Archival Fonds

Trent Valley Archives holds more than 400 archival fonds from a wide variety of sources. Our fonds have digital finding aids describing the contents of the fonds in greater detail. Some of these have been posted online, with the full contents available on-site. Information is continually being processed with new Finding Aids, so please come visit us to check out any of the items listed here.

Please note: Updates are being made to this page and some links may be broken at the moment. You can access missing pages by entering the name in the search bar in the top right hand corner of the screen. Right below the site navigation.

Fonds #Name
1Howard T. Pammett
2Edmison Family
3Archie B. Tolmie
4Albert Hope
5Peterborough Exhibition
6Peterborough Golf and Country Club
7Wantasa Inn
8William G. Ogilvie
9Lakefield Heritage
10Dorothy Gamble Hubbs
11H. B. McGinness
12Lakefield Newspapers
13Rural Publishing Co.
14Arthur Jenkinson
15James Dennistoun
16John Carruthers
17Lakefield Women's Institute
18Lakefield Fire Plans
19Olga and Bruce Dyer
20Barnardo Children
21Jack Boreham
22Frank Schoales
23Don Cournoyea
24Sandy Gavard
25IODE, Major Bennett
26Osborne Photographic Collection
27Unidentified Photo Albums (Boer War)
28Fred Stewart
29Anne Heideman
30Robert Delledone
31Colborne District Marriage Reports
32Sandy Fice
33Dr Susan Jamieson
34Upper Stoney Lake Association
35Anson House
36Isabella Hyland
37James Moloney
38Ray Gillies
39MacDougall Commonplace Book
40John A.I. and Mary (nee Baldwin) Young
41Merle Crawford Porter
42C. C. Cherry
43E. G. Hardie
44Emily Weaver Nelson
45Anchor Bay Campers Association
46Lloyd E. MacCrimmon
47Everyday Life in the Past
48Anson House Project
49Peterborough in the 1880s
50Electric City
51Diocese of Peterborough
52Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment
53Census Microfilm
54Peterborough Waterworks
55Andre Dorfman
57Scott Carew
58Havelock Standard
59Roy Studio Index
60Peterborough Country Land Registry
61Charlie Barrons
62Stephen Gavard
63Peterborough Newspapers
64Peterborough County Court
65Peterborough City Clerk
66Prime Time
67The Pinnacle
68Kawartha Sun
69Common Press
70St. John's Anglican
71Peterborough Review
72Peterborough This Week
73Peterborough New Paper
74Lakefield Chronicle
75Peterborough Sun
76Robert Nicholls Papers
77Peterborough Area Newspapers
78CGE Plants News
79Dummer News
80Death of George V
81Special Newspapers
82Birdseye Centre
83Toronto Star WWI Photographs, Newspaper Collection
84Louis Fobert
85John Marsh
86Peterborough Public Library 75th Anniversary Fund
87John Corkery
88Lakefield Historical Society
89Sketch and Tatler
90Martha Kidd
91Keith Dinsdale
92Charlotte Nicholls Estate
93Lakefield Highschool
94Gerry Stephenson Canoe History
95Foster Russell
96Upper Canada Documentary History Project
97John Huston
98Trent Valley Archives
99Township of North Kawartha, Peterborough County
100Peterborough Old Buildings
101Lee Rankin
102Ron Thom
103PCMA Exhibits
104Affordable Co-op
105Janet Cobb
106Ray Eldon
108Kelly Family
109Hastings Heritage Centre
110John Martyn
111St. Joseph's Hospital Staff
112Nicholls Hospital Staff
113Dr. A. L. Russell
114Dr. Russ Magee/Dr. Agnes Moffat
115Canadian Orthopaedic Nurses Association
116Peterborough District Hospital Planning Council - Subcommittee
117Peterborough Hospitals Staff Lists
118Dr. Wilson Montgomery
119Dr. Edward J. Free
120Lindsay Jail Register
121Central School
122Warsaw Women's Institute
123Saturday Evening Post
124Mount Julian
125Church, O.F. Ledger
126Leitha Kidd
127Kawartha Nordic Ski Club
128Omemee Project
129Ron Doughty
130Grace Barker
131Heritage Gazette of the Trent Valley HGTV
132Trent Canal Plans
133Gilbert Painter
134C. Hillier Williamson
135Ontario Women's Liberal Association
136Wally Macht
137Dobbin Index
138Marlow F. Banks
139Viola Lee
140Trent Glass
141Walter Dunford
142Canadians on the Western Front
143Worth Family
144A. Cunningham
145Peterborough Examiner Editorial
146Canadian Raybestos
147Jim Craig
148Stan McBride
149Agnes Fitzgerald
150Robert Guthrie
151Jean Graham
152Gordon Everett Crowe
153Ivan Bateman
154Charles M. Scott
155Peterborough Elections
156Clive Naismith
157Belmont Club
158Ontario Construction News
159Haliburton Echo
160Rork S. Ferguson, MP
161Roy Studio CD
163Thomas Barrie Fine Furs
164Ruth Wilson
165Arthur D. Webster
166Crawford and Croft Family
167Betty Hinton
168Mason family
169Cox Family
170Bradburn Family
171John Graham Weir
172Johnston family
173H. S. Leybourne
174Kerr & Truscott Family
175Bellegham Funeral Home
176Miller family
177Helen A. Bowen
178Gordon K. Hampton
179Peterborough Jail
180Peterborough Mills
181Gordon Berry
182Newcastle and Colborne Districts
183Eleanor Darling
184Alma Dorfman
185Ontario Marble Company
186Ed Arnold
187Archer Family
188Newspapers on Microfilm
189Yvonne Shaw
190Adam, McLean, Young Families
191Court Robson
192Strickland Village Plan
193Hazel Wilson
194G. H. Howson
195Edwin Poole
196Montgomery Air Service
197Wallbridge Estate
198Wally Parnell
199Shewen Peyton
200William Dennon
202Gord Copperwaithe
203Alexander Robertson
204Ivan Dyer
205Art Dainton
206D. S. Delahaye
207Clifford Couch
208Campbell Family
209Kim Krenz
210Christ Church, Lakefield
211Peterborough Chamber of Commerce
212Betty Drain
213Peterborough Water Works
214Hamilton Spectator
215Wayne Hamilton
216Stevens Family
217Alonzo Smith Family Tree
218John Franklin Barker
219Green Family
220Vern Mullhall
221Don Fallis
222Peterborough Air Surveys
223Peterborough Oddfellows
224Peterborough Industrial Society
225WWI Officer
226Odd Fellows
227Oliver B. McIlvena
228Alfred W. Gariepy
229George A. Cox
230Hallas Estate
231Trigger Talk
232Henry Fife
233Webster Family
235Etta Fisher
236Doug and Mary Wilson
237Gladstone Forsythe
238Ontarian Families
239Alene Holt
240Peterborough Gypsies
241T. H. Goard
242Doug Landry
243Quaker Oats
244J. K. Lang
245Rose Family
246Ashburnham 1874
247Jack Williams
248Peterborough Public Library
249David Dinsdale
250Cahorn Family
251Fletcher General Store
253Albion Knitting (Albion Arms)
254David Mitchell
255Kennedy Family
256Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron
257Carter / White
258Ministry of Agriculture, Peterborough
259Kathy Hooke
260John Cole
261Trident Underwater Club
262Rogers Family
263George Butt
264Kawartha Philatelic Society
265Rob McCormick
266Charles Mitchell
267John G. Pierce
268Eileen Pierce
269General Electric Picnic
270Pathway of Fame
271Gail Corbett
272Percy and Rosie Simpson
273Keene Tweedsmuir Book
274Highschool Yearbooks
275Bellegham Funeral Home
276Ruth Brummell
277John Turner
278Dorothy Holmden
279W. R. Turner
280Bruce Dunford
281Peryer Fred
282Arthor Horn
283Allan Kirby
284Belmont Farmers Club
285J. Wiley, Dugan
286Frances Daunt
287Peter Adams
288Brackenridge family
289Shirley Ann Deyell
290Bateman Family
291Harding Family
292Chase Family
293Wallbridge Family
294Diamond Jubilee 1927
295De Laval
296Olive Emby
297Lord family
298Barrer Family
299Stone Family
300September 11th, 2001
301Blodgett Family
302Elaine Goselin
303Terry Hawkins
304Margaret Bird
305W. S. Hake
306Black's Department Store
307Ken Brown
308Asa Huycke
309Roseneath Womens Institute
310Berta McBride
311Hunter/Darling Family
312Fenian Raid Veterans
313Fair Family
314Peterborough Industrial Map
315CGE Brass Departmen
316Weddell Family
317Elmir Brown
318Dundas and Flavelle
319Outsized Photos
320Rosemary McConkey
321Olive Doran
322JJ Turner Co
323Keith Goodfellow
324Barrie's Furriers
325Port Hope Guide
326David Milner
327I. F. McRae
328Walter Baptie
329Irene Boucher
330Googh Family
331Peterborough Plan 1922
332Dr. E. H. Dewart
333Bruce Hodgins
334Doug Robertson
335Charles Harris
336Farmers Advocate
337Robertson Family Bible
338William Nesbitt
339Quaker Fire Plaque
340Peterborough Examiner
341Fletcher's General Store
342Stoney Lake 1882
343J. Paul Rexe
344Milburn Jones
345Ken Gadd
346Ed Smith
347Michigan Maps
348Sarnia New Democrats
349Bruce Fitzgerald and Family
350Rev J. H. Edmison
351Peterborough Military
352Syd Chambers
353Alfred McDonald Lumber Co
354Elisabeth Stuart
355William C. Grant
356Mrs. G. A. McQuade
357Central Bridge Works
358Harry Hill
359Mitchell Valois
360Samuel Dickson
361Barb McMahon
362W. J. Doughty
363John McLean
364Douro Historical Committee
365David Conroy
366View of Ashburnham
367Fire Chiefs Conference
368Sam Clarke Auction Sale
369Douro Township Map
370Nicholls Hospital Nurses 1926
371Unidentified Rural School Class
372Fairbairn Family
373Whitaker Mills
374Curtis & Mark Families
375Fairbairn, Mackenzie
376King George School
377Queen Elizabeth School
378Peterborough Restaurant Association
379Lois Monknan
380Curtis Brick
381David Dwyer
382Don Curtis
383Robert Dunford
384Carol Taugher
385Gina Martin
386William Hill
387Minicola Family
388Mohan-Hunter Dairy
389Roseborough Family
390Turnbull Building
391Performing Arts Lakefield
392Bill Jordan
393Alan Brunger
394Bruce Johnson Art Prints
395Jenny Carter
396St. Peter's Catholic Secondary School
397Thomas A. Morrow
398Ken Dormer
399Rick Wilson
401E. J. MacDonald
402Gwen Brown
403Peter Edward McConkey
404John Wilson
405Smith Township Map
406Peterborough County House of Refuge
407Cunningham Family
408Neals Family
409Ken Lennox
410Duncan T. Bath
411Martha Baches
412Hilliard Properties
413Cheryl Devitt
414Peterborough City Assessment 1914
415Margaree Edwards
416Robert J. Gordon
417Alex H. Carruthers
418Peterborough Flood 2004
419Pat Allen
420David Edgerton
421Stan McLean
422Nassau Mills Photo
423Marv Buchan
424Holley Family Album
425T. Frank Matthews
426Routley's Store
427Alvin Northey
428Good Friday 1893
429John Hayne
430Jim Sands
431Mary and Doug Lavery
432Canadian Army Overseas
433Guy Thompson
434Bryan Roberts
435Berenice Pepe
436Lynne Coombes
437George Elliott
438Harry Rogers
439Renfrew Mercury-Advance
440Peterborough Normal School
441Provincial Legislature
442Telephone Book Collection
443Peterborough Today
444Elmir and Terry Brown
445Regimental Funds Book
446C. E. Butcher
447Norm McBain
448Bird's Eye View 1895 and 2009
449Gilmour Memorial Baptist Church
450R. R. Hall
451Pegg Family
452Robert McWilliams
453Mary Payne Lloyd
454Lindsay Thursday Post
455Anson House Treasurer
456Anson House Board of Directors
457Anson House Auxiliary
458Senator Frank O'Connor
459Lakefield College School
460Oriental Hotel, Peterborough
461Peterborough Liftlock Postcard
462Peterborough Utilities Comission
465Clifford Couch
466Jones-Evans Family
467Alec Garden
486Keane Methodist Circuit
487Peterborough Guns Ltd.
488Burleigh Road
489Ulter Plantations and Towns
490Mitchell Collection
491Beamish Family
492Brooke Broadbent
493Chapel of the Mohawks
494Jack's Lake Association
495Jim Norsworthy
497Peterborough Clinic
498Rayma Brown
499Smith Township Fairview School
500North Monaghan SS#3
501Mabel Nichols
502Michael Dufresne
503Saint Martin's School Ennismore
504Presqui'ile Point Hotel
505Trent Community Centred Based Education (TCCBE) Project 2014-15
506Carl Doughty
507Quaker Oats Fire
509Thomas Workman
510Canadian Pictorial
511Morgan Tamplin
512IODE, Major Bennett Chapter
513Little Lake Centennial Fountain
514Place to Stand
515McKee Family
516H. B. Mackenzie
517Peterborough Souvenirs
518Peterborough Birds Eye View 1875
519Peterborough County Council
520Nicholls Hospital
521Cameron Map 1896
522Lakefield News
523Expositor Greater Brantford
524Gordon Monkman
525Pope Family
526Chemong Portage
527Everist Heath
528Trent University, Academic Planning Committee, 1961
529Canadian Horticulturalist
530Lech Family
531Rita Dunn
532Etta Lane
533Alfa-Laval Agri
534Norma Earl
535Apsley Voice
536Apsley Backroads
537Canadian Heritage Maps
538McBride additions 2015
539Newcastle District Marriage Registers
540Andre Dorfman, Postcard Collection
541King George Hotel
542Edwin Chown & Son
543 Dianne Tedford
544Ken Brown, postcard collection
545 Sheila Keown
546Hugh Jones
547Dummer Assessment Roll 1868
548Lakefield Village Municipal Records
549Peterborough Utilities Commission, Water Commissioners
550Champlain 400 Project
551Bruce Fitzpatrick
552G. B. Sproule
553Hazel Dean Anderson
554South Beach Hotel
555CNE Armed Forces Exhibit
556Reta Hartwell
557J Alex Edmison, accrual
558John T.Hornsby
559David Eason
560Rena Cowey
561City of Peteborough Map
562Vermont Marble Co
563International Plowing Match 2006
564Trent Canal Plans
565Millbrook Times
566Rex Rose
567Delarue Shirl
568Dummer Municipal Telephone
569Herb Franklin
570Tim Rowat
571Farqharson family
572Cathleen McCarthy
573Otonabee Municipal Telephone System
574Lakefield Cemetery
575Kawartha Ploughshares
576Peterborough Newspapers: Despatch, Examiner, Review
577Peterborough Summer 1950
578Peters, George
580Examiner Employee Social and Athletic Club
581Victoria County
582Kennedy, J. deN.
583Hall, Walter and Sheila
584Ward, Thomas
585Lavery, Mary
586Italian Heritage Night 2016
588Routley family, Kingston, ON
589Lorne Morrison
590Antonio Incerto
591Soden, R. J.
592Boulton Family
593Levi, Christopher
594George Squance
595Davis, Alice
596Lakefield Zoning By-Law
597Pendergest, Jim
598Marchen, Pat
599Barrer Automotive
600Quaker Memorial Service 2006
601Clements, William Henery
602Crawford, Louise Neville
603Joan Edwards
604Mc Isaac, Dave
605Chandos Women's Institute
606Hinton Theatre Collection
607Peterborough Colts
608Anglican Young People's Association
609O.S.S.T.F Committee
610University of Ottawa Matriculation Class University of Ottawa
611Conservative Party Peterborough Riding
612Election Buttons
613Scott and Hogg Blueprints
614MacLean, John
615Cockburn, John
616Log of the Dorothy
617Great Artists and Masterpieces
618Universal Classic Manuscripts
619Kidd, Kenneth E.
620Colborne District
621Allen Family
622Dunford, William Lazarus
623McConnachie, Margaret
624Baxter, Angus
625Pitchford, Bertram W.
626Craw, Betty
627Ward, Jean
628Brooks, John T.
629Coon, Hewson E.
630Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School
631Glenny, C. N.
632Shelagh Neck
633Wilson, Albert E.
634Jones, Ella
635Barclays of Pickering
636Landry, Heather Aiton
637Borland, W. K. (Keith)
638Ellis, John R.
639Fife, Kay
640Dunford, Gertrude
641Town of Peterborough Village of Ashburnham 1878 map
642Fama, Rico
643McKerchar, J.
644Duffus Motors
646Rippingale, Alfred
647Roger, J. M.
648YWCA Fire
649House at Kidd Corner
650Rotary Club, Peterborough
651Ontario Accommodation Association
652Nicholls, Charlotte
653Canadian Cultural Centre
654Dawson family
655Kawartha Lodge
656Canada and its Provinces
657Westman, Irene Gertrude (nee Little)
658Madoc and Queensboro Catholic Church
659Jenkinson, Mrs Isaac
660Coldwell, Amy
661Allen, Colleen
662TVA Genealogy Wall
663North Monaghan Park Lots Plan
664Daily Mirror
665Daily Chronicle: The War Budget
667Carter-Edwards, Dennis
668Peterborough Industrial Map 1929
669Norwood Village
670Village of Havelock
671Lakefield Village Plan 1876
672County of Peterborough flag
673Upper Canada in 1830s
674Lakefield Village Plan 1888
675McImoyle family
676Richardson, Sanford
677Dominion Woollens Hockey Team
678Wilkinson, Jane A.
679Chaplin family, Lakefield
680Clute, Karen
681Upper Canada Sundries
682Rehder, Robert
683Dodd, John
684Hopkins, Vida Cragg
685Calder family
686Hall family
688Hillside Cemetery
689Dobbin, Francis Hincks
690Ellis, Richard
691A & T Staff Number 3 CAMC
692Trent Canal Charts
693Taylor, Louis
694Windsor, Ruby
695White, Henry G
696Edmison, John
697Shield, George
698Curtis Brick Company
699Grove School, Peterborough
700Peterborough 1846
701St. Luke's Anglican Church Women
702Cisco, Scott
703Nyberg Map Collection
704Shephard, Marjorie
705Gunshots Newsletter
706Storms family
707Take Me Back to Old Ontario
708Watson, Harry and family
709McConnell family
710Townsend, Gary
711McGrath, Abbie
712Kinsman, Bobby
713London/Park Streets
714Knox United Church
715St. James' Church School
716Connal, Margaret Elizabeth
717Mahoney Family
718Gentry Apparel
719Olver, Marie
720Wilson Family
721Van Alstine, Beverly
722Howson, Donald (Maj. Rev.)
723George More Construction
724Queen Mary School
725Guthrie, Steve
726Nichols, Ron
727McWilliams, Robert
728Peterborough Sports Hall of Fame
729Bridle, Laura
730Flags and Ensigns
731Galvin, Clare
732Williams, Joanne and Mark
733Lobb, Charles
734McCracken, Bob
735Fitzgerald, J. W.
736Wilson, Royden
737Wilson, Leonard
738Peterborough County Voters' Lists
739Pearson, Lester B
741The Norwood Register
740Carley, Standish & Lech
742Lech & Lightbody
743Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club
744Green, G. Walter
745Kinsman, Bobby 2
745Kinsman, Bobby 2
746Peterborough Normal School Yearbook
747Russell, Dr. Alfred L.
748Cross, David
749Stewart family
750St. Peter's Cemetery
751Montgomery, Gordon R. Rev
752Ashburnham School
754Gibson, Barbara
755Darling, Gail
756Diamond, Colum
757Neild, Robert
758Lakeshore Genealogical Society
759Robertson, Ed
760Orr, Norman
761Roland, Doreen
762Dormer, Ken
763Allen, Mildred
764Lewis, Peter and Joyce
765Manley, Harold
766Graham, Karen
767Edward VIII
768Farmer's Advocate
769Home Journal
771Traill, Catharine Parr
772Hall, W. Gordon family
773Galvin, Clare
774CPR Ticket Agents
775Wilson, D. S.
776Peterborough Cathedral
777MacAskill, W. R.
778Tom Thumb Golf
779Regency Lane
780Sills, Hubert R.
781Gifford, James A.
782Johnson Sea Horse
783Naming of Peterborough
784Lakefield Sea Scouts 1
785American Cereal Company / Quaker Oats Company
786Jobe, William E.
787Quaker Oats, Fire Accident Account
788Lee (nee Dawson), Barbara
789Rowat, Tim
790St. Andrew's United Church, Peterborough
790St. Andrew's United Church, Peterborough
790St. Andrew's United Church, Peterborough
791Victoria County Women's Institute
792Jobe, Paul
793Hinman, Smith family
794Van Katwijk, Peter
795Oshawa Photo Exhibit
796Scrapbook for 1945
797Canadian Underwriters Association
798Peterborough Live Steamers
799Jordan, Bill
800Kiwanis Music Festival, Peterborough
801Hastings-Peterborough NDP Association
802Trent River Pioneer Museum
803Eastabrook, Wayne
804Stone, Allison
805Bastien, Alfred
806Milburn, Tom
807Hooton family
808Cox, Garrett
809City of Peteborough
810Millage, John
811Wyatt, Ken
812Smith, Mary
813Swanston family
814Whetung-Derrick, Mae
816St. John's 1st Peterborough Scout Troop
817Kiwanis Club
818von der Gonna
819CHEX video
820Little Lake Cemetery
821Lockwood Films
822Peterborough Digitized Newspapers
823Profit, Elizabeth
824Fairview United Church
825Trigger Talk Mitchell
826Roy and Dallin
827Lectron Radio Sales Ltd.
828Peterborough Shade Working Group
829Koeslag, Carol
830Sills, George Alden
831Parker, Mitchell Leonard
833Peterborough Examiner Style Book
834Beth Israel Congregation