J. Alex Edmison Fonds F2

A A4-6

Date of the items: 1690s to 1990s, chiefly 1920s to 1970s

Physical description: 6 metres, 18 cu ft

Title: J. Alex Edmison Fonds

Creator: J. Alex Edmison

Repository: Trent Valley Archives

Reference number: TVA Fonds 2

Scope and content: Fonds consists of correspondence, ephemera and photographs relating to the career of J. Alexander Edmison from childhood through a remarkable series of careers.

Series 2: Correspondence, 1960s-1970s, 50 cm
Correspondence of J Alex Edmison and family, 50 cm, chiefly 1960s and 1970s
Files 2 1-88, vols 1-3

Series 3: Education, 1920s, 6 cm
Correspondence, ephemera and photographs at Jarvis Collegiate, Broadview YMCA and Queen’s University, 1920s
Files 3 1-23, vol 4

Series 4: Montreal Politics, 1938-1940, 8 cm.
Correspondence, news clippings and ephemera about Montreal politics, 1938-40
Files 4 1-5, vol 4

Series 5: World War II, 1940s, 1 cm
Record book of service, two cases, as World War II legal officer
Files 5 1-9, vol 4

Series 6: Personal papers, 1940s to 1960s, 25 cm
Personal and family records, chiefly 1940s to 1960s
Files 6 1-50, Vol. 4-6

Series 7: Peterborough history, 1960s to 1970s, 15 cm
Research materials and incidental correspondence relating to the history of Peterborough, Douro Township and other local matters, chiefly 1960s and 1970s
Files 7 1-45, vols 6-7

Series 8: History, 15 cm
Research materials and incidental correspondence relating to general history
Files 8 1-84, vol 7-8

Series 9: Canadian Club, 1950s-1960s, 30 cm
Speeches and related materials related to Association of Canadian Club, Empire Club, and other organizations, primarily 1950s and 1960s, 30 cm
Files 9 1-116, vol 8-10

Series 10: Taylor Statten Camping, 1920s to 1970s, 30 cm. [cf Series 16]
Memorabilia, correspondence and research materials related to camping, to the Taylor Statten Memorial Fund, and camping reunions, 1920s to 1970s
Files 10 1-56, vol 10-11

Series 11: Criminology, 1 metre
Research files, including incidental correspondence on criminology and penal history
Files 11 1-54, vol 12-14

Series 12: Universities, 50 cm
Correspondence, reports and other materials related to McGill, Queen’s and Trent Universities; including publications of and related to Trent University
Files 12 1-54, vol 14, 15, 17 [There is no vol. 16]

Series 13: Edmison and Vercoe families, 1960s-1970s, 30 cm
Correspondence and related materials with Edmison and Vercoe families, chiefly 1960s and 1970s, together with additional materials related to local history.
Files 13 1-66, vol. 17-18

Series 14: Photographs
Photographs and lithograph plates related to family history and to Camp Ahmek.
Files 14 1-37, vol 19-21

Series 15: Tourism
Files 15 1-29

Series 16: Publications
Files 16-1-60, vol 22-24, 33 (oversize)

Series 17: Camping [cf. Series 10]
Files 17 1-5, Vol 25

Series 18: Memorabilia
Files 18 1-10, vol. 26

Series 19: Artwork
Files 19 1-3, Vol 27

Series 20: Camp Ahmek [cf Series 10, Series 17]
Files 20 1-3, Vol 28

Series 21: Edmison Family
Files 21: 1-5, vol 29-30

Series 22: Peterborough and family history
Files 22 1-39, vol 31-32

Series 23: Memorabilia 2 [cf Series 18]
Files 23 1-13

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Access Conditions: No restrictions

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Accruals: No further accruals are expected.

Custodial history: The materials were donated by Alice Vercoe and the estate in 1993; materials not otherwise duplicated and relating to Queen’s University were sent to the Queen’s University Archives. The donation included a library of books reflecting the interest of Alice Edmison (nee Vercoe) (1915-2002) as well as of Edmison.

Series 1, The Rev J. H. Edmison, Presbyterian minister, 1857-1928, was transferred to Fonds 350. There was also a later accrual of material related to J. Alex Edmison, which was given the number F557.

Biographical sketch: Alexander Edmison (1903-1980) was a student at Jarvis Collegiate and Queen’s University. He became a lawyer, and had a brief career as a Montreal alderman, 1938-40, and then a military career with the Black Watch and with the Judge Advocates. He served on boards of directors of various institutions including Broadview YMCA, Taylor Statten Memorial Fund, National Parole Board and Trent University. He held key administrative roles at McGill and Queen’s and was the director of the Criminology Institute at the University of Ottawa. He was a founding member of the first National Parole Board, 1959-1969. He was on the Board of Governors of Queen’s University Theological College and of Trent University, and lived in his later years in Peterborough. He had a lifelong interest in Camp Ahmek, and the Taylor Statten Camps, and Lakefield’s Grove School. He also had a strong interest in the welfare of prisoners and of people who had been displaced because of the war. On January 14, 1976, he was appointed to the Order of Canada.

He married Alice Vercoe, a librarian and bibliophile, and they had three children, Elizabeth, Nancy and Joan. He was editor of Through the Years in Douro, and was a frequent writer for speeches and pamphlets on criminology, public speaking and fundraising, and a major organizer of reunion events related to the Taylor Statten camps, Lakefield College and Queen’s University. As well, he had strong research interests in local and family history. He is buried in Little Lake Cemetery.

The Edmison family included several generations of Presbyterian clergy and lawyers, interconnected notably with the Fitzgerald and the Vercoe families. The Rev J.H. Edmison (1857-1928) was a minister, notably at Cheltenham Presbyterian Church (see TVA Fonds 350)

Related Fonds at TVA: See F35, Rev J. H. Edmison and F557, J Alex Edmison Accrual for more material related to the Edmison family.

Access Points:
Edmison (family)
Edmison, J. Alex (1903–1980)
Edmison, the Rev J. H. (1857–1928)
Edmison, Alice (1915–2002)
Taylor Statten Camps
Camp Ahmek
Trent University
Queen’s University
Jarvis Collegiate
World War II
Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner
Grove, Lakefield College
National Parole Board
Jack Bilbo
Criminology Centre, University of Ottawa

Other archival fonds related to J. Alex Edmison:
Queen’s University
University of Alberta
Trent University

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