Fonds 197

Fonds Number: 197

Title: Wallbridge Estate Fonds

Creator: Wallbridge family (item came from Estate of Rena Wallbridge of Belmont Twp)

Dates of Material: 1880s-1900s

Physical Description: 2 files; photo album and file of genealogical descriptions.

Scope and Contents:
Collection consists of one photographic album, depicting Havelock and Campbellford families, some identifed. Newsclippings, Christmas card, “Origin, Design, and General Rules of the Methodist Church” pamphlet and funeral cards found tucked in the back of the album.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
None Available on site.

None expected.

Custodial History:
Ivan Bateman donated the album in 2008.

File List:

Photo Album ex estate Rena Wallbridge of Belmont Twp.

Cover: Man & woman in 18th century formal dress.
9 pages with slip in frames. Clasp missing

Photo 33 mm x 33 mm
Subject: “F.Eaton 1899” and “1905” handwritten note.
Reverse Photo 23 mm x 34 mm
Trademark “Chic” subject unidentified -possibly same subject and 1905 date applies

Note: 1901 census Northumberland East – Campbellford – Fleda Eaton Age 24

Photo 67 mm x 99 mm mounted on card. Photographer name trimmed off.
Subject: “Esther & Maggie” handwritten note

1881 Census Belmont Twp
Alexander Mcarthur   Scottish 30  Farmer C Methodist
Dorthy (sic) Mcarthur  Irish 30
Esther .., Mcarthur 6
Margarret (sic) J Mcarthur 5

Photo 98 mm x 140 mm mounted on card. Photographer name trimmed off.
Subject: “May Millman & Esther”
Note: No M. Millman listed in Peterborough or Northumberland.
1881 Census Seymour
Robert Stillman 79 Farmer b Ireland
Margaret Stillman 89 b Ireland
Andrew Stillman 40 Farmer b Ont Irish
Mary Stillman 30 b Ont Scottish
May Stillman 1 b Ont Irish (and others)

See Curle household following.

Photo 98 mm x 138 mm
Subject: “Jack & Mae & Esther” note on album frame. Back inscribed “May Stillman, Esther L(illie) Mc arthur, John Cochrane July 12th 1895” Photo damaged at left.
Mounted on card embossed “Platt -(monogram) GHP -Jeffs Block Havelock Ont.
(Active 1895-96)

John Cochran (sic) 31 y. of Seymour m. Esther Lillian McArthur 20 y. Dec 23rd 1895 In Havelock
Witnesses: Robert McArthur & May Stillman

1911 census Peterborough East – 290 George St Havelock
John Cochrane age 46 July 1864 Farmer
Esther Cochrane age 35 July 1865 (s/b 1875)

Photo 99 mm x 139 mm mounted on card. Photographer name trimmed off.
Subject: “Rbt Curle + family” handwritten note. Photo taken Fall 1897 when Marcus a baby.

1901 census Northumberland East – Seymour Twp
Curle Robert M Head M 1-Aug 1848 52 Farmer b.Scotland
Curle Amelia F Wife M 24-Oct 1860 41
Curle Robert M Son S 17-Dec 1886 15
Curle Beatrice F Daughter S 22-Aug 1888 13
Curle Blanche F Daughter S 9-Nov 1891 10
Curle Marcus M Son S 22-May 1897 6
Stilliam Mary F Doped S 2-Sep 1880 21
Pinons Florance F Domestic S 15-May 1885 15
Mccanan Henry M Servant S 7-Jun 1879 22
McArthur Amelia F Mother-in-law W 15-Aug 1820 80

Mary Stilliam (s/b Stillman)?

Photo 98 mm x 138 mm mounted on card. Photographer name trimmed off – part letter remaining
Subject: Young man seated & woman standing. Dress trimmed w. 3 ribbons at bottom.
Unidentified but possibly Wallbrige ancestor?

Photo.98 mm x 141mm mounted on card trimmed to photo
Subject: “Mr & Mrs Rbt Cochrane” handwritten note.

1901 census Northumberland East – Seymour Twp.
Cochrane Robert M Son M 25-Jan 1871 30 Farmer
Cochrane Christena F Daughter-in-law M 14-Jul 1877 24

Photo. 98 mm x 140 mm mounted on card. Partially trimmed prob. G H Platt Peterborough?
Subject: “Earl & Gilbert Wright” inscribed on album frame. Photo taken about 1893

1901 census Peterborough East- Belmont
Wright John M Head M 12-Jun 1854 46 Farmer
Wright Esther F Wife M 22-Apr 1864 37
Cook Tomes M Son S 6-Sep 1882 19
Cook Earle M Son S 5-Sep 1890 10
Cook Gilbert M Son S 24-Jan 1892 9
Cook Jenet F Daughter S 30-Apr 1899 1

Note: Esther Jane Gilbert marries Samuel Cook March 15th 1880
Esther Jane Cook (widow) married John Wright June 19th 1889
1911 census Belmont Methuen Gilbert & Jennie surnamed “Wright”

Photo 63 mm x 94 mm mounted on card. Photographer Richmond Campbellford On.
Subject: “Mary Stillman & Aggie Bell”

1901 census Northumberland East – Seymour Twp
Stilliam Mary F D of ed? S 2-Sep 1880 21
Note: see Curle household above.

1881 census Percy, Norhumberland East
Bell, Adam 47 b. Scotland Blacksmith
Bell, Isabella 47 b. Scotland
Bell, Alexander 22 b. Ont Labourer
Bell, Agnes 19 b. Ont (and 5 other chidren)

Agnes Bell 26 yrs m. Joseph Wilkinson 24 yrs Miller of Campbellford 19th June 1889
Witnesses William Cochrane & Robert Shannon

Photo. 98 mm x 139 mm mounted on card trimmed to photo. Appears to be a copy.
Subject: “ John & Annie McMillan” inscribed on album frame.

1901 census Peterborough East – Belmont
McMillan James M Head M 18-Nov 1886 25 Farrier?
McMillan Annie F Wife M 7-Jun 1877 24

Photo: 60 mm x 95mm mounted on card – no inscription
Subject: “Rev. & Mrs. J.W.Bunner” handwritten on back Photo about 1900

1901 census Peterborough East – Havelock Village
Bunner John M Head M 1-Mar 1866 34 Meth Minister
Bunner Nelley F Wife M 30-Dec 1864 36
Bunner Wesley E. M Son S 16-Jul 1899 1

Photo on postcard 88 mm x x134 mm. Photographer F J Seaman, Doncaster UK)
Subject: “Gordon Cochrane” Canadian soldier. Collar badge C over 2. Campaign ribbon.

1911 census Northumberland East Campbellford Cochrane Peter M Head M Jun 1854 46 Carpenter
Cochrane Catharine F Wife M Feb 1868 43
Cochrane Earnest M Son S Sep 1891 19 Weaver
Cochrane Gordon M Son S Nov 1895 15 Spinner
Cochrane Bessie F Daughter S Oct 1906 4

Gordon Earle Cochrane attestation papers signed Aug 6, 1915
Had served 1 year in in 40th Regiment Canadian Militia Height 6 ft 2 in age 19

Photo; Oval horizontal format on card. No inscription
Subject; “Esther 1909” on back.
Esther Wright see above

Photo: Oval vertical format on card. No inscription
Subject: “Bella & Mary McArthur”
1901 census -Bella unidentified but many of family in Seymour

Photo: 63 mm x 88 mm on card. Photographer S.H Ray, Frank St. Strathroy
Subject: “Le****f family” handwritten
Father, mother and 6 children. Unidentified

Photo: 63 mm x 88 mm on card. Photographer T.W. Creally, Front Street, Strathroy.
Subject “ Mary & Hrank Le****f” handwritten
Woman standing and man seated. Unidentified

Photo: 27 mm x 25 mm on card. Phtographer ?
Subject: “Rev J.W. Bunner & son” handwrittten on back.