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626Craw, Betty

Dates: 1968-2005

Fonds consists of correspondence, databases related to cemeteries and genealogy. In file 319, Betty Craw in 1982 made the following observations:

“Compiling a record of Memorial Stones in over 200 Cemeteries in the counties of Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Durham began in 1966. These publications are simply a labour of love – a memorial to my father and sister. The research developed into a rather onerous task when I realized how much information was being eroded by neglect, indifference, weather and sheer vandalism.” She thanked Alice and Marianne MacKenzie for their help in recording cemeteries. She also thanked Eileen Gariepy and Andre Dorfman.”

Series A: Cemeteries series; listing of stones within the cemeteries recorded, 1975-1980, files 1-164 (vols. 1-4) The cemeteries are from the counties of Peterborough, Victoria, and Northumberland and Durham

Series B: Genealogical research inquiries, mostly 1980s, 1990s, files 165-221 (vols. 5-6)

Series C: Archival research records, originals and copies, files 222-334 (vols. 7-11) Includes marriages, cemetery records, assessment and census records, and other documents with potential for genealogical research.

Series D: Maps, 1940s, files 335-342 (vol. 11)

Series E: Voters’ lists and assessments, 1964-1967, files 343-353 (vol. 11)

Series F: Marriages, Newcastle District mainly 1870-1872, transcribed c. 1975-80 (files 354-362) (vol. 12)

Series G: Genealogical resources (files 363-431) (vols. 13-17)

Series H: Genealogical cards recording individuals by birth, marriage and death; and cards cross-referencing to cemetery listings. (vols. B1 to B15)

Series I: Books and pamphlets
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Access Points: Peterborough County; Victoria County; Northumberland County; Cemeteries; Genealogical research; Ashburnham, Ontario; Peterborough, Ontario

837Haldimand Township Road Surveys

Dates: 1836; 1950-1889

Fonds consists of a large ledger containing correspondence, reports and survey maps pasted in to the pages; organized by concession lines, 1836, 1850-1889, of Haldimand Township in Northumberland County. Surveyors include J. Russ, Edward C. Caddy and J. Daintry. It contains about 375 documents, of which 87 are maps or plans.

The fonds also includes a printed book by Gordon Roper, A Caddy Chronicle, 2nd printing, 2001, 95 pages which contains extensive information about Edward C. Caddy. This is an extraordinarily useful family history, and contains helpful connections to the Caddy neighbours in North Douro and in Haldimand.
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Access Points: Northumberland County; Alnwick Township; J. Russ; Edward C. Caddy; J. Daintry; Caddy Family