Peterborough Examiner Fonds 340 – SF C

As part of a Trillium funded project to scan a section of our Peterborough Examiner negatives collection, dating October 1970 to December 1972, we are making the cut line and a copy of the images available online.

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1970: Oct 27 to Dec 31
1971: Jan 1 – Mar 31

October 27, 1970 to December 31, 1970

1970-10-27 MondayImage1Lions Honor Member (p.3): Stanley Darling (centre), a Peterborough Lion’s Club member for 32 years, became the first life member in the club’s 35-year history last night. His certificate of life membership was presented by Lion’s president Dennis DeRivers (left) and guest speaker, Justice Gregory T. Evans or Toronto.
1970-10-27 MondayImage2Shy To Use Language, But…Lake Indians Keep Ojibway Tongue Alive (p.13): A picture of a pig, piglet and beaver at work take the dull edge off memorizing vocabulary for these four Ojibway students, from left, Deanna Knott, 14, Suzy Coppaway, 9, Cathy Taylor, 13, and Carol Taylor, 17. Mrs. Elsie Knott, chief of the Curve Lake Band, is instructing
1970-10-27 MondayUnpublished negs: one extra frame of Ojibway class
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage1Convenor of Treasures of Yesteryear (p.44): Mrs. Frank Pope sits in one of the 19th century music rooms. Behind her is a Melodeon, a free-reed instrument built in Toronto in 1870. There is also a display of the works of Muzio Clementi (1752-1832). Bruce Christenson photos
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage2St. John’s ACW - Treasures of Yesteryear (p.44): Tea Time: The lyre-back chairs are American – Duncan Phyfe, c. 1800 and the tea seat is English. In the background is the boudoir vignette with nightgown resting on chair.
1970-10-28 TuesdayImage3Vaseline Glass
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage1Ray Geiger right; Farmer’s Almanac; Ted McKay public relations officer for Victoria and Grey Trust, 1971 edition. (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage2Dr John Frederick Foster, Secretary General of Association of Commonwealth Universities, with Trent students, Manindra Shah; Michael Jenkin; Barb Michael; John Pepall; and Sheila Dohoo (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayImage3Liberals meet: Nixon, l; David Hobson, c; Hugh Faulkner, r. (p.13)
1970-10- 29 WednesdayUnpublished neg: 5 men in suits, standing
1970-10- 30 FridayImage1County Warden Honored (p.3): L-r, Peterborough County Warden Peter Pearson; Richard Cavanagh, Dep. Reeve Douro Township; John Stevenson, Warden Victoria County
1970-10- 30 FridayImage2Ghostly Tea and Hallowe'en at St. Mark's (p.6): Miss Shirlie Aker (convenor, standing) and tea pourer Mrs. A.H. Sayer, of St. Luke's Anglican
1970-10- 30 FridayImage3Zoo welcomes Mouflons (p.13): One of the three mouflons donated to Filtration Plant Zoo in Peterborough is reassured before being put into the pen. The Toronto Dominion Bank donated the species of wild mountain sheep bought from the Bowmanville Zoo. The creatures originate from Corsica, Sardinia and Persia. Doug Ruttan, Northcrest Mall TD Bank; Ron Sinclair, chair PUC; Gerry Boegel, Bowmanville Zoo; Russell Wilson, Peterborough Zoo Keeper
1970-10- 30 FridayImage4Founding of Trent plaque (p.13): Hugh Waddell; Leslie Frost; Mayor Joseph Csumrik; W. H. Cranston
1970-10- 30 FridayImage5Constable Sexsmith Retires (p.13) : Percy Sexsmith, 2nd right; Const Lloyd Jackson, l; Chief Jack Shrubb, 2nd l; Hugh F. Waddell, chair of Police Commission,
1970-10- 30 FridayImage64H Programs Discussed: Donald Agar, Carm Hamilton, Robert Brusso
1970-10- 30 FridayImage7Petes win over Kitchener Rangers, 5 -3 (p.14): John Garrett smothers puck in crease
1970-10- 30 FridayImage8PMHA Opens Schedule [Peterborough Minor Hockey Association] :(p.14) Roger Neilson, l; Craig Ramsay, c; Ken Richardson
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage1Matching Honors Diplomas with Thomas A. Stewart’s first valedictorian Henry Clarke are Janet Cheel, Patricia Challos and Diana Close. (p.9)
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage2Hallowe’en party at Fairhaven, George Clark and Ann Murphy trip the light fantastic
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage3Mrs. Mary Loudon at piano, Fairhaven Hallowe'en
1970-10-31 SaturdayImage4Fairhaven residents uphold the old custom (p.9)
1970-11-2 MondayImage1UCS Member In Action (page 3): Miss Joanne Hamilton of VON visits Keith White at home to dress injured leg.
1970-11-2 MondayImage2Hallowe'en (p.13): Angelo Martignetti (12, Parnell St.); Tony (4, his brother); Ronnie Harrison, (11, Romaine St.)
1970-11-2 MondayImage3Park Named After W.A. “Bert” Curtis , (p.13): Plaque, Reeve Jack Chittick; Mrs. Norman Hinde; Ray Jackman
1970-11-2 MondayImage4PR And Communications Discussed (p.13); School Trustees Council, Zone 9 ,Mrs. Grace Wyatt; Robert Sarginson; Aubrey Allen; Mrs. Ruth Ward.
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. William McKinley, (page 6): 570 Rose Ave. celebrate 50th anniversary
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage2Now They Are Pilots (p. 13): Two members of 534 Squadron Royal Canadian (Air) Cadets received air cadet pilot wings, Sgt. Bob Toth, O'Caroll St.and Cpl. Ken Connelly, Elmdale Cr.
1970-11-3 TuesdayImage3Wins Midget Championship (p. 16) Bob Hall of Lakefield finished first in Central Ontario School Association midget cross-country race, Picton.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage1Mr. and Mrs. William Hope, Married 50 years (page 6): of Indian River Mrs. Hope is the former Jean Fife
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage2Sorority Charter Member Receives 25 Year pin (p. 6): Connie Caccavella, only active charter member of Beta Sigma Phi, presented with pin by Mrs. John Fulford, pres. of the city's sorority council
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage3Junior Achievers Start Season (p. 21): L-r, Karen Smith; Ray Fallis; Rick Ross; Janis Brady; Patti Brady with candle mould.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage4CMA Executive Terms Labor Laws are One-sided, Blames Government (p. 21); Keith Rapsey at podium, Ont. Chairman of Cdn. Manufacturers Ass.
1970-11-4 WednesdayImage5Local Worker Receives $3659 in Arbitration, (p. 21): International Ass. Of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Lodge 872 , front l – r: Charles Lee, Lodge 872 pres.; Arthur Hodgin, laid-off worker; Stanley Rouse, chief steward; back, l-r, Alex Wallace, Int'l rep. of the union; Vince Crough, v.p.; Doug Jones, recording secretary.
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage1Welcomed to Club (page 13): New members of Peterborough Quarter Century Club, l-r, Mayor Joseph Csumrick with new members Malcom Bassett and Edward Humpage and club pres. Jack Morrow.
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage2Dr. H.R.L. Streight, pres. Elect Chemical Institute of Canada (p. 13) (head shot)
1970-11-5 ThursdayImage3Reports on Help for Blind Persons Made to Advisory Board of CNIB (p.13): L-r, George Dove, chairman CNIB advisory board; Clair Hilborn, CNIB district admin; Raqy Jonasson, pres. United Community Services
1970-11-6 FridayImage1Fashions at Museum- Maxi, Mini, Midi (page 6): outfits on mannequin
1970-11-6 FridayImage2(As above) Mrs. O.J. Frisken, curator of Peterborough. Centennial Museum with child's dress
1970-11-6 FridayImage3Quinte Area Guides Meet (p. 11): Peterborough division of Girl Guides hosted seven other divisions in Quinte area. With model of Liftlock, l-r, Mrs. T.W. Speer of Trent, first Quinte Area Commissioner; Mrs. D.W. White; Mrs. P.E. Bessey; Miss Eva Baker
1970-11-6 FridayImage4TPT Pete's 6, London Knights 1, (p. 12): Brian Shortreed (#23), Gord Barrett amid flying snow
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage1Mrs. Walter Allen, 83, with afghan it took her a year to crochet, to be raffled off at Fairhaven bazaar (p. 6) Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage2Fairhaven Annual Bazaar (page 6): Mrs. C. L. Culimore (left) and Mrs. E. W. Beatty visit with R.G. Gordon (86) at Fairhaven bazaar. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage3Art Price, Ottawa sculptor (p. 6) spoke to members of Lyceum Club and Women's Art Association. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage4City Youth Stages Musical for School (p.9): Michael Crary, 17 year old director of Oliver at Immaculate Conception School (see also # 4)
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage5Quarter Century Club Banquet, (p.9): Annual banquet for area provincial employees, l-r: Wes Corner, pres.; the Honorable George Gorner, Minister of Highways; guest speaker Ralph Lockhart, chairman; Gord Bennet, 1st v.p. (see also #8)
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage9Sr. Public School Football Champions, Confederation School (p10): Front l-r: Brent Youmans, Don Sanders, Stephen Harvey, Brian Connell, Don Bruce, Pete Thompson, Eric Perrin. Back row: Don McKnight, principal; Jack Riddell, Paul Black, Don Turner, Randy Chambo, Doug Anderson, Rod Williams and Lloyd Sager, coach. (see also #10)
1970-11-7 SaturdayUnpublished neg: (See “Unpublished 1970 November” file)
1970-11-7 SaturdayImage10two men in uniform with poppy boxes
1970-11-9 MondayImage1$15,000 Damages to a Judge's Home (page 3): Capt. James Deck watches as fireman works. Home of Judge J. DeN. Kennedy, 707 Weller St.
1970-11-9 MondayImage2370 Shriners meet (p.3): second from left Kenneth G. Howard, The Illustrious Potentate of the Ramses Temple, with : Ray Peterson, a past pres. of local Shriners ; Keith Brown, president; Ray Petty, past pres. local Shriners; Max Kaye, club director
1970-11-9 MondayImage3
Military Ball (p. 6): Preparing to be piped to the ballroom, Armoury guests of honor Col. And Mrs. J. A. Dewart (right) and Lt. Col. F. R. Allen, Commanding Officer of Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment and Mrs. Allen.
1970-11-9 MondayImage4School Skating Party, hosted by joint P.T.A.s of St. John's and St. Pious Schools. Cindy Zinston (left) and Debbie Warr lend a hand to Toby Livingston.
1970-11-9 MondayImage5
50th Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Friedly, 47 Lafayette. (Her name is Marie, no maiden name given. She was from Peterborough, he was from Houston, came to Peterborough age 5.)
1970-11-9 MondayImage6Anti-Pollution Drive? (p.13) Mr. and Mrs. James Goldie arrive at George St. United, celebrating its 135th anniversary
1970-11-9 MondayImage7Nov. 11 Poppy Day (p.13); Legion vet Leo Rochefort with Danny and Marrianne Millar
1970-11-9 MondayImage8Victory Ends Season (14) Trent rugger team beat Brock 21-
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage1Lakefield United Church hosted five congregations at annual Christmas Tea (page 11): Mrs. J. Furry pours tea for Mrs. Andrew Mavor (no name for woman in back)
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage2Bridal attendants of 50 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moscrop stand behind Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gant who celebrate 50th anniversary (p.11)
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage3Costs, Changes in School System Create Communication Problems: (p.17): Moderator Prof. Roy Bowles; direction of education, county bd, Rae Linton; Sep. School superintendent Fraser Hogle; news director CKPT radio, Al Porteous
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage4Refurbishing Rolls Royce - Harry Sherry's World of Perfection (p. 17) three pics: close-up of grill of Rolls
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage5Harry Sherry and brother-in-law Bill Payne
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage61937 Vanden Plas (Rolls Royce) and '65 RR with Harry
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage7Westgate Champions (p. 18) Racing drivers received trophies at Westgate Speedway's annual banquet. Names not in order. The top performers were Ron Robinson, Oshawa, David Lynch, Norwood, Art Robinson, Oshawa and Satch Callan.
1970-11-10 TuesdayImage8-9Unpublished negs: two ladies with rag doll
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage1Remembrance Ceremony (page 1) (n.b., this neg ran backwards) Chief Petty Officer Jim Delong of the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets bows his head during two minute silence
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage2 57th Regiment IODE holds Remembrance tea (p. 9): L-r, Mrs. J.A. Richardson; Mrs. Harold Baker, regent of IODE municipal chapters; and Mrs. W.A. Master, Regent of 57th Chapter of the IODE
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage3The Official Plan, (p. 21 John Wood, city planning director with proposed map of official plan with Lorne Mensforth, chairman of planning board and Isadore Black, pres. Peterborough. Chamber of Commerce.
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage4Olympic Style Gymnastics Training (p. 30): teacher Marie Krejcova of Czechoslovakia and Cheryl Finn (9)
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage5Unpublished neg: Remembrance Day parade and ceremony
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage6Unpublished neg: Remembrance Day parade and ceremony
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage7Unpublished neg: Remembrance Day parade and ceremony
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage8Unpublished neg: Remembrance Day parade and ceremony
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage9Unpublished neg: Remembrance Day parade and ceremony
1970-11-11 WednesdayImage10Unpublished neg: gymnastics teacher Marie Krejcova
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage1Civil Rest Termed: Active Discontent Among Civilians (p.3): Head shot Andrew Osler
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage2Cobourg Remembrance parade (p. 5) Photo by John Radley (35mm)
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage3Handweavers Show Talents (2 pics, p. 6): Pauline Fanning works on macrame
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage4Mabel Peters spins wool (with above)
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage5Bobby Curtola, recording artist and Honey Wells at Queen's Hotel lunch for veterans (p.17)
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage6Theatre Workshop, Audience Participation Makes a Difference (p. 17, two pics): Ernie Schwarz (head shot, printed backwards) artistic director Studio Lab Theatre and founder
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage7With above, Fran Gebhard and Don Porter warming up
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage8St. Peter's Wins COSSA Crown (p.18): Oshawa runner sprints for big gain
1970-11-12 ThursdayImage9second frame of Andrew Osler
1970-11-12 ThursdayUnpublished negs: pictures of students in shop class, library (6 frames) for series by Cheryl Hamilton on retraining at SSFC). One picture ran Dec. 12, another Dec. 17
1970-11-12 ThursdayUnpublished neg: Hockey
1970-11-13 FridayImage1Memories Can Be Hilarious, Ex-Service women Discover (page 6): WW II War theaters where Canadians served are represented by these three ex-service women. Evalyn McMaster (left) was in the Canadian Women's Army Corps. Trixie Thompson (centre) came to Canada i8n 1952 and was in WAAF and served in Air Co9mmand South East Asia from 1943 -45. Belle Merrett (right) saw service in Canada, England and Holland as a CWAC with Royal Cdn. Corps of Signals.
1970-11-13 FridayImage2New Laws Banning Sex Discrimination in Hiring (p. 6): Barbara Shields, Education Officer of Women's Bureau. Ont. Dept. of Labour; Jeanne Snape, pres. Women's Sales and Ad Club.
1970-11-13 FridayImage3Resurgence of Native Religious Explained in Lecture by Mohawk (p.13): head shot of Ernest Benedict
1970-11-13 FridayImage4Bandits at City Hall (p. 13) : Trent U's “Just a Drop in the Bucket” campaign. Surrounding Mayor Joe Csumrick, from left: Marion Croft, Terry Hickey, Janet Bax, Elizabeth Coll and Roy Maddocks, all of Trent University.
1970-11-13 FridayImage5Education Reflects Slack Standards, District Teachers Trustees Told (p. 13): Four County Separate School Board guest speaker Bascom St. Jean, Chairman Policy and Development Council, Ont. Dept. of Ed. ; and Superintendent Fraser Hogle (right)
1970-11-13 FridayImage6Capture COSSA Junior Championship (p. 14) St. Pete's Saints won the C Major A junior title second year in row, defeating Oshawa Catholic School. Holding trophy are Pete Dorie (#52) and Paul De Souza. Others on the team are Chris Doherty, Larry Neary, Dave Carpenter, Mike Fryia, Don Bialik, Phil Cavanagh, Steve McGillis, Gord Tapp, Brian Beanish, Paul Collins, Matt Drysdale, Paul Evans, Fred Garvey, Jim Gifford, John Martin, Dave Moloney, Pete Moloney, Don Moloney, Pat O'Brien, Dennis Prindible, Dan Sheedy, John Aggione, Kevin Rose, Don Ferrin, . Absent William Heffernan. Also in the picture are John Allen, John Holmes, Mike Crook, Gerry Glover (coach) Phil McCabe (ass't coach).
1970-11-14 SaturdayFiles not found or don't exist
1970-11-16 MondayImage1Beyond the Fringe, Peterborough Theatre Guild (p.3): L-r, Brian Jackson, Peter Edelmayer, Richard Hayman and Peter Timmerman.
1970-11-16 MondayImage2Discussions Reveal – Many Crucial Issues At Stake (p. 11): Rev. Mrs. Lois Wilson, Norman Pearson and Ray Affleck
1970-11-16 MondayImage3Eight Music Festival Groups Meet (p.11): From left: Mrs. Judith Thompson, Ottawa, chair of Ontario Centennial Festivals of Music; Ted Pridham. Toronto, past pres. Fed. Cdn. Music Festivals, Crawford Smyth, Toronto, pres. Of Federation of Canadian Music Festivals; and Mrs. Iris Sproule, sec. Peterborough Kiwanis Musicfest
1970-11-16 MondayImage4It's Fun For Some (p.11): Snowman builders at 623 George St., from left, Carrie Allman (11), Lori (11) and Linda Robinson
1970-11-16 MondayImage5Rink Skipped by Margaret McNeil Wins Event by Less than One Point at PCC (p. 12): Business girls bonspiel winners, clockwise from bottom: Bunny O'Neil, Carol Anderson, Marge McNeil, skip, and Anne McFadden.
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage1Golden Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. (Ruby) James Hopcroft (p. 6)
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage250th anniversary of Olive and William Downer (behind cake) (p.6)
1970-11-17 TuesdayImage3Ornamental Swimmers Hold Annual Birthday Party (p.6): L-r, Linda Seili, Laurie Prest, Janet Smith, Lucille Collins
1970-11-17 TuesdayUnpublished negs: three girls with bowl (?) in front of Santa poster
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage1Penny Simpson Spent 6 days in jail, Young Socialists Exec., speaks at Trent. (p.23)
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage2Bell Canada Pres. Blames Gov't for Inflationary Trends (p.23): Robert C. Scrivener (right), pres. Of Bell Canada spoke to a joint meeting of the Peterborough Sales and Advertising Club and Peterborough. Construction Exchange. With him are Don Foster, mgr. of Bell Canada in Peterborough and Herb Hall pres. of sales and ad club.
1970-11-18 WednesdayImage3Under Guise of Tax Reform Radical Social Changes Evident (p. 23): Robert Scott, v.p. Society of Industrial Accountants in Ontario
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage1Musician Tom Rush at Commoner (p.3): rock, blues and folk
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage2IODE Christmas crafts (p.6): Margaret Best demonstrates cup cake decorating
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage3Ladies with hand made Santa at Donwood United Tea and Bazaar (p. 6): Pres. Pat Harga and Mary Hinan
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage417 Members Received Into Quarter Century Club, Quaker Oats (p. 17) : Left, Gerald Payne, John Brewster, Jean Hamley, Joe O'Brien.
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage5Tom N. Shea, speaker at one day real estate teach in (p. 17)
1970-11-19 ThursdayImage6Bullets, Warriors, Celtics Capture Men's Basketball (p. 25): Ha wks Don Powell has advantage
1970-11-20 FridayImage1Charter Members Optimist Club Peterborough (page 3): From left in front: Al Northcott, v.p.; Bud Gallagher, pres.; Larry Hanshaw, v.p. Back from left: Rus McGeachie, Les Nicols, Dick Moore, Chuck Russelle, Wilbert Vowels (sec. treas.), Dave Smith.
1970-11-20 FridayImage2Birthday Cake on Parade (p. 6) YWCA turned 100 and would celebrate with a birthday cake/ float in Santa parade. Hester Carson (back left) decorates a cup cake held by Anne Allan. Beside her in back are Cathy Flemons and Gail Smith. In front, holding “Y” is Christine Evans. Susan Vass holds “100”.
1970-11-20 FridayImage3George St. United tea and bazaar (p. 6): Lady caning chair (no name)
1970-11-20 FridayImage4Indians Hit Hard Under Social Services (p. 13): Marlene Castellano, head shot: Mohawk speaker at Trent says social services should be better coordinated
1970-11-20 FridayImage5Snowmobilers Jam Lions Club Centre to Hear About Laws and Maintenance (p. 13): picture of packed audience
1970-11-20 FridayImage6Now With City VON, (p.13): Miss Joan Affleck (left) and Miss Beverly Boomer
1970-11-20 FridayImage7Petes players get untangled in front of goalie George Hulme. 2-2 tie against St. Catharines Black Hawks. (p.16)
1970-11-20 FridayUnpublished neg: same as no. 1
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage1Santa Claus Arrives in Peterborough (page 1)
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage2Automobile Salesmen Form Club (p. 3): L-r, John Baldock, v.p.; Bernie Sullivan, pres.; Carl Foster, sec. Treasurer
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage3Eastern Star Women Hold Starlight Tea and Bazaar (p. 6): Marie Green, tea room convenor; and Berdene Goodfellow, worthy matron, with basket of pot scrubbers
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage4Lakefield District H.S. Ontario Scholars (p. 9): front l-r, Candy Coates, Elsie McIntyre, Cathy Twist. Back Alice Freeborn, Stephen Sisson
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage6Key Club Week Proclaimed (p. 9): L-r, Dave Landry, PCVS club treasurer; Jim Ireland, Lieut. Gov. of four clubs; Mike Benninger, governor of clubs; Doug Baird, PCVS club president
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage5Budding Movie Makers (p. 9): Joseph Carey, PCVS, Rosemary Gauley, [Rosemary Ganley perhaps] and Joe DiProfio, program consultant
1970-11-21 SaturdayImage7COSSA Champions Second Consecutive Year (p.10): Thomas A. Stewart Griffins (p.10): names are in alphabetical order: Paul Arnold, John Ayotte, Stephen Butcher, Bill Calder, David Collins, Robert Davidson, Peter Forbes, Howard Fisher, Michael Free, James Gow, Robert Hanbury, Ian Harris, Chris Hull, Brian Johnson, Stephen Jones, Paul McAdams, Dale McMurray, Randy Newton, Al Northcott, Brent Palmer, Rae Parnell, Bradley Patterson, Bob Patterson, Garry Payne, Jay Reichart, Randall Reid, Jim Reilly, Bill Robinson, John Russell, Dale Ryan, John Scriver, Bill Simons, David Stewart, Rick Toms, Robert Vans, Doug Wasson, Gord Watts, Roger Wells, Steve Winslow, Craig Wright. The coaches were Wayne Gilroy, Mike Lynch and Larry-John McKay. The managers were Bill Martin and Bob McPhail.
1970-11-21 SaturdayUnpublished negs: three football players with trophies
1970-11-23 MondayImage1Chorus Entertains (p. 3): Liftlock City Chorus, 7 people in costumes
1970-11-23 MondayImage2Frosty's Fantasy Fair, St. Barnabas Church (p.6): Kathy Konopczynski (10), Nancy Mason (9), fill a stocking
1970-11-23 MondayImage3Fern Rahmel, CBC playwright spoke to women's Art Ass. Meeting (p.6)
1970-11-23 MondayImage4Series of four pics at Pearson Day Care, (p. 17): Photos by Bruce Christensen - Jimmy Brown blows out candles;
1970-11-23 MondayImage5 - Paul Morgan samples cake;
1970-11-23 MondayImage6 - Jimmy Moncrief enjoys book;
1970-11-23 MondayImage7 - at the piano, Gale Brown and Stephen Milne.
1970-11-23 MondayImage8Carloads of Clothes (p. 23): Used clothing drive, from left: Rev. Joseph Lynch, Mike Free, Cathy Moloney, Claire Goselin, Paul Marchend and sister Joan. Photo by Don White
1970-11-23 MondayImage9Top Athletes Receive Trophies, Peterborough Legion Track Club (p. 14): Mark Simkins, outstanding athlete; Glen Vizniowski, club coach; Karen Walker, coaches award.
1970-11-23 MondayUnpublished neg: group of six kids in costumes near piano (may be Pearson Day Care)
1970-11-23 MondayUnpublished neg: two Guides or Brownies with stocking
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage1Ennismore Champion (page 3): Murray McWhinney of Ennismore won championship Hereford Steer class at Royal Winter Fair
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage2Three men (no names) submitting qualification papers at Dummer Township Hall (p. 13)
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage3Size Only Difference (p. 16): Bowlers Jack Donohue (6'2”) and Charmaine Batley (7 years old, 3'6” high) at Lakeview Bowl
1970-11-24 TuesdayImage4Win Fred Stenson Bonspiel (p. 16): L-r, Rick Allain (lead); Gary Fenn (vice); Harold Peltzer, (skip); and Bill Jackson (second)
1970-11-24 TuesdayUnpublished negs: same group as above, (#4) with one additional person presenting trophy
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage1Board Fence Art (p. 3): Three students of Peter Robinson College won the chance to paint pictures on fence along George St. where Charles Huffman Ltd. is building a student residence. From left, Dennis Mori, Sue Wright, Ken Ludlow, Mr. Huffman and Ian Chapman, master of Peter Robinson College.
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage2Wives in Protest (p. 27): Wives strike Consumers Gas, where their husbands work, members of Local 161 International Chemical Workers. L-r, Mrs. Wiley Greer, Mrs. Roy Greer, Mrs. Charles Cavanagh, Mrs. Davis
1970-11-25 WednesdayImage3Separate Elementary School Champions (p.45): Immaculate Conception School captured the championship by beating St. Alphonsus 26-6. Top row, Karl Zmosynski, Mike Connelly, Peter Keating, Rob Marchen, Danny Melonson, Paul Movis, Tom Teasdale, Kelly deSouza. Bottom row, Eric O'Donnell, coach Mike Hennessy, Kevin deSouza, Terry Healey, Dennis Berger, John Lee, Ted Hennessey, David Browman, Danny Tapp. Missing is Randy Gates
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage1Print-Making at Adam Scott (p. 9): l-r Lorie McDermott, Myra Chase, Norman Matteson admire a silk-screen print
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage2Just Tuning Up (p. 19): Three members of Peterborough Symphony Orchestra from left: Chris Blount, Judy Burvill-Holmes, and Tim Watson
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage3Woodcox Rink Tops 22 Entries In PCC Bonspiel (p.27): front: Dorothy Cox, Anne Haldimand. back: Donna Vigar, Clare Woodcox
1970-11-26 ThursdayImage4Peterborough's Entry in Tournament (p. 27): Rehill Bantam Allstars. Names not in order. Members ar: Bob Gillett, Steve Byers, Shawn Graham, Calvin Graig, Steve Rupert, Joe Atkins, Chris Longo, Dan Eastman, Jeff McInroy, Pete Dettman, Terry Heard, Bill Golaska, Mark Shaughnessy, Mark Connelly, Paul Johnson, Paul Tilley and Don Laloney. Manager is Ken Tilley and coach is Fred Garvey
1970-11-26 ThursdayUnpublished neg: unidentified bearded man at overhead projector (may be George Jackson)
1970-11-27 FridayImage1Receives Diploma (page 3): Robert Connor (left) receives interim diploma from Donald W. Maddocks, district consultant of Youth and Recreation Branch, Dept. of Education
1970-11-27 FridayImage2Drama's Potential Stressed (p. 3): Sister Carmela, corresponding secretary of Ontario English Catholic Teachers Ass. Of Peterborough; Mrs. Dorothy Jane Needles. Toronto drama consultant; standing, Jack Vollering, pres. OECTA; Bill Russell, v.p. and religion consultant.
1970-11-27 FridayImage3St. Paul's Christmas Tea (p.6): Mrs. H. H. Hamilton (left); Mrs. W. C. Allison, Mrs. William Watson, Mrs. T. P. McMillan
1970-11-27 FridayImage4Candlelight Fantasy at St. James (p. 6): Mrs. W.E. Borland, general convenor; Kay Henwood and Bea Ashbridge , decorators, admire candles.
1970-11-27 FridayImage5Information Canada Explained (p.11): Victor Henderson, pres. Of Canadian Club of Peterborough (left); Tom Ford, member of government task force
1970-11-27 FridayImage6Pete's vs. Montreal Junior Canadiens (p. 12) 3 pics in a series: - Robert Fee, Brian Shortreed
1970-11-27 FridayImage7 - Rick Cunningham, Ian Turnbull
1970-11-27 FridayImage8 - Wayne Wood blocks Doug Gibson
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage1Mayoralty candidates (p. 11): Mayor Joseph Csumrick, Gordon Powell, moderator Walter Pitman, Douglas Galvin, Norman Bowler. (Cam Wasson not visible)
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage2head shots of basketball players (p12): David Frid
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage3David Frid, second of two images
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage4John Behan
1970-11-28 SaturdayImage5Glen Ferguson
1970-11-30 MondayImage1Bewdley Fire Hall gutted by fire (p. 11) Photo by John Radley (35mm)
1970-11-30 MondayImage2Jet for Peterborough (page 11): RCAF No. 428 members watch as crane unloads jet, a Sabre Mark V. Canadian Division of NATO used them in Europe from 1951 to 1961
1970-11-30 MondayImage3Herb Sullivan (p. 3) candidate in municipal election
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage1Re-elected (Page 3): J. M. Cathcart (left) re-elected zone director of Automotive Transport Ass., with H.G. Nickel of Listowel, pres. of association
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage2Panel discusses “Should a healthy dose of work experience outside of school be included in the school curriculum?” (p.3): Rolf Muller, center, moderated. From left, Mike Brown, Karen Byrnes, Stanley Rouse and Ron Gardiner. Photo by Don White
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage3Carnation Tea (p. 6): Liftlock Shrine No. 18, White Shrine of Jerusalem. Left, Zilla Hall, Mrs. James Jones, Mrs. Clifford Alexander, Mrs. A. G. Stewart (Lady on far left in negative was cropped out)
1970-12-01 TuesdayImage4Peterborough Teams Averages Far Below Those of Top Toronto Clubs (p. 14): Lakeview Bowl entry in Col. Sanders 5-pin champs. L-r, Nela Curtin, Jeane Porter, Betty Tulloch, Myrtle Pearson, Ruth Rutherford.
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage1OFA Annual Convention (p. 3): Graham McKay of Kirkfield; Gordon Hill, pres. of Ont. Federation of Agriculture; Clarence Hancock, Peterborough
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage2CPR Criticized by Commission for Lack of Promotion, Study (p. 21): three men from Canadian Transport Commission in Peterborough. J. A. D. McGee; D. H. Jones, chairman; Raymond March
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage3Local Artists Display (p. 21): SSFC students Bob Hughes, Jeannette Clements. Art by Jean Nind and Betty and Jack Hamer
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage4Girls H. S. Basketball, TA Stewart vs. Adam Scott (Scott won) (no names)
1970-12-02 WednesdayImage5-7Unidentified young people at Xmas event – probably Trafalgar School students. See article Dec. 3, page 6.
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage1Aerial Ladder Firetruck Too Big for Armouries (page 5): In Cobourg. Fire truck in front of open door at Armoury. 35 mm. Photo by John Radley
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage2Salvation army Home League Christmas Bazaar (p. 6): Mrs. Gordon Holnbeck, Mrs. Gordon Smyth, Mrs. Archie Peat
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage3All Candidates Meeting, Queen Mary auditorium (p. 21)
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage4Explain Parking to Marshalls (p. 24): Ross Wiegand (left) and Don Bye at map of grounds for Kawartha Cup International Snowmobile Races, Jan 8,9, 10,11
1970-12-03 ThursdayImage5Win Kawartha District Title (p. 24): Adam Scott Sr. girls, front l – r: Diane DeCarlo, Leigh Ives, Mailey English, Sue Smith, Debbie Bullock, Darlene DeCarlo. Back l-r, Cathy Strano, Chris Crawford, Judy Knowles, Barb Spurrel (mgr), Nancy Jonassen, Elaine Hill, Mary Evans (coach), Sheila Laszlo
1970-12-04 FridayImage1Students Present Play at St. Peter's (p. 8): Anthony Silva (baby Jesus), Ralph Weisner and Kim Leahy
1970-12-04 FridayImage2800 pound moose (p. 13) shot by Wally Harrison in Matheson area
1970-12-04 FridayImage3They're All Set (p. 13): Miss Hanneke Van Esch helped by Evan Lyons and Glen Wagner in a course designed to help condition muscled for skiing
1970-12-04 FridayImage4Craig Ramsay tests goalie Veisor (p.14) Petes vs Hamilton
1970-12-04 FridayImage5same as no. 1
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage1Sorority Giving Trees (page 6): Steven Adamson (5), Lisa Corp (4) and Joanne Fulford (5) and Christmas Giving Tree at Bank of Nova Scotia. Gamma Xi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi asks people to decorate with with mittens, scarves etc. that will go into Christmas Hampers
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage263rd Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. James Patterson (p. 6). Married in Bancroft 1907, lived in Peterborough Since 1927. Lived at 377 Water.
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage3Stephen Lewis, provincial NDP leader, was in town (p. 13). Lewis with MPP Walter Pitman and local municipal candidate Alene Holt
1970-12-05 SaturdayImage4Bowler Jim Conlin rolled a perfect game at Chemong Lanes (p. 14)
1970-12-05 SaturdayUnpublished Neg: Quartet of female singers
1970-12-07 MondayImage1YMCA Swimshow (page 6): Debbie and Teena Thompson
1970-12-07 MondayImage2Voting Ballots in Advance Polls Down, Weather Blamed (p. 11): City Clerk Syd Hendry and Carol Newton, employee in the clerk's office, with a ballot box.
1970-12-07 MondayCity Finds Solution for Dead Tree Disposal (page 12) Three pics, inside plant and outside Domtar in Trenton.
1970-12-07 MondayImage3Steve Hessian Domtar manager with roll of cardboard
1970-12-07 MondayImage4Rolls of corrugating medium at Domtar Packaging Plant in Peterborough.
1970-12-07 MondayImage5Crane amidst hardwood logs
1970-12-07 MondayImage6Talking About Bees (p. 12): Prof. P. W. Burke, Ont. College of Agriculture, Guelph; A. R. Mallory, Stirling, pres. Of Ont. Beekeepers Ass.; Lorne Thurston, Dunsford; Josep Valas, Lindsay
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage1Municipal Election pics, Douglas Galvin on shoulders of supporters after defeating incumbent mayor Joseph Csumrick (page 1)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage2Wesley Rogers with brush wolf that his dog killed near Warkworth (p.5)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage3Galvin crowned by Barry MacDougall and Barbara Galvin (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage4Former mayors Gordon Powell (L) and Joseph Csumrick after conceding (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage5Five members of new Board of Education James Telford, Alicia Perry, William Lech, Eric Cotton and J.D. Dawson (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage6Bomb scare at 11:30 sent candidates, supporters and newsmen scurrying from City Hall (p. 13)
1970-12-08 TuesdayImage7Queen's Frank Tindall Says (p. 16) Frank Tindall, and T.A.S. students Jim Reilly, Bob Patterson
1970-12-08 TuesdayUnpublished negs: seniors Christmas show
1970-12-08 TuesdayUnpublished negs: election photos
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage1Christmas Display (page 3): Kids look at moving Christmas window display. Andrew Martin (11), Russell Harding (10), and Robbie Towse (10), all Prince of Wales students
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage2Red Cross Sewers Hold Sale (p.9): Mrs. Margaret Comley and oven mitts
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage3Mrs. Margaret Barrick with Raggedy Ann
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage4Charter Night for Otonabells (p. 10): Barber shop harmony singers Twyla-Mae Guse, Veronica Duffy, Marie Nelson, and Lois Liscum
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage5Labor Council Executive (p. 25) (front) Gerald Wood re-elected pres.; back l-r, Morley Bell, treasurer; Alex Watt, v.p.; Walter Dollard, rec. sec.
1970-12-09 WednesdayImage6Pioneer Style Yule Party (p. 25): Santa at Lester B. Pearson day care
1970-12-10 ThursdayImage1Official Opening at Civic (page 23): Clinical supervisor in the new $38,000 intensive care unit, Miss Ethel Drury, explains the crash cart, the portable emergency cardiac arrest machine, to visitors.
1970-12-10 ThursdayImage2Mrs. Cindy Horton demonstrates the use of the newly-installed nursing call system in the 20-year-old main building of the Civic Hospital
1970-12-10 ThursdayImage3Nurse Mrs. Shirley Bennett explains the workings of “resussi-anne”, training dummy who breathes and has a mock heartbeat to chairman of the Civic Hosptial board of goverrnors, H. S. Matthews.
1970-12-10 ThursdayUnpublished neg: Examiner staff member (Cheryl Hamilton?) interviewing woman behind desk
1970-12-10 ThursdayUnpublished neg: two head shots of dark haired woman, fur collar. Looks like Florence Butt (see 1970-12-12)
1970-12-10 ThursdayUnpublished neg: head shot of woman with scarf on head
1970-12-11 FridayImage1School Theme Studied (page 5, 35mm) : At St. Anthony's School in Port Hope, l-r, Mayor Michael Wladyka; Maureen Kimball, prime minister of Peace Party in parliament; Sister Patricia Moore and Mrs. Anne-Marie Walkley, staff advisors; Robert Mol, opposition leader. Photo by Jim Cutting
1970-12-11 FridayImage2Pupils Launch Rockets (2 pics, page 13) at Kawartha Heights School under supervision of teacher Grant Johnston. No names.
1970-12-11 FridayImage3rocket launching
1970-12-11 FridayImage4Joint Film Library Contract Signed by Heads of Boards (p. 13): Left, Cyril O'Donnell, 4-County Separate Board; William Rowson, Peterborough County B. of E.
1970-12-11 FridayImage5Petes 6-1 over Oshawa (p. 16): Warren Anderson (#7) aids goalie Ted McComb
1970-12-11 FridayUnpublished negs: Girl sitting on top of grocery shelf
1970-12-11 FridayUnpublished negs: Men's curling
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage1Car Crashes Barber Shop – Five Taken to Hospital (Page 1): Park St. and Braidwood, that morning. Photo by Jim Cutting
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage2Instructions At Library (p. 5, 35mm): Port Hope librarian Mrs. Constance McLean and several children.
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage3Florence Butt (p. 6): head shot, Status of Women Report
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage4ARC workers with Christmas tree, bows and ornaments. Two people, no names (p.6)
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage5Public Library Dilemma Still On, (p. 13): pic of old library, built 1910
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage6Huge Riding Area Under Cover (p. 13, two pics): horse riding structure
1970-12-12 SaturdayImage7Cavan resident Bill Moore on horse
1970-12-14 MondayImage1Curve Lake Dinner (page 3): Maddan Taylor (75, left) and Walter Jacobs (81) among 42 elders at Curve Lake dinner Saturday. Photo by Don White
1970-12-14 MondayImage2Crippled Children's party (p.6) no names
1970-12-14 MondayImage3Quebec panel (p.13): l-r, Robert Dupont, Roger Garneau, Mrs. Gary Caldwell, Denis Smith, Michel Trudeau
1970-12-14 MondayImage4More pics from Curve Lake dinner (p. 13) Photos by Don Whyte: Mrs. Stephen Taylor receives prize from granddaughter Pamela Taylor. Looking on, Keith Knott, chairman of band's recreation committee
1970-12-14 MondayImage5Don Taylor, 82, oldest elder and pie from Mrs. Nelson Jacobs
1970-12-14 MondayImage6Curve Lake Sunday School choir entertained
1970-12-14 MondayImage7Diplomas Awarded (p. 14): Victoria County Deputy Clerk Barney Rogers receives two diplomas from county warden Charles Stevenson
1970-12-14 MondayImage8Hockey, Peterborough Lions (p. 16) 11th consecutive win, Northcrest Arena. Lee Palmer attempts to steer in shot by John Patterson
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage1
Dorothy Collins, (p.3): h&s, (head and shoulders) teacher, retiring, taught at Queen Mary for 36 years
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage3Joan Sadler (p.6): Lawyer looks at Abortion
1970-12-15 TuesdayImage4Exam Time is here Again (p. 17): PCVS, grade 13s doing English papers
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage1Candy House for Senior Citizens (page 3): Pupils from Beth Murphy's grade one class at Keith Wightman made it for seniors at Fairhaven. Three children from left: Kathy Riseborough, Cathy Foy and Tommy Cowling. Back l-r, Mrs. Grace Every, Elizabeth Copping, Isabella Kent, and Edith Falls of Fairhaven
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage2Pair Help in Parent Search (p.6): article by Marijo Amer; Shelley (6) and Mark (8) siblings up for adoption through Children's Aid Society
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage3Marycrest Tea (p. 6): L-r, Mrs. Pearl Charlton, Mrs. Florence Young, Miss Fran Sadler, (auxiliary pres.), Mrs. A. Doris (resident), Mrs. Ethel Herishy and administrator Sister St. Clare.
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage4Beauty and the Clown (p. 21): Knights of Columbus Christmas benefit show: Vincent Caron (11), next to Princess Sandy Scoville, and clown Ray Foley. In front of Grand Knight Jack Russell are Kendra Lustic (8), Susan Lustic (10) and Giselle Joksch (3).
1970-12-16 WednesdayImage5Jack Abrahamse, organist and director George St. United Church (p.21)
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage14H girls win awards (page 9) two pics: -Anne Brown, Karen Oliver, Elaine Kerr (home economist Victoria and Peterborough Counties) and Carol Franklin
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage2Dianne Heard, Selwyn and Linda Webster, Warsaw
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage3Better Paid Jobs Objectives of Employees (p. 19) : John Price and Wayne Sweezey repair outboard motors at SSFC
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage4Work Under Way at Morrow Park in Preparation for Kawartha Cup (p.19): CHEX sports director Dick Trotter (seated) and Examiner sports director Wayne Parks on grand prize snowmobile
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage6University Degrees, Memorial Cup Occupy Minds of 3 TPT Petes (p. 27, two pics):Ramsay serves bacon to Ken Richardson
1970-12-17 ThursdayImage7John Garrett at his books
1970-12-17 ThursdayUnpublished negs: Pete's players at home
1970-12-18 FridayImage1Stan McBride joins music makers Queenie Gray, Jane Forsythe, Alice Littlefair, and Elsie Peck at annual Sr. Citizens' dinner
1970-12-18 FridayImage2Nativity Scene (page 3): Grades 1 and 2 Curve Lake and nursery school children (no names)
1970-12-18 FridayImage3CKPT Gets Unexpected Cash for Toy Drive (p. 3): L-r, Student John Dines and (right) Joe Whitehead present $337 to disc jockey Ken Casavoy
1970-12-18 FridayImage4Christmas and Art (p. 3): Katherine Wallis sculpture of nativity scene at Peterborough. Centennial Museum
1970-12-18 FridayImage5Money Shortage Restricts Program Enrolment (SSFC retraining lab, was filed in November 1970 Unpublished. Originally filed Nov. 12, 1970)
1970-12-18 FridayImage6Former Players to Coach Juniors (p. 16): Geoffrey Adair (left) and Norman Jamieson, football players and lawyers at local firm (N.B. future team will be called Panthers)
1970-12-18 FridayUnpublished neg: Geoffrey Adair
1970-12-18 FridayUnpublished neg: Norman Jamieson
1970-12-18 FridayUnpublished neg: Stan McBride, same as #4
1970-12-18 FridayUnpublished neg: two unidentified women at event, one looking at the other's boot
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage1Peterborough Dons Christmas Gear (page 1): nighttime shot of George St.
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage2Buy a Christmas Tree (p. 7): Danny Jackson, Gabi Pomplun, Teresa Bell
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage3YWCA 100th Birthday (p. 7): Mrs. P.C. Sanders YWCA pres, right) and Mrs. J. A. Baird cut birthday cake
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage4Decisions, Decisions... (p.9) Melani Frost (12 months) daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Frost at Bridgenorth and toys
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage5Miss Margaret McCabe (97) (p. 9) plays her own composition at Marycrest Tea
1970-12-19 SaturdayImage6In Manpower Retraining Program – Is Earning Or Learning Prime Goal? (p.9) (last in a series of three article: Retraining student Wallace Stewart works with acetylene cutting torch. (this picture was in Unpublished 1970 November folder)
1970-12-21 MondayImage1Pinata Breaks (page 6): Mexico Day in Paula Wagar's grade 6 class at Queen Mary P.S.
1970-12-21 MondayImage2Chief Receives Diploma (p. 17): Platoon Chief William Trick (left) receives diploma from Deputy Chief Ed Hynes
1970-12-21 MondayImage3PCFA directors (p. 17): Peterborough County Federation of Agriculture directors (l-r) Dan Caley, Francis Walsh, Joe Sullivan, Clarence Johnston
1970-12-21 MondayImage6Sunrise Serenity (p. 17): Little Lake on the shortest day of the year. Photo by Robert Beavers
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage1Snow Sculpture (page 3): Rudolph the Bulb-Nosed Reindeer in backyard of Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harris. Created by Lloyd and Paul Harris
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage2Packing Food Boxes (p. 13): Judy Nichols, Mrs. Bud Nichols (sec. of U.C.S.) and Mary Parcels of SSFC packing food boxes at Trinity United Church.
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage3Packing Toys and Candy for 315 area children (p.13): Josie McCutcheon of CHEX and Jean Murney, volunteer packer, CHEX Toy Drive
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage4Blind Children Have Yule Party (p. 13): Party sponsored by Hi Y clubs at YMCA. Christine, 3 yr. old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil Nicholas of Campbellford, gets present from Santa
1970-12-22 TuesdayImage5Otonabee River Receives City's Salted Snow (p.13)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage1School Safety Patrol Party (p. 9): 900 safety patrollers line up at Odeon Theatre
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage2Mrs. Adam Konopczynski, artist and resident at Fairhaven (p.9)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage3Wins O'Keefe Trophy (p. 12): Ken Skelly (centre), Jim McGrath (left, of O'Keefe), Ken Pappas (right)
1970-12-23 WednesdayImage4Christmas Cheer for Hospitalized Children (p.12): Pete's coach Roger Neilson and centre Doug Gibson visit kids at Civic Hospital. Timmy Munroe (5), Craig Merchant (7), Perry Stoppa (6)
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage1Helping at Christmas (35mm, page 8): Don Fox (station manager CHUC Cobourg) and radio receptionist Ethel Davey and Salvation Army Captain Geoffrey A'Bear
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage2Christmas Lights (p.24): House on Hwy. 28 Near Rock Haven lit up at night
1970-12-24 ThursdayImage3Will Compete in Ontario Games (p.20): Norman Bowler Junior Girls Basketball, to compete in Etobicoke: back: Ann Land (coach), Cheryl Batley, Darlene DeCarlo, Pat Bronson, Heather Gilmour. Front, Leigh Ives, Karen Walker, Chris Crawford, Jane Munson
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage1Time for Carols (page 15): Anson house group around piano as Mrs. Elizabeth Telford played. Others were Mrs. Lillian Harrison, Mrs. Elsie Bingham, Mrs. Ruby Carnduff, Mrs Wilhelmin Convery, and Miss Shirley Wesley.
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage2Christmas at Civic Hospital (p.15): Nurse Margaret Tolmie and baby, Brenda May Fallis
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage3Peggy Clark’s mother reading story to Peggy Clark and Angela Shelburne
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage4Waiting for Santa, Peggy and Angela under table
1970-12-26 SaturdayImage5David Connell, 12; Branda Stamplecosker, 4; and Mary Little, 9 hanging stockings
1970-12-28 MondayImage1The Lone Climber (page 13, 35 mm) This lone climber is toting his skates up Armour Hill through a tunnel of trees….
1970-12-28 MondayImage2Not Forgotten (p.13, 35mm) It’s a horse’s life … near Kirby. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-12-28 MondayImage3A Tricky Business (p.13, 35 mm) Baring your toes to the winter elements can be tricky business between toboggan runs, but when you’re only seven and these winter days are so short, you can’t waste any time dashing home for dry socks. Chris Copeland, Monaghan Road performs the operation while delicately balancing on the nose of new toboggan.
1970-12-28 MondayImage4A Day’s Work (p. 13, 2 ¼ ) Donald Brown, 12, of Steel Avenue spent a whole day making these snow sculptures. The black coat on the larger figure was made with spray paint.
1970-12-28 MondayImage5Curling (p. 16, 35 mm): Glenn Pagett (right) guides sweepers. Story about Woodcox Rink Examiner Trophy Winners
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage1A Prairie Scene? P(p.3): Slanting light from a winter sun sinking in the West highlights this composition of glittering snow and lines. Taken west from High St. in Peterborough, this part of the city’s Canadian Pacific Railway track sets a prairie like scene.
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage4A Daring Leap (p. 13, 35mm) Not only is it the season to be jolly, but also to be daring. Michael Bowes of Peterborough makes a daring leap over a snowbank after coming out of a 90 degree angled turn. The 17 year old was putting his snowmobile through the paces at the Old Orchard Park Winter Park, located about three miles east of the city. Michael is vice-president of the private winter park situated on 300 acres of recreational land. Besides 12 miles of snowmobile trails, there are skiing, skating and tobogganing facilities. The family of J. M. Bowes, well known real estator, own and operates the winter recreation business. Photo by Bruce Christensen
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage2Educator Says Key to Future is an Enlightened Philosophy (p. 13, 2 ¼): Burt Smitheram, former Teachers College vice-principal, Report on talk to Rotary Club
1970-12-29 TuesdayImage3Win Examiner Trophy, p. 16, 35mm): “Howard Woodcox skipped his Peterborough Curling Club rink to victory in the Peterborough Examiner Bonspiel at the PCC over the weekend…. John Ambler, lead; Tony Van Katwyk, second, Howard Woodcox, skip, and Ernie Rutherford’s rink was second….” (Peter Woodcox may be third.)
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage1Pre-School Needs Volunteers (p. 6 , 2 ¼ ): Santa visiting retarded child in pre-school at St. James United Church
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage2Sir Sandford’s New Campus (p. 9, 2 ¼ ): The first phase of Sir Sandford Fleming College nearing completion
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage3The Boots Tell Story (p.9, 35mm): “It will be a cold trek home in frozen boots for these hardy hockey enthusiasts, braving the elements to put in some practice time on the ice. The abandoned footwear seems to huddle under the changing bench for protection from the snappy winds.” children and location unidentified
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage4Junior A Hockey (p. 10, 35mm two pics): A wild scramble in front of London Goalie Mike McIntyre
1970-12-30 WednesdayImage5Paul Raymer is Belted by Jack Kell
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage1Community School Designed to Interest all the Family (p. 6, two pics, 2 ¼): Dean Junkin prepares to give his best volleyball serve while friends look on at Central Community School indoor playground.
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage2Anne DeVries, 9, Shelley Appleton, 6, and Heddie DeVries, 11 put finishing touches on wall mural at Central School
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage3Wrestling at Memorial Centre (p. 12, 2 ¼ ): Fred Atkins eyes Frenchy Lamont, Little Beaver
1970-12-31 ThursdayImage4All Set to Go (p.11, 35mm): John, 2 ½, son of Mr & Mrs John Terrion, 306 Carlisle Street in snowmobile suit.