Green Routes: Experiencing the Peter Robinson Emigration 1825


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As the bicentennial of the major Irish emigration of 1825 approaches, she shares her favourite stories in a book, Green Routes. The stories span some 200 years and showcase the impressive legacy of the Peter Robinson Settlers and their descendants from before, during and after their transatlantic voyage. These families developed a love for Canada over generations.

Green Routes looks at different experiences by the Robinson Settlers of 1825 and their descendants.   Stories of the earliest Robinson settlers include that of schoolmaster Patrick Barragy and his brave efforts to persuade the government to support schools for new emigrants.  McConkey also writes about the Robinson settlers of Douro Township who were truly thankful for the opportunities that came from emigration.  Her fascination extends to descendants whose far-flung paths took them to destinations as far away as Indiana and points in the American mid-west, including Coach Frank W. Leahy of the University of Notre Dame football team.