Access Point – World War I

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2Edmison, J Alex

Dates: 1690s to 1990s, chiefly 1920s to 1970s

Fonds consists of correspondence, ephemera and photographs relating to the career of J. Alexander Edmison from childhood through a remarkable series of careers.
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Access Points: Edmison (family); Edmison, J. Alex (1903–1980); Edmison, the Rev J. H. (1857–1928); Edmison, Alice (1915–2002); Criminology; Taylor Statten Camps; Camp Ahmek; Trent University; Queen’s University; Jarvis Collegiate; YMCA; World War II; Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner; Peterborough; Grove, Lakefield College; National Parole Board; Jack Bilbo; Criminology Centre, University of Ottawa

286Daunt, Frances

Dates: 1914-2008

Fonds consists of typed manuscripts (some annotated and revised), correspondence, documents and books relating to Frances Daunt, together with archival and Xerox copies of correspondence of Austin Lane and Maggie Nickle. There are photographs dating from the early 1900s as well as the 1910s. Some of the typed manuscripts are annotated and revised for different occasions. The papers contain the manuscripts of key works such as Sleeping Dogs; A Theatre has Been Erected; her edition of letters from Austin Lane (A Very Different War: The Adventures of Austin Lane with the South Persia Rifles 1916-1919) and Dear Maggie.
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Access Points: World War I; The Law Society of Alberta; South Persia Rifles; Peterborough Theatre Guild

425Matthews, T. Frank Family

Dates: 1907-1929, 1940

The fonds consists of documents, photographs, photo albums and other ephemera compiled by the Matthews family.
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Access Points: Royal Military College, Kingston, ON; World War I; Kells Family; Peterborough Photographers: P. H. Green; G. B. Sproule, H. J. Byers; Louis Mendel; Other photographers: S. J. Jarvis; Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School; Peterborough Exhibition; S. S. Acquitania; 570 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario (home of Matthews family); Lt. F. A. Heymann

532Lane, Etta

Dates: 1909-1980

The fonds consists of materials relating to Etta Lane’s involvement in the Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario, photographs and materials relating to personal trips she took, photographs of family and friends, correspondence with former students and personal directories, notebooks and diaries. Of special interest are letters from students serving in World War II, including several from Barney Danson who later served as the Minister of National Defense.
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Access Points: Federation of Women Teachers of Ontario; World War II; Barney Danson, Minister of National Defense

705Gunshots Newsletter

Dates: 1941-1942

Issues of Gunshots from 1941 and 1942 produced by the Canadian General Electric Gun Carriage Division.
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Access Points: Canadian General Electric; World War II; Military

733Lobb, Charles

Dates: 1900, 1920-2007

The fonds consists of documents, publications, newspaper clippings, displays, ribbons, postcards, photographs and scrapbooks relating to the life and farming career of Charles Lobb.
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Access Points: Norwood Fair; Royal Winter Fair; East Peterborough Agricultural Society; Upper Stoney Lake Regatta; Ontario Agricultural College; Ontario Department of Agriculture; World War II