wilderness (p. 3) Scouts At Langley Park Campboree:
Image 1 - Barry Caswell, Barry Boulton and Chris Dobbin of First Troop, St. John's Church, Peterborough., lash together a kitchen rack
Image 2 - Lyle Young and Don James of First Troop Omemee, work together
Image 3 - Wayne Hopkins of Fifth Troop, All Saints Church, carried water
Image 4 - Dish washing duties fell to Mike Downie of Tenth Troop, St. James Church, Peterborough.
1971-05-25 TuesdayImage5
[Lakeshore] Cubs, Scouts, Venturers attend Campboree north of Grafton (p. 5): the first time the Cobourg district tried a combined camp.
Image 5 - An obstacle course traversed a dried up creek bed and a river, using pulleys and ropes. Pitching a tent is challenge for cubs (no names)
Image 6 - David Slothart and Steven Stiles cross river on ropes. John Radley photos
1971-05-25 TuesdayImage7Cobourg Window Mural Worth $100 To Artists (p. 5): Moira and Amerval Le Marchent paint a business window. First prize was $100 for winning the Cobourg Downtown Merchants Window Paint-in.
1971-05-25 TuesdayImage8
Old Timers Sweat It Out ...Pre-Schoolers Have It Made [at Dixon House Recreation Centre]:
Image 8 - Kelly Mahoney and Anne McGowan
Image 9 - Michael Crossman
Image 10 - Lesley Worthington
Image 11 - Andrew Ross
1971-05-25 TuesdayImage12Uphill Battle (p. 10): Derek Worton of Scarborough passes a mud-spattered opponent pushing his bike uphill at Knight’s Farm, Omemee, during the Liftlock City Riders Club’s annual Victoria Day weekend motorcycle races. Rain fell for most of the afternoon but the skies cleared for the final heats with Gerry Young of Peterborough winning the open senior and 250-cc senior classes. Art Welch of Peterborough, in his first year of competition, won the open junior final while Ron Mathews of Barrie won the 125-cc event; Sepp Makin of Toronto took the open expert final, and Ron Keys won the 250-cc extra class. The Liftlock club will send a contingent of riders to the Kawasaki Invitational at Innes Lake next week. Riders from Canada and the United States will compete for the prizes valued in excess of $4,000 in what will be the biggest motocross event ever held in Canada.
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage1Quota Balloon Days (p. 6): The returns are in and the Quota Club is $275 richer as a result of two weekend balloon days. Elaine Whitnell of St. Paul's CGIT helps Stacey Minnie (1 1/2) and Derek Minnie (3), select their balloons. Top balloon sellers were Judy McCoy of St. Matthew's CGIT and Judy Able of St. James CGIT.
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage2YMCA Volunteer Awards (p. 6): At its second annual awards night for volunteer workers, the YMCA honored 76 people who have donated time and energy to various YM programs. Four long service awards – 10 years- were presented by William Prest to Marion Stickles, Ann Harvey, Dan Jewell and Doug Kirk.
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage3Students from Keith Wightman view Court House Entrance (p.17): their principal Lloyd Corbett designed a walking tour of historic Peterborough. The guide and map had ketches by W. H. Chapman, shown on courthouse steps with students.
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage4Police Look For Break In Minden Slaying Case (p. 18): Joseph Gilligan's body was apparently found in the right tire track of this dirt road about 50 feet from Hunter Creek by an area resident about 3 p.m. Sunday
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage5National Arts Centre Band Gets Ovation From Full House (p.18): Chatting with Dr. and Mrs. J. I. H. Fawcett (right) during an intermission at the performance of the National Arts Centre Orchestra Tues. night are flute soloist Robert Cram (left), and Mario Bernardi, conductor and director of music. Nearly 600 persons attended the performance at Academy Theatre (Lindsay). Bob Beavers photo
1971-05-26 WednesdayImage6Killens Has A Five-Hitter; Heating and Western Tire Post Wins. (p. 24, but the page is mislabeled as page) Gary McCann catches ball before Ted Batley arrives
1971-05-27 ThursdayImage1Lakefield H.S. Fashion Show (p. 6): Modeling outfits from the past; Paula Blewett wears a turn of the century embroidered cotton gown; Gail Davis, centre, wears the 'ecological ensemble' of metal pop tabs; and Jennifer Clarke (right) wears a midi length gaucho style outfit of the present
1971-05-27 ThursdayImage2Local Writer's Play (p. 11): The children's play “Stick with Molasses”, written by Beth McMaster of the Peterborough Theatre Guild, stars Bob Trennum as Charles Holbrook in captivity, peers between the bars of his cage, as Freddie the Geni, played by Syd Waldron and Hilary the Lion-tamer, played by Sheila Rutledge, guard the prisoner.
1971-05-27 ThursdayImage3
Enterprising Curve Lake Reserve Residents (p. 11):
Image 3 - Elsie Knott, reserve chief, has opened the Teepee Grill where her house specialties are Indian corn soup and Indian bread.
Image 4 - Aubrey Coppaway has opened a fishing tackle, bait, guns and ammunition shop in his home but expects to open a floating store on Chemong Lake.
1971-05-27 ThursdayImage5Outgoing Commander of Lindsay Power Squadron Jack Wiles (p. 12): Jack Wiles passes on the flag to incoming Commander Reg Steele, right, as Dr. M.E. Gorman, first commander of the squadron, looks on. Graduation and change of watch ceremonies were held Wednesday evening. Bob Beavers photo
1971-05-28 FridayImage1Teen Style Show (p. 5) Shelli Butt (14) organized the fashion show in aid of Pollution Probe. Pictured: Jennifer Butt (12), Lynn O'Toole (13), Pat Enborg (12) and Pamela Bright (13)
1971-05-28 FridayImage3Lilac Tea in Bridgenorth (p. 5): Mrs. Sam Bell (left) co-convenor of the Bridgenorth UCW Lilac Tea examines an old-fashioned butter press with president Mrs. John Fulford (sitting) and co-convenor Mrs. Robert Hardill.
1971-05-28 FridayImage2Prof. Marion Currie (p. 5) head shot, professional engineer, spoke on “Engineering –a rewarding career for a woman” to the Bay of Quinte section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers at Rock Haven Thursday night. Her married name is Mrs. W.G. Bassett.
1971-05-28 FridayImage4Hospital Walkathon (p. 10): About 15 workers from the dietary dept. of Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay walked to Oakwood to raise funds for the hospital expansion fund.
1971-05-28 FridayImage5Sex Education For Children Was The Topic (p. 11): Thursday on the Marie Callaghan television show. The four guests who considered the problem with Mrs. Callaghan (seated right) were: Ald. Alene Holt (seated left), and (standing left to right) Leon de March, Peterborough Examiner city editor; John Dack of Moreland – Latchford films; and Bob Johnston of the local family counselling service.
1971-05-28 FridayImage6Students Aid Students (p. 11): Judi Rhodes, with the Canada Manpower centre for students at city hall, lends a helping hand to Terry Fitzgerald as he fills out a summer job application.
1971-05-28 FridayImage8Lacrosse Lakers Win Over Brooklin (p. 12) (35 mm): Pat Baker, Larry Ferguson watch as Rick Collins scores
1971-05-28 FridayImage7Joey Johnston (p. 12) head shot
1971-05-29 SaturdayImage1North West Rebellion (p. 3): With mementos from Batoche, Gordon Cain of Bewdley. His father James served with the 10th Battalion, Royal Grenadiers in the battle on May 11, the last stand of the Metis in the second North West Rebellion of 1885. Mr. Cain's father was a bugler with the battalion in Saskatchewan until his hand was wounded. The items include a piece of hardtack, a medal, a lead shot and a piece of scarlet tunic.
1971-05-29 SaturdayImage2
Community School At Central Tests Classroom Water Safety Program (p. 6):
Image 2 - Red Cross Instructor Dave Ayling fits a life jacket on David Morgan, 8, in the grade 2 class of Betty Killingbeck at Central School
Image 3 - In Lois Gonyou's grade 2-3 class at Central School, Carol Hickey's legs leap from a table (imaginary dock) on the floor (imaginary lake with a rocky bottom). Behind her, Debbie Thompson holds up a water safety poster.
1971-05-29 SaturdayImage450th Anniversary, Irene (nee Vanstone) and Norman Moore (p. 6). Their hobbies are fishing and boating, which they do from their Water St. backyard.
1971-05-29 SaturdayImage5Jet Now At Filtration Plant (p.9) (35 mm): f-86 Sabre Jet (35mm)
1971-05-29 SaturdayImage6Goulding Recalls Glory Days (p. 10): Al Beavis, Jack Sisson, Blair Thomson, Morris Richardson, and Bev Goulding (left to right) reflect upon photo of one of the Raiders' winning teams from the 'glory” days. When PCVS was winning provincial titles under Goulding's guidance.
1971-05-31 MondayImage1
$475 Is Raised For New Lakefield Arena (p. 3):
Image 1 - Throwing a hoop around a bottle neck, Jim Wood, Gr. 4 student Lakefield Junior Public School at a fun fair to raise money for the arena fund.
Image 2 - Grade 2 student Eric Thomas Rodgers tries to break a balloon
1971-05-31 MondayImage3
Small Turnout At Horse Show, Field of 172 entries (p.7):
Image 3 - Debbie Walton, riding Sheba, makes a tight turn during a barrel race at the Lindsay Horsemen's Show Sunday.
Image 4 - Members of the Lindsay Horsemen's Ass. March in the grand parade during the first show of the season. The 172 entries was slightly lower than average.
1971-05-31 MondayImage6Ready To Race (p. 9): William Baker of RR #3 Peterborough and his son John with Ginger, a racing pigeon hatched in Mr. Baker's loft about 5 weeks ago. Ginger is set to leave Toronto International Airport for Victoria, B.C. to enter the British Columbia Centennial Confederation Young Bird Classic Race Sept. 5. One hundred racing pigeons will fly the course from Barriere, B.C. To Victoria, B.C. covering 250 air miles. The Capital City Racing Pigeon Club of Victoria has donated $750 in prize money.
1971-05-31 MondayImage5New Walk Opened (p. 9): Residents of both Fairhaven Home for the Aged and Kinsmen Garden Court will be able to visit back and forth since the Peterborough. Kinsmen Club constructed a concrete walk joining the two residences. The “Kin Walk” was officially opened Saturday by Mayor Douglas Galvin. Assisting with the ribbon cutting from left: Larry Liss, Peterborough Club president; Mayor Galvin and James Vair, Kinsmen Club District Governor
1971-05-31 MondayImage7At Trent U, Author Criticizes South African Government (p. 9): South African novelist Alan Paton talks with Jane Davidson of Brucefield, Ontario, at Trent U. Saturday, the day after Mr. Paton received an honorary D. Litt. Degree at the university's fifth convocation.
1971-05-31 MondayImage8Al Northcott and Ian Harris Share Stewart's Major Athletic Award (p. 10): Pete Forbes (left) and Ian Harris (right) show their senior Griffin football team trophies to ex-Canadian Football League quarterback Frank Cosentino during Saturday's T.A. Stewart athletic awards night. Harris holds the Ken Wass Memorial Trophy, emblematic of the Kawartha Championship while Forbes holds the Bev Goulding trophy symbolic of COSSA honors.
1971 June
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage1New High School Wing Opened, Port Hope (p. 5)
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage2Fenelon Falls Couple are Parents in a Group Home for Teenagers (p. 6): Bill and Elsie Tait with their dog Laddie at their 150 year old home
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage3$4,000 damage as gas tank explodes at Don Earle's Texaco, Charlotte St. (p. 9)
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage4St. George and his dragon on display (p. 9) Scott Catherall (6) and his sister Susan (5) with two paper dragons made for Lakefield High School's prom, on display at the board of education offices on Water Street.
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage5Got Any Waste Glass? Pat Smith of Pollution Probe (p. 9), with glass on its way to Etobicoke to be recycled
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage6
Youth Hostel Opens Today (p. 9):
Image 6 - Trent student Kevin Morris cleans a baseboard
Image 7 - Barbara Gourlay and Patricia Gail finish painting kitchen, the hostel on Lansdowne Street near the bypass would charge 50 cents a night for transient youth.
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage8Bottle Caps, Screws, Nails – City Kindergarten Children Learn By Playing With Garbage (p. 9): John Mattucci, 6, listens to an ear harp, while Sylvia Oliphant, 5, plays the notes. The harp was made by the students at Queen Alexandra School as well as the cardboard chair they are sitting on. Kindergarten class is led by Mrs. Sandra Hudson.
1971-06-01 TuesdayImage9I'm Looking Over (p. 13) Barbara McQuaid of RR #2 Omemee, with a four-leafed trillium. Alan Capon photo.
1971-06-01 TuesdayUnpublished negatives:
- Shriners circus, elephants;
- two scenic shots at Beavermead;
- seven frames of small groups of men
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage1Blood Donor Clinic Misses Target (p. 3): Denise Hamersley at bottling table
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage2Inmates at Warkworth Take Courses (p. 5): Fire Chief Hugh East adjusts equipment of inmate Roland Laframboise during demo at Warkworth prison.
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage3Hugh Mooney, sculpting head of clay (p. 10) (35mm) Photo by Alan Capon
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage4Trimmed off 47 pounds (p. 10): Calorie Counters new girl Gail Stewart with daughter Shelly Ann (6), Lindsay. Alan Capon photo
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage5
10-year-old girl becomes reporter (p. 13):
Image 5 - Jill Taylor clowns with clown Bonnie Bonta
Image 6 - Pint-sized Jill Taylor concentrates on trapeze artist
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage7Shrine Circus Packs 'Em to the Rafters (p. 13): Perched atop Mary the Elephant, Heather Berry (8), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Berry. Chief animal trainer Lou Regan holds on tight.
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage8Gray is Canada's Hope at World Boxing Crown (p. 8): Clyde Gray (left) with Sam Luftspring
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage9Bill White, Red Storey, Dit Clapper and Don Bye in a happy mood.
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage10Two Years With Alouettes – Murphy Is Panthers’ Head Coach (p. 8): Ottawa’s Hugh Oldham Don Murphy share a joke.
1971-06-02 WednesdayImage11Chosen to the Ontario Team (p. 10): Laurie Morrison (right) and Sarah Nind, have been chosen to swim of the Ontario team which will represent the province at the junior Canadian championships in Calgary. As well as swimming on the team the girls will swim their own solo and duets routines. The two were part of the Kawartha Aquatic Swim Club which took part in the Ontario junior trials in Hamilton.
1971-06-02 WednesdayUnpublished negatives:
35mm - frames of four people with trophies
21/4 - adult footballers and fans
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage1Ted Beymon tees off at new golf course on Hwy. #45 near Baltimore. (35mm) John Bradley photo
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage2Ready To Pour Concrete (p. 5) Mel-Ron Construction Ltd. of Whitby working on Ganaraska River
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage3Trophy Winning Style (p. 17): Lloyd Simmons (right), demonstrates why he won the Bruce Cooke Memorial Trophy as the outstanding member of the Peterborough YMCA Hatashita Judo Club. Lloyd is shown throwing Don Jewell, last year's trophy winner.
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage4$5,000 cheque for Kawartha Tourism (p. 17): Don Fairley (let) first vice president of the Kawartha Tourist Association receives a cheque for $5,000 from James Jones, Peterborough District Representative of the Ontario department of tourism and information. KTA secretary-manager Ross Weigand (second from left) and Lawrence Catherall, tourist industry officer with the department look on. The money will be used for advertising and promotional programs.
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage5
Headshots for street survey about fireworks:
Image 5 - Mrs. Chris Adamson
Image 6 - Paul McMillan
Image 7 - Milton Fischer
Image 8 - Ronald Richards
Image 9 - Mrs. Peter Lasch
Image 10 - Mrs. Lillian Collins
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage11Raising the banner for TB (p. 17): Frank Petrie (left), past president of Peterborough Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association, with the new provincial association president, J.A. McDonald of Toronto.
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage12Charlotte Beresford (8) will be given Canadian Fitness Award of Excellence (p. 17)
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage13Blood Donor Clinic, (p. 18): At Cambridge St. Church in Lindsay: donor Norman Skitch, Red Cross nurse Miss Doris Bate and Dr. Roland Barker, Lindsay. Alan Capon photo.
1971-06-03 ThursdayImage14Nine Kenner girls receive Gold K letters (p. 20): l-r, back: Sue Mattucci, Patti McQuade, Elaine Cooper, Janice Laton and Nancy Birch. Front row, Debbie Thomson, Gail Holt, Grace McEwen and Lynn Thompson.
1971-06-03 ThursdayUnpublished negatives, all 2 1/4:
- head shot of young man
- 5 students with surveying equipment
- inside large dining hall
1971-06-04 FridayImage1Parents and Son Celebrate Double Anniversary (p. 6): Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hartshorn and Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hartshorn (p. 6)
1971-06-04 FridayImage2Walter and Ina Firth, 50th anniversary (p. 6)
1971-06-04 FridayImage3Conservation officer John Fitch with a bear cub near Minden (p. 7)
1971-06-04 FridayImage4
Government Getting too powerful, Premier Davis tells Chamber (p. 9)
1971-06-04 FridayImage7Mormons Gather in Peterborough (p. 9): Elder Robert Johnson (left) and Elder John Wood (right), of Peterborough chat with Ontario – Quebec Mission president, G. L. Davey and his wife, Sister Ardella Davey during the zone conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The conference was held at Cumberland St. Chapel. AS total of 18 missionaries from Kingston to Ottawa took part.
1971-06-04 FridayImage8The Master Race at Workshop (p. 9): scene from a play by Berholt Brecht at Theatre Guild. David Fraser as Herr Furke and Janet Parnall as Frau Furke.
1971-06-04 FridayImage9Bun Hatton swings as Jim Coughlin awaits the ball. Peterborough Men's City Softball League
1971-06-04 FridayImage10Helping Hands (p. 10), tennis player Debbie Babington and John Carpenter
1971-06-04 FridayImage11Tops At Kenner (p. 12): The highest award a student participating in Kenner Collegiate's athletic program can receive is the athletic shield. Ten outstanding male athletes were presented with the shields at the school’s annual award ceremony. Front row, left to right, Darryl Faiers, Gary Morrison, Brian Patterson, and Grant Morrison. Back row, Jeff Loucks, Rick Crough, Pete Self, and Randy Hanes. Paul Weisberg and John Robertson were absent when the picture was snapped.
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage1Clayton Hannah and Ben Whitney (right) of the Lakefield building fund endorse a giant cheque for $467.95 which was raised through a school fun night at Lakefield Junior Public School. Two students hold the cheque, Elizabeth Smith and Mark Underwood, while Robert Yaunski, manager of CIBC Lakefield and Lynn Weaver who was head of the committee on the staff, and the pest of the school, look on. The money will go toward building a new arena to replace the old arena which collapsed in a snow storm. (p.3)
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage2
No Place For Women Drivers to Race In Peterborough. (p. 8):
Image 2 - Ruth Trotter Behind the wheel
Image 3 - Brian Aitken, manager at Westgate Speedway, said he doesn't want women to get hurt.
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage4Red Cross Senior Citizens (p. 8): Four charter members of the Red Cross Senior Citizens group pose at Curve Lake. From left, Mrs. A. L. Kent, Mrs. Maud Butler, Mrs. Alice Davis, Mrs. Maud Cornwell. They have been taking part in the group activities at the Red Cross room on Townsend St. every Wednesday since 1959.
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage5Teachers Get Clued In (p. 9): Orientation day for new teachers at PCBE
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage6Sliding Silhouettes (p. 9) (originally filed April 8, 1971): Children play on a recently installed slide in a park near High and Chamberlain Streets while the sun sets. Photo by Bruce Christenson.
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage7Paul Schiarizza, Louis Castle named top Lakefield athletes. (p. 10): Lakefield District High School athletes award winners were left to right, front row, Don Trude, Stewart Crawford, and Paul Schiarizza. Back row, Bruce Sonley, Patty Redpath, Eileen McIlmoyl, Brenda Mason and Roger Neilson. Missing is John Northey.
1971-06-05 SaturdayImage8Makes Spectacular Save (p. 10): Gordon Tate, goalkeeper for McCarthy and Johnson was forced to make several spectacular saves, but still lost to Kiwanis Club, 4 to 1. Photo by Joe Erdelyi.
1971-06-05 SaturdayUnpublished neg: of woman with display of fist sized rocks.
1971-06-07 MondayImage1
Image 1 - Police ‘Firing’ Squad (p. 3): Policemen and gun club members from Peterborough, Campbellford and Port Perry gathered at the city police outdoor shooting range on Parkhill Rd. East Saturday for a handgun competition.
Image 2 - Const. John Duncan, shoot director, is shown at left taking aim.
1971-06-07 MondayImage3Weiner Roast for Cubs (p. 3) (35mm): Roasting their dinner over a campfire, members of the St. Paul’s Cub pack enjoy the festivities which were part of the cuboree at Langley Park Saturday. Some 450 cubs and leaders from packs in the Kawartha area took part in the cuboree which included scouting activities, supper and a campfire.
1971-06-07 MondayImage4Retirement Gift (p. 5) (35mm): Willis A. Downer, retiring principal of Howard Jordan Public School, Port Hope, with his wife at his side, tries out a lazy boy chair his teaching staff gave him on leaving the teaching profession after 35 years service. James Cutting photo.
1971-06-07 MondayImage5Royal Commission Says Women Need Special Help (p. 5) (35mm): Elsie Gregory McGill, left shows a copy of the report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women to outgoing Soroptimist president Eleanor Carroll.
1971-06-07 MondayImage6
Official Opening of the Filtration Plant Park and Zoo (p. 9, 35mm):
Image 6 - Part of the official opening was a demonstration by the Thomas A. Stewart scuba club. Carol Hickey demonstrates the proper method of rescue breathing.
Image 7 - A Canadian Forces band from Trenton supplied music for the dedication of a sabre jet at Filtration Park. Sgt. R. S. Thurlow reflects the jet in his trombone. Local dignitaries thanked Branch 428 of the Royal Canadian Air Force Association for the jet.
Image 8 - Branch 428 of the Royal Canadian. Air Force Association dedicated the controversial sabre jet monument Saturday. Don Kingdon, president of branch 428, makes a speech.
Image 9 - Scuba divers from Thomas A. Stewart scuba club gave a demonstration.
1971-06-07 MondayImage10Dr. Gastle Celebrates 5 Years in Lakefield (p. 9) (2 ¼): Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Erwin Gastle stand in front of the first car they owned in Lakefield, a 1940 Plymouth, still in running condition.
1971-06-07 MondayImage11Examiner Cup Winners (p. 9) (2 1/4): A regatta held by the Peterborough Sailing Club on Clear Lake Sunday saw the Examiner trophy for to Art Malby (centre) and Peter Eastcott (right). The trophy was presented by race committee chairman Chris Adamson (left). The two winners were sailing Albacore class boats.
1971-06-07 MondayImage12
Lakers Make It Nine In A Row (p. 10, 2 ¼):
Image 12 - Rick Dudley (9) in front of goalie Bob McCready.
Image 13 - Bob McCready blocks close in shot.
1971-06-07 MondayImage14Proud Vic Wins Feature Race at Morrow Park (p. 10) (35mm): Ozark Jeffrey (3) leads Refund Time in first race.
1971-06-07 MondayUnpublished frame:
- two Boy Scouts receiving something from older scout (2 ¼)
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage1New Bank Manager Karen Dore (formerly Lettau) of Peterborough (p. 6) (2 ¼): at Clarkson branch of Bank of Montreal (see also Unpublished frame of five people behind counter)
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage2Mr. and Mrs. Albert O’Neill, 50th anniversary, Lindsay (p. 6) (35 mm) Alan Capon photo
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage3Phew! What A Scorcher (p. 3) (2 ¼): Katie Smith in a bikini, on the Examiner roof, near the revolving thermometer.
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage4Health Food Expert Warns About Buying Cheap Foods (p. 9) (35 mm): Holding a loaf of health bread, Merlin Carley (centre) president of Carley’s Foods Ltd., Ajax, talks with Barbary Puky and Gordon Dennis, president of the local chapter of Canadian Natural Health Ass. Mr. Dennis is holding a new type of breakfast cereal just out by Mr. Carley’s company. Mr. Carley was guest speaker at Monday’s CNHA meeting.
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage5Pedaling What He Preaches (p. 9) (35mm): Pollution Probe co-ordinator Jim White believes that ecology begins at home and pedaling rather than polluting is a good place to start. Addressing the Peterborough Kiwanis Club last week, Mr. White urged members to cycle to work in the summer instead of using their cars to reduce air pollution and increase their own physical fitness. Mr. White (centre) leads second cyclist Sylvio Dobri through a downtown intersection on his 100 per cent emission-free vehicle.
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage6Lakers To Host OLA All-Star Game June 26 (p. 10): Don Bye, Ed Blair, Doug Budden, Jack Christie.
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage7St. Peter’s Senior Boys track and field (p. 10) (35mm): Bob Graham sets record.
1971-06-08 TuesdayImage8Who Did It? (p. 13) (35mm): In Lindsay, a pole was knocked down and into the window of a downtown business, Lindsay Seafoods.
1971-06-08 TuesdayUnpublished negs:
- one group shot of people behind bank counter (see #1)
- three 35 mm frames of people and dogs
- infant on a couch with a dog
- two people looking at a big paper
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage1How To Pass A Gun Over A Fence (p. 3) (35mm): Peterborough Fish and Game Club is currently holding a hunter safety course at its clubhouse on Parkhill Rd. Club members Gerry Roberts (left) and Ed McKellar demonstrate to Neil Pryde, centre and Mike Hickson the proper way to pass loaded rifles over a fence.
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage2Pythian Promotion (p. 3) (35 mm): Peterborough's O.J. Kerr, who marks his 50th year as a member if the Knights of Pythias this year, was elevated Tuesday to supreme representative from the Grand Lodge of Ontario to the Knights' Supreme Lodge in St. Louis, Missouri, for the year 1972. The elevation occurred on the last day of the Pythian's three-day 99th annual convention held in Peterborough. On Monday Mr. Kerr was presented by Scarborough Pythian Dave Dawson, left, with his 50-year jewel and also with a medallion from the city of Scarborough where Mr. Kerr was mayor in 1935-36.
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage3
Sites for New Housing Projects (p. 17, 2 ¼ frames):
Image 3 - Seven townhouses will go in this Crawford Street area.
Image 4 - 46 family units to be built here close to Cameron Street.
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage5Jackson Park entrance now back off the road.
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage6Whooping It Up AT CGE (p. 17) (two 2 1/4 frames, one used): Employees of the Peterborough Canadian General Electric plant were treated to a noon-hour square dance demonstration at the plant's main entrance recently. The dancers are CGE employees and members of the Lift Lock Square Dance Club. The square dancing was part of a display to promote a Vacation Sweepstakes contest which CGE is holding for its employees.
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage7Last Time Together at LCVI – Some will go to new school in Fall (p. 18) (35mm): In Lindsay, Mrs. Dorothy O'Reilly, a teacher at LCVI, entertains students at the school's final assembly of the year (Alan Capon photo).
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage8St. John's Wins Four-County Track and Field Championship (p.20) (35mm): Danny Shick in broad jump
1971-06-09 WednesdayImage9Ken Jacobs' Three Hits Paces Curve Lake To Win (p.20): John Davidson swings at ball; Catcher is Lorn Hooton. Peterborough Men's City Softball League, Curve Lake Ojibways 6 vs. Coombes and Ferguson, 3.
1971-06-09 WednesdayUnpublished Negatives:
- another frame of square dancers at CGE
- two adults, two kids looking at map, indoors
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage1A truck loaded with gravel tumbled down a gully behind a cottage owned by John Wilmont of Toronto Tuesday morning. The cottage, located on Fife’s Bay Marina Road, suffered minor damage but the truck received $500 damage. The driver, a 20 year old man from Omemee, was not injured. No one was home at the time of the accident. (p. 1) (2 1/4)
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage2Students Keen On Outdoor Education (p. 5) (35mm): Students of Northumberland-Durham County Board of Education participate in Outdoor Education Centre program on an abandoned farm owned by Dr. Laurie Lawson. Sharon Mosley examines frog.
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage3
Bermudan Students Take Part In Outdoor Education program (p. 5) (both 35mm):
Image 3 - children learn of wildlife (no names)
Image 4 - Bermudan students collect specimens (no names) (p. 5)
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage5Czech Passes Through City – Scooting Across North America (p.19): Hosek Vaclav (46) on Highway 7
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage6Capitol Theatre, Port Hope (p. 19) (2 ¼): Vacant Theatre
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage7Salvation Army Honors City Man (p. 19) (35mm): Corps Secretary Stan Richardson retires after 45 years.
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage8
City Students Off To Olympics (p. 19): Youngsters from Trafalgar School get in shape for the Canadian Special Olympics for Retarded Children in Toronto. Thirty-seven students left for Toronto. Fifteen will stay overnight and participate in a parade at Ontario Place.
Image 8 - Nora Ann Dillman, Kathy Thompson, Valerie Sullivan and Debbie Simmons get ready to take off.
Image 9 - Don Sullivan gallops up to the bar
Image 10 - Ron Francis shows fine style in flying leap.
1971-06-10 ThursdayImage11New High School takes shape (p. 24): I E Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay.
1971-06-11 FridayImage1Big Brothers Luncheon (p. 3) (2 1/4) John Prentice, executive director of Big Brothers in Niagara Falls and his wife Theresa were among the national convention delegates attending a wine bar and luncheon at Trent University Thursday.
1971-06-11 FridayImage2MS Campaign Starts (p.5) (35mm): Mayor Michael Wladyka helped kick off the annual tag day campaign this week of the Northumberland Durham chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. The tag days are on May 11 and 12. From left, Mrs. Henry Fenton, who began the local chapter and Mrs. Laura Graham, campaign chairman for 1971 and Mayor Wladyka. James Cutting photo.
1971-06-11 FridayImage3Trevor Almost Becomes Reality (p. 5) (35mm): Constable Tom MacMillan of the Cobourg OPP and an 18 inch high papier mâché mascot called Trevor, holding a sign that says “Radar Ahead”.
1971-06-11 FridayImage4Gone! (p. 6) (35mm): Gwen Brown hammers out a sale as Kate Krenz displays a pair of elaborate candlesticks at the Theatre Guild’s fundraising auction.
1971-06-11 FridayImage5
Pollution Study By Pupils (p. 9) (two 35mm):
Image 5 - Seventy pupils from Grade 8 classes at Westmount P.S. spent Thursday at the YMCA’s Camp Kawartha on Clear Lake in a pollution study. Carolyn Faiers, Dave Northey (rear), Tom Lowes, Pete Smith (rear) and Jeff Deck take soil samples.
Image 6 - Maribeth Fitts and Roberta Snack take water samples.
1971-06-11 FridayImage7Donation To Camp (p. 9) (35mm): With a little help from the Knights of Columbus, 100 Peterborough boys ages 10 to 13 will get to camp this summer as part of the Youth Corps program. Grand Knight Jack Russell makes a “throw away gesture” representing the $2,000 the Knights have donated to the project. On the receiving end are Matt Shaughnessy, Sheila Fitzgerald and Rev. Joe Lynch with Jennie Hayes representing the Youth Corps. Northern Lights Camp near Bancroft will be operating for the month of August by volunteer counsellors from the corps.
1971-06-11 FridayImage8Food Donated For Animals (p. 9) (2 1/4): Hugh Pollard, inspector for the Humane Society in Peterborough, holds three kittens which will benefit from the 25 cases of cat and dog food donated by Quaker Oats. With Mr. Pollard is John Phillips of Quaker Oats.
1971-06-11 FridayImage9
Grant Heffernan and Jim Grady Score Four Goals in Lakers Win. (p. 10) (two 35mm):
Image 9 - Larry Ferguson checks Aurora Astro’s Walt Okihiro (lacrosse).
Image 10 - Cy Coombes, Barry Trebell fight for ball.
1971-06-11 FridayImage11Ready For Another Season (p. 13) (35mm): The River Queen, seen here in McDonnell Park, is off and running again for another season. Lindsay businessman Cyril Gerster built the Queen himself from scrap and spare parts and now operates it every summer as a private craft.
1971-06-11 FridayUnpublished negative:
- head shot of Peterborough player
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage1A.R.C. Donation (p. 3) (2 1/4) Jim English, a member of A.R.C. Industries building fund committee accepts an eight-foot cheque worth $5,000 from Ray Craig and Larry Liss, president of the Kinsmen Club of Peterborough as that club's grant towards the new building. The presentation was made during the Kinsmen bingo at Memorial Gardens Friday.
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage2Camping At Caves (p. 3) (35mm): Fifty students and three teachers from Armour Heights School have been camping at Warsaw Caves since Wednesday. The idea was to make them aware of the outdoors and to appreciate nature. When the Examiner photographer arrived, everyone was working. Here Doug Thain chops wood while Edith Post and Mary Barrow prepare dinner. (Bruce Christenson photo)
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage3It's Nice For A Change (p. 5) (2 1/4): During the legislative session at Queen's Park in Toronto page boys and girls run errands, from carrying notes to fetching glasses of water for the members of parliament, but this week the roles were reversed. David McCaig of Cobourg had Huron-Bruce MPP Murray Gaunt at his beck and call. The noisy Partisan mock parliament bore considerable resemblance to its senior counterpart with the exception of government bills reducing the voting age to 14, upping the salary of pages and providing pages with an OPP escort.
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage4Gregory Drug Firm Carries On (Lindsay) (p. 7) (35mm): E. Neill Gregory and Ford Moynes show plaques presented to the Gregory Pharmacy of Lindsay by the Ontario College of Pharmacy. The Gregory Drug Store is the oldest continuously operated family drug store in North America. (Alan Capon photo).
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage5The Final Stage (p.7) (35mm): Finishing touches are being put to the Parkview Public School extension seen to the right of the old school in this picture. The design of the new area will permit open area and team teaching.
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage6Must Learn To Understand Indians Jean Chretien Tells Big Brothers (p. 7) (2 ¼): Wally Wilkins of Peterborough, national president of Big Brothers Canada, Jean Chretien and Bill Hewitt, one of the Big Brothers representatives from Peterborough, chat before dinner at the convention at the Holiday Inn Friday.
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage7
City School Is Mini Factory (p. 9):
Image 7 - Working with a surveyor's pole as part of preparation in designing a new Chemong Bridge are Thomas A. Stewart students Terry McCallum and Gary McGirr. (2 1/4)
Image 8 - Soldering a strain gauge onto the Chemong Bridge to measure the tension and strain on the beam is one of the local high school students working on redesigning the bridge, Clark Pick. (2 1/4)
Image 9 - Paul Chow and instructor George Watts with the Vortex amplifier designed and built by Paul. The unit separates compressed air into cool and warm sections and could be used to heat and air condition a house.
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage10
Head shots for man-on-the-street question, Should the Peterborough Exhibition be allowed to operate on Sundays? (2 1/4)
Image 10 - John Gerlings
Image 11 - Jim Fleming
Image 12 - Mrs. G. Clarke
1971-06-12 SaturdayImage13
Couldn't Miss (p. 10) (2 1/4):
Image 13 - Debbie Gordon with a gigantic golf ball, in a pond at Lift Lock Golfland and
Image 14 - Debbie Gordon with the ball up a tree
1971-06-14 MondayImage1Joanne Coolley, (p. 3) eight-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Les Coolley of Cameron St. sat aboard a boat ride at the CGE annual picnic Saturday. Mr. Coolley works in the switch gear tank shop at the plant. There were 14 midway rides to enjoy as well as NHL hockey film showings, afternoon bingos, Crestwood Secondary Band concert, adult and children races, $900 worth of prizes from ticket draws and numerous concession booths.
1971-06-14 MondayImage2Lookout Tower Attracts Visitors (p. 5) Ron Johns and Derrick Woods visit with tower operator Floyd Brown at the Northumberland Lands and Forest tower in the Northumberland County Forest (John Radley photo)
1971-06-14 MondayImage3Jillian Dunn, 18-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don Dunn looked terrified when she rode a wooden horse on a merry-go-round. Mr. Dunn is a CGE employee in the drives system department.
1971-06-14 MondayImage410,000 At Picnic (p. 9): A trainload of children found fun in the annual employees’ picnic of the Canadian General Electric Company held Saturday at Nicholls Oval Park
1971-06-14 MondayImage5
Royal Couple's Grand Tour, From Ethiopian Palace to Canadian Bush (p. 9) (2 1/4):
Image 5 - Bess looks Majestic... (pair of lions end up in Peterborough area via Expo '67) Story by Jim Elliott.
Image 6 - ...While David Yawns.
1971-06-14 MondayImage7
Mosport: Hulme Catches CAN-AM Event by Nine Seconds (p. 10) (35mm) Story by Neil Stevens:
Image 7 - John Cordts takes it easy before race
Image 8 - Denis Hulme talks to his fans (photos by Silvio Dobri)
1971-06-14 MondayUnpublished negatives:
- another 2 1/4 from of lioness
- two 35 mm frames of Mosport?
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage1Arthur Joins The Lions (p.3) (2 1/4): A model lion named Arthur, built by Adam Scott student Sylvia Harnden, centre, was donated to Peterborough Lions Club for a recent convention in Kingston, Dennis DeRivers (left) outgoing president and Les Davis, incoming president, thanked Miss Harnden at a meeting Monday night.
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage2Inspected site (p. 5) (35mm): The late R.E. Dingman, left, outlined plans for the restoration of Corbett's Dam, originally built by his grandfather, R.A. Corbett last Thursday to Councilor Arthur Brooker. Mr. Dingman died suddenly on Sunday and was buried today in Port Hope. (James Cutting photo)
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage350th anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wesley Lowes and Laura May White married 50 years ago at Ebenezer Church, two miles north of the Lowes homestead. They celebrated Sunday at their farm “The Evergreens” in R.R.# Cavan
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage4
Garbage Collectors Worked Until 10 p.m. On Clean Up (p. 13) (three 2 ¼ frames):
Image 4 - John Pierce, a superintendent with the city's public works said about 25 extra trucks with three men each were on duty. There were reports that scavenging was rampant and an old unlicensed truck was seen loading up some of the more useable junk: a boat with garbage on Victoria
Image 5 - a washing machine on Chamberlain
Image 6 - a hot water tank on Sherbrooke.
(Jamie Lamb photos)
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage7Auxiliary OPP Officers (Lindsay) Look Sharp in March Pass (p. 14) (Allan Capon photo)
1971-06-15 TuesdayImage8Russelle Brothers And New Grand Tie For First Place In House Lacrosse (p. 14) (2 ¼): Tom Johnston, goalie of Russelle Brothers, left) and Roger Wood are all smiles after their team posted a 9-7 victory over Montreal House Monday in Peterborough House League Lacrosse. Wood had a five-point night on three goals and two assists.
1971-06-15 TuesdayUnpublished negatives:
- three 2 1/4s of man and dog
- typist, closeup of machine braille machine? Moved to July 23, 1971
- street shot with tall tree
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage1Proud Of Their Plaques (p. 3) (2 ¼): A city wide inspection of cub and scout groups has been completed and awards made at St. Giles' Presbyterian Church Monday evening. Cody Ford, kneeling left, and Bryan Hawthorne show plaques to fellow cubs Jeffrey Cox, left, Paul Millard, Andy Allison and Scott Warrington.
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage2Anson House Tea (p.6) (35mm): Ruby Beattie (right) chats with one of the convenors, Mrs. Lt. Col. H.C. Ritchie.
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage3Santa Claus at the YM Pool (p.6) (35mm): Drummer boys (the starfish team) are led around the pool by 3 year old Carmen Berg at Tuesday's night's POSCA water show.
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage4
1902 Rail Track Dug Up (p. 19) (2 1/4s): While working on creating a new beach at Newhall Park at Lock and McKellar, city workers uncovered part of a 1902 railway line. Apparently, the line was part of the turnabout for the Peterborough Radial Railway which served the city around the turn of the century. The rail unearthed is still attached to its wooden ties.
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage6No Dumping Allowed – That's What the Sign Says on Woodbine (p. 19) (35mm): City Works Officials Claim Residents Are Abusing Special Clean-Up Program. Mac Crossman, public official says there are things difficult to pick up, including an 18-foot tree limb and a car dismantled and left on boulevard
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage7Goalie Has Ball ...Lost It (p. 20) (35mm): Hugo Marcus, goalkeeper for Lindsay United Soccer team has the ball but it's too late. Peterborough UEW won 4-1
1971-06-16 WednesdayImage8Lindsay: United Appeal Ends, Now 'Planned Donors” (p. 23) (35mm): Gerry Juby, left past pres. of the United Appeal and Ivan Rodd, incoming president studying plans for a new donors' association program to replace the existing association (Alan Capon photo).
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 1 PendingPancakes Help Sports (p. 3) (35mm): John Scott, left, Frank Trotter, middle, Willett Peebels, right, cooking at the pancake breakfast in Apsley. The recreation committee, sponsors of the breakfast, realized a profit of $75 to assist them in purchasing sports equipment for the young people in the district. Photo by Harry W. Hutton
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 2 Pending
Image 3 Pending
New Exhibit at Century Village (p. 8) (35mm):
Image 2 - A leather mug found in a barn rests on a chair from Cobourg and whose stencil is Canadian according to research by Vi Scobie.
Image 3 - Vi Scobie and floral stencil.
Bruce Christenson photos
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 4 PendingSt. Anne's Family Fair (p. 5) (35mm): Children place their bets at the Crown and Anchor booth.
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 5 PendingCity Minister Leaving For Perth (p. 19) (2 ¼): Rev. Gordon C. Smyth receives a purse from Walter Mortlock on behalf of the parishioners of St. St. Andrew's United Church.
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 6 PendingMrs. Dorothy Mark and Mr. Syd Elsden of Lindsay (p.27) captured the open mixed pairs tournament championship and with it the O'Keefe's Trophy Wednesday evening at the Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club.
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 7 PendingExplosion Peace Valley: (p. 30) (35mm): Three persons were injured in an explosion that demolished a store and restaurant at Peace Valley around noon yesterday. The force of the explosion was felt a considerable distance away and debris from the store scattered a wide area (Al Capon photo).
1971-06-17 ThursdayImage 8 PendingPrize winners (p. 30) (35mm): Mrs. Keith Fice and Miss Isobel Shipp of Cambray with two of the prize-winning blooms at Lindsay Horticultural Show.
1971-06-18 FridayImage1Lights, Camera, Action! (p. 3) (35mm): Cecil B. DeMille started the same way. Paul Harris (left) director of Getting A Man, a 12-minute film being prepared by seven Grade 7 pupils of Queen Mary School gives last minute directions to (left to right) Brigittie Alting-Mees, Laurie Henden, Greg Laing, Tammy Robinson and Dough Hoyle before rolling the camera. The movie featuring Floral and Smartie is a take-off of old Laurel and Hardy movies. Three other groups of students from the same school are also making films. Doug Hoyle (right) did some work on a movie which was submitted by Queen Mary School to Ontario Place.
1971-06-18 FridayImage2Cheque For Ice (p. 3) (35mm): Jack Matthews, fund raising chairman of Lakefield and community arena fund, accepts a cheque for $1,058.57 from Dr. Hugh Gastle. Seen in the rear is the clock bought for Dr. Gastle by the people of Lakefield as recognition for the 25 years he has been a doctor in Lakefield. The cheque is the balance of the monies collected for the doctor, which he in turn is donated to the arena fund.
1971-06-18 FridayImage3Seven St. John's (Port Hope) Girl Guides (p. 5) received their all-round cords this week. From left are Patty Gaebel, Adele Reburn, Valerie Tunstall, Susan Sculthorpe, Joanne Bourne, Lynne Martinell. The all-round cord is one of the highest achievements in guiding and this is the first time that seven girl guides have qualified for it at the same time (James Cutting photo)
1971-06-18 FridayImage4Rescue Boat Readied (p. 5) (35mm): Members of the Port Hope Yacht Club are busy this week repairing docks and painting up the club's rescue vessel, the Scrounge, for another season of boating (James Cutting photo).
1971-06-18 FridayImage5WCTU Slams Status Report (p. 6) (35mm): At Elim Lodge, Mrs. T.S Armstrong of Spencerville, left, provincial WCTU head and national president, Mrs. James Nelson of St. Catharines, each addressed the three-day convention that ended Thursday. The Women's Christian Temperance Union held the 94th annual provincial convention at Elim Lodge, with the request for more youth members.
1971-06-18 FridayImage6Work Together to Shape the Legion (Lindsay) (p. 7) (35mm): Second vice president Douglas Worrall, first vice president Leo Alger; president Roy Rowbotham; past district commander Eric Hogg of Peterborough; and past-president , Branch 67, James McTaggart during installation proceedings. (Alan Capon photo)
1971-06-18 FridayImage7Safety Patrol Awards Presented (p. 9) (35mm): City police put on a picnic Thursday at Nicholls Oval for about 700 members of school safety patrols in the city. The top award winners are shown here, with the kids in the background. Winners are, from left: Susan Warr, Confederation School, third; Robert Kidd, Prince of Wales, first; Karen Mackay, Highland Heights, second; With them are deputy Chief Jim Armstrong and Sgt. Bill Scott of the police department. Photo by Bruce Christenson.
1971-06-18 FridayImage7.2Dressed for the Occasion (p. 9) (35mm): Gillian Wilson, Gwen Brown and Rita Smith, all members of the Peterborough Theatre Guild, dressed in period clothing to attend a variety program held Thursday night at the annual meeting of the Ontario Historical Society at Trent University. With the women is Dr. Gordon Roper, master of ceremonies for the program.
1971-06-18 FridayImage9Home Sweet Home (p. 9) (2 ¼): When there's a housing shortage, even birds can't be too choosy. This particular robin found some space between a telephone pole and a transformer on Water St., next to the Examiner building and decided to raise a family of four there.
1971-06-18 FridayImage10Steve Plunkett Bets Winning Goal With 15 Seconds Remaining In Tilt (p. 10): Jim Johnston (18) of the Peterborough PCOs and club trainer, Paul Webb, bend over to give assistance to PCO’s goalie Greg Thomas, who was injured in a second period incident. He continued the game and Peterborough won. The referee is Reg Wright and Jan Magee is the other PCO player.
1971-06-18 FridayUnpublished negatives:
- two 35 mm of lacrosse
- one 35mm group of six people in front of neatly stack lumber?
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage1Historical Plaque Unveiled At Grover Nicholls House. (p. 3) (35mm): Mrs. John Grover unveils a plaque at the Grover-Nicholls House, helped by Stanley Adamson of the Masonic Lodge, which now owns the building.
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage2The 1971 Dr. Hawkins School Posture Queen (p. 5, Lakeshore) competition from left are: Karen Baldree, 12; Jane Stinson, last year's posture queen; Jane Burgess, 13, Posture Queen 1971; and Cheryl Eyman, 13. James Cutting photo.
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage310,000 th Unit of Blood Given At Cobourg District Hospital (p. 5): William Gibson, a patient at the Cobourg and District General Hospital receives the 10,000 pint of blood from chief laboratory technologist Eric Langer and technician Florence Beleski.
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage4President's Ball At PGCC (p. 6) (35mm): A night of Scottish fun was topped by two Ottawa singer-humorists at the annual President's Ball at the Peterborough Golf and Country Club. Traditionally, the retiring president turns over the chair to the incoming president by presenting him with the green president's jacket. Piper Robert Dolman looks on as Malcolm Allen with Mrs. Allen, accepts the jacket from Ivan Thacker with Mrs. Thacker.
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage5County Museum Opens (p. 7) (35mm): A new clock display at the Victoria County Museum is studied by Kathy Price, 12, and Donna Strong, 14, of Central Senior School. The museum opens to the public for the summer season today (Alan Capon photo)
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage6Pulled from Otonabee (p. 9) (2 ¼): This car was pulled from the Otonabee River near Simcoe St. at 6:30 p.m. Friday, after a swimmer reported seeing it go into the water. The driver who has not been identified, got out, swam to shore and left the scene on foot. A witness said the car was being driven on an old road by the river bank when it slid down an eight-foot embankment and overturned twice. (Examiner photo by Kurt Johnson)
1971-06-19 Saturday7.
What Does Dad Look Like? (p. 9)
Kids at Fairview Public School draw their dads for Father's Day feature. All artwork is on 2 ¼ frames, head shots are all 35 mm:
Image 7 - Stephen Bullied's picture of his dad Gordon Bullied
Image 8 - Carolyn Underhill's picture of her dad Allan Underhill
Image 9 - Karl Asta's picture of his dad Paul
Image 10 - Tommy McKee's picture of his father Fred McKee
Image 11 - Robbie Leggitt's picture of his father Bob
Image 12 - Kim Boyce's picture of her dad Ken
Image 13 - Stephen Bullied
Image 14 - Gordon Bullied
Image 15 - Robbie Leggitt
Image 21 - Bob Leggitt
Image 16 - Carolyn Underhill
Image 17 - Allan Underhill
Image 18 - Karl Asta (there is no negative of his father Paul)
Image 19 - Tommy McKee
Image 20 - Fred McKee
Image 22 - Kim Boyce
Image 23 - Ken Boyce
1971-06-19 SaturdayImage24Ties the Black Belt (p. 10) (35mm): Paul Brown, instructor of the YMCA Judo Club, conforms to tradition when he ties the black belt to Don Jewell (front). Jewell received his belt in Toronto recently and he has been studying judo for six years. Paul, at the same time, receives his second degree black belt after about 14 years of hard work.
1971-06-19 SaturdayUnpublished head shot
- looks like Bob Beavers, Examiner reporter
1971-06-21 MondayImage1The Big Splash (p. 3) Preparing for a big splash in the Lions Community Pool are these Peterborough youngsters taking advantage of the opening of the city recreation department’s swimming program. The program includes both instructional and recreational swimming. Recreational swimming will extend from June 19 to Sept. 6. Instruction courses of three weeks each will start July 5, July 26 and Aug. 16.
1971-06-21 MondayImage2
170 Camp With Otona Bees (p. 3): With temperatures sizzling around the 80s and 90s over the weekend, 36 camping units, comprising 170 people were the guests of the Otona Bees camping club at the Holiday Pines camp ground on the Trent River. Nature lovers came in all sizes and shapes from Trenton, Belleville, Oshawa and other are municipalities.
Image 2 - Pictures here is 2 ½ year old Darion Burdick of Trenton camping group which is satisfied for the moment just to watch the swimmers.
Image 3 - Below, Bruce Sonley, president of Peterborough Otona Bees, shows the club banner to Ron Schamerhorn, president of the newly-formed Moira Gypsis camping club from Belleville.
1971-06-21 MondayImage4
Attendance Down At Millbrook Fair (p.5):
Image 4 - Sunflowers brightened up one float;
Image 5 - Dairy princesses from left: Dianne Gunnint, Ontario Dairy Princess from Tweed; Audrey More, Ontario Shorthorn Lass of Cameron in Victoria County; and Barbara Kennedy, Durham County Dairy Princess from Cavan, give a toast to milk.
Jim Cutting photos
Image 6 - City folks wouldn’t stand a chance in this special contest at the Millbrook Fair. (Guess the weight of a farm beast)
1971-06-21 MondayImage7Riverboat (p. 5): Reminiscent of the early riverboat days, local people took a keen interest in this steamer which was tied up at a dock in Port Hope. Jim Cutting photo.
1971-06-21 MondayImage827 Years in the Same Classroom (p. 6) Miss Muriel |Ball will close the door on her grade 4-5 classroom for the last time when school's over on June 30. It is a classroom in which she has spent the last 27 years of a 40-year teaching career. Above, she chats with two of her pupils, Bradley Rylott (9), and Sharon Stephen, 11 at a retirement tea in King Edward School Friday. Miss Ball was born on a farm on the Fallis Line of Cavan township. She attended high school in Millbrook and trained at Peterborough Normal School, which at that time consisted of two terms: one year at the school, three years teaching, followed by a second year at the school. She joined the staff at King Edward School in 1944.
1971-06-21 MondayImage9City’s Chief Medical Officer Warns-Unit Services To Peterborough May Suffer (p. 9): Cramped nursing facilities at Health Unit
1971-06-21 MondayImage10Peterborough Driving Club Boss Resigns After Saturday’s Fiasco (p. 9): Driving Club Loses Battle; Races Cancelled Saturday at Morrow: picture of deserted grandstand Saturday night at Morrow Park
1971-06-21 MondayImage11Improper Facilities Cancels Harness Race Meet – McDonald (p. 10): Races Cancelled but this horse still has workout
1971-06-21 MondayImage12Home Economist (p. 13): Christine Hoffman is the newly appointed home economist for the Ontario department of agriculture and food for Victoria and Peterborough Counties. She is a graduate of the University of Guelph and joined the department on June 1. She assumes the new post full time July 5. Born in Galt, she went to school in Stratford and Mitchell (Alan Capon photo).
1971-06-21 MondayImage13Young Twirlers (p. 13): Young twirlers of the Canadian Majorettes demonstrate their ability during the group’s end-of-season display. (Lindsay)
1971-06-21 MondayUnpublished negatives:
- Sailing
- group of men in (police?) uniforms
- demo of stretcher use
- sheep shearing pictures
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image1Doll Display At Museum (p. 3): Curator of the Centennial Museum, Mrs. O. J. Frisken examines one of the dolls recently donated to the museum’s doll and toy display. The display case behind Mrs. Frisken holds dolls made in Baffin Island, cast-iron toys from the turn of the century and tiny pieces of miniature porcelain. In all the museum has four cases devoted to old playthings some dating back to the early 1800’s.
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image2Tip Toe Through The Tulips (p. 3): [moved from June 16] Municipal horticulture is practiced by workmen laying storm sewer lateral through Centennial Park tulip beds. The sewers, however, are not to drain the flower beds, but to connect in with the Queen St. main sewer. James Cutting photo
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image3Stepdancers in ‘Caravan’: (p .6): The Quinlan Irish Stepdancers, 20 youngsters from Douro, will dance at the Norwood Jamboree on Friday and travel to Toronto Sunday to perform in the Irish Pavilion of the Metropolitan Folk Art Festival’s Caravan ’71.
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image4Omemee Is Changing (p. 7): The face of Omemee is slowly changing and one of the biggest changes in the past few years was the removal of the old wooden dam which was replaced by this new concrete structure across the Pigeon River in the heart of the town (Alan Capon photo)
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image5Liberal Candidate Offers 2 Ideas To Create Thousands Of Jobs (p. 9): Peterborough MP Hugh Faulkner discusses policy with area provincial Liberal candidate David Hobson at the Peterborough. Liberal Ass. Annual meeting Monday night. Both men fielded questions from the membership on topics ranging from policy to residence.
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image6Driver’s License Review Board Suggested By Insurance Agents (p. 9): Committee Members Harry Bell, David McWilliams, and Henry Stubbinshear a ten-point brief from the Peterborough Insurance Agents Ass. At the Empress Hotel Wednesday. The committee established by Arthur Wisehart when he was provincial attorney general, held a one-day hearing into insurance claims settlement practices
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image7Rotarians Hear Indian Chief (p. 9): Chief Elsie Knott, Canada’s only woman Indian chief and head of the Ojibway band at Curve Lake gave a brief talk to the Rotary Club of Peterborough Monday. Chief Knott was accompanied by Bill Whetung, Administrator of the Curve Lake reserve who spoke on “the achievements and problems of the Indian reservation.”
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image8Newsman Quits To Become Minister – Following In Father’s Footsteps (p. 9): Glenn Cooper Reads the News.
1971-06-22 Tuesday Image9Doctor Applies First Aid (p. 10): Doctor Peter Clark, foreground, applies a little first aid to the paddling techniques of Pete Nicholls, center, and Bob Thompson who were on hand for a Peterborough Canoe Club workout Monday evening at the waterfront of Thomas A. Secondary School’s Otonabee River campus. The PCC is holding practice sessions at 7 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday and anyone interested in joining the club is welcome to attend. A general meeting at which time executive officials will be voted into office to direct the fledgling club towards hosting the Whitewater Championships to be held in Peterborough August 7.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage1Over 90’s Enjoy the mid-70’s (p. 3): Senior Citizens’ Week is upon us, offering a gentle reminder that we must not forget the older generation in out pre-occupation with the younger. Above, a group of Marycrest Senior Citizens’ Home residents – all over 90 years of age – sit on an outside porch enjoying yesterday’s 75-degree heat with administrator Sister St. Clare hovering protectively in the background.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage2Only Curling Stone Grinder In Canada Visits Apsley Rink (p. 3): Charles A Warren, 85, of Burlington. Mr. Warren and his brother-in-law Phil Lighthart travel through the country, regrinding stones for curling clubs, using a machine designed by Warren.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage3Employees Refuse To Go To Their Jobs, Winchester Co. Suspends 180 Workers. (p. 5): Harold Nelson (centre), personnel manager for Winchester Western Ltd. Tells workers they are suspended. The suspension came after employees staged what the company called and illegal strike.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage5
For Six Weeks - Day Camp At YWCA (p. 6):
Image 5 - Susan Berthulat works on a papier mâché elephant. Day campers will make similar crafts during their six weeks of fun at Emily Park.
Image 6 - Scary mask is modelled by Bev Hilton during craft class for Day Camp counsellors on Wednesday.
Image 7 - Marty Dolman studies a squirrel he made from twigs and things found in the woods.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage PendingTrillium Award (p. 6): Mrs. B.K. Brown of RR 3 Peterborough receives the Trillium Pin Award at the 65th annual convention of the Ontario Horticultural Association held in Windsor. Making the presentation is Phil Dodds, Picton, newly elected president of the association. The Trillium Pin is awarded annually to a lady who has made an outstanding contribution to horticulture over a period of years.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage8
Image 8 - Silvo Vizza astride V8 powered tricycle
Image 8 - Designer and builder Nardo Vizza
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage10Captivatingly Weird (p. 11): This captivatingly – weird representation of “mistletoe” one of a number of paintings by Hungarian artist Endre Szasz now on display at the C IAG building caught the attention of Beth Thomas, a CIAG employee who stopped in to view the exhibit Tuesday afternoon. The exhibit, sponsored by Aurora Art Gallery of Rexdale, Ont. Features the drawings, paintings and etchings of Mr. Szasz. Photo by Bruce Christenson.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage11Rapt, these children at Cameron St. School watch improvised theatre presented at their school Tuesday afternoon by Theatre Five, a federally sponsored group of players. Theatre Five also visited other students in the city Tuesday at the school.
1971-06-23 WednesdayImage12Win Separate School Softball Title (p. 27): St. Teresa’s girls’ softball team captured the four-county separate school softball tournament, winning four games. Kathy Dohaney was the winning pitcher in all four games and Diana Mortimer had six homers. Shown, left to right, front row, Mary Anne O’Brien, Julie Wasson, Patsy Piercy, Janice Heath, Joan Barnes, Mary Mulhall, Colleen Mahon. Back row, Doug Anderson (coach), Cathy Zeyen, Glenda Lecour, Kathy Dohaney, Kim Van Laren, Debbie Gaffney, Diana Mortimer, Carole Reynolds, Lynn O’Toole, Allyn Gunter, Peter Roach (assistant superintendent).
1971-06-24 ThursdayImage1Retires after 30 years (p. 5): Mrs. Bea Jones, of Newtonville, a grade one teacher for 13 years at the Howard Jordan Public School in Port Hope is retiring after 30 years on the teaching profession. She has spent her entire career teaching grade one pupils. (James Cutting photo)
1971-06-24 ThursdayImage2Bureaucracy Rules The Waves. (p. 17): Bureaucracy, not Brittania, rules the waves. These three pretty paddlers had floated through four locks and over five lakes when halted in their waves at Lock 26 Wednesday afternoon for want of registrations numbers. The three 17-year-olds, left to right Sue Sisson of Belleville, Patricia James and Judy Knowles, both of Peterborough set out last Friday from Buckhorn Lake with the Peterborough Lift Lock to be their final docking place. A violent weekend storm and yesterday’s red tape hasn’t deterred the trio, who at last word were paddling on – just as soon as they could get a magic marker to affix their brand-new registration number.
1971-06-24 ThursdayImage3
Hot Pants and electric vibes filled the Memorial Centre Wednesday night, along with 2,100 rock fans at the term-end teen dance, featuring Lighthouse and Major Hoople’s Boarding House.
Image 3 - Above, a pair of hot pants is shown to advantage.
Image 4 - Below is a guitarist with Major Hoople. Dancing was non-stop, but the number of dancers was down from the expected 3,000.
1971-06-24 ThursdayImage5Sisters learn About Pressure (p. 17): The importance of constant pressure control is being explained to sisters Kim, Jackie and Darlene Henderson of Lindsay by Wilson Speight, sales representative of the S.G. Pakin Co. Ltd of Hamilton, producers of water well casings and accessories. The demonstration is being held during the three-day conference of Water Well Contractor Association under way at the Rock Haven. Approximately 250 people are expected to take part.
1971-06-24 ThursdayImage PendingGrove Choir For Ontario Place (p. 3): Sue Silverthorn, Janet Huggins and Cindy Kimble, all students at Grove Public School, get in vocal form for a big performance June 28. The Grove junior choir, about 45 Grade 5 and 6 students, will be singing at Ontario Place next Monday at the forum at 4:30. Director of the choir is Bill Eakins.
1971-06-25 FridayImage1Sing-in Outside City Hall (p. 1): These teenagers numbering about 50, marched along George St. Thursday night to Confederation Park opposite city hall bearing the message of their faith. Led by Rev. Keith Parks, youth director for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in Eastern Ontario and Quebec the teens held a sing song around the park monument. The teens are in training this summer at the Peterborough Bible College.
1971-06-25 FridayImage2Four teachers honored for 25 years’ service in Peterborough County at a dinner held by the PCBE Thursday are shown here with board chairman William Lech. The teachers are Cora Bailey, rear, Hilda Sweet, left, Eleanor Carroll and Gladys Hamilton. The teachers were welcomed to the board’s Quarter Century Club and presented with watches at the dinner at the Empress Hotel.
1971-06-25 FridayImage3Stone Cairn For Historic Alarm Bell (p. 5): Edgar Phillips, Port Hope fireman shows the special container that is to be sealed in the fire bell cairn in front of the new fire hall. James Cutting photo.
1971-06-25 FridayImage4Constable William Wakely (p. 5) of the Port Hope Police Department checks the brakes on a bicycle during a bicycle rodeo this week at Dr. Powers Public School (James Cutting photo)
1971-06-25 FridayImage5
Some Children’s Car Seats Give Too Little Protection (p. 8):
Image 5 - Fourteen-month-old Stephanie Boughen has really outgrown the General Motors Infant Safety Carrier, but she is still too small for the Tot Guard – she slides out the bottom. At the present time there is no safe car seat for children too small for the Tot Guard, too big for the Infant Carrier.
Image 6 and 7 - Doug Hewie, 5, took time out from a busy day at Lester B. Pearson Day Nursery to demonstrate the Ford Tot Guard. At left he sits on the plastic platform and at right the padded shell is fastened tightly around him with the car seat belt.
1971-06-25 FridayImage8Former Mayor and His Wife Celebrate 50 years Mrs. And Mrs. Arthur Burrows (p. 8)
1971-06-25 FridayImage9Mrs. S.A. Janusz, honorary president and founder of Meals-On-Wheels, talks with a few of the people who gathered at Old Orchard Winter Park for a summer picnic. (p. 8)
1971-06-25 FridayImage10Tom Sawyer Sails Into Town (p. 15): Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were alive and well and chugging down the Trent Canal yesterday. Actually, eight members of the Third Scarborough West Venturers Club and their adviser Carl Harding, were in the process of finishing up a 90-mile-voyage from Lake Simcoe to beautiful downtown Peterborough. They may have cheated a bit, switching a nine-and-a-half horsepower motor to a pole, but the craft itself was pure Huckleberry-Sawyer. The boys used some 200 four-inch bolts to put together the somewhat flimsy-looking, though sea-worthy structure of plywood and 45-gallon drums. The vessel is now docked at the Brownsea scout base on Little Lake and available for purchase by anyone young enough at heart.
1971-06-25 FridayImage11President of the Peterborough County Substitute Teachers Association, (p. 15) Lyn Moir, presented a brief to the PCBE at a meeting Thursday. The teachers were protesting recent salary cuts by the board for substitute teachers. On the left is trustee Rev. H.J. McDougall.
1971-06-25 FridayImage12Pollution Created By Automobiles Must Be Cut 90 Per Cent In 5 Years (p. 15): Ross Scott talks to Kiwanians
1971-06-25 FridayImage13
Paterson Returns To Lakers’ Lineup Nets Four Points In Win Over Brooklin (p. 16):
Image 13 - Tim O’Grady (18) waits for a Laker to break while …
Image 14 - Dave Mosier (19), right, applies the “Brooklin” Hug.
1971-06-25 FridayUnpublished frames:
- Judge Ted Collins (moved to July 8, 1971)
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage1The Beauty Of Beavermead (p. 3): (originally filed June 1) The lazy, hazy days of summer are again upon us and Peterborough’s Beavermead Park is fast becoming a popular haven for campers who wish to escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Examiner photo by Bob Beavers
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage2John Farrington (p. 3), new city editor at Examiner
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage3Frank Pawlucki (p.3) new sports editor, Examiner
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage4William Wigg, a Fairhaven resident, performs a violin solo at Seniors Week garden party
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage5Enjoying the sunshine and 80-degree weather at the garden party are, from left, Cathy Mountsteven, Mrs. Marie Moutsteven, Mrs. Isabella Sutcliffe and Mrs. Alice Littlefair
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage6Potluck Supper guests at the Senior Citizens Recreation Centre wait their turn at the special event Friday night. On Saturday afternoon an open house was held for friends and relatives at the centre, the final event of Senior Citizens week.
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage7Grace Samson Retires (p. 6): Grace Samson, who started her teaching career in 1925 at Cedar School near Madoc, retires this year. She was given a reception this week at Prince of Wales School, where she has taught for the past 27 years, above, at the reception she shares some memories with Eric Sloan (left), who graduated from the school min 1962 and is now in his third year of teaching at Prince of Wales. At right is Germaine James, Mrs. Samson’s daughter from Deep River. Mrs. Samson started teaching in Peterborough in 1944 at King George School. She moved to Prince of Wales in September of that year and has taught there ever since.
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage8Railroad Man and Wife Celebrate 50 Years Mr. and Mrs. Charles Heels, Lindsay (p. 6): She was Gladys Moore of Woodville
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage9Robbie Smith, surrounded by masks made by classmates in his grade 6 class at Queen Mary School, is $5 richer this week. From artwork sent to the CNE by his teacher Paula Wagar, the CNE judges chose one of Robbie’s entries to be exhibited during the CNE and awarded him a $5 prize.
1971-06-26 Saturday10.
Headshots for streeter question, Should Special Garbage Days Be repeated?
Image 10 - Gordon Ward
Image 11 - Mrs. M.E. Jajnik
Image 12 - John Herr
Image 13 - Jack Cochrane
Image 14 - Joseph Dufrane
Image 15 - Mrs. L. Spenceley
Image 16 - Peter Hawkin
Image 17 - Steve Shadbet
1971-06-26 SaturdayImage20Picking Up Sides (p. 10): Four youngsters try to decide who will have first choice in a softball game. Left to right are Greg Horrigan (13), Mark Crawford (10), Tom Shaughnessy, 11, and David Crowley, 10. The last three mentioned were members of the St. Anne’s Tadpole team of the Church Softball League. Greg decided to come along and join in the game.
1971-06-28 MondayImage1Police Make $560.55 At Bike Auction (p. 3): A large crowd gathered behind the police station at George and McDonnell Streets Saturday to snap up about 30 bicycles and tricycles being auctioned off at the city police department’s first bike auction of the year. Net proceeds for the auction, which lasted about two hours, amounted to $560.55. Other items up for grabs were a radio, record player, motor cycle helmet, tools and gas cans. The articles were picked up by police since last fall and had not been claimed within the three-month holding period.
1971-06-28 MondayImage2A Few Problems First Time But Air Show A Success (p. 5): This 1932 Stinson Jr. was one of about 25 antique aircraft on display at the First Canadian International antique fly-in and air show held at Mountain View Airport neat Belleville over the weekend (John Radley photo)
1971-06-28 MondayImage3New NDP Executive (p. 5): Newly elected officers of the Northumberland Riding New Democrat Party. From left are: provincial council delegate Art Cockerill, President Tom Seaborn and membership chairman Betty Kinniburgh.
1971-06-28 MondayImage4
New Hospital Opens At Haliburton Better Medical Facilities For Area (p. 9):
Image 4 - The Old Red Cross Hospital at Haliburton
Image 5 - The New Hospital is Like A Modern Hotel (Harry Hutton photos)
1971-06-28 MondayImage6Disgusted With System, City Woman Refuses To Pay Welfare Tax (p. 11): Mrs. Glenn McIntyre
1971-06-28 Monday7.
Headshots for streeter question, Should Fireworks Be Restricted In The City (p. 11):
Image 7 - Moe Harmer
Image 8 - Ron Fodor
Image 9 - Mike Herod
Image 10 - Bruce Brohman
Image 11 - Dick Kenzie
Image 12 - Ben Joyce
Image 13 - Mrs. Rosemary Jones
Image 14 - Rocky Martin
1971-06-28 MondayImage15
Public Gets A Chance This Week To Spend A Night Star Gazing (p. 11):
Image 15 - Ron Thomas (left) and David Duffus adjust scope
Image 16 - Mr. Duffus sets the 12 -inch telescope
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage1Attend Conference (p. 3): Walter Pitman, left, Provincial New Democratic member for Peterborough discusses the results of the morning sessions of the Ontario Conference on Economic and Cultural Nationalism with Raymond R. Maddocks, centre, member of the provincial Youth Advisory Committee and graduate of Trent University and R. W. Stephenson, assistant to the president of Trent University. The three-day conference was held in Toronto.
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage2Municipal Assessors Meet (p. 5): Studying the resolutions presented to the Institute of Municipal Assessors of Ontario at the 15th annual meeting in Toronto June 28-30 are, from left, in-coming president Warren Maheral of Sault Ste. Marie, and Cobourg assessors Floyd Jenkins and Wally Parnell. Mr. Parnell resides in Peterborough. More than 750 delegates attended the meeting (Special Examiner New Photo)
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage3Country Fair Tea (p. 6) Dorothy Campbell of Brampton seems to be asking her hostess, Mrs. Robert Cooper of Bridgenorth what she sees in the tea leaves. They attended the Lakevale Presbyterian Church’s Country Fair Tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fowler on the weekend.
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage4Retarded Swimmers Top Awards (p. 6): All of the 64 Trafalgar School children who took part in the weekly swim program for retarded children at YMCA received blue and gold ribbons in a special award ceremony Monday. And they cheered when the three highest awards were given out. Above, left, Ron Francis holds the Brownson trophy, awarded for most over all progress. Centre, Lori Clysdale displays her Vicki Grey memorial trophy for most progress by a girl swimmer. Right is Jim Watkins, with his Pansy Forbes trophy (formerly the Major Firlot trophy) for best progress by a boy swimmer. The swim program began in 1956 with 12 swimmers.
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage5Ron Nobbs, 16, (p. 13) of RR 3, Little Britain (left) and John Vanstrien, 16, of RR 3, Port Perry, talk to guide Susan Drain, a student at Trent University from Montreal during a 4-H club tour of the university Monday. They are two of 111 attending the 4-H regional conference held for three days at Trent. Miss Drain is a guide for the summer with the university’s conference section. (p. 13)
1971-06-29 TuesdayImage6Picking Daisies (p. 13) would seem to be an idle pastime to most but for Gregg Allen of Elsmere Ave. it provided a summer job. Gregg was hired through the student placement branch of Canada Manpower to eliminate the weeds in the yard of a Beechwood St. residence. Gregg says he enjoys the work. Judging from the number of daisies, he’ll be kept busy.
1971-06-29 TuesdayUnpublished frames
- team shot, boys softball, St. Giles
- outside Empress, 4-5 men with a covered trailer
- roof top shot of kids in school yard (dozens) waving Canadian flags
- two frames of both sides of Peterborough Carpetland sign
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage1Drowning Victim Recovered (p. 1): Fireman recover the body of Roger Williamson, who drowned in a canoeing accident om the Otonabee River Tuesday night just below the Filtration Plant powerhouse. See story and picture on city page. (35mm)
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage2Grove Public School junior choir (p. 3) from Peterborough were the stars at the open-air forum at Ontario Place in Toronto Monday. The grade 5s and 6s were led by Bill Eakins and accompanied by Mike Matheson on piano. Both are teachers at Grove.
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage3Andrea Spence, 11, (p. 10) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elon M. Spence, Aylmer St., has been awarded a Catherine Ford Scholarship for effort in speech and speech reading at the Ontario School for the Deaf in Belleville. In addition to the award, Andrea will receive a cheque for $12 from the Province of Ontario which will be out towards her education. Instrumental in Andrea’s progress are her parents, who helped organize a Deaf Association for Peterborough and District.
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage4Three generations of strawberry pickers (p. 6) are represented in the Sweeting family of RR #3 Lakefield. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Sweeting and their son and his wife have strawberry patches on their neighboring farms and help each other with harvesting. From left, Sherman Sweeting and his wife, Louella Sweeting; Gordon Northey, Mrs. Sweeting’s brother; David Sweeting and his parents Audrey and Ronald Sweeting.
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage5Mrs. Evelyn Moore (p. 11, Lindsay) and amethyst (Valerie Reid photo) (35mm)
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage6Father of Two Drowns In Otonabee After Canoe Caught In Fast Water (p. 13): firemen apply resuscitation (35mm)
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage7Hot Night For Working (p. 13) Pouring water into the river on a summer evening when the temperature is around 80 seems like a big waste but for fireman George Jackson (left) and Lt. John Coughlin of the Lakefield fire department it was work. The department held a practice for which they had an audience consisting largely of bikini-clad girls. (Examiner photo by John Erdelyi)
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage8The boy scouts’ Brownsea Base on Little Lake (p. 13) officially began water activities Tuesday evening. From left, Randy Armstrong, Peter Cain, Alan Westman, and Peter Oke help Darrell and Rady Markewitz and Danny Morrison (foreground) put an 18-foot war canoe into the water.
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage9The Winning Design (p. 13): Twelve-year-old Neil Carpenter drew the winning design for a school crest contest held at King George Public School. With Neil is principal David Chambers. The contest was open to pupils in Grades 4, 5, and 6. More than 300 designs were entered. The final decision was made by the students. The crest is done in the school colors, blue and gold. The crossed torches represent the extension of knowledge, the shield represents valor.
1971-06-30 WednesdayImage10Karen Oliver, Peterborough County Dairy Princess, (p. 14) huddles with mascot of fourth annual Ontario Dairy Foods Peewee Lacrosse Tournament to be held in Peterborough July 10-11. Allan Lishman, left, ODF service bureau representative from Ajax; Peterborough’s Bob Oliver tournament chairman, Rexdale’s Dale Douglas tournament chairman enjoy a cool glass of milk.
1971-07-02 FridayImage1St. Joseph’s Graduates wins Prizes (p.6): (35mm): These graduates of St. Joseph’s General Hospital School of Nursing had a right to congratulate themselves – they are the prizewinners of the 1971 graduating class. Yvonne Murphy (CON) and Marie Collins (absent) won the Medical Staff Prize for therapeutic use of self in nursing. Janet Carew (GR) and Rita LeSage (Left S) won the St. Joseph’s General Hospital Auxiliary Prize for greatest contribution to the quality of student life. Maureen English (A) and Sally Mack (TION) won the School of Nursing Alumni Prize for progressive development in nursing. Linda Bell (TULA) and Rosemary Walsh (absent) won the Urological Nursing Prize donated by the department of Urology. Mary Killen (right S) and Margaret Plaunt (71) were awarded the Doctor McNulty Memorial Prize for excellence in nursing.
1971-07-02 FridayImage2Doesn’t Look much like a playground for 5 – 8 year olds? It will be. George Campbell, community school director, sits on one of the two campers filled with play equipment, will become Tot Lots in many areas of the city during the summer. The Tot Lots were donated by the Rotary Club. They will be set up for a day at a time in different areas of the city and will be accompanied by a playground supervisor. The Examiner will carry a weekly list of Tot Lot locations on the Women’s Page. Inspecting the gift are from left, Mr. Campbell, John Lowes, incoming Rotary president, Will Cleveland, outgoing Rotary president and right, Bud Bitton of the city recreation committee.
1971-07-02 FridayImage3School’s Over… And How!!! (p.11) When school is over for the summer, the pupils aren’t the only ones who breathe a sigh of relief. Miss Muriel Ball, who retires after 27 years of teaching gets a kiss from Alan Doig and Nancy Lunn, two of her grade 5 pupils at King Edward School.
1971-07-02 FridayImage4Teachers Susan Munroe, Bill Barlow and Marilyn Coward put their feet on the desk and relax. (Photos by Bruce Christenson.)
1971-07-02 FridayImage5Chatting before the Adam Scott Collegiate and Vocational Institute commencement exercises held Wednesday are, from left: Douglas MacGilvray, valedictorian; Rev. John McDougall, guest speaker and Scott MacLeod, who had the highest standing in Grade 13.
1971-07-02 FridayImage6St. Martin’s Joins Championship Softball Circuit (p. 13) With softball champions being declared all over the place, St. Martin’s Ennismore decided to join the circuit. St. Martins defeated Mark St. 13 – 10 to win the Community Church Softball League Bantam Division championship.
They are, back row left to right, coach F. McCormick, P. Young, G. Ryan, J. Gifford, Jim Gifford, manager D. Gifford. Middle row, T. Cavanagh, K. Murray, P. Murphy, F. Young, J. Young. Front row, J. Sullivan, G. Gifford, D. Sullivan T. Murray, G. Saltern.
1971-07-02 FridayImage7One Way To Cool Down (p.11): Susanne Sullivan tossed in the water at Little Lake (newspaper is ripped through the cutline)
1971-07-02 FridayImage8Junior Girls Are County Queens (p.14): It’s Hats off to the girls from Grove School for winning the Peterborough County Public School Junior Division softball championships. Grove defeated Keith Wightman, 19-9, in the final. Young lovelies flashing smiles are, back row, left to right, Carol Fran, Sue Silverthorn, Ann Murphy, Janiced Darling, coach Janis Chamberlain. Front row, Wendy Bloadeau, Pam Horton, Debbie Jones, Bonnie Payne, Cindy Kimble, Heather Clark. That’s Tobie in the middle of the gathering. He’s the team mascot. Missing, Julie Atchison.
1971-07-02 FridayImage9And Senior Girls Sit On The Throne Too (p.14): While Grove School’s junior girls were being toasted for their efforts, the senior team got into the act too. Grove, again under the guiding hand of coach Miss Chamberlain, whipped Woodview 32-4, in the final to win the championship. The girls got together with their mascot. They are, back row left to right, Trudy Farquhar, Terri Gelling, Pam Routly, Carol Riches, Sharon Dafoe, coach Miss Chamberlain. Middle row, Marien Laming, Jane Colley, Diane Chamberlain, Karen Keliele, Donna Perry. Front row, Nancy Holliday, Karen Hancock, Cindy Hamilton, Janet Morley. Missing: Susan Hollbrook.
1971-07-03 SaturdayImage1Divers are shown searching for the body of Susan Plumpton, 12, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson P. Plumpton of Howden Ave., who became the city’s fifth drowning victim of the year when she died in the strong current of the Otonabee River, east of the bridge near Crawford Dr. Friday afternoon. The body was found after divers searched the river for more than an hour. See city page story.
1971-07-03 SaturdayImage2Joan Harrison of RR 1, Omemee, was crowned Victoria County Dairy Princess Friday night by Ontario Dairy Princess Diane Gunning. Miss Harrison won her title in competition with four other candidates.
1971-07-03 SaturdayImage3These Kings Live At King George (p. 10): King George School capped an unbeaten four-game, sudden-death playoff campaign by winning Peterborough County Public School Jr. Division softball championship. And here’s the gang who turned the trick, back row left to right, coach R. McCleanghan, captain Ron Peters. Third row Charlie Fleetwood, Neil Carpenter, Steve Murphy, Bill Palmquist. Second row, Ross McCullum, Jeff Simmonds, John Morine, Matthew Montgomery. Front row, Greg Crouter, Greg Theberge, Howard Babcooke, Wayne Toms
1971-07-05 MondayImage1Graduation Dance (p.6): The Class of ‘71 of ST. Joseph’s General Hospital School of Nursing ended their graduation week with a dance and dinner at Rock Haven Friday. Pictured above, Jim Hancock (left), Carol Snoddon, head of the social committee, Josephine Sabia and Tony Labiola look at the 1971 sign which marked the end of another year.
1971-07-05 MondayImage290th Birthday Celebration (p.6): Celebrating her 90th birthday Sunday was Mrs. Annie Johnston of Crawford Dr. With Mrs. Johnston, who is seated in front, is her daughter Mrs. Wilma Dineson, back right, Mrs. Dineson’s daughter, Mrs. Myla Smith and Mrs. Smith’s daughter, Dorianne, 4. All are Peterborough residents.
1971-07-05 MondayImage3Hundred Mile Race Attracts 40 cyclists (p.10): Mayor Galvin and winner, Ziggy Koch of the Hamilton Velo Club.
1971-07-05 MondayImage4Bobby Legitt, Kawartha Champ (p.10): Seven-Year Wait Ends, Leggitt Walks Winning Trail Again (golf).
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage1Old Muskets Fired (p.3): Smoke billows around the heads of members of the Upper Canada Rifle Society who put on a demonstration of muzzle-loading rifles and cannon in Bancroft over the weekend. The men wore authentic costumes for the demonstration. (Harry Hutton photo)
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage2Summer Fun (p.3, Lakeshore) Warm Sunny weather attracts large numbers of children to this park at a beach in Port Hope. Silvio Dobri photo)
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage3
Inner City Camp Starts (p.8):
Image 3 - Tommy Ellis (left), Kevin Tyler and Bruce Clark, all 11 years old were enthusiastic about their part in the YMCA Inner City Camp pollution pick-up yesterday. They filled their green garbage bags in no time and went back for more.
Image 4 - Tommy and Kevin thought they’d be thorough and clean up the garbage cans in the park while they were at it. Reaching bottom was the hard part. Ken Mennell photos
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage5Johnston Family Reunion (p.8): Eighty-four persons representing five generations attended the Johnston family reunion Saturday at the home of James H. Johnston, RR 3, Peterborough. Seated on the right is Mrs. Loretta Hallada, 87, of Ottawa with her great grandchildren Betty Marie and Rodney Hadwin, of Peterborough. Mrs. Loretta Johnston of Peterborough, Mrs. Hallada’s daughter is seated left. Standing are Mrs. Johnston’s son, Alfred of Peterborough and his daughter Mrs. Cheryl Hadwin
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage6Station Wagon pulled from Chemong Lake (p.8)
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage7Learning To Swim (p.8): Swimming lessons for city youngsters began Monday at Lions Swimming Pool. Non-swimmers Martin MacCool, left, Maureen Goody and Connie Cargill learn the first steps from Red Cross instructor Mary-Jo Leonard
1971-07-06 TuesdayImage8Soccer Chaps Pick Up A Piece Of Silverware (p.10): Lindsay Merchants and McCarthy and Johnston took to the soccer pitch over the weekend in the Cup Final for th George Downer Memorial Trophy. Both sides played well, which was expected. Lindsay tallied the win and for their efforts received the silverware. That’s Bill Downer (in stripe jacket) holding the prize, with captain Willie Altwater (hand on hip) giving it a thorough thought. _x000D_
Photo by Bob Beavers.
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage1Riding Office Opens (p.3) (2 ¼): Hugh Faulkner, MP of Peterborough, officially opened his riding office at the corner of Sheridan and Hunter Sts. Tuesday morning. Shown cutting the ribbon with Mr. Faulkner are, left, Mrs. Anne Haldimand, president of the Peterborough Liberal Association and right, secretary Marie Moser. Ken Mennell photo.
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage2420 Give Blood (p. 3): Anne Koeslag was one of 420 blood donors who attended a Red Cross blood donor clinic held in the Legio Hall Tuesday. There is a shortage of blood across Ontario this season because so many regular donors are holidaying, but Petrebrough residents have kept up their donations, says officials at the clinic. The donor’s clinic is held the first Tuesday of every month in the hall.
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage3Safety Instruction (p.5) (Lakeshore): Pat Deveux (right) a swimming instructor at the Port Hope Lions’ Pool coaches Scot Bebee (left) and the proper methods of administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation during formal instruction period for junior swimmers. The victim is Mark Istead.
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage4Painted Rocks Are Google-Eyed Bugs (p.6): Junes Hines paints smooth rocks with airplane enamel
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage5
Kindergarten Entry Three Times A Year – Pilot Project Lowers Birthday Barrier (p. 17):
Image 5 - Tuned in to the class record player is five-year-old Paul Bailey, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bailey of RR 5, Peterborough. Paul is a pupil in a kindergarten class at Grove Public School in the city. Grove School is one of five schools in the county participating in a pilot project in multiple enrolment. Examiner photos by Ken Mennell
Image 6 - Phyllis Lesurf, kindergarten teacher at Grove Public School, helps Shelley Bosnell, 5, daughter of Mrs. Paul Bosnell of Cameron St. Pupils in Mrs. Lesurf’s class were enrolled in Kindergarten in the month following their fifth birthday.
1971-07-07 WednesdayImage7Happy Golfers (p.20): A trio of happy lads show off their trophies, after successfully winning their divisions. That’s Greig Harrigan (bantam) out in front. Tom Henry, Jr. (junior), and left Jon Patte (juvenile) came up division champions. Jack Ferguson of Pepsi Cola, the people who sponsored the event, casts a watchful eye. Photo by Bruce Christenson.
1971-07-07 WednesdayUnpublished: (two 35mm frames) of two women and one man tossing food (salad) in the air
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage1Working With Soapstone (p.3): Instructor Brian MacKenzie watches Tom Gray work on a soapstone sculpture of a fish at the Sir Sandford Fleming College Fine Arts School which opened this week. At present the school is offering courses in sculpture, puppetry, photography and an introductio9n to art for children. New courses will start July 19.
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage2Tibetans In Cobourg Honor Dalai Lama (p.5) John Radley photo
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage3Finishing Touches (p.5) Working on a maze of pipes and tubes, Ted Heln, is busy putting last minute touches on new equipment installed in the Lions’ Pool in Port Hope so that it would be ready for the opening of the pool Wednesday.
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage4New Company Pleads “Hire A Student” (p.6) Cathy McEwen and Darryl Faiers With Poster
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage5Summer Students (p.17): Summer is here, but school isn’t necessarily out. Mrs. Jean Sowerby is shown helping two summer students in her Edmison Height Grade 6 class, Karen Smale (middle) and Carol Cooney, both 12.
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage6Provincial Judge L.T.G. Collins (p.17): Praised for compassion and intelligence
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage7Lack Of Sailboating His Big Concern (p.20): Richard Soper (left) pushes off from Curve Lake._x000D_
Photo by Bruce Christenson
1971-07-08 ThursdayImage8Stephen Bridgewater of Keene has been awarded the Lionel Conacher Memorial Trophy by officers of the Ontario Little National Hockey League. The Conacher Memorial is awarded each year to the man in the province who the directors feel has made an outstanding contribution to minor hockey. Bridgewater has been active in the Otonabee Minor Hockey Association and the Little NHL for the past 10 years and has coached and managed teams in Keene. He is a past-president of the Otonabee minor organization and last season managed the Ontario ‘E’ champion Keene Juveniles. He is the third vice-president of the Little NHL.
1971-07-09 FridayImage1Gallery Owners Interested In Money Instead Of Art, Claims Painter (p.5): Working in his cluttered basement studio in his home, Robert Creighton put the finishing touches on one of his latest pieces.
1971-07-09 FridayImage2Wins Dog (p.5): Six-month-old Jeffrey Donnelly holds “Mandy”, a long-haired Daschund, which he won by entering a “puppy contest” sponsored by a pet shop in Rochester. The contest was held on the “Skipper Sam” show, a children’s show on Channel 8. The prize was to be picked up in Rochester but considering Jeffrey’s age the dog was presented to him through Linton’s Pet Shop in Port Hope. His mother Linda Donnelly was with his to pick up the prize. Silvio Dobro photo.
1971-07-09 FridayImage3Bobcaygeon Couple Wed 50 Years, Spent Honeymoon At Orange Parade (p.6): Mr and Mrs. Clayton Kerr. She was formerly Sarah Armine Anderson. Jim Cutting photo
1971-07-09 FridayImage4
A Summer Of Learning And Play (p.11):
Image 4 - Supervised playground activities are being offered at neighborhood parks in 19 areas of Peterborough. Above, Bev Hilton, a leader in training, teaches children at Nichols Oval Park how to make paper shapes out of newspapers and glue them onto cardboard to form pictures.
Image 5 - Right, playground leader Judy Millar shows Maureen Legrow, 6, Janet Garvy, 4, and Anne Garvy, 8, how to do string painting. They were photographed at Turner Park.
Image 6 - Below, instructor Maureen Davidson and children at Inverlea Park play “wonderball”. Photos by Bruce Christenson
1971-07-09 FridayImage7New Beach Open (p.11): One of four beaches under lifeguard supervision was relatively deserted Thursday afternoon despite sunny skies and warm temperatures. Beach development at Newhall Park, situated at the bottom of Lock Street near McKellar Avenue, was completed earlier this week. Lynn Borland ventures into the water watched by lifeguard Jim Peel. Besides Newhall beach there is swimming supervision from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Beavermead, Inverlea and Collison Heights Parks.
1971-07-09 FridayImage8Stephen Deal, 16, of Charlotte St., receives an Act of Heroism award (p.11) from Mayor Douglas Galvin at Thursday night’s presentation of Civic Awards of Merit.
1971-07-09 FridayImage9Douglas Watson, Carol Dawson, Alicia Watkins, Peter Adams (p.12) show off with the 1970 sports awards of merits presented to them by the City of Peterborough. Watson is a skier, Miss Dawson is a golfer deluxe, Miss Watkins a superb rider, Adams a marathon runner. Rifle Ace Stanley James missed the evening’s event. Bruce Christenson photos
1971-07-09 FridayImage10Alison Gerry, Don Bye, plus awards. (p.12)
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage1Port Hope Officials Honored (p.5): Charles MacNaughton, Ontario transport and communications minister, presents two Port Hope officials with a special citation from the Canada Safety Council for the town being without a fatal traffic accidents in 1970. Police commission chairman Garnet Reddick, centre, and police chief O’Neill, right, accept on behalf of the community. Port Hope was one of only 61 Canadian cities with populations between 5,000 and 10,000 to be fatality-free. The awards were presented July 8 at a luncheon ceremony in Toronto.
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage2His First Plunge (p.5): Steven Stader takes his first plunge into the Port Hope Lions pool while instructor Janice White keeps a close watch on the beginning swimmer.
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage3Christening the New Pool (p.5): (Port Hope) The opening of the new pool was delayed three days because of the delay in replacing faulty equipment.
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage4Keeping An Eye On The Small Fry (p.9): Warm weather brings people in droves to Inverlea Park on the banks of the Otonabee River in Peterborough, A lifeguard leans on the railing of his wooden tower, keeping an eye on the children swimming within the roped-off area of the river. Bruce Christenson photo
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage5A Look At Figure Skating – Year-Round Facilities No. 1 Necessity (p.10): Kathryn Paul, Janice Norman, Kendra Gray and Jane Fuller (l-r), feel the July skating blues at Little Lake. Bruce Christenson photo
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage6Stepak Stole The Show (p. 10): Irwin Stepak the new (golf) champion
1971-07-10 SaturdayImage7Ready To Play (p.13): Teams Began arriving at Civic Arena Friday evening as the Ontario Dairy Foods 1971 Peewee Lacrosse Tournament swung into high gear. Approximately 500 Young men will take part in the annual two-day event which concludes with final games Sunday afternoon at the Memorial Centre. Gerald Cowie, left, represents Peterborough Trentway All-Stars as he welcomes members of the St. Catharines ‘A’ team. Trentway met Kitchener at 8 a.m. this morning while St. Catharines tangled with Oshawa at 8:50 a.m. The winner of those two games met at 1:50 p.m. at the Memorial Centre this afternoon.
1971-07-12 MondayImage1Weed Clearing Project (p.5): A number of students have been busy cleaning out some of the weeds in the Port Hope Conservation area. The work is being done through the Student Workers’ Environmental Enhancement Program, better known as “SWEEP”, for the Ganaraska Conservation Authority. Pictures here, left to right, are Terry Brandwood, Herco Kort, Bob Linn, Brian Mack, Susan Rowden and Catherine Creighton. There are a total of 22 students employed in the program by the conservation authority.
1971-07-12 MondayImage2Veteran Scout Leader, Wife, Celebrate 50 Years Wed. (p.6): George Groombridge and wife, the former Lucy Tucker. They live on Rogers St.
1971-07-12 MondayImage3
Orange Parade -“Sociability Was Wonderful’ Marcher Says O Early Events (p.9):
Image 3 - Colorful outfits helped make the Orange parade a success in Peterborough on Saturday. The man with the top hat and sash is Ken Moncrief of Fraserville, past county master from East Durham.
Image 4 - The piper is Pipe Major G.W. Waller of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 178, Bowmanville.
Image 5 - Sylvia Crowe, 14 and Iris Templehagen, 15, both of Bobcaygeon, hold banners.
1971-07-12 MondayImage6
Golds Won, Maroons Had The Good Guys Too (p.10);
Image 6 - Coach Adair
Image 7 - Players huddle over fallen teammate Jim Sled
Image 8 - Burly linemen hamper Atchison’s view.
Image 9 - A Panther concerned about fellow player
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage1Book Store Raided (p.3): City police seized and undisclosed quantity of books, magazines and posters later Monday evening during a raid of the Reid Book Store on George St. Two plain clothes officers entered the store at 9:40 p.m. and left about an hour later carrying two large cardboard cartons. Police said today the raid was “in regards to obscene books and pictures,” but declined to say whether charges will be laid. Detective Paul Frise is shown carrying one of the cartons from the store.
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage2
Dogs Groomed and Ready (p.5):
Image 2 - Francis Patton of RR 6, Cobourg, prepares her standard bred poodle Murgatroid for the Cobourg dog show on the weekend.
Image 3 - A St. Bernard, called Brandy just laid back and enjoyed himself while owner Marie Underwood of Baltimore prepared him for the first Cobourg all breed sanctioned dog show. A friend, Christine Russell, looks on.
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage4Castles In The Sand (p.9): Building castles in the sand is a worthwhile pastime for youngsters on a warm summer day. Leslie and Susan Turner paid scant attention to either the crowds of the photographer on a recent afternoon at Inverlea Park. Bruce Christenson photo.
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage5Safety Checks Under Way (p.9): Vehicle safety inspections conducted by the department of transportation and communication began Monday on the PCVS parking lot. Police said only two of the 36 cars checked received safety stickers. Wladys Poznysz watches as Larry Hoy checks the front end of his car.
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage6
Headshots for streeter about satisfaction with the police (p.9):
Image 6 - Wesley Mitchell
Image 7 - Mrs. Bernice Curtis
Image 8 - Brent Cisco
Image 9 - Mrs. Maria Bennett
Image 10 - Lance Milne
Image 11 - Peter Bonch
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage12
Set For Action (p.10):
Image 12 - Chris Johnston, seven of the Bears straddles the boards at Northcrest Arena eyeing the play from his vantage point.
Image 13 - Mike Armitage, Bill Stewart, David Allen, Dean Byers lean against the boards at Civic Arena in anticipation of an Eagles’ line change during a house league tyke game in the Peterborough Minor Lacrosse Association’s summer lacrosse school. Both arenas are in use by the school each week day as over 400 young men take advantage of the tutoring of Al Walsh, Peter Guerin, Ken Byers and Jim Wasson to increase their lacrosse skills at an early age. There is still more room, however, and the PMLA will be glad to accommodate those wishing to join. Appearance at either arena from 9 a.m. to 12 noon weekdays will ensure a boy of a spot on a house league team for the balance of the program which runs through until the end of August. Examiner photos by Ken Mennell.
1971-07-13 TuesdayImage14Decoration Day Service (p.13): A member of the Lindsay Kinsmen Band plays Last Post during a Decoration Day service Sunday at Riverside Cemetery in Lindsay.
1971-07-14 WednesdayImageB.C. Students’ View Of Our City: ‘Beautiful Homes But No Mountains’ 9p.17: Students from British Columbia, in Peterborough for an exchange visit, had a full day Tuesday despite the vagaries of the weather.
1971-07-14 WednesdayImage2After meeting Mayor Douglas Galvin at a city hall reception, they took a bus tour of the city. This gave them an appetite for an outdoor supper at the Fairmont Street home of John Christie, a teacher at Crestwood Secondary School, who organized the visit here.
1971-07-14 WednesdayImage3
Lowering Of Voting, Drinking Age Draws Favorable Reaction In City (p.17): Headshots
Image 3 - Brian McGrath
Image 4 - Valerie Kemp
Image 5 - Dan Skuce
Image 6 - Peter Cullen
Image 7 - Gail Russelle
Image 8 - Shawn Flood
1971-07-14 WednesdayImage9Floyd, Guerin, Missen Sparked PCOs Over Visiting Bramalea Excelsiors (p.25): Guy Legault (14) applies stick to Barry Richardson (15). Peterborough PCOs 18, Brampton Excelsiors, 17
1971-07-15 ThursdayImage1Concrete Pumping Machine (p.3): A machine that pumps concrete is being used in this area by Ralph Goodfellow Construction of RR 1, Peterborough. The machine, believed to be the first in use in Canada, can produce 20 cubic yards per hour and reduces man-hours substantially. Operators say the machine is ideal for grouting, the filling of areas under floors which are too small for workmen to reach.
1971-07-15 ThursdayImage2
Senior Citizens’ Picnic (p.5): More than 600 senior citizens from all over Northumberland and Durham gathered in Victoria Park, Cobourg Wednesday afternoon for their annual picnic. This is the 21st year that the senior citizen clubs have met at the Cobourg park for an afternoon of amateur entertainment and visiting with old friends. On hand were representatives from Belleville, Colborne, Stirling, Norwood, Tweed and district, Napanee, Cobourg, Picton, Lindsay, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Campbellford and Warkworth. John Radley photo.
1971-07-15 ThursdayImage4
Penny Fairs Held At City Playgrounds (p.6): A series of three Penny Fairs for youngsters have been scheduled this week by the Peterborough Recreation Committee. The Fairs are organized by regular playground supervisors and consist of games of chance and skill which children can play for one to two cents – an amount calculated not to break anyone’s budget. Wednesday’s fair was held at Confederation School, Thursday’s at Nichols Oval, and Friday’s will be held at Bonnerworth Park, at Monaghan Rd. and McDonnell Sts. From 2 to 4 p.m. Pictured above [picture with several children facing camera] Debbie Allain, 12, tries to hit her sister Patsy, a leader at St. John’s recreation area, with a soaking wet sponge. Nothing personal, just part of the fun of a Penny Fair. At right, Patsy takes a soaking cheerfully.
1971-07-15 ThursdayImage6
Inner City Day Camp Activities (p.13):
Image 6 - The YMCA swimming pool is a popular spot for children enrolled in the Y’s Inner-City Day Camp. Kevin Asselin, assistant youth director in charge of the six-week program, said 162 persons had registered for the first week.
Image 7 - Water painting is one of the many activities offered at the camp. Larry Hargrove, 12, left and Reed Ferguson, 12, displayed their artistic talents in Victoria Park.
1971-07-15 ThursdayImage8A Good Excuse To Eat (p.13): Youngsters don’t need much of an excuse for eating. And if they do, an afternoon swim is as good as any. These youngsters were photographed at Inverlea Park buying candy floss. Looks good, doesn’t it?
1971-07-16 FridayImage1
It’s Not All Fun (p.3):
Image 1: Swimming and soaking up the sun has its ups and downs. Shawn Kelly of Raymond St. watches lifeguard Linda Leonard patch up a cut on his toe at Hamilton Park.
Image 2: Getting a tan after swimming at the park are Karen Booth, 11, of Fairburn Ave., Joanne Selmes, 9, of Fairburn Ave., Kim Rowe, 10, of Fairburn Ave. and Donna Godfrey, 9, of Raymond St.
Photos by Bruce Christenson
1971-07-16 FridayImage3Slip The Bonds Of Earth - Ride In Glider Shows What Goes Up Is Slow Coming Down (p.9): Chief flying instructor Leo Haunsberger helps his wife into parachute harness in preparation for a solo flight in one of the soaring association’s single seat sail planes. The tow plane is seen in the background.
1971-07-16 FridayImage4Bike Inspection Clinic (p.9): Sgt. Ray Craig of the Peterborough Police Department checks the bicycle of Robin Cooper, 9, during a bike inspection clinic held Thursday at Turner Park on High Street.
1971-07-16 FridayImage5Home Made Boat Launched (p.9): Sam McLean launched his 25-ft trimaran Gypsy on the Otonabee River this week after spending almost two years building it. Originally slated for ocean travel, Mr. McLean has decided to restrict himself to sailing in the Deer Bay area. Shown with Mr. McLean is his wife, Jane.
1971-07-16 FridayImage8Goal Tender Baker Just Smiled, He Cooked Astros Goose Well (p.10): Lakers, 26, Aurora Astros 4. Lakers Jack Gibson, Mike Collins observe action.
1971-07-16 FridayImage9Artist’s Idea Of Canoe Clubhouse (p.12): The Peterborough Canoe Club for Peterborough and area residents was formed last week, and exploring plans for a building were submitted, along with an instructional program, Stan McBride (commander), Barry Wright (rear commodore), Roy Wood, (vice-commodore), Stew Peel, (tripping section) and Echart Rapil (white water section) were elected to executive posts. A board of directors will be formed soon. The clubhouse site is planned for Little Lake. Dr. Peter Clarke is holding an instructional program at Thomas A. Stewart Boathouse. Peterborough is aiming for an entry in the provincial championship Aug. 7.
1971-07-16 FridayUnpublished: young woman serving beer to man at Ontario Place
1971-07-17 SaturdayImage1‘Four Square Maximum’ Pays Honor Indians Who Served In World War 1 (p.5): Memorial at Alderville reservation. Photo by Roddy Turpin
1971-07-17 SaturdayImage2
Rick Able (left) and Madeleine Harrington, 11, joined a group of children who made papier mache masks when the city recreation department’s travelling playground spent Thursday at Civic Arena park. Two trailers donated by the Rotary Club and filled with games, craft supplies, and sports equipment for children of all ages are hauled to different locations each day by supervisors Lisa Rice and Kathy Flemmons. Mondays they are stationed at Centennial Heights playground and the park at Dalhousie and Bethune. Kathy Flemmons says the first day was the worst – the trailer door fell open on George St. at 1 p.m. and all the toys fell out on the road.
1971-07-17 SaturdayImage4In the Good Old Summertime (p.9): Being buried in the sand is a beach-time practice of long-standing. Who can forget that heavy, soggy, gritty, delightful-cool feeling of lying underneath moist sand on a hot summer day? Eleven-year-old Richard Adam is shown above putting the finishing touches of Inverlea Beach sand on his friend Randy Davis, 11.
1971-07-17 SaturdayImage5Now, This Is The Way We Play The Game (p.10): Ken Pappas, left, proprietor of Ken’s Billiards, and DeLaval Company Ltd. Social and athletic committee president Frank Ring ham it up for the The Examiner’s staff photographer Bruce Christenson. DeLaval employees are registering for a billiards tournament at Ken’s following the firm’s summer holiday break. The tournament will be on closed circuit cable TV. If interest is shown, a weekly league may be formed.
1971-07-19 MondayImage1Flying Start To Soaring Week (p.3): Mayor Douglas Galvin climbed into the cockpit of a sailplane on Saturday at the gliderport of the Central Ontario Soaring Association. The mayor’s flight was taken to proclaim soaring week from July 17 – 25. Throughout the flight Mayor Galvin was reported to have uttered “ooh, my stomach” as his pilot took the craft up for 18 minutes reaching an altitude of 2,200 feet. Officials of the soaring association are offering introductory flights this week in hopes residents will try out this sport. The gliderport is located on the first concession road off Highway 7 north of Fowler’s Corners.
1971-07-19 MondayImage2
15th Annual Wardens’ Picnic (p.5):
Image 2 - Clarke Township Reeve John Stone presents baseball trophy to United Counties Warden, Deputy-Reeve Harvey Malcolm of Manvers Township.
Image 3 - Harvey Malcolm, Warden of the United Counties of Northumberland and Durham hold the plank in place while ladies compete in the nail driving competition. Photos by James Cutting
1971-07-19 MondayImage4Accomplished Local Sculptor Creates Terra Cotta Head For Nayora Mayor (p.7): Hugh Mooney holds the likeness of Nayoro Mayor Kohtaro Ikeda which he sculpted from Terra Cotta. Mr. Mooney was commissioned by the Lindsay twinning committee to do the bust which will be presented to Mr. Ikeda during his visit to Lindsay. Photo by Valerie Reid.
1971-07-19 MondayImage5
Church Is Remodeled – Parishioners Raise The Roof (p.9):
Image 5 - Rev. T.A. Tarleton, Rector, and Robin Merry, treasurer, examine work of art.
Image 6 -Unique Setting for St. Peter’s On The Rock, Stoney Lake.
1971-07-20 TuesdayImage1City Band At Ontario Place (p.3) One attraction on a lazy Sunday afternoon is to lie on the grass at Ontario Place in Toronto and enjoy the music. One of the groups performing were the Kinsmen Krescendos marching band from Peterborough, who played for two hours on the west island.
1971-07-20 TuesdayImage2
Youth Theatre Second Season Start Throbbing With Enthusiasm At Orono (p.5) :
Image 2 - Lisa Hill cuts out a pattern for a costume to be worn in the Youth Theatre production of “The Taming of the Shrew”.
Image 3 - Tuning up during a production break at the Orono Youth Theatre are David Pattick and Brian Smegel (in foot cast) on guitars. James Cutting photos
1971-07-20 TuesdayImage4
Chickens Roasted (p.9):
Image 4 - It wasn’t “easy riding” for some participants in the Chickens-Lakefield Roaster donkey baseball game Monday as Steve Shadbolt, CHEX salesman, above, found out on this way to first base.
Image 5 - CHEX morning man Dale Sproule and Roasters’ Pete Ostrowercha watch the play from first base. CHEX lost 4 – 3.
1971-07-20 TuesdayImage6City’s First Children’s Art Festival Features Frog Princess And Stripper (p.9): photo of Louise Choate
1971-07-20 TuesdayImage7A television camera moved into council chambers Monday night to videotape a one-hour regular council meeting. Councilors will screen the show before the next regular meeting and decide whether to go ahead with a three-month trial period of video taping.
1971-07-20 TuesdayUnpublished frames: kids walking into a room (children’s festival?)
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage1
City Girl Down On The Farm (p.3): Cows and hay are bound to be part of any “city” girl’s introduction to a “country” girl’s world. In the hay loft, Mary Ellen Bradfield (left) 12, of RR 10 Peterborough shows Hazel Whitehead, 12, of Munroe Ave. how to win a hay fight. Mary Ellen also showed Hazel how friendly are father’s cows can be. Hazel’s week-long visit to the Gordon Bradfield farm arranged by the Ontario Department of Agriculture and Food. Photos by Ken Mennell.
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage3B.C. Students Fly Home (p.3): Twenty-one visiting students from the Chilliwack, B.C. area returned home Tuesday after a tour of the Peterborough area, Ottawa and Toronto. Thursday 21 young people will visit Chilliwack under the exchange program financed by the department of the secretary of state and the provincial department of education. Dick Cross, 16, of Cottonwood Dr. says goodbye to 17-year-old Margaret Dover of Cultus Lake, B.C. on the last day of the B.C. students’ trip to Ontario. (35mm)
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage4Blind Dog Relies On Cane When He’s Out Strolling (p.16): Mrs. Beatrice Gordon and Chante.
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage5Civic Reception For Quebec Students – 19 Youngsters Here On Exchange Program (p16): Mayor Douglas Galvin chats with pretty Quebec students.
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage610-Year-old Builds Speed Box and May Sell The Blueprints (p16): Robert Sloan at the controls of his speed box.
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage7Open Air Art Show (p.16): Surveying the art work exhibited by about 25 local and district artists at an open air show is Mrs. Judy Rennie of Pinewood Dr. Mrs. Rennie entered four of her own paintings in the show which is being held July 19 to 31 from noon to 9 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Susan Dobbin on Highway 28. Bruce Christenson photo.
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage8
The Lakers Were ‘Poled” By Brampton Netminder (p. 18):
Image 8 - Beaten Pat Baker watches referee signal a goal.
Image 9 - Cheers from penalty box
Image 10 - Joe Todd was unable to help
1971-07-21 WednesdayImage11
Japanese Mayor Ends Lindsay Visit After School, Hospital Tour, Lunch (p21):
Image 11 - The entire touring party is shown under the carps, symbols of Japan, which flew at Parkview Public School on Tuesday morning in honor of Nayoro Mayor Kohtaro Ikeda’s official visit to the town by Japanese agricultural student Masa Ono, who for the past year has lived with Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Quibell on their Dunsford farm.
Image 12 - Mayor Ikeda picks a maple leaf for his wife. Examiner photos by Valerie Reid.
1971-07-21 WednesdayUnpublished frame: of elderly lady looking at book, says '100th birthday'
1971-07-22 ThursdayImage1Sand Castle Champions (p.3): Nine-year-old Robbie Gray of Olympus Ave. helped by Sean White of Olympus Ave. won the sand castle building championship at Olympus Park on Wednesday. There were 25 two-person teams in the competition. First, second and third place winners received ribbons and chocolate bars.
1971-07-22 ThursdayImage2Excavation, Construction Underway At The OHC Single-Dwelling Site (p.5): (Port Hope) Excavation operations have started along the west side of Scriven Blvd. Where Lawrence Huffman Construction of Peterborough have commenced the foundation work on 12 unites of single family geared to income housing provided by the Ontario Housing Corporation. James Cutting photograph
1971-07-22 ThursdayImage3
Marching and Munching (p.13): Kawartha Tourist Association secretary-manager Ross Wiegand handled some of the cooking chores at the Buckhorn district regatta and beef barbecue Wednesday at Buckhorn. Nearly 2,000 people lined the shoreline and regatta grounds to watch swimming and boating events, ski-jumping, kite flying exhibitions and canoe races. A parade, featuring several locally sponsored floats marched through Buckhorn to the regatta grounds to start the day’s activities.
1971-07-22 ThursdayImage5
Races in Bobcaygeon Feature Weird Craft (p.13): ‘Caygeon Craft’ contestants form up at the starting line and wait for the gun as nearly 2,500 spectators line the shores of the channels to watch the second annual races held Wednesday night in Bobcaygeon. The other photo shows some of the strange craft in the race.
1971-07-22 ThursdayImage7Tack, Tally-Ho And All That (p.16): It was sunny and the winds were moderate Wednesday at Lakefield College Waterfront, site of the Ontario Sailing Elimination races, sponsored by the Canadian Yachting Association. Seven crews – from Toronto, Orillia, Shadow Lake, Stoney Lake, Balsam Lake, Muskoka Lake and Sturgeon Lake – competed. Tammy Matthews and Neil Teamerson of Stony Lake won in a close battle over Mark Ewen and Nancy Langmaid of Shadow Lake. The winners advance to the Ontario final Aug. 7 at Ottawa’s Royal Britannia club. Provincial champions meet Aug 15 – 20 in Arveda, Quebec in the Canadian final.
1971-07-22 ThursdayUnpublished negs: three frames of kids playing drums
1971-07-23 FridayImage1
Judge Claims – Dairy Princess Selection Difficult (p.5):
Image 1 - 1971 Dairy Princess competitors at Newcastle Arena from left: Miss Rose Frey, 18 of Nestleton; Miss Norma Wolten, 18 of Blackstock; Miss Mary Roberts, 24 of Hampton, Miss Sally Kelleher, 18 of RR 5 Campbellford and Miss Marilyn Merrill, 17 of rr 1 Campbellford.
Image 2 - Northumberland and Durham Dairy Princesses for1971-72. From left, Marilyn Merrill, 17 of Campbellford and Rose Frey, 18 of Nestleton with Holstein cow. James Cutting photos.
1971-07-23 FridayImage3Job Discrimination, Revolving Doors Are Problems Faced By Handicapped (p.9): Wilfred Race, right, president of United Handicapped Groups of Ontario, spoke Thursday night to members of the Rainbow Club of Peterborough. With Mr. Race are Dave Jackson, past president of the club and president Mrs. Loretta Meagher.
1971-07-23 FridayImage4
Summer Sports Program (p.9):
Image 4 - Kim Hargrove, 10, gets a boost on the balance beam from Julie Pearce, 12, at the PCVS gymnasium. About 40 youngsters have turned out armories [sic]. A similar program sponsored by the recreation department operates at Keith Wightman School.
Image 5 - Joe Wilson (kneeling) gives a demonstration of his badminton technique to Doug Smith and Jim Allen, directors of the Kiwanis Club. Looking on is Graham Elsdon, chairman of the club’s boys and girls committee. The club is providing the finances and the city recreation department is providing the equipment and instruction for the program.
1971-07-23 FridayImage6Opening Literature To The Blind Is The Task Of Braille Recorders (neg from June 13)
1971-07-23 FridayImage7
Playoffs Open Sunday Night – PCOs Humiliate League Champions (p.12):
Image 7 - Lacrosse, Peterborough PCOs 18, Oshawa Gaels 5. PCO Bob Wasson battles visiting Oshawa Green Gael
Image 8 - Dejected Gael Alan Drew in sin bin
1971-07-23 FridayA picture of a Braille transcribing machine ran this day. The negative was taken weeks earlier.
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage1
Lions Carnival Draws Crowds (p.3):
Image 1 - For these kids wit was a day to remember. The Lakefield Lions Club’s annual carnival opened in the ballpark Friday and runs today, providing midway rides, games, prizes and food. Sherry and Ronnie Taylor, aged 5 and 4, cling to the bucking broncos on the merry-go-round.
Image 2 - Jennifer Buchanan, 1 ½ of Peterborough, peers into the ticket wicket.
Image 3 - Ken Harman, 5, of Oshawa takes in a faceful of candy floss.
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage4Holiday Ends In Flames (p.5): This car was destroyed by fire on Friday on Highway 401, one mile east of the Highway 45 turn off at Cobourg. The driver, Spiridon Mouzakitis of Toronto, his wife and three small children, escaped unhurt. The family was returning from a holiday in Montreal.
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage5Finishing Touches (p.5): Workmen put finishing touches to the new field-stone wall along the Ganaraska River beneath the White Bridge currently under construction. Mel-Ron Construction of Whitby are the general contractors on the $183,099 bridge and river wall project.
James Cutting photo
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage6
Three Trent University Students Enjoy Working At Ontario Place (p.9):
Image 6- Peterborough girls Janice McKean, left, and Rhea Crossfield, on the West Island
Image 7 - Jane Stobie, of Cobourg, helps dock a boat at the Marina
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage8Lions Pioneer Day In Keene Is Planned For Next Saturday (p.9) Among the events on Pioneer Day will be a log-rolling contest with Doug English, managing editor of The Examiner, facing a mystery opponent. Keene Lions Club officials tried to persuade Mr. English to fell his own log. Watching are Jennifer Mather, 18, of Mathers Corners and Irene Lean, 18, of Lang, who work at Century Village during the summer
1971-07-24 SaturdayImage9Second Two-Week Course Begins Monday At The Bonnerworth Field
Liz McLeod and Lianne Houldey at special tennis course just completed. The second session begins next week. Sylvio Dobro photo
1971-07-24 SaturdayUnpublished: had shot of man, looks like Jack Davis
1971-07-26 MondayImage1Student Is Simply Walking Through University (p.9): Don Gallinger of Don Mills, Ont., former Miles For Millions walk-a-thoner, walking form Ottawa to Toronto, via Peterborough
1971-07-26 MondayImage2
Police Prowlers Practise (p. 9):
Image 2 - The Police Prowlers worked out at Nicholl’s Oval Sunday in preparation for Wednesday’s softball game against the Media Marauders. Proceeds from the game to played at East City Bowl, will go to A.R.C Industries. Doug “Swish” Broad knocks out a fly during fielding practice.
Image 3 - “Swish” tries to pitch one by John “Sweetwater” Duncan with Bob “Zorro” Gid catching.
Image 4 - Bob “Boomer” Blakely wields his heavy bat. Examiner Staff Photos by Ken Mennell.
1971-07-26 MondayImage5Many Problem Pupils Get Help They Need Thanks To Five ‘Untrained” Volunteers (p.9) (originally filed June 16, 1971): Three volunteers working with children who have emotional problems, (from left) Mrs. F.H. Krenz, Mrs. Ronald Setterington, and Mrs. Clayton Andrew, trade tips on how they have made friends with the children they visit twice a week in county schools. The experiment began last December under the auspices of the PCBE psychology department.
1971-07-26 MondayImage5Herb Shot Low, Hard, Far To Win Bob Abbott Event (p.10): Herb Carnegie, Toronto Summitt Club champion of 1967 and 1968, won the event at PGCC
1971-07-26 MondayImage6Cobourg Pirates Defeat Rain, Foe To Capture District Peewee Title (p.10): Jeff Timlin, Harry Cortess, Mike Ryan and trophy.
1971-07-26 MondayUnpublished frames:
- highland dancers, two 35 mm frames
- soccer, one 35 mm frame
- speaker 35mm
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage1Cobourg Legion Peewees Capture District F Title (p.5): Cobourg Legion Pirates won the District “F” Peewee baseball title for 1971 by defeating the Oshawa Red Barn 18 – 1 Saturday in the championship playdown at Riverside Park in Peterborough. Cobourg will now represent District “F” in the Ontario Legion Peewee baseball tournament in Peterborough Aug. 6 and 7 when seven provincial teams will participate. The team was presented the trophy at Peterborough Branch 52, Royal Canadian Legion by Roy Wells, branch sports officer. Bruce Christenson photo
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage2
Use Of YWCA Residence Facilities Fluctuates With Employment Roles (p.6):
Image 2 - Gladys Taylor and Gloria Scott, sitting, relax in the refurbished lounge on the second floor of the YWCA residence, while Sylvia Chase makes a telepho9ne call. The lounge colors are red, blue and off-white.
Image 3 - Rose Teather, director of YWCA residence
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage4Puddle-Promenading Pedal-Pushers (p.9): Although summer rain is a bit of a setback when school is out it does have its advantages after the rain stops and the puddles remain. Riding over their own reflections are Paul Ridley, 9, Terri-Lyn Ridley, 6 of Brown St., and Liseann Beaulne, 7, of Brown St.
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage5
Teachers Are Back In Class - Learning Modern Teaching Methods (p.9):
Image 5 - Jerry Boise gets some help from instructor Sally Butcher in the art design class. (Other person was cropped out of picture)
Image 6 - Teacher-students Linda Coyle (left) and Lorraine Ebett experiment with a tape recorder for interviews, drama and documentaries in interviews, a course option on sound.
Image 7 - The younger set is under discussion by Carol Gibson (left) Gloria Tuck, Mary Mackey, instructor Gerry Patrician, Penny Larmer and Terry Bacon in the early childhood education course.
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage715-year-old Peterborough Youth Off To Scouts Jamboree In Japan (p.9): Alan Westman of Romaine St. He earned the $900 necessary by collecting bottles, paper salvage and doing odd jobs.
1971-07-27 TuesdayImage9
Lack Of Proper Storage Is Causing Book Damage (p. 10): Although catalogued and easily accessible to library patrons, over 2,000 volumes of books not in active use are stored in boxes in the basement of Lindsay Public Library. Librarian Moti Tahiliani searches for a particular title, noting that this type of storage is the only possible way to make room for new books.
1971-07-27 TuesdayUnpublished frames:
- with 3 boys and trophy (Cobourg Pirates)
- two 2 ¼ frames of three people acting?
- one 35mm of empty goal post?
1971-07-28 WednesdayImage1Scientific Glassware Company To Be Established In Cobourg (p.12): Mayor Jack Henan, Dura Glass president Paul Richards, Howard May, president of D.H. Johns Glass Ltd. And J.S. Richards, president of Richards Glass Ltd. Officiating at the press conference and sod-turning ceremony Tuesday at the new site of Duraglass Limited in Cobourg. John Radley photo.
1971-07-28 WednesdayImage2Monkeying Around (p.17): The city recreation department’s day camp program is keeping a lot of kids occupied these long summer days. Besides working over the playground equipment, like these boys at Hamilton Park, the kids can enjoy camp crafts, nature study, sports, skits, games and art crafts
1971-07-28 WednesdayImage3Education, Gov’t Legislation Two Keys To Pollution Control (p.17): John O’Connor, Pollution Probe, Jim Hooper, Peterborough city engineer, Lawson Bell, OWRC, Peterborough office and David James Pollution Probe, chat before the film show.
1971-07-28 WednesdayUnpublished frames:
- Centennial fountain (2 ¼)
- close up of two boys (35mm)
- one boy on playground climbing equipment
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage1Lions Donate Spray Pool (p.13) Watching the children cooling off in the spray pool donated to the city for the Olympus playground by the Lions Club of Peterborough are (from left) Ray Ostapovich, first v.p. of the club, president Les Davis, Rev. Leo Coughlin, chairman of the city recreation committee, and Ken Robinson, recreation director. The spray pool cost about $4,300 and the Lions Club has offered to provide two more for city parks if this one proves to be popular. Mr. Robinson said the pool requires no supervision and there is no danger to small children.
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage2
City Teenagers Turn Out In Droves As Province Lowers The Drinking Age (p.13):
Image 2 - Waiter George Whittle proof at the Empress Hotel
Image 3 - Vincent O’Keefe buys his son Bill his first beer in the King George Hotel.
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage4
Media Clobbers Cops (p.13):
Image 4 - It was all in good fun Wednesday night when the Media Marauders defeated the Police Prowlers 18-11 at East City Bowl. Examiner photographer and strike-out expert Bruce Christenson swings at a pitch … and misses again.
Image 5 - Deputy Police Chief Jim Armstrong returns a pitch
Image 6 - Examiner Women’s Editor MariJo Amer winces at the approach of a line drive.
Image 7 - Prowlers’ Ray Craig and Lloyd Jackson watch as Examiner reporter Jim Elliott hangs on to a fly. About $50 was raised at the game and will be turned over to A.R.C. Industries. Examiner photos by Joseph Erdelyi.
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage8Town Engineer Honored (Lindsay) (p.14): Eric Booth, his wife Maxine and Coun. Thomas Madill, chairman of the board of works committee and master of ceremonies for Wednesday night’s reception, take a look at gifts presented to Mr. Booth by town employees. Valerie Reid photo.
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage9And Away We Go! (p.14): Interested onlookers watch as vacationers and boats make their way out of the Lindsay Lock on their way to enjoy further pleasure in the Kawarthas. One youngster unconcernedly continues with his fishing as the boat leaves the lock. Valerie Reid Photo.
1971-07-29 ThursdayImage10Expos Split Two Games (p.16) Keene catcher Dave Clements ready to make catch. Kawartha Baseball League, at Riverside Park. Keene Expos vs Little Britain.
1971-07-30 Friday Image1Lakefield Lions Donate Truck To Fire Department (p.3): Doug Davis of Lakefield Lions Club looks on as Don Goods, president of the Lakefield Lions Club presents the keys to the new truck to Ray Jackman, fire chief at Lakefield.
1971-07-30 Friday Image2No Artificial Glitter Adorns Summer Theatre Actor Brown (p.7) Lindsay: David Brown
1971-07-30 Friday Image3
Outdoor Concert (p.9):
Image 3 - A soft seat and a beautiful view make listening to the Peterborough Civic Concert Band that much more pleasant. The band is holding a series of concerts at Nicolls Oval where the audience can lie on the grass and be serenaded beside the Otonabee River.
Image 4 - Murray Mander tunes up his chimes
Image 5 - Six-year-old Robert Matt of Parkhill Rd. snoozes to music
1971-07-30 Friday Image6
Long Night For Bradley – Lakers Keep Goalie Busy (p.10):
Image 6 - Peterborough fans weren’t interested, but…
Image 7 - Three Aurora fans show disbelief at another Lakers goal.
1971-07-30 Friday Image8Well Friends, Anyone For Canoeing? (p.10): Shot from above of woman paddling. Joseph Erdelyi photo.
1971-07-30 Friday Unpublished: outdoor concert band
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage1Safety Tackle Now In Place (p.3): Seven-year-old Ruth Storey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Storey of Rubidge St., lassoes and alderman at Point St. Charles on Little Lake. Ald. Ted Higgins, a member of the city recreation committee, urged at a recent council meeting that ring buoys be placed at a number of unsupervised swimming areas along the city waterfront. The case with life buoys and safety lines inside are being stationed at a cost of under $1,000 at 16 points: two at Inverlea, two at the James Stevenson waterfront area, four at Point St. Charles and the T-wharf area, three at Beavermead Park and one at Newhall Park beach, Collison Heights, Goose Pond, Auburn Beach and Nicholls Oval near the Quaker dam.
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage2
Whooping It Up (p.5) (two 35mms): Cobourg’s young people started enjoying the pubs this week after the provincial government lowered the legal drinking age to 18. The taste of beer wasn’t new to many of them, but the performances of strippers seemed to attract their attention. John Radley photos.
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage4India's Labor Laws Say Equal Pay For Equal Work (p.6): Vatsali Pai. Director of the government of India tourist office in Toronto
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage5
Water Show At Coboconk (p.7): Games of chance and rides like the merry-go-round attracted hundreds to the Lions Club Festival in Coboconk on Friday. Above is the wheel of fortune game. Below, two youngsters go for a ride. Valerie Reid photos.
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage7Arson Suspected (p.9): Platoon Chief Bill Trick consoles Mrs. Rita Calvert after fire caused extensive damage to her home on Romaine St. In the background is fireman Lawrence Rayment.
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage8
Serpent Mounds Provincial Park – Indian Burial Grounds “Place Of Plenty” (p9):
Image 8 - The Mounds as they appear today with the display building on the left over one of the smaller egg mounds, on the right the main serpent mound winds over 186 feet at the crest of the hill overlooking Rice Lake.
Image 9 - The Serpent Symbol of Serpent Mounds provincial park nowadays greets visitors with a reptilian grin. Designed by Examiner advertising salesman George Cobb, the symbol is historically based on examples of ancient Hopewellian and Adena Indian culture.
1971-07-31 SaturdayImage10Getting Clubs Ready For Tourney (p.10): Don Woodbury, right, Of Kawartha Golf and Country Club, is handed an iron by Curly Doherty while Sandy Shortt gets her husband’s clubs out of the car. Both Denton Shortt, left, and Woodbury teed off among the dawn patrol at the Kawartha Amateur gold tournament.
Bob Beavers photo.
1971-07-31 SaturdayUnpublished photo:
- one 35mm of kid at Coboconk Carnival
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage1Miss Curve Lake (p.1): Deanna Knott was voted Miss Curve Lake Monday at the annual Ojibwa pow-wow and regatta held at the reserve. Over 10,000 people attended the three-day event. See city page for more photos (Examiner Staff photo)
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage2Barefoot On Chemong Lake (p.3): Steve Onlook skis across Chemong Lake barefoot in the first of what is hoped to be an annual regatta and waterski tournament organized by Lancaster Ski Club. The ski competition took place Sunday at Lancaster Cottages on the southern tip of Chemong Lake and there was a regatta Monday.
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage3Lifelong Manvers Farmers Celebrate 60 Married Years (p.7): Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McCullough. She was the former Nellie Kerr, born in Glasgow.
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage4
Curve Lake Pow Wow Draws 10,000 (p.9):
Image 4 - Jay Johnson on parade with his dad, Vic
Image 5 - Mrs. Curve Lake has a weep
Image 6 - War Dance Champions – Bernice Taylor
Image 7 - ...and John Jacob.
Image 8 - Dr. Potter officially opens pow wow
Examiner photos by John Farrington
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage9
Keene Lions Pioneer Day (p.9):
Image 9 - In the log rolling contest Examiner editor Doug English had trouble standing...splash!
Image 10 - ...and sitting… splash!
Image 11 - Pie champ Gus Mather with his prize
Image 12 - Pitching horseshoes
Image 13 - … and tipping canoes
Image 14 - Greasy pole provided plenty of laughs
Photos by city editor John Farrington
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage15City Bus Driver Retires After 43 Years Service (p9): William Hunt starts his last run. Started in 1928
1971-08-03 TuesdayImage16Sadness Fills Den As Panthers Lose (p.10): Disappointed Panthers puzzle over the situation as they watch action on the field (Bruce Christenson photo)
1971-08-03 TuesdayUnpublished frames:
- square dancing outside, a church in background
- kids watching a man working with axe (may be Examiner editor Doug English)
- team of four boys on two planks
- vintage vehicles
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage1Gemboree At Bird Creek Draws Record Attendance (p.3): A heft chunk from the Princess Sodalite Mine near Bancroft is admired by Bancroft Mineral Society’s Club member Harold Petch as mine owner Poul Rasmussen discuses the size of the specimen. The sodalite specimen was only one of many rocks and minerals on display for sale at the eighth Gemboree being held at Bird’s Creek this week.
Examiner staff photo by Jack Davis
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage2It’s A Long Run (p.5): Liesje Mulder 17, of Eastview Collegiate Institute, Barrie, is running the Ganaraska trail from Port Hope to Collingwood in preparation for the 1976 Olympics. The 220-mile hiking trail extends from the Pine Ridge region north of Port Hope to Collingwood.
Photo by James Cutting.
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage3Pottery Making For Teenagers (p.6): Lucyna Ting teaches pottery making techniques to about 10 teenagers as one of project SOLE’s community service craft classes. Pictured above, Mary Anne Burnie, 18, tries throwing a pot on the wheel for the first time. The class, which are free are held Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Materials are provided by SOLE.
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage4Sheet Metal Workers Expect Quick Settlement (p.13): Leighton Benson (left) and Bruce Davis, two of approximately 80 members of Local 392 of the Sheet Metal Workers on strike since Tuesday morning, stop for a short coffee break during their picketing in front of the Keith Brown building on George St. Other picket lines are set up in several other spots in the city.
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage5Just Nine Pints Short (p.13): Red Cross officials were “pleased” with the turnout at Tuesday’s monthly blood donor’s clinic held at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall. Mrs. Hazel Ray said that 391 donors gave blood, just short of the 400-mark which officials were hoping to hit. She attributed the slight drop to the present vacation period. Above, Mrs. Barbara Gillingham is shown preparing blood samples at yesterday’s clinic.
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage6Visitors From Belgium – Looking For Farm Work (p.13): Belgian students (left to right), Staf Helleman, Chris Van Mol and Jaak Smeets.
Ken Mennell photo
1971-08-04 WednesdayImage7Plant Pressings Return To Area (p.13): Canada Department of Agriculture on Tuesday presented Trent University with an album of plant pressings put together by Catherine Parr Traill in her 92nd year. Mrs. Traill who assembled the specimens from the Stoney Lake area, gave the album to James Fletcher, dominion botanist in 1894. Dr. All Chan (left) director of the department’s plant research institute presented the album to Trent’s Dr. David Carlisle during a luncheon at Catherine Parr Traill College.
1971-08-04 WednesdayUnpublished frames:
- one of Gemboree
- extra of runner Liesje Mulder
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage1“Special Rocks” To Swap (p.3): Joseph D. Warinsky and wife Helen from Teanick, New Jersey, at the Gemboree
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage2
Headshots for streeter, Question: Are you Going to The Ex? (p.6):
R. Galbraith
Paul Reid
Miss C. Scaria
John Schewchuk
Myrtle Little
Jean Fitzpatrick
J. Cairns [this man's picture will run again during the Ex.]
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage9Taking Time Out (p.8): Hundreds of visitors flock each year to Fenelon Falls, a picturesque little village located about 17 miles north of Lindsay. Many travel the area by boat along the Trent Canal system, and make use of this attractive docking area just below the lock. Valerie Reid photo
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage10The Chains Of Love…(p8): You can talk about the chains of love but a symbol of impending marriage? That’s the dilemma Donald Giles, 297 Mason Ave. was caught on Wednesday when co-workers at the Canadian Tire garage tagged him with a ball and chain to celebrate his wedding scheduled for Saturday.
Bruce Christenson photo.
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage11Wildcat Strike Is Over At Chicken Plant (13): Checkerboard Farms employees relax on the grass during walkout. (Examiner Staff photo)
1971-08-05 ThursdayImage12
50,000 Fans Expected At Rock Festival (p.13):
Image 12 - 50-Bed Field Hospital Part Of Big Tent City
Image 13 - 24 top rock bands will perform on this open-air stage. (Crowbar, Edward Bear, Stampeders, Steel River).
Image 14 - Mr. and Mrs. James Quinlan
Image 15 - Leon Quinlan (n.b.: this head shot was cropped from the above negative, #14)
1971-08-05 ThursdayUnpublished frame:
one 2 ¼ of barefoot young woman with chicken on doorstep of office building?
1971-08-06 FridayImage1Buildings Going Up (p.7): Work is proceeding on schedule for construction of temporary buildings, first step in the Ross Memorial Hospital’s expansion program. Construction workers from Rokeby Lumber, engineers, and contractors, Bobcaygeon, should have the first of the three structures completed within the next few weeks. Estimated cost of the buildings in $182,4000 with the province providing $121,600. They will house services now located in the old hospital building, soon to be demolished.
Valerie Reid photo
1971-08-06 FridayImage2Senior Citizens Take Liftlock Tour (p.9): Some 39 senior citizens from Fairhaven, Marycrest, and Anson House, took a special liftlock tour Thursday afternoon. The event was sponsored by Peterborough Rotary Club, which organized the afternoon outing.
1971-08-06 FridayImage3Senior Citizens Take Liftlock Tour (p.9): (ran with #2): During the run of the locks a number of senior citizens tried their hand at piloting the Miss Peterborough, and at the helm, left, is J.B. Sandy from Fairhaven.
1971-08-06 FridayImage4
Just When You Get Some Confidence … S-P-L-A-S-H (p.9): Dave Abramsky (left) of Gordon Ave. started his run well enough, but he turned his head towards instructor Harold Townsend to ask what he should do next when he lost his balance and got somewhat wet. Water skiing instruction was given by the city recreation department during a two-day learn to water ski” clinic. The instruction was held on Little Lake Thursday and today. Water skiers learned the proper handling of skis, signals between skier and boat driver, correct types of ski equipment and boating and skiing safety.
1971-08-06 FridayImage6
John Davis Nets Fistful Of Points In His Best Night Of Season (p.7):
Image 5 - Jim Higgs (6) and unidentified Laker player have same pose. Lakers 24, Brooklin Redmen 14
Image 6 - Bob Allan has a disapproving look
1971-08-06 FridayUnpublished:
- two girls and a water ski
1971-08-07 SaturdayImage2Giant Thistle (p.9): A thistle may be a hardy plant – but capable of growing 5 feet nine inches high? This is what happened in the back yard of Vern Passmore, Ware St. and here 12-year-old Kelly Liberty, herself five feet tall, stretches to the top of the plant. And all those prickles…
1971-08-07 SaturdayImage1Driftwood Sculpting Featured At Bancroft ‘Do’ (p.3) (35mm): Mrs. Margery Nichol holds a root sculpture.
Harry W. Hutton photo
1971-08-07 SaturdayImage2Off To The Rock Festival (p.5): Hitchhikers heading for the Madoc Rock Festival find rides hard to come by on Highway 7. Bob Booth and Doug Hall both from Niagara Falls spent five hours coming from the Falls to Peterborough. The rock festival, 10 miles north of Madoc in the Quinn farm, started Friday and will continue until Sunday. Bruce Christenson photograph
1971-08-07 SaturdayImage3
Craft Classes For Teenagers (p.6):
Image 3 - City youngsters who are too old for the Peterborough Recreation Committee’s Park Program are being offered an arts and crafts program during August. Mrs. William Hughes conducts classes at Dixon House for teenagers 12 to 16.
Image 4 - Finishing Touch for Tina Thomas’ clay seal.
Image 5 - Bob Syvertsen attacks lump of clay.
1971-08-07 SaturdayImage7Mosher’s Ninth Inning Homer Gives Oshawa Bunnies 1-0 Win (p.11): Frank Gurney of Montreal House looks at one of Don Calder’s pitches go into the catching glove of Roy Graham during the opening game of Peterborough Men’s City Softball tournament Friday night. Oshawa Bunnies defeated Montreal House 1-0 in the ninth inning home run to advance into quarter-finals. The umpire is Don Downer
1971-08-07 SaturdayUnpublished frames:
of kids, playing at camp? (three frames)
1971-08-09 MondayImage1Two Innings Were Enough For Thorold’s Peewee Team (p.2): Catcher Barry Burkholder, left, and pitcher Rick Gazzola leap for joy following Thorold’s 6-4 victory over Waterloo Saturday afternoon at Riverside Park, while their teammates join in the celebrations. Thorold’s win gave the kids the 1971 Ontario Peewee Legion baseball championship. The annual event is sponsored by various Legion branches throughout the province. Last year Peterborough Peewees’ were winners.
1971-08-09 MondayImage2Guelph Marches Off With Honors - Krescendo Of Kolor (p.3): Guelph’s Opti-Knight during their winning drill.
1971-08-09 MondayImage320 Arrested At Rock Festival (p.3): OPP officers searched through the belongings of one young festival-goer near the Madoc Rock Festival site Sunday. About 20 arrests in connections with drugs were made during the three-day event.
1971-08-09 MondayImage4
Young Actors At Orono Keep The Theatre Alive (p.5):
Image 4 - Movement classes are a part of acting and Alan McLean learns the finer points of body control from Maylene Chan, choreographer for the Orono Youth Theatre
Image 5 - Actors in Orono Youth Theatre take part in movement classes.
Image 6 - Peter Pan, played by Murray Twist (right) fights off the nasty Captain Hook played by Peter Lloyd (left), as young Wendy, portrayed by Heather Weinstein looks on.
Silvio Dobri photos
1971-08-09 MondayImage7A Cool Retreat To Beat The Heat (p.8): Framed in willows, this cool channel-side lodge in Bobcaygeon was one of many such resort and beach areas which attracted thousands of visitors this weekend during one of the summer’s first heat wave. Beaches in Bobcaygeon and throughout the Kawartha Lakes were jammed.
Valerie Reid photo
1971-08-09 MondayImage8
Madoc Music Festival – Music, Facilities Poor, Fans Go Home Early (p.9):
Image 8 - Dress was casual.
Image 9 - Age was no barrier
Image 10 - Major Hoople entertains at Saturday concert.
Photos by Jim Elliott
1971-08-09 MondayImage11
YW Campers At Emily Park (p.6):
Image 11 - Celebrating the last day at Day Camp is Cathy Henderson who is getting a free ride… to a hole filled with sand. She is carried by, from left, counsellor Marcia Milburn (‘Marshmallow’), campers David Bolton and Lori Anne Peacock and counsellor Marilyn Oke (‘Acorn’).
Image 12 - Taking a break for some private fun during the busy Day Camp routine are counsellor Peter Oke (‘Pepe’) and six-year-old Deirdre Hamuguchi.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage1City Warehouse Razed By Fire; Suspect Arson (p.1): Firemen battle Robinson St. Warehouse Fire early today.
Photo by Bob Beavers
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage2
$70,000 Damage (p.3):
Image 2 - An early morning fire that destroyed a warehouse owned by Montgomery Brothers, 124 Robinson St., was brought under control by firemen after two hours. Above, firemen spray a nearby house owned by Mrs. Frank O’Donoghue to prevent the flames from spreading. The house sustained an estimated $8,000 damage.
Image 3 - Below, firemen apply hoses to a north door of the warehouse. Damage estimate has been set at between $60,000 and $70,000. The warehouse was used to store cardboard and paper products. Police and fire officials suspect arson.
Photos by Bob Beavers.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage4
Penny Fairs A Success (p.6):
Image 4 - Close to 5,000 children attended the three fairs run by teenage recreational counsellors. Rhonda Smith (9) of Vinette Ave. and Kevin Tyler (11) of Park St. N. pose at the Penny Fair kissing booth.
Image 5 - John Sprackett gets a face full of water from Ruth Story (7)
David Simpson holds the heart of a “Dead Man” at the Penny Fair Horror House.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage7Along with members of the corps, (p.8) the color guard of the Villagaires Drum Corps of Bobcaygeon have been putting in long hours of practice in preparation for competition in the novice class of the provincial and national championships later this month. The corps will put on an exhibition show Saturday at Rhapsody in Brass, a senior drum corps competition at the Exhibition Grounds in Lindsay.
Examiner photo
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage8Students make Up 85 Per Cent Of Work Force At Exhibition (p.13): (shot from above) There was plenty of activity around Morrow Park Monday as last minute preparations were made for the start to the Peterborough Exhibition. Covers were on much of the midway gear when out staff photographer Bruce Christenson took this picture, but the wraps came off early today as children piled into the fairground in droves was kiddies day.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage11
They’re Treated Like Men (p.13):
Image 11 - The scenery is improving on Fife’s Bay Road with the addition of two female “flagmen” to the construction crew of Evens Contracting. Twenty-two-year-old Marilyn McGrath (left) a third-year-honors French student at the University of Western Ontario says her $2.50 an hour job beats being a counsellor at a summer camp as she has done in previous summers. And the weekly pay cheque will help build up a fund for a trip to Australia, Marilyn says.
Image 12 - Valerie Simpson, 19, just graduated from Crestwood Secondary School and plans to attend Western in the fall for a home economics course. One thing which bothers both girls is the 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. working hours. When asked if the men on the job treat her like one of the boys, Valeris said: “Yeah, too bad.”
photos by Bruce Christenson
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage9Youthful enthusiasm has been stirred up as about 40 youths will be employed by the Peterborough Agricultural Society during the annual Peterborough Exhibition. John Sinfield, representative for Mark-Sell of Peterborough delivered a motivational talk to the youths as part of preparation for the respective jobs as ushers, gate attendants and other workers at the Ex. Chatting with Mr. Sinfield from the left are Mike Hallihan, 19; Catherine Miller, 22; Lyn Dowdall, 18 and Rae Parnell, (18).
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage10William Innes (left) an area coordinator at Ontario Place talks to Kevin Kilbey, of Sudbury, a student maintenance worker. William is in constant radio contact with central control on the island to solve problems dealing with maintenance, land rides, lost children and concession operators.
Special Examiner photo.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage13Junior Playoff Action (p.14): Jim Johnston scored 45 goals and assisted on 47 others for a total of 92 points and third spot in PCO scoring in his first year of junior lacrosse.
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage14Young Cage Stars Rewarded (p.15): Mike Schweier, 13, congratulates Vince Pace, 12, Monday night at the wrap-up of summer basketball school at St. Peter’s School. Schweier and Pace were winners of the most improved player awards in the classes. Chief instructor at the school was Robin Creeden. (p.14)
1971-08-10 TuesdayImage15
SOLE Group Plans Plays (p.20): A Tug-of-War develops between Mommy played by Nancy Farley and Daddy played by Paul Tansley in this scene for The American Dream by Edward Albee. Grandma Rosemary Fontaine looks on. The Sole Theatre group has been rehearsing at Theatre Guild on Rogers St. It will present The American Dream later this month.
1971-08-10 TuesdayUnpublished frames:
- one 35mm of kayak racers on Little Lake??
- two 21/4 of tree, fence, men
- six little kids in a kid's small plastic pool
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage1Jam Session At Music Camp (p.3): Students and instructor at the Kawartha Lakes Music Camp take time out to jam with a trumpet trio. The camp, at the Lakefield College School runs until Saturday, providing funa and recreation in music. Besides brass and percussion, instruction is also given in woodwind and string instruments, as well as piano. From left are: Ruth Rolufs, Charmaine Finnemore, Greg Weichel, all of Peterborough, and trumpet instructor, Dr. Frand L. Smeraglinolo.
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage2
Image 2 - Reporter Lynn Zimmer munches on buttery corn-on-the-con at the Lions booth (p.6)
Image 3 - Examiner Food Expert Tries Gourmet Treats Sold At Ex (p.6): Wolfgang Gutkraus sells his “home-made” Bratwurst Mit Sauerkraut on the Ex midway.
Image 4 - Boost Morale (p.6): This machine will analyze your personality for 75 cents at the Ex midway
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage5The Lull Before The Storm (p.10): Workers setting up midway rides and concession booths enjoyed a few tranquil moments before crowds started filtering into the grounds at this year’s Exhibition
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage6Young Helpers (p.13): Two of the youngest workers at Morrow Park, preparing on of the tents for the Peterborough Exhibition were Karen and Kevin Foskett, of Nevin Ave. Karen, five, and Kevin, eight, helped erect the St. James United Church tent.
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage7Roland’s Steak House returned as top bidder at the annual Peterborough Exhibition steer auction Tuesday night. Here from left are: Roland Rubman, Ronald Robinson, both of the steak house, Donald Chambers, president of the Peterborough Agricultural Society, and Joseph Hassen, owner of “Chickory Farms Smokey”, who stands in the foreground.
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage8E.A. Starr officially opened the Ex (p.17)
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage9At first glance it appeared to be a young lady’s natural response to excessive heat at the Peterborough Exhibition yesterday. A closer look revealed a Ken Wyatt dummy displaying the latest in snowmobile suits – with the new drop-seat look.
Examiner staff photo by Ken Mennell
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage10
More than 8,000 youngsters Enjoy Kiddie Day (p.17): three pics og unidentified children. Their names may be in the accompanying story.
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage13
Variety of pictures at the Ex. (p.17). Three of eight negatives were found, but had no identifications
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage16PCOs Were Close Against The Visitors (p. 18): Greg Lustic (left) and Bob Wasson confer with coach Ben Floyd.
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage17Lakers Clinch League Pennant (p.18: head shot of John Davis)
1971-08-11 WednesdayImage18
Won 4 Trophies, 32 Ribbons, Keeping Bees Keeps Man Busy (p.23):
Image 18 - Beekeeper Joe Valas, 322 William St. N., loads an extractor. Which spins the liquid honey from the combs. The combs first go through a capping machine which removes the wax caps sealing the honey in the cells. After extraction, the liquid needs only to be strained and packed in jars and tins ready for market.
Image 19 - Brian Sirois, left, gets a taste of honey straight from the comb during a tour of a “honey house” operated by Lindsay beekeeper Joe Valas. Mr. Valas has hives adjacent to his William St. N. home, as well as in numerous other locations throughout the county.
Valerie Reid Photos
1971-08-11 WednesdayUnpublished frames:
- head shot of youngish man
- young boy at ex in front of milk sign
- kids on ferris wheel (see Aug. 12 for same kids in ferris wheel)
- 35mm frame of couple standing outside
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage1Floodlight Project Under Way (p.5): Pouring operations began Tuesday for the concrete bases to support the 70 foot flood-lighting poles for the town agricultural park. The nine-foot deep bases are expected to take two weeks to settle before the concrete poles are inserted in the metal sleeve by a crane. The whole floodlighting project is costing approximately $35,000.
James Cutting photo. (35mm)
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage2Women’s Section Judges (p.6): Mrs. F.B. Canson smells aroma of fresh bread.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage3It’s A long way up when you’re very small, (p.8) but the view is great from the top of the little Ferris wheel. Greg Miller, 6, left, and Marcus Bell, 8, both from Marmora, look after three-year-old Lisa Miller and they all hold on tight.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage4New Beer Garden Draws The Crowds (p. 8):1,400 Glasses of Beer Downed On First Day: Peterborough’s first Real Outdoor Bar
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage5David Morgan (p.8) stands with the ribbons he won for first place in the junior showmanship and champion showmanship beef cattle category at the Ex, along with his show cow owned by his uncle Milton W. Cornish of RR1 Indian River.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage6Sylvi Dobri (p11), Examiner reporter, head shot.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage7
Hell Drivers at the Ex
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage10Carny men with snake
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage11
Panther Face Oakville In Homecoming Game (p.14):
Image 11 - Hold That Panther: A couple of unidentified Peterborough Panthers grasp for the fleeting Mike Scarlett during last night’s workout. Scarlett suffered an elbow injury last week in Scarborough, but he’ll be back in action when Oakville Colts thunder into town for a 2 p.m. Ontario Junior Football Conference game Saturday at Kenner Collegiate.
Image 12 - Okay Coach, says Darby Schleich, Panthers’ safety as he watched his charges go through a tough workout. That’s assistant Geoffrey Adair checking over the situation while Schleich who played in Scarborough with a couple of bad finger, ponders his next move. Word is that Panthers will be ready to cool the Colts when the clubs meet in Peterborough’s homecoming show.
Bruce Christenson photos.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage13First Baby-Sitting Job (p.18): Eight-month-old David Peter Dineen of Lindsay keeps a sharp eye on a five-day-old calf, owned by Charles Philip of Little Britain, at the Peterborough Exhibition this week.
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage14Lindsay downtown intersection (p.18)
1971-08-12 ThursdayImage15Lakefield Music Camp (p.24): Kawartha Lakes Music Camp, the camp of its kind in the area, runs through until Aug 14 at Lakefield College School with 40 students. Among the students at the 10-day camp which is providing instruction in woodwinds, brass, strings, piano and percussion are Ellen Carpenter, Peterborough, and Tina van Thorf, of Toronto, captures getting in a little extra practice.
1971-08-13 FridayImage1Peterborough County’s 1971 Dairy Princess (p.1): Joan Glenn, 18 (right), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Glenn, of Keene, was crowned Peterborough County Dairy Princess at the Exhibition Thursday night by last year’s title holder, Karen Oliver. Miss Glenn, whose father is president of the Peterborough County Holstein Club topped two other entrants in the three-part competition. She will compete for the Ontario Dairy Princess crown at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on Aug. 30, Peterborough Day, at the CNE.
Photo by Bruce Christenson
1971-08-13 FridayImage2Special Beef Display At Ex Aimed Mainly At The Urbanite (p.3): Examiner Desk Man aboard the Eight-Horse hitch.
1971-08-13 FridayImage3Driver’s Eye view of the eight-horse hitch (p.3): horses in downtown Peterborough, in front of the American House
1971-08-13 FridayImage4
Dairy Princess contestants (p.6):
Image 4 - Janice Craft assembles equipment
Image 5 - Joan Glenn milks cow
Image 6 - Pat Ewing takes milking machine to cow
1971-08-13 FridayImage73,000 watch Stompin’ Tom Connors at the Exhibition grandstand (p.9)
1971-08-13 FridayImage8Midway at the Ex (p.9) Four freak shows added Attraction. Ray Coffins (left) help Jim Johnson
1971-08-13 FridayUnpublished frames:
three unidentified head shots, at Ex
two baseball players with ump, posed pic, player on left in Montreal House shirt
two frames of musicians
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage1Freemasons Convention Opens (p.3): The 36th annual assembly of the Grand Imperial Conclave of Canada, Knights of the Red Cross of Constantine, officially opened Friday at the Empress Hotel in Peterborough. A church parade is scheduled at 3 p.m. Sunday with a march from the Cenotaph at Confederation Park through the downtown section to St. John’s Anglican Church on Hunter Street. Chatting during a cocktail hour on Friday are, from left, Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Searle of Toronto, immediate past grand sovereign, and Mr. and Mrs. P.D. Windrim of Peterborough, the 1969 grand sovereign.
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage240 Special Guards On Duty – Security At The Ex (p.3): Security Guard Roy Ellis, Havelock, receives instructions from his superior Sgt. Rosebush of the SIS Protection Company at one of the entrances to the site of the Peterborough Exhibition. Mr. Ellis, one of the men hires just for the Ex states he would like to make security work his career.
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage3Carole Bennett showing a craft
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage4Jewel Queen at Ex was born right here in Peterborough County. Laura Bird, formerly of Smith Township has a jewellery stand at Ex with her own brand of Loralin Jewellery. She moved from the area 23 years ago but has been returning to the Peterborough Ex since 1964. Mrs. Bird shows her jewellery at the CNE and the International Ploughing Match.
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage5First Rodeo At Ex In 10 Years (p.9)
1971-08-14 SaturdayImage6Reporter Tries Hand As Carnival Barker (p.9): Cheryl Hamilton guessing weight.
1971-08-14 SaturdayUnpublished frames:
- lady and young woman at Ex with bag?
- kids on ride
- picture of picture of man
1971-08-16 MondayImage1Peterborough Warrior’s Day Parade (p.1): Veterans from several Ontario branches of the Royal Canadian Legion and other veteran groups attended a colorful Warrior’s Day Parade Saturday in Peterborough. The parade, sponsored by Peterborough Branch 52, Royal Canadian Legion, attracted some 600 veterans including bands, marching units, colors parties and a gun crew. The Peterborough section of the parade, led by District Commander Earl Brant, is shown passing the saluting base where the salute was taken by Lt. Col. Stewart Cowan, retired RCAF wing commander. With him are MPP Walter Pitman, MP Hugh Faulkner, Mayor Douglas Galvin and other dignitaries. (see city page, pages 2 and 18)
Photo by Kurt Johnson.
1971-08-16 MondayImage2Swimming Competition (p.5): Swimmers from Oshawa, Ajax and Port Hope took part in team competitions Saturday at the Lions Recreation Pool in Port Hope. The Oshawa swimming teams won the overall competitions.
James Cutting photo.
1971-08-16 MondayImage3On The Road (p.5): Chief Ro Da D-Na, an Akwesasne Mohawk Indian from the St. Regis tribe on Cornwall Island passed through Cobourg on Saturday on his bicycle on his way home from North Bay. The chief says he has been travelling through various communities in Central Ontario on his way home looking for work.
James Cutting photo
1971-08-16 MondayImage4The Man Who Made It Go (p.8) Colin Forbes, Fair manager, sliding down a slide/ride
1971-08-16 MondayImage51,500 Watch Legion Parade (p.9) 1867 gun is fired as “The Last Post” is sounded by trumpeter. Fourth annual Warriors’ Day Parade held in front of Grandstand at Ex, Saturday afternoon.
1971-08-16 MondayImage6
Bang, Bang. The Colts Shoot Panthers, Dead (p. 10):
Image 5 - Head coach Don Murphy's
Image 6 - Panther assistant coach Geoffrey Adair.
photos by Bob Beavers
1971-08-16 MondayUnpublished frame:
- 2 men in semi-uniform (35mm)
1971-08-17 TuesdayImage1Making Aprons At The Exhibition (p.6): In an apron sewing contest, businessman Willis Cleveland, guides the needle along an apron tie [while smoking a cigar].
1971-08-17 TuesdayImage2Passports for Peterborough Day at the Canadian National Exhibition (p.9) are now on sale at the “passport office,” 356 George St. Jack Watkins, left, of Lock St., buys a ticket from Sue Runnals while Elaine Goselin, right, of Prince St., looks over literature available. The tickets, on sale for $1.80, are good for Peterborough Day, Aug 30, and include admission to the grounds, a ticket for a free hot dog and soft drink, admission to six rides and a chance on a $100 draw to be held every hour for 10 hours. Passports are also available at MacFarlanes, 393 George St. and Trentway Tours, 131 Charlotte St.
1971-08-17 TuesdayImage3Foreign Students At SSFC (p.9): Leonaitasi L. Saiti of Tonga studies Mayor Douglas Galvin’s chain of office during a tour of city hall Monday. He is one of 22 students from foreign countries to enrol at SSFC in a variety of courses, including secretarial, construction, business administration, social services and general arts and science. Each received a letter asking them to come for a pre-school course in English, familiarization with the city and Canadian style of instruction at the college. All pay their own way to the college, except Mr. Saiti, who is on a Rotary International scholarship.
1971-08-17 TuesdayImage4
Festival Draws Over 3,000 (p. 9):
Image 4 - Official Party: Fern Guindon, Douglas Galvin, Walter Pitman, Hugh Faulkner, Bert Anderson.
Image 5 - Fireworks
1971-08-17 TuesdayImage6Linda and Terry Win Golf Crowns (p.10): The winners: Terrry Bulger (novice), Lynne Hogg (junior low net), and Linda Nelson (junior gross) pose for Examiner staff photographer Bruce Christenson after winning titles in district championships.
1971-08-17 TuesdayUnpublished:
- one frame of woman doing cooking demo?
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage1
Hire-A-Student Needs Customers (p.6):
Image 1 - Jeannette Sleeman hangs laundry and Anne Thompson paints a fence. [These are from the same frame. It was cropped into two pictures from one negative.]
Image 2 - Darryl Fairers and Mike Hendren landscape.
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage3
Heading For Camp (p.17):
Image 3 - Ten Peterborough youngsters left by bus Tuesday for the Salvation Army summer camp at Robin Lake, near Belleville. Mrs. John Spinks of Sherbrooke St. leans over to kiss her son Philip, 9, before departing. With them is her daughter Christine, 8.
Image 4 - The youngsters wave goodbye before boarding the bus.
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage5Best Cadet Award (p.17): Army cadet Steve Hallihan, 17, of Greenhill Sr. won a best cadet award during a six-week mountain-training course held in Banff this summer. Steve was one of four out of a total of 300 cadets to win the award – given to the best cadet in each of four companies. Steve, with four other local cadets from the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, No. 2672 Cadet Corps, flew to the camp on July 4 from Trenton. They returned Aug. 14.
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage6Gordon Kirk, 17, won the senior men’s two-mile marathon swim held in Little Lake on Tuesday during the Peterborough Arts and Water Festival. (p.17)
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage7
Judges at the Ex (p.17):
Image 7 - Ralph Sadler
Image 8 - Mrs. R.M. Barden
Image 9 - Gordon Grow (negative for other judge George Kelsey was not found)
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage10Outstanding Team Effort Produced This Victory (p.18): Jim Johnston of Peterborough PCOs receives the Toronto Township PCO Trophy from Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior “A” convenor Bruno Ohmann. Johnston, who scored 45 goals and assisted on 47over the regular schedule was voted the league’s rookie-of-the-year by opposition coaches and managers. The award was presented during the second intermission of Tuesday’s play-off which PCOs won 14-11 over Bramalea.
1971-08-18 WednesdayImage11Now, Hold That Ball (p.18): Youthful Gary Baldwin finds time to clown around (holding a flagpole like a billiard cue to poke a golfball into hole) after winning the Kawartha Golf and Country Club junior championship. He is still eligible to play in the juvenile class. Bruce Christenson photo.
1971-08-18 WednesdayUnpublished frames:
- one head shot of man
- team shot of boys, “Commercial Allstars Peterborough” on their shirts
1971-08-19 ThursdayImage1
Town Honors wheelchair athlete Ralph Thibadeau For Athletic Accomplishments (Lindsay) (p.10):
Image 1 - Athlete congratulated after ceremony.
Image 2 - Town Honors wheelchair athlete Ralph Thibadeau For Athletic Accomplishments (Lindsay) (p.10): Athlete congratulated after ceremony.
1971-08-19 ThursdayImage3Bisons On Top Of The World (p.16): Local 599 IUE Bisons nipped Suns 6-5 Wednesday night to capture the 1971 Peterborough Boys’ Baseball Association Tyke Division championship. Bisons won the hard-fought final series two games to one. ...Members of the winning team are, back row, left to right: coach Bill Douglas, coach Vaughan Tucker. Middle row: Gord Carley, Cook, Commadore, Scott Jones, Brian Douglas, Steve Wolstenholme, Jay Stenner. Front row: Doug Poast, Gord Tucker, Jeff Brooks, Rick DeCarlo, Andre Doiron, Todd McLarty, Davis Tucker, Barry Douglas.
1971-08-19 ThursdayImage4
2,000 Children Turn Out For Festival (p.13):
Image 4 - kids watch puppet show
Image 5 - Actor on stage
Image 6 - bike parade.
Bruce Christenson photos
1971-08-19 ThursdayUnpublished frame:
- looks like the stage at Ontario Place
1971-08-20 FridayImage1
More Donations Needed To Keep Camp Going (p.3):
Image 1 - Bronchial Asthma Foundation Camp near L’Amable, near Bancroft. Pictur of dormitory.
Harry Hutton photo
Image 2 - Camp Director Clifford L. Munro and Nurse Hilary Schiler at Bronchial Camp. (originally filed Aug 11)
1971-08-20 FridayImage3
headshots for streeter, re: using phosphate-free laundry detergent
Image 2 - Mrs. Carol Morrison
Image 3 - Mrs. A. MacDonald
Image 4 - Mrs. F. O’Grady
Image 5 - Mrs. M. Metcalfe
Image 6 - Mrs. P. Van Katwijk
Image 7 - Mrs. D. Rabb
1971-08-20 FridayImage8Joyce Buttars of Port Hope and her CNE award winning work, a Beaveroon she knitted. The Beaveroon is a symbol of the Great Pine Ridge tourist region
1971-08-20 FridayImage10
Century-Old Barn(Omemee) Housing A Large Variety Of Antiques (p.8):
Image 9 - Alexander Kalinin explains his painting of Toronto, showing new and old in the area of Bay and College Streets. He is working on a series of Ontario centennial farms
Image 10 - Seven Gables proprietor Dorothy (Mrs. Alexander Kalinin) looks on as son Dean, 12, explains the operation of a mouse trap that catches mice alive.
Image 11 - Judy (5) and David Andrachuk (3) of Oakville look at an old iron washstove dating back well over 100 years.
1971-08-20 FridayImage13City Arts and Water Festival Continues To Draw Big Crowds (p.9): Children take part in a royal wedding at Little Lake
1971-08-20 FridayImage141,500 Attend Outdoor Rock Concert – Summersounds 71 at Little Lake (p.9): Jam session
1971-08-20 FridayImage15
Home-made Tin Can(non) (p.9):
Image 14 - Getting ready for blast-off of the homemade bazooka are brothers Doug, 12, (left) and Dan Armstrong, 15. Younger brother David is in the background. Both the boys and their dada decided the toy is too dangerous to be used as a plaything.
Image 15 - Kevin Warr, 12, and David Armstrong, 9, show the remains of the bazooka after a blow-up in the driveway of the Armstrong house on Wilson Ave.
1971-08-20 FridayImage17Battle Of the Big Cats – Panthers Meet Bears (p10): Hold those Panthers! That’s what Elainne Buntins (left) appears to be telling daughter Heather during Peterborough Panthers Thursday night workout. They were walking by Morrow Park when Examiner staff photographer Bruce Christenson asked them for help catching several Panthers. The lucky cats are (left to right0 Charlie “Choo-Choo” Henderson, Tom Evans and Tim Garvey.
1971-08-20 FridayImage18Morrow Parks Races: The Top Ponies Here Saturday Night (p.10): Beauty and the Beast, or actually, Bonnie Waydale and Miss Maureen Moher. Miss Moher, one of few female jockeys in the nation took time out from a workout Thursday night at Morrow Park to ham it up with Bonne Waydale. Photo by Bruce Christenson
1971-08-20 FridayImage19
Warpaint for Children (p.16):
Image 18 - Mothers experienced with a mixture amusement and stern frowning as their children received face painting during the Wednesday afternoon session of the Peterborough Arts and Water Festival at Point St. Charles Park on Little Lake. Two-year-old Christine Johnson of Rink St. in top picture.
Image 19 - Unidentified children in face paint.
1971-08-20 FridayUnpublished frames:
- two women working at a craft?
- canoe overturning in water
- headshot, woman at ex
- two headshots of men (pictures of pictures)
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage1Attend Teachers Convention (p.21): Among delegates attending the Ontario Public School Men Teachers’ Federation annual meeting in Toronto were, from left, Robert Brown of Peterborough, who is principal at Lady Eaton elementary School in Omemee, and Jim Robinson, also of Peterborough and vice-principal at the same school. With them is Harold Pinkerton, deputy secretary-treasurer of the federation, who lives in Toronto. The meeting debated more than 60 resolutions, but a spokesman said there was no one over-riding issue. Delegates and observers representing the 13,000-member organization numbered 250.
Special Examiner Photo
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage2Greg Sanck (Snack?) of Kawartha Drive shows what an 11-year-old boys looks like after finger-painting. Greg was participating in Friday’s art workshop, part of the arts and Water Festival held at Point Charles on Little Lake.
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage3Alderman Alene Holt (p.6): in charge of Peterborough Day at CNE
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage4
Counsellor in Training (p.9)
Image 4 - Steve Crawford, 16, supervises dock activities at Camp Kawartha as Danny Appleton (foreground) 8, of McDonnel St., Peter Nichols, 7, of Canal Rd., and Leslie Petherick, 7, of London St. get ready to dive into the water.
Image 5 - One of the perils of summer camp is poison ivy but Sammy Davis, 10, of Bethune St. is having the itching looked after by Susan Matthewman, a Central School teacher, while Robert McGuire, 8, of Raymond St. helps to hold him up. The other little fellow was a little camera shy.
Examiner staff photos by Silvio Dobri
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage6Relic Of The Zulu War – (p.9): Baden-Powell’s Swagger Stick Owned By Peterborough Man
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage7
Headshots for streeter question, What are your impressions of the Ex?
Image 7 - Heather Kennedy
Image 8 - Bruce Sarginson
Image 9 - Archie Windsor
Image 10 - Mrs. Brian Duffet
Image 11 - Bob Dixon
Image 12 - Jerry Powers
Image 13 - Terry Larabie
Image 14 - Dave Grout
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage15
Peterborough PCOs lacrosse team beat Bramalea Excelsiors 9 to 6 (p. 10):
Image 15 - The Ontario Lacrosse Ass. Junior “A” finals will open in Peterborough next week. Sandy Lynch (left) and Ron Ryan celebrated
Image 16 - Greg Thomas congratulated
Image 17 - Clock shows the score, home (Bramalea) 6 – visitors 9
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage19A Busy, Busy Girl (p.9): Judy Faulkner 14, washed her dad’s (Jim) clubs. He was playing in the 18th Peterborough. G & C. annual invitational
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage19Flags, Cars and Pretty Girls (p.11): Peggy Jopling (left) and Debbie Smith, Westgate Speedway
1971-08-21 SaturdayImage20What Am I Offered? (p.13): (Lindsay) One of the most popular booths at the carnival was manned by 12-year-old Mike Williams, Kawartha Drive, and 11-year-old Benny Butzer, Maryknoll Ave. who tried their hand at auctioneering off a number of small articles. Money raised in this and numerous other booths will go to buy supplies for local playgrounds.
1971-08-23 MondayImage1Steam Engines In View At Lakefield (p.3): Demonstrating a 1926 Sawyer-Massey traction steam engine at the Steam Show on Saturday is Clarence V. Coons of Lakefield. The machine was one of many engines, threshing mills, shingle mills, sawmills, and other steam powered devices on display Saturday and Sunday. The show was held at Glynnwood Farms in Lakefield.
1971-08-23 MondayImage2
Lakefield Flower Show – None Better Than Goode (p.3):
Image 2 - Mrs. Don Goode and Lois Keller assist Judge Fred Storey.
Image 3 - Looking over the children’s caricature class at the Lakefield and District Horticultural Society’s flower show is Fred Storey of Peterborough, judge for the event.
1971-08-23 MondayImage4McFiggin Top Man In Flower Show (p.5): Murray McFiggin of Mathew St. Cobourg all but walked off with the 8th annual Cobourg Summer Flower and Vegetable Show Saturday with a high point total of 52. Entrants receive three points for a first, two for a second and one for a third place finish in each division. Mr. McFiggin accepts on of the awards from society president Dorothy Sammis.
1971-08-23 MondayImage5Biting into a juicy Sunhaven peach at the Peterborough Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning was Brent Barrage, 5 of Barker St.
Ken Mennell photo
1971-08-23 MondayImage6Wood Products Open New Plant (p: 8) (Lindsay) : Mrs. Joachim Weisner, wife of the company president assists Victoria-Haliburton M.P.P. Glen Hodgson in cutting the ribbon during Saturday’s official opening of the new Ready Wood Products Ltd. Plant. Looking on is Lindsay industrial commissioner Stan Pitts.
Valerie Reid photo.
1971-08-23 MondayImage7
Arts and Water Festival Helps Boost Tourism Image (p.9):
Image 7 - The Floating CHEX outhouse
Image 8 - Jazz singer Ada Lee captivated a large crowd at Point St. Charles Saturday evening with both her voice and personality. Miss Lee was backed by a 20-piece orchestra led by John Osterbroek. The music ranged from the sounds of the ’40’s to that of the ’70’s.
Image 9 - Some of Saturday’s festival crowd.
Image 10 - A skier at Saturday’s show.
Image 11 - Getting Ready to fly
1971-08-23 MondayImage12At P.G.&C., (p.10) Carol Dawson sends a putt toward the cup while Carling rep Curly Doherty holds the flag.
1971-08-23 MondayImage13Season Could Be A Long One- Bears Overcome Panthers (p.10): Panther Tom Evans gets away a pass before Lakeshore Bears converge on the Peterborough quarterback, Panthers dropped their third straight league game, 14 – 7 this time.
1971-08-23 MondayUnpublished frames:
- one 35 mm of man, looks like Panthers coach Don Murphy
- 35mm of kids on an outdoor stage
- girl painting
- water festival parade
- guy doing artwork while lying on grass?
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image1Mayor Meets Sharp Shooters (p.3): Mayor Doug Galvin greeted 16 cadets of the Great Britain Rifle Team at city hall. The boys are in Canada for competition against the Canadian rifle team at Ottawa’s Connaught Ranges. They will spend two weeks touring Canada.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image2Winning Sailor (p.3): Dr. Jack Whiteside sets the course sights aboard his Nercid during the recent Peterborough Power Squadron summer rendezvous at Pigeon Lake. Dr. Whiteside, along with Helen Whiteside and Joy Edwards, won the Doramark Trophy for winning the main competition of the day.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image3Groom Designs All Gowns For His Wedi8ng Party (p.6): Graham Irwin with wedding sketches.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image4Poster Winner (p.8): Winner of the Peterborough County Farm Safety Council poster contest is Brenda Biss of RR2 Peterborough. The contest involved Grade 7 and 8 classes throughout the county. Miss Biss attends Chemong Public School.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image5Ten Local Groups, Performers To Star On Peterborough Day (p.9): One of a series of oil paintings of “beautiful people” is shown by Ross Wiegand, secretary-manager of the Kawartha Tourist Ass. The portrait, which was painted by local artist, Allan Campbell, is of Ada Lee, Peterborough’s nationally known singing star. Miss Lee will perform along with a dixie band composed of seven local musicians during Peterborough Day at the CNE.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image6
Youtheatre Puts On Festival Finale - Pot -Smoking and Bitchy… That’s Alice In Wonderland – 1971 (p.9):
Image 6 - Alice (left) played by Fiona Stanton and the Cheshire Cat played by Andy Platel.
Image 7 - The Red King, played by Scott Baker and the Red Queen played by Diane Douglas
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image8Margaret Fydell First Girl To Win Evinrude Scholarship (p.9): Outboard Marine Corporation president T.P. McMillan presents cheques to Geoffrey Chase (left) and Margaret Fydell, winners of Ole Evinrude Foundation Scholarships. Both students, from Adam Scott Collegiate, plan to attend University of Waterloo. Margaret,18, of Hatfield Cres. Was the first girl to win the scholarship since they were first awarded 15 years ago. She will get $1,000 per year for four years. Geoffrey, of Cabot St., was the winner of $750 per year for four years. The awards are given to two Grade 13 students in Peterborough achieving highest standings in Mathematics A and B, chemistry, physics and standardized math tests. The winners must enter a course in engineering, pure science or business administration in a Canadian University.
1971-08-24 Tuesday Image9Reconstruction (p.13): Peel Street (Lindsay) was closed to traffic Monday as work crews began a four to six week reconstruction project between Victoria – Cambridge block.
Valerie Reid photo
1971-08-25 WednesdayImage1125-Lot Subdivision Started on Historic Lakefield Site (p.3): Water main lines were being laid this week for the 125-lot subdivision Winfield Shores in Lakefield. Works crews of Ivan Hubbard Excavating Ltd. put in the water and storm sewer services for the entire three-stage housing development. Location of the modern subdivision is on the site of the former farm of Samuel Strickland, historic founder of Lakefield.
1971-08-25 WednesdayImage2Peterborough Girl At Youth Theatre (p.6): Sue Goldie, 21, gives lighting queues at Orono production of Taming of the Shrew.
1971-08-25 WednesdayImage3Scoring Stars (p. 10): Peterborough PCOs were run through a light practice by coach Ben Floyd Tuesday night at the Memorial Centre in preparation for the first game of the Ontario Lacrosse Association Junior ‘A’ final tonight. Peterborough’s top four playoff goal scorers are pictured above, left to right: Jim Johnston, Gord Floyd, Tom Parnell and Jim Wasson. All four will be in action at the Centre with the Etobicoke PCOs the visiting team. Game time listed as 8:30 p.m.
1971-08-25 WednesdayImage3Apartment Building Well Under Way (p.21): Towering eight stories in the sky a new apartment building is under construction at Parkhill West and Monaghan Road. Cean Investments Ltd. Of Ottawa is the company responsible for the housing development on a two-acre property. About 56 apartment units will be offered when construction is completed.
1971-08-25 Wednesday