Long Family Photographs Fonds F913

F G6

Date of the items: c. 1860 – 1955

Physical description: 15 cm

Title: Long Family Photographs Fonds

Creator: Fred Long

Repository: Trent Valley Archives

Reference number: TVA Fonds 913

Scope and contents: The fonds consists of photographs from the Long, Rosenplatt, O’Shea, and Cerrone families in the Campbellford Region.

Access Conditions: No Restrictions

Finding aid: None, see file listing below

Accruals: No further accruals are expected

Custodial history: Greg Ruttle found the photographs in his grandmother’s home in Campbellford and donated them to the Trent Valley Archives in June and August of 2021.

Biographical sketch: Clarence W. Long was born in Campbellford Ontario on June 16, 1896 to parents Charles Long and Charlotte Rosenplatt. He worked as a labourer and served in the First World War in the 59th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, enlisting in July of 1915. After the war, he returned to Campbellford, and then made his way to Highland Park in Michigan, where he married Helen O’Shea on February 13, 1923. Initially living there, the couple would move back to Campbellford where Clarence had grown up. They would have at least one child, Charlotte Catherine Long, who was born on August 4 1940, but she would pass away just 10 days later. Clarence passed away on August 29, 1965 and is buried in St. Marys Cemetery in Campbelford.

Related fonds at TVA: There are no fonds at TVA with a close link to this one.

Access Points:
Rosenplatt Family
O’Shea Family
Cerrone Family
Campbelford, Ontario

List of Files:

File Number Title of File Description
0 Donation information
1 Photographs 1-4 1. 9 portrait photo miniatures, men and women, by Chic and Poco Photo Co., various dates c. 1870 – 1890. Two photographs identified as “Bun” and “Uncle John?”

2. 4 photographs, men and children, one by J. L. Richmond, Campbellford, c. 1890

3. All photos of men, 3 of them wearing hats c. 1889s – 1890s 1 marked – Joey?

4. 1 women’s photo wearing 1920.s fashion, another has 2 women fashions c.1890, 1 photo of 4 men c. 1900s, 1 photo identified as Joe O’Shea?

2 Photographs 5-8 5. 2 photos of a Cosmetics display

Photo of a young girl, another of 4 men all wearing Bowler Hats

6. 4 photos from the 40’s young teens school age children and 1 man wearing a corsage

7. 1 photo with a caption – If I cannot do my bit at the Front. I can help win the war by doing my bit in the garden. Another is identified as Uncle Bev 2 other photos are family shots 1920’s?

8. 3 women – on the back? – Aunt Maggie/Aunt Pearl – Mo???

Photo of 2 children, a boy (about 5) and a girl (about 2) Photographer is Bonnycastle  Campbellford c. 1890-1900

3. Photographs 9-12 9. Clarence Long and Helen (O’Shea) (Grandparents of Greg Ruttle)
10. Marching Drum Band, Cadets,

Paul Hendrik & Doris Hoard at the Cadet Inspection 1951

11. Bob’s Cadet Inspection

12. Girl’s Cadet Inspection 1951

4. Photographs 13-16 13. Photos along a waterway, 1 at a locks, 1 at a pier

14. A boat going thru a swing bridge, a locks

15. Lift Locks Peterboro 1948 (Ginger)

Street view taken Sat. May 23, 1925

16. Pictures taken at a locks, also of a bridge

5 Photographs 17-22 17. 3 Pictures of waterways – 1 with a boat going along a river,  1 Photo of lg. town with a long bridge in the background

18. The Steamer – Bessie Butler

Photo of a Rapids with a group of people (possibly 2 couples) standing on the shore

19. Snowdrifts along a snow covered road

20. A Bridge running alongside Parkland (taken in the fall or spring)

21. Snow covered countryside

22. More of snow along a country road

6. Photograph 23-27 23. More snow covered winter scenes

24. Photos of possibly a Boy Scout Camp c.1910-20

25. Pte J.A. Reynolds (Mrs. J.A. Reynolds 79 Pine St Kingston Ont.)

Postcard of St. Mary’s Church. Campbellford, Post Card of maybe a Fire Hall with and a steeple with a Bell, a car in front c.1910-20

Photo of 2 young women C. 1920’s

26.Postcards 3 of them of Fishing in Harwood

1 photo of a Home on Terrance Ave, Mapleville R.I. 16 — to Mr. Clarence Long Campbellford Ont – Arrived home ok Wednesday morning at 8:20  will write later    dated July 25

27. 4 Postcards – #1“Glenwood” Hotel Stoney Lake, Kawartha Lakes, Ont.  dated Young’s Point April 29,1926 – Dear Helen

Just a card as I promised to write to you. Hope you all are well. Do you know Helen I think it will be kind of nice up here in the summer.but it wont be anything like down home for I know every body down there how is pat. Have you got her hair cut. Bill liked my hair but I don’t think much of it. I may get used to it I hope so anyway. P.S. write soon.  As ever your friend Zella

#2 The Bridge, Sutton West, Ontario

#3 Memorial Arena, Burks Falls, Ontario, Canada – dated July 8 1950 to Miss Barbara Long. Hi Barb Rec’d your card. Did you have a good time on your holidays. We’re just up here for the weekend. This is a trip you should take. Up here the water doesn’t even smell I don’t think – no ambition Jack

#4 Main Street, Burks Falls, Ontario, Canada   dated July 8 1950 to Mr.& Mrs. C. Long Box 412 Campbellford Ont. Hiya: Just up for a weekend. Talk about being North. This is really it. Will be heading for Toronto Tomorrow Will write then  Love Ruth and Jack

7. Photographs 28-32 28. 2 young working Gentlemen c. 1900’s wearing peak caps. Photographer is Joseph?     A young woman – hair under a hairnet

29. Family Photos – remarkably similar to the pictures in File 2-7 – possibly the same family – the dogs are different

Postcard with 2 men c. 1900 – 1920’s

30. Hockey players – one is holding trophy’s, another has goalie pads on, another is in faceoff mode

31. School Class Pictures, 1 has Reid Photo Service, Campbellford Ont c. 1950’s The other is older possibly 1940’s

32. Team Pictures   Campbellford High School – 1- Football, 1 – Basketball   Barbara Longs name is on the back of the Basketball photo  Reid Photo Service, Campbellford, Ont on the Football picture c. 1950’s-1960’s

33. Team Football Picture Campbellford High School  c. 1940’s

8. Photographs 34-39 34. Coloured picture of a rock cliff beside a body of water

35. Portrait of a young Gentleman c. 1890 -1900 Photographer is Sharpe from Campbellford and Warkworth

36. Photo of a young man with a clerical collar on

37. Photo of a young woman c. 1910 – 1920   Photographer is Adams Perth Ont

38.Photo of a young man c. 1870 – 1890 Photographer is Richmond – Campbellford Ont

39. Family Photo – Father – Mother – young male child.  Father is in uniform C. 1914 – 18   Photographer is G.F. Bailey Campbellford Canada

9. Photographs 40-47 Hear (or fear) 40. Photo of a husband and wife Photographer was Bonneycastle in Campbellford Inscription on the back says – To Bro & Mrs. Long from Capt. & Mrs. Blaney – Words of Kindness we have spoken when we have passed away —fear (or hear?) perhaps a spirit broken, Guide a Brother Led a stray


41. Siblings Portrait – older sister and 2 younger Brothers c.1890 – 1900   Photographer was Tarner Studio, Campbellford

42. Photo of a young couple c. 1900 – 1910 Photographer was in Rochester N.Y

43. Family Photo c.1890 – 1900 Photographer was Roy Studio Peterbourgh Ontario

44. Family Photo c.1880 – 1890 Photographer was Green and Son Hunter St Peterbourgh Ont

45. Photo of a young child (appears to be around 1-2 years of age – they are wearing a long necklace with a pendant on it) Photographer was F.C.Bonneycastle from Campbellford. On the back – Crawford? is written

46. A photo of a young girl standing on a chair-short dress – looks like a harness is around her – has a maple leaf on it. This child looks very much like the child in sleeve # 45

47. Lovely 8×10  picture of a young girl (appears to be around age 3 – 4 )

10 Factory Photo – there are about 3 men in the photo — very faded
11 Factory Workers – 10 men – the 5 men in the back row all have their arms folded c.1900 -1920
12 Photograph of a young child – hard to tell the gender. Approx. age 1-2. Photographer was Merrill Studio
13 2 different Photos of the same young man c. 1920’s – 1 he is standing, 1 he is sitting
14 Picture of a  World War 1 Soldier  Photographer was Bonneycastle in Campbellford
15 A Souvenir Booklet of the Campbellford Jubilee dated – 1906 — 1956 Old Home Week July 1-7, 1956 – Interesting Photos and stories
16 Photo of a Soldier in Uniform — nothing distinguishing his rank. There is a fabric Red Poppy pinned on the inside of the cover
17 Photograph of a young Family – Husband, Wife and Baby. Photographer was Bailey in Campbellford
18 Photo of a young Boy (age 4 – 6?)  His hair is a mass of ringlets. Photographer was Bailey’s Studio in Campbellford
19 Lovely Husband and Wife Professional Photo. A Tiffany Portrait
20 The Handmade Bag that the Photos came in
21. Maternal Ancestry of Barbara Ann Long