Fonds 137

Fonds Number: 137

Title: Dobbin Index: Historical Index of the Town and City of Peterborough 1914

Creator: Francis Hincks Dobbin (1850-1932) journalist and historian

Dates of Material: 1914.

Physical Description: Xerox, typescript, 10 cm

Scope and Contents:
This is the most complete set of the Historical Index, and complements other historical holdings of the Trent Valley Archives. The Historical Index divides into three parts: historical, chronological and biographical. The Historical section has been classed as part I and has subdivisions on the Robinson Immigration, Municipal Government, and the Trent Valley Canal. In some sections there are historical sections preceding the chronologies. The biographical index and the guide to Institutions and Societies have been placed as sections XII and VIII respectively. The remaining sections are essentially chronologies, usually indexed, that sometimes preceded by topical historical sections. These sections , II to XI (except for VIII) are: Churches; Events; Municipal; Educational; Fires; Industrial; Military; Political and Railway. As much as possible we have tried to retain the order that Dobbin intended.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
Available on site.

None expected.

Custodial History:
Xeroxed from the files at the Peterborough Public Library, September 2005.
Parts of the Historical Index are also available at the Trent University Archives, and the Peterborough Centennial Museum and Archives; the latter has the drafts of many of the articles in their F. H. Dobbin papers.
Dobbin’s 1922 history of the Peterborough Medical Association is the Dr John Martyn fonds, Trent Valley Archives, Fonds 110.

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History

Francis H. Dobbin was Peterborough’s premier historian of his generation, After an active career in journalism, mostly with the Peterborough Review, of which he was sometime owner, and with the Peterborough Examiner after 1920. He compiled the Historical Index of the Town and City of Peterborough 1914 with a view to publication. However, the volumes never appeared as he planned, possibly because of World War I, and because the project was unusually large for a local market. Some of the articles appeared in historical columns in the local papers, and some of those were published posthumously in F. H. Dobbin, Our Old Home Town (Toronto, Dent, 1943). The Historical Index was his master work and in the 1920s he used it as he wrote significant histories of the Militia, of the Medical Profession, of the Peterborough Fire Brigade, and of Little Lake Cemetery. He wrote major articles in national magazines, as well.

Dobbin was born in Watertown, New York, 24 February 1850 and with his family moved to Peterborough three years later. He began his apprentice as a journalist in December 1864 with the Peterborough Review, and inadvertently became a Conservative. Except for a stint as Manager of the Lindsay Post, 1881-1887, Dobbin remained with the Peterborough Review until 1914, when he retired. However, in retirement he became even more active. He was a member of the Peterborough City Council, 1914-18; secretary of the Citizens’ Patriotic Fund, 1914-19; and in the early 1920s was in charge of soldier resettlement in Peterborough and on the local Mothers’ Allowance Board. He was president of the Canadian Press Association, dailies section; president of the Peterborough Industrial Exhibition; president of the Peterborough Board of Trade; president of the Peterborough Historical Society; secretary of a local Masonic lodge. He was also a member of the Children’s Aid Society, the Rotary Club, the 57th Regiment and George Street Methodist Church, where he served as librarian and choir member.

Access Points:
Dobbin, Francis Hincks
Peterborough History
Municipal politics
Institutions and Societies
Peter Robinson Settlers
Trent Valley Canal



I Historical

Visit of Samuel de Champlain
Site of the City
County and Town United for Municipal Wants
List of Members of the Counties Council
[Assessment 161]
The Town Incorporated
Streets of the City and Whence Their Names
Sketch of the Early Settlement
Trainings and Elections
Story of the Cavan Blazers
Experiences of an Early Pioneer [Mrs Jane King] cf Old Home Town 26
Fire Fighting Fifty Years Ago
Passing of the Old Dickson Mill cf Old Home Town 23
City’s Progress Has Altered the Water Front
When Credit Was Given For a Full Year
First Building Fund of St John’s Church
Removal of an Old Landmark
Concerning a Matter of Uncommon Honesty
A Pioneer of the City Tells His Story [William Cluxton] cf PHS Occasional Paper
Men of 1837 and Their Taxes
Ashburnham for a Horse and Twenty Dollars
An Early Municipal Barbeque [1851]
Elections in Early Days
Picture of Old Hunter Street Building [north side near Water]
Two Pioneer Business Men [James Stenson, W. H. Wrighton]
Peterborough Schools of Sixty Years Ago
Interesting Stories of Pioneer Life [William Foley]

Historical     Robinson Immigration
Robinson Immigration
Settlers of the Robinson Immigration
Robinson Immigration of 182
Peterborough in 1825 and After

Historical     Mayors, Town Councillors, Aldermen
Mayors, Town Councillors and Aldermen
Peterborough Trust
Peterborough Water Commission
Peterborough Water Commission
Peterborough Fire Brigade
School Trustee Boards, and Boards of Education
Separate Schools
Separate School Boards
Historical     Trent Valley Canal
Trent Valley Canal

II Churches

Church of England [St John’s Church]
St Luke’s Ashburnham
St George’s Church – Episcopal
All Saints’ Church – Episcopal
Charlotte Street Methodist Church
George Street Methodist Church
St Peter’s Roman Catholic
Church of the Sacred Heart
St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church
St Paul’s Presbyterian Church
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox Church Organ
Murray Street Baptist Church
Park Street Baptist Church
St James’ Methodist Church
First Church of Christ Scientist, Peterborough
Gospel Hall
Mark Street Methodist Church
Church Notes [Chronology]

III Events

Events [Chronology] pages 1-45
Index to Events

IV Municipal

Municipal Pages 1-100
Index to Municipal

V Educational

Educational [Chronology]
Index to Educational

VI Fires

Buildings Destroyed [Chronology]
Index to Fires

VII Industrial

Leading Industries of Peterborough
Canadian General Electric Co Ltd
Matthews-Blackwell Limited
B. F. Ackerman & Co
Quaker Oats Co
DeLaval Dairy Supply co
Peter Hamilton Co Ltd
J. J. Turner & Sons
Peterborough Canoe Co Ltd
Peterborough Lock Co
Canadian Canoe Co
Henry Hope & Sons
Vermont Marble Co
G. Walter Green Co Ltd
English Canoe Co
William Hamilton Manufacturing Co Ltd
Colonial Weaving
Bonner-Worth Co
Brinton Carpet Company
Peterborough Shovel & Tool Co Ltd
Peterborough Lumber Co Ltd
Estate of A. McDonald
Industrial [Chronology]
Index to Industrial [Chronology]

VIII Institutions and Societies

Parks of Peterborough
Young Women’s Christian Association
Little Lake Cemetery Company
Roman Catholic Cemetery, Peterborough
Methodist Cemetery
Peterborough Town and County Historical Association and Victoria Museum
Protestant Home
House of Providence
Nicholls Hospital
Isolation Hospital
St Joseph’s Hospital (Roman Catholic)
Board of Trade
Peterborough Curling Club
Children’s Aid
Peterborough Medical Society
Peterborough Horticultural Society
Peterborough Young Men’s Christian Association
Board of Health
Normal School
Hazel Brae: branch of Dr Barnardo’s Homes
Mechanics’ Institute
Peterborough Public Library
57th Regiment Band
Salvation Army Band
Peterborough Poultry and Pet Stock Association
Royal Astronomical Society (Peterborough Branch)
Otonabee Lodge IOOF
Peterborough Lodge IOOF
Peterborough Masonic Lodge No 155 GRC
Corinthian Masonic Lodge No 101 GRC
St Peter’s Total Abstinence Society
St George’s Society
St Andrew’s Society
Peterborough and Colborne Building Society
Independent Order Good Templars
Peterborough Relief Society
Peterborough Bible Society
Canadian Club
West Riding Agricultural Society and Industrial Fair
Woman’s Art Association of Canada (Peterborough Branch)
IODE 57th Regiment Chapter
Fraternal and Benefit Societies
Sporting Organizations
Peterborough Baseball Club Ltd
Peterborough Rowing Club
Newspapers of Peterborough [incomplete]

IX Military

Peterborough Militia, 57th Battalion and 57th Regiment
Military of Peterborough
Index to Military

X Political

Dominion Elections – West Riding
Dominion Elections – East Riding
Provincial Elections – West Riding
Provincial Elections – East Riding
Political (Chronology)
Index to Political (Chronology)

XI Railway

The Railroads (Chronology stops at 1907; missing index)

XII Biographical

Arnett, William
Armstrong, S. R.
Allen, S. F.
Armour, John D. Judge
Allen, Alexander
Armitage, Rev W. L.
Ackerman, B. F.
Anderson, J. C.
Beck, Rev J. W. R.
Butcher, Rev W. J.
Brown, Capt Edward
Bradburn, T. Evans
Braden, John
Bradburn, William H.
Burnham, Dr George Sr
Boucher, Robert M. Judge
Bradfield, Charles
Burnham, Elias
Brown, Templeton
Burnham, Dr George
Barlee, George
Bell, Dr William
Boswell, Walter W
Bradburn, Thomas
Beavis, Thomas
Burnham, Rev Mark
Benson, Thomas
Bertram, John
Benson, John R.
Bell, Frank
Buller, Joseph
Brownlee, George
Brennan, Dr F. H.
Burnham, John
Bell, Lt Col Dr R. W.
Best, Henry
Boucher, Dr Robert
Burnham, John Hampden
Buller, William
Crawford, Isabel V
Connin, Dr John
Clementi, Rev Vincent
Crawford, Col
Cummings, William
Cox, George A.
Calcutt, Henry
Chamberlin, Edmund
Campbell, James
Cobb, John R.
Carver, Samuel J.
Cluxton, William
Clarke, Dr John
Carnegie, John
Cahill, Thomas
Chambers, Thomas
Campbell, A. H.
Cooper, W. H.
Conger, Wilson Seymour
Crane, John
Carlisle, David
Crawford, George
Croft, William
Curtis, Samuel
Charles, D. Hughes
Clegg, Lt Col E. B.
Dixon, James B
Dunlop, Andrew C.
Dennistoun, Robert Judge
Dixon, John
Dennistoun, James F.
Dickson, Samuel
Denne, Henry
Dumble, David W.
Davidson, Rev J. C.
Doherty, John
Dolan, Thomas
Dunsford, Rev James H.
Davidson, Robert S.
Dunsford, Hartley
Dennistoun, R. Max
Dunsford, George
Davis, Alfred L.
Dunsford, Martin
Dawson, Adam
Duffus, Joseph
Denne, T. H. G.
Duncan, George
Denham, W. H.
Eastland, William
English, William
Edmison, John
Eastwood, Vincent
Errett, Richard W.
Edwards, E. Burritt
English, John
Edwards, Frederick
English, James
Edwards, James
Fraser, Capt Andrew S.
Ferguson, Frederick
Flint, Hon Billa
Fortye, Thomas
Fairweather, William
Fairbairn, Thomas H.
Fitzgerald, Tobias
Fitzgerald, J. W.
Fife, Dr J. A.
Fitzgerald, George W.
Fleming, Sir Sandford
Fair, Robert
Forbes, Capt R. N.
Flavelle, Joseph W.
Fessenden, Cortez
Ferguson, William G.
Gilchrist, Dr John
Grover, P. M.
Graham, Joseph
Greer, Dr T. Newton
Garvin, J. W.
Gillespie, George
Glover, Lewis
Gallon, James
Gray, Dr
Green, G. Walter
Henthorn, James T
Hall, William
Hopkins, Daniel
Hutchison, Dr John
Hall, George B Judge
Hatton, David G.
Hartley, John A.
Hall, James Sheriff
Haultain, Lt Col F. W.
Hilliard, George
Hill, Edmund C.
Harper, Robert
Hall, E. H. D.
Hazlitt, Thomas George
Hayes, Louis M.
Hall, John J.
Haultain, Major Gen F. M.
Helm, William
Hill, W. H.
Hutchinson, Thomas
Huycke, Edward C. S.
Harvey, James
Hamilton, William
Harper, Thomas
Hartley, John J.
Henderson, William
Hay, Dr Thomas
Hamilton, Peter
Hazelhurst, George
Hudson, Charles
Hall, Robert R.
Hicks, Robert
Hay, Thomas A.
Hall, Adam
Hall, Richard
Johnston, George
Johnston, William
Johnston, William J.
Kenner, H. R. H.
Kempt, A. W.
King, John
Kennedy, Lt Col W. N.
Kincaid, Dr Robert
Kingan, Robert
Kerr, F. D.
Kendry, James
Kennedy, Capt Joseph
Kelly, Thomas
Kennedy, Capt James C.
Kincaid, John
Kennedy, Capt John
Leonard, Thomas
Ludgate, John
Lundy, William
Lundy, John J.
Langton, John
Lech, William
Logan, William
LeBrun, Harry
Langford, William
Leary, Robert H.
Langford, William Jr
Menzies, Thomas
Macdonald, Charles D.
Mason, W. J.
Mills, William
Morrow, W. G.
Mowry, Mercello
Morrison, M. A.
Matthews, T. P.
Moloney, John
Moore, William H.
Mason, E. F.
Macdonald, Daniel
Miller, Lt Col J. W.
Morrow, Oughtry
Morgan, Henry W.
McWilliams, James
McCarroll, James
McNeil, Alex
McWilliams, J. B.
McDonald, Duncan
McKee, Robert
McDonnell, Col Alex
McNabb, Dr
McPherson, Dr A. W.
McHarry, R. C.
McWilliams, Roland E.
McDonald, Alfred
McClellan, J. Harris
McIntyre, Malcolm
Nicholls, Robert
Nicholls, W. C.
Nicholls, Mrs Charlotte
Neill, Robert
O’Sullivan, Dr John
O’Donnell, John
O’Bierne, Ivan
Ormand, Dr Charles
O’Brien, DD., Bishop M. J.
O’Connell, Daniel P.J.
Peck, Edward A.
Patterson, Walter Sr
Pope, Robert
Pousseette, A. P.
Patterson, Walter Jr
Perry, Charles
Pearse, Edgcumbe
Poole, Lt. Col Edwin
Pringle, William
Poole, Thomas W.
Phelan, Edward
Peck, Arthur H.
Paudash, Chief
Rubidge, Capt Charles
Rutherford, Robinson
Rogers, Robert D.
Rogers, George C.
Roger, Rev J. H.
Romaine, Robert
Rogers, Richard B.
Rutherford, Arthur
Reid, James
Rogers, Lt Col H. C.
Ryan, Patrick
Ranney, George W.
Roper, J. H.
Rowe, Robert
Rogers, Lt Col J. Z.
Rountree, Thomas
Roger, George M.
Roszel, George I.
Rush, Henry
Roy, R. M.
Roche, John Commander
Scott, Adam
Sawers, Augustus
Stevenson, James
Shaw, Nathaniel
Smith, Alexander
Swayne, Robert
Scott, William H.
Smith, Sidney Hon
Stephenson, John
Shaw, George E.
Stenson, James
Sperry, Anson
Snyder, William
Stratton, William A.
Strickland, H. T.
Strickland, Lt. Col S.
Stevenson, W. M.
Scott, W. A.
Smith, J. M.
Stratton, James
Stapleton, Charles
Stevenson, Arthur
Schneider, George
Shortly, Benjamin
Smith, H. H.
Stratton, James R. Hon
Sheridan, Walter
Saunders, Joseph
Taylor, Robert J. C. Rev
Telford, Thomas
Tassie, Dr
Turner, J. J. Sr
Traill, Catharine Parr
Turner, John J. Jr
Toole, William
Toker, Edward John
Vizard, W. H. J.
White, Thomas, Sr
White, Thomas Hon Jr
Walton, John
White, Samuel
Wallis, James
Walsh, William
Walker, Duncan
Wrighton, W. H. Jr
Weller, Charles A. Judge
Webber, Giles
Wrighton, W. H. Sr
Waddell, Hugh
Winch, Richard J.
Winch, Henry C.
Yelland, A. E. Dr
Yelland, William

F. H. Dobbin, Our Old Home Town (Toronto, Dent, 1943)

For easy reference, we list the subjects treated in chapters of this book.
1 How easy it is to change from a Grit to a Tory
2 Peterborough: One Hundred Years Ago
3 Robinson Immigration of 1825
4 An Ancient Adventure in Municipal Housekeeping
5 Early Elections
6 Sturdy Irish Pioneers Brave the Mighty Deep
7 When the one time Sheriff of Peterborough County covered the platform with carpet
8 Crossing the Otonabee River
9 How land was acquired at $4.50 an acre
10 Whiskey at a shilling a gallon and guaranteed free from headache
11 A first circus day
12 How the early citizens found means of meeting public wants
13 Peterborough’s venture in oil
14 Some Old Home Town characters
15 The light of other days
16 A purely pioneer function
17 Concerning a matter of uncommon honesty\
18 The worst snow storm of our history
19 Looking over an old newspaper
20 The Weavers’ Settlement
21 When credit was given for a full year
22 Indians and their feasts
23 The passing of the old Dickson mill
24 Breaking into Douro
25 How early settlers managed the water levels
26 Experiences of an early pioneer [Mrs Jane King]
27 Free fights at public events
28 A gas meter, economy and a church training