Charles Lobb Fonds F733

A X5; G D2, 5

Date of the items: 1900, 1920-2007

Physical description: 15 cm

Title: Charles Lobb Fonds

Creator: Charles Lobb

Repository: Trent Valley Archives

Reference number: TVA Fonds 733

Scope and contents: The fonds consists of documents, publications, newspaper clippings, displays, ribbons, postcards, photographs and scrapbooks relating to the life and farming career of Charles Lobb.

Access Conditions: No Restrictions

Finding aid: See separate file listing below, and in Excel

Accruals: No further accruals are expected

Custodial history: The documents were donated by Margaret Lobb on July 4, 2018. One photo was removed from its display due to broken glass. Another photograph was split in half for better storage.

Biographical sketch: Charles Lobb was born on April 22, 1920 to parents William and Jennie Lobb. He was a farmer in Dummer Township west of Norwood, where he raised crops such as oat, hay and corn, together with cows and horses. He attended the Ontario Agricultural College, and kept track of the activities of the Ontario Department of Agriculture throughout his career. He frequently participated in the Norwood Fair and other fairs and won prizes for his crops. When he wasn`t farming, he enjoyed travelling with his friends to different places in the United States. He married Laura Horne in 1958 and had four children with her, Roy, Murray, Margaret and Carolyn. He passed away on August 8, 2013.

Charles’ brother, Willie Lobb, was a pilot during the Second World War.

Related fonds at TVA: F5 Peterborough Exhibition also contains materials related to agricultural exhibitions.

Access Points:
Norwood Fair
Royal Winter Fair
East Peterborough Agricultural Society
Upper Stoney Lake Regatta
Ontario Agricultural College
Ontario Department of Agriculture
World War II

List of Files:

  1. Donation Record
  2. Banking, 1930-1957. Books holding the accounting notes of Charles Lobb. Mostly filled with calculations and numbers. Bank books holding the monetary records of Charles Lobb, three small booklets holding purchase and exchange records from the Royal Bank of Canada and one blank booklet labelled insurance from the Crown Life Insurance Company.
  3. Receipts, 1938-1949. A letter receipt confirming that Charles Lobb’s payment had been received and he had been renewed for another season of The Canadian Countryman magazine. Also includes a hand written receipt for “Parcel’s Garage”.
  4. Magazines, 1939-1950. The August and December 1939 issues of The Holstien-Friesian Journal and one issue of Home Decorator (c. 1950).
  5. Catalogues, 1952. A copy of “Farm Equipment from Eaton’s” and the pricing slip that goes with it.
  6. Manuals, 1941-1958. A copy of the Ontario Department of Agriculture’s educational brochure titled “Belts and Belt Lacing”, the Ontario Department of Agriculture’s booklet on “Currants and Gooseberries”, and the 4-H Club’s “Leader’s Guide”.
  7. Course Work, 1932-1940. Booklets from the Ontario Agricultural College titled “Short Courses in Agriculture”, “Pork on the Farm”, “Grain Smuts”, “Bot Flies and their Control”, “Successful Potato Production in Ontario”, a “Slaughter Record of Hogs”, a “Table showing amount of Protein in Feeds”, and papers on “Feeding and Management of the Brood Mare and Foal”, “Diarrheic Diseases of Calves”, “Emergency Hay and Pasture Crops”, “Grain Feeding Tables for Dairy Cows” and a letter on “Canadian Livestock Products”. Also includes a map of the Ontario Agricultural College.
  8. Fair, 1961. Newspaper clippings entitled “How Charlie Lobb Placed First in Crop Contest” and “Food Grains”. There is also a clipping with a picture of Charles Lobb taken from the Peterborough Examiner.
  9. Norwood Fair, 1941. A collection of ribbons, including two red ribbons with “Director” written at the top, another two red ribbons with an extra pin reading “Director” on the top, two yellow ribbons with an extra pin reading “Director” on the top, one orange ribbon with an extra pin reading “Director” on the top, and one red ribbon reading “N.H.S” First from 1941.
  10. Royal Winter Fair. Two purple ribbons labelled “Club Leader,” each with a golden pin on top reading “Ontario Department of Agriculture Royal Winter Fair” in Toronto.
  11. East Peterborough Agricultural Society, 1961. One read ballot for first prize, three beige ballots for third prize and two tags, one of which has a red sticker on it which reads “First Prize”.
  12. Cattle, 1937. A picture set of cows pasted onto a cardboard backing.
  13. Cattle, 1937. Several displays holding newspaper clippings and pictures of cows.
  14. Horses, 1937. A clipping from a newspaper with a picture of a horse.
  15. Horses, 1937. An oversized cardboard display featuring pictures of horses. Has been cut in half for better storage.
  16. Farm Scrapbook, 1937. A cardboard display created partially with pictures of horses and partially with cows.
  17. Scrapbook, 1930. A childhood scrapbook by Charles Lobb at the age of ten. It is full of clippings from papers and magazines he had pasted in. It contains pictures of plants, produce, animals and farm equipment. There is also a loose sheet dictating how to create a glass covered display.
  18. Upper Stoney Lake Regatta, 1948. Two blue ribbons reading “Upper Stoney Lake Regatta Crowes Landing 1948”.
  19. Travel, 1955. A collection of postcards of travel locations including the Kellogg Center for Continuing Education in East Lansing, Michigan; Walden Woods Cromaine Hall; The Canadian International Trade Fair in Toronto; the TCA Ports-of-Call in the USA; the Thousand Islands Canada; Fly Eastern Air; a Christmas card from Auntie Amie, and the Indiana War Memorial in Indianapolis, Indiana. It also contains a boarding pass for an Air Canada flight and a sticker for Eastern Airlines.
  20. Albums, 1951-1952. Eight photo albums developed and compiled by Greyhound, each possessing borders with the date. The albums contain pictures of Charles Lobb’s travels with his friends. Also includes two envelopes from the developing companies: Guardian of Your Memories and Greyhound Photo Service Limited. There are eight 3M photo negatives in one envelope.
  21. Lobb Photographs, 1900s-2007. A collection of photographs featuring the Lobb family.
  22. McGee Photographs, c.1900. A collection of photographs featuring the McGee family
  23. McMaster Photographs. A collection of photographs featuring the McMaster family
  24. McMillan Photographs. A collection of photographs featuring the McMillan family
  25. Martin Photographs. A collection of photographs featuring the Martin family
  26. Dickey Photographs. A collection of photographs featuring the Dickey family
  27. Stinson Photograph. A photograph featuring the Stinson family
  28. Scott Photograph. A photograph featuring the Scott family
  29. Wedding Photograph. A large wedding photographs featuring many in attendance
  30. Unidentified Photographs, 1958. A collection of photographs where the subject(s) are unidentified
  31. Travel Photographs, 1952-1969. A collection of photos from the travels of Charles Lobb
  32. World War II Photographs, 1939-1945. A collection of photographs from Wellington Lobb’s time in the army during the Second World War.
  33. Farm Photographs, 1921-1964. A collection of photographs of farm land, animals and other associated objects.33.
  34. Family Portrait. A matted oversized family portrait. Group photograph with thirteen adults. Six men and eight women. Appears to be of the father and mother, their sons and daughter and their sons’ wives. Taken by H.R. Niebel in Norwood Ontario. Silvering. Photo 8×7. Mat 11×9.