Fonds 403

Fonds Number: 403

Title: Peter McConkey fonds

Creator: Peter McConkey (1939- )

Physical Description: 30 cm (11 inches)

Scope and Contents:

E 10  Freehold Applications of 9 Counties of Ulster, 1829-1831, 1 inch
photocopies of contemporary newspaper
County of Antrim, 1830-31
County of Armagh, 1829-1830
County Cavan, 1829-1831
County Donegal, 1829
County of Down, 1829-1831
County of Fremanagh, 1829-1831
County of Londonderry, 1829-1831
County of Monaghan, 1829-1831
County of Tyrone, 1829-1831

F1  McConkeys Past and Present, photocopy, 1.5 inch
Mss history, “McConkeys Past and Present: A History of the McConkey and Related Families of County Monaghan, Ireland (ca. 1660-2007) vol 1; Pp. 270, illustrations, Parts one to five; table of contents

F2  Mss history, “McConkeys Past and Present: A History of the McConkey and Related Families of County Monaghan, Ireland (ca. 1660-2007) vol II Pp. 271-424; Parts 6 to 10; illustrations, arranged in four parts

F3  not copied

F4  French Canadian Heritage, photocopy, .5 inches
Mss history, Memories of the Past: The French Canadian Heritage of Peterborough, an introductory historical and genealogical study of French-Canadian Families … (2004) Pp. 94; map; appendix
Families include: Ayotte; Brioux; Duranceau; Feeley; Gadoua; Gordon; Guerin; Laplante; Lebrun; Letellier; Levasseur; Ranger; Richer; Sauve; Vinette

F5  A History of the Goggin Family, photocopy, 1 inch
Mss history, “A History of Goggin Family of the Parishes of Drung and Kilmore, County Cavan, Ireland; Cavan Township, Durham County, Ontario, Canada & Carberry, Manitoba, Canada (ca. 1735-2013)” (rev. 2013); Pp. 221; illustrations; maps; table of contents

F6  The Martyn Family of Peterborough. Photocopy, .6 inches
Mss history, “The Martyn Family of Peterborough, Ontario and Related Families” Prepared for John P. Martyn and Family by Rosemary McConkey; with additions by Peter McConkey, 2010. (2010); Pp 77; maps

F7  Howsons and Related Families, ‘3 inch, 2010
Mss history, “Notes on the Howsons and Related Families of Yorkshire and Otonabee Township” Prepared for Major J. Donald L. Howson, (1914- ) by Peter Edward McConkey, assisted by Colum Diamond, 2010; 32 pp.; illustrations

F8  Jean Baptiste Dumontet dit Lagrandeur, .3 inch, 2011
Mss history, “Information Relating to Jean-Baptiste Dumontet dit Lagrandeur (1659-1729)” (2011) Pp 70; map, illustration

f9  Not copies

F10  Noreen Nelson Ancestors, .25 inch, 2012
Mss history, “Photographs and Biographical Information Relating to the Ancestors of Noreen Nelson” ) Prepared for Noreen Nelson by Peter and Rosemary McConkey, 2012; Pp 105; Appendix Gravestones of Ancestors …;

F 11 Not copied

F12 Hiking, Climbing and Sight-Seeing in Scotland: the Isle of Skye and Glencoe, .25 inch, 2014
Mss history, “Hiking, Climbing and Sight-Seeing in Scotland: the Isle of Skye and Glencoe” prepared for Terry and Lucie (Lemieux) Wilson; 2011; Pp 51

F13  Not copied

F14  St. Peter’s Secondary School, .5 inch, 2013
Mss address, “The Way We Were: Glimpses into Past Years of St. Peter’s Secondary School: A talk delivered by Peter McConkey, October 11 and 12, 2013, on the occasion of the school’s centenary; Pp 55; illustrations;

A1  Church of Ireland, Parish of Drunholm, parish registers, Mic 1/148 A-B Acc No 14544
A2  Church of Ireland, Parish of Killeevan; Mic, 1/154kA, Acc 14630
A3  Church of Ireland, Parish of Killeevan; Mic, 1/154kB-F, Acc 14630
A4  Church of Ireland, Parish of Emriris, county of Monaghan, Mic 1/132; Birth, Marriages and Burials, 1750 onwards
B1  Church of Ireland, Parish of Corroneaay, Mic 10/ 179A/4; Acc 14759;
B2  Church of Ireland, Parish of Corroneary, Mic 1P/ 179 A/ 1-3, B/1

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
None Available on site.

None expected.

Custodial History:

Peter E. McConkey let the Trent Valley Archives photocopy the parts of his collection that seemed most pertinent to our mandate, and then donated the copies to us. As well, he donated his master copy of the Freehold Applications of Ulster, and donated the microfilms from the Church of Ireland archives.

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
Peter McConkey (b. 1939) was raised in Peterborough, and after receiving his Ph. D. taught for many years at York University. After retiring to his home town, he became a well-respected researcher in Irish, French and Italian archives and notably with his sister, Rosemary McConkey, produced exceptional genealogical reports on various families and topics. His many triumphs have included the creation of a master list of the original students at St. Peter’s High School from 1913-1917. He maintains a major collection of family documents and photographs.

Access points

Ulster, Ireland
McConkey family
Howson family
Church of Ireland parish registers
St. Peter’s Secondary School
McConkey, Rosemary
Goggin family
Isle of Skye, Scotland
Feeley family