Fonds 446

Fonds Number: 446

Title: Butcher, C.E.

Creator: Charles E. Butcher

Dates of Material: 2014 photocopies; originals dated 1873, 1875-76, 1884, 1895. 1931

Physical Description: Ledger 131/2 x 5 1/2 inches (33 ½ cm x 14 cm)
Map 17 inches x 11 ½ inches( 42 cm x 28 cm)

Scope and Contents:
A ledger used for several purposes. Charles E. Butcher recorded debits & credits 1875 & 1876 from Methuen #1 logging camp associated with the Rathbun Lumber Co.
Emma Butcher recorded household expenses, sales of butter & eggs and a poem in 1884.

The following items were loose with the ledger:
1. 24 sales slips from J. Hodgson to Miss Butcher, April 1895-June 1895
2. Poem entitled “Farewell to 1873″ by Isaac Snelgrove, December 31, 1873.
3. Map showing progress of the Cunard Line’s Auronia trip from Montreal to London England,
September 18-28, 1931

Access Conditions:
Open to researchers.

Finding Aids:
None Available on site.

None expected.

Custodial History:
These records were kept by the wife of Michael Carey. They were lent to Trent Valley Archives (TVA) to make photocopies which were deposited at TVA in November 2014. The ledger was then returned to Carey.

Biographical Sketch/ Administrative History
C.E. Butcher was apparently a clerk with Rathbun Lumber Co. The ledger was maintained by him.

Access points
Rathbun Lumber Company
Methuen Township

The names mentioned in the ledger were:

Solomon Barrette
V. Barrette
L. Martel
A. Richard
Ismael Barrette
Desire Barrette
Honore Gordon
Ferdinand Barrette
G. Paquet
Alphonse Barrette
Pierre Cardinal
Frank Laplante
George Cote
Timothy Maher
Wm. Finnerty
Jno. Boldson
Louis Brossard
George Laford
V. Bincette
Louis Duquert
Louis Riche
Rock Gordon
P. Robitaille
George Gaivin
George Billodeau
Xavier Poirer
Thos. Moore
Mederic Cantin
Desire St. Pierre
Amede Morin
Jean Derosier
John McCann
Donald McCoy
James Hanly
A. Allair
Wm. Gibson
G.L. Sheppee
Chris. Bell
S. Turcott
E. O’Brien
Hugh O’Conner
Wm. Rancourt
D. Desautels
C. Parks
John Chasty
Philip Wigg
Thomas Black
Roland Strickland
Jas. Beaudin
Frank Fredette
Alick Gonya
George Walliere
John Belanger
Peter Duval
William McGogan
George Little
John Simpson
Thomas Hockaday
John Todd
John Ferguson
John Colborne
Amede Halbert
Thomas Brossard
John Todd
William Doidge
Henry Jas. Murphy
Henry Preston
William Davis
Patrick Cholin
Patrick Scully
Joseph Bourdeau
Jules Desvaur
Michael Foley
Alexdr. Millage
Robert Young
Thomas Walley
John Millage
Jas. Whynne
John McCanley
John Walton
Jas. Coldin
Henry Richie
Charles Armstrong
Michael Coldin
Daniel Armstrong
Samuel Boyd
Frank Ratty
Edward Denis
John Lamay
Louis Brossard
Mederic Cantin
Frank Bellanger
Ferdinand Bisenor
Louis Maronsee
Moses Guerin
Arsenr Bolduc
Teresford Maria
Estras Emond
Michel Remiard
Esward Crevier
William Dumound
Eugere Goyetto
Desire St. Pierre
Louis Martell
Felias St. Pierre
Edmond Guerin
Samuel Strickland
Donald McCoy
Jean O’Derosier