Fonds 525

Fonds Number: 525

Pope Family fonds

Dates of Material:

Physical Description:
Papers relating F. H. Dobbin, R. L. Dobbin and Florence Dobbin; references to the Pentland family on a Bible page; PCVS Announcement; PCVS Echoes; and a family album showing a family involved in several activities at the lake.

Scope and Contents:
Group of five men in business attire. The photograph was from the studio of A. Cunningham, who ran a photography business in Havelock beginning in 1897 and in Norwood in 1899. One descendant identifies the gentleman second from left as William Moore (1879-1964). Moore went to Saskatchewan in 1907, and stayed there about a dozen years before returning to the St Catharines area.

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
None needed.

Possible or not likely.

Custodial History:
Donated to Trent Valley Archives by Louise Pope, Barrie, Ontario, August 2015

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
F. H. Dobbin was a newspaperman and historian of great reputation; his son, R. L. Dobbin was a PUC

Access Points:
William Moore (1879-1964)

File listing:

File # Description Date
0 Provenance file
1 Little Lake Cemetery F. H. Dobbin deed of lot 1883
2 Little Lake Cemetery, Bylaws etc 1891
3 PCVS Announcement, information for incoming students 1957-58
4 PCVS Echo 1957
5 Pentland family ‘page’ from Bible
6 F. H. Dobbin – Three letters written by F. H. Dobbin; 1914 to Rev Paul Costello;
1914 to `My dear old girl`; and to Dear Folks (also signed Dad)
7 Dobbin Family [Ross L. Dobbin and Florence Dobbin]
8 Engineering Institute of Canada 1919-1920
9 AF & AM No 65 G.R.C. William James Dunlop Lodge
35th Anniversary Summons & Banquet
October 22, 1988
10 Album
10-1 Two men in topcoats and top hats
10-2 One man seated
10-3 One man seated
10-4 Man in canoe
10-5 Man and little girl
10-6 Man, lade and three children with a canoe
10-7 Two men, two ladies, a boy and a girl
10-8 Girl and man by large rock
10-9 Lakeshore
10-10 Man and two ladies lounging on sand
10-11 Lady in a canoe
10-12 Little girl
10-13 Family in a canoe
10-14 Boy and girl by the water
10-15 Squared timber washed ashore
10-16 Family in a canoe
10-17 Erratic
10-18 Lady in fine dress in woods
10-19 Well-dressed gentleman on edge of lake pointing
10-20 Lakeshore
10-21 Lady swimmer on diving board
10-22 Lady showing leg with father and her boy and girl
10-23 Man and two women, one with a life jacket
10-24 Lady practicing oar stroke, boy and girl in attendance
10-25 Man, girl and lady
10-26 Girl on tree platform
10-27 Lady and girl on lakeshore
10-28 Man, two women, and a boy and a girl
10-29 Formal picture of two men, two women, a boy and a girl
10-30 Girl climbing in tree
10-31 Beach
10-32 Lady in a summer dress
10-33 Another lady in a summer dress
10-34 Lady, man and boy on a canoe
10-35 Lady from 33 seated on rocks by lakeshore
10-36 Boy and girl standing by shore
10-37 Lady from 33 seated
10-38 Lady and man
10-39 Man in turtleneck, blazer and trousers
10-40 Lakeshore showing reflection of trees in the water
10-41 Family group in roadster
10-42 Lady and young lady on doorsteps of house
10-43 Lady and young lady on doorsteps of house
10-44 Ralph Connor’s Church, Winnipeg, Man.
10-45 Normal School, Winnipeg, Man.
10-46 Parliament Buildings, Winnipeg