Ice and Thunder


A History of the Trent Valley Hockey League
Dave Barry
Stewart Richardson

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The Trent Valley Hockey League (TVL) was chartered in 1899 and except for breaks during both World Wars and the Great Depression, it continued to operate as an independent hockey league throughout the Trent Valley to the Spring of 1955. Upon its collapse in the fall of 1955, several of the small communities converted to fully governed OHA, Intermediate “C” or “D” level hockey and continued to operate up into the early 1980s, but used the TVL moniker, out of a sense of pride and nostalgia for the old league.

The authors provide a fascinating glimpse into the origins of this colorful old league, as well as year by year accounts of league champions and events, with photos and player testimonials. The book is intended to serve, not only as a “hand book” for hockey historians and enthusiasts, but also as a glimpse into the colourful culture and heritage of these many small towns and villages.

Throughout its long history, the league boasts of hosting some nine NHL players, four Stanley Cup winners, two NHL HHOF inductees, four Olympic or World Hockey champions, one USA hockey pioneer and National coach, one Norwegian hockey pioneer and National coach, several OHA major junior or senior players, and several inductees into the Peterborough or Belleville Sports Hall of Fame.