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2Edmison, J Alex

Dates: 1690s to 1990s, chiefly 1920s to 1970s

Fonds consists of correspondence, ephemera and photographs relating to the career of J. Alexander Edmison from childhood through a remarkable series of careers.
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Access Points: Edmison (family); Edmison, J. Alex (1903–1980); Edmison, the Rev J. H. (1857–1928); Edmison, Alice (1915–2002); Criminology; Taylor Statten Camps; Camp Ahmek; Trent University; Queen’s University; Jarvis Collegiate; YMCA; World War II; Hyde Park, Speakers’ Corner; Peterborough; Grove, Lakefield College; National Parole Board; Jack Bilbo; Criminology Centre, University of Ottawa

4Hope, Albert

Dates: 1887 – 1888, c. 1914

The fonds consists of architectural plans and drawings, c. 1914, for a few houses designed and built by the Peterborough builder Albert Hope, together with several coloured plates and details that appeared in the Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition, 1887-88, which were used for developing his plans. Clients included James McMilnan, K.S. Scherlies, G. Ruth, Frank MacDonald, Peterborough Hardware Store, Dr Hewitt Amys, and L. Yeotes. The papers have extra interest as the Scientific Americans were clearly passed on from another builder who had valued these materials. They provide insight into the ways in which the most ubiquitous style of local Victorian architecture was introduced and refined.
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Access Points:

5Peterborough Exhibition
6Peterborough Golf and Country Club
9Lakefield Heritage

Dates: 1840-2022

The fonds consists of research material, notes, correspondence, photographs, maps, booklets and newspaper clippings regarding the history of the village of Lakefield, Ontario.
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Access Points: Industry; Business; Railways; Lakefield Police history; Canada Cement, Lakefield; Canadian General Electric; Colonial Glass Company; Lakefield Canoes; Lakefield Dentists, Doctors; Lakefield College School; Millage Plumbing; Orange Lodge; Roy Photography Studios; Peterborough Liftlock; The Salvation Army; The Gideons; Bickell Family; Birdsall Family; Choate Family; Sherin Family; Moodie Family; Strickland Family; Traill Family; Catharine Parr Traill; Susannah Moodie; Rev. Mark Burnham; Mark S. Burnham; William Dennon; Andrew Onderdonk; R.B. Rogers

29Heideman, Anne

Dates: 1908, 1929-1970

The fonds consists of newspaper clippings, photos, posters, pamphlets, brochures and memorabilia related to the history of Peterborough and the neighbouring region and more broadly to heritage and museum issues. Highlights include the organization charts for Peterboro Lock, 1943 and 1946; an excellent selection of newspaper articles on local history; stereopticon cards from 1865-1870, excellent in all respects; and reports related to the Peterborough Centennial Museum, Hutchison House, the Peterborough Historical Society and the Ontario Historical Society.

Newspaper clippings and pages dominate the fonds, but she also included significant sections of the Peterborough Examiner which promoted local history. Notable among these are the tourism section, 22 May 1937 and 19 September 1956, marking the centennial of the Examiner. The industrial special “Peterborough Today”, 29 March 1984 was the beginning of an annual feature. Some items relate to Anne Heideman and to matters that interested her.

As well, she collected several featured series such as Elwood Jones and Bruce Dyer, Our History, 1987; and Martha Kidd and Jane Deyman, Around the Mall, 1969-70.
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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Peterborough Lock; Peterborough Centennial Museum; Peterborough Historical Society

38Gillies, Ray

Dates: 1955-1986

Fonds consists of correspondence, photographs, programmes, scripts, lyrics, newspaper clippings, magazines and pamphlets from the collection of Ray Gillies, a lighting director for the Peterborough Theatre Guild.
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Access Points: Knox Presbyterian Church; Peterborough Theatre Guild; Peterborough Memorial Centre

49Peterborough in the 1880's
51Diocese of Peterborough
54Peterborough Waterworks
60Peterborough County Land Registry
63Peterborough Newspapers
64Peterborough County Court
65Peterborough City Clerk
71Peterborough Review
72Peterborough This Week
73Peterborough New Paper
75Peterborough Sun
77Peterborough Area Newspapers
78Canadian General Electric Plant News

Dates: 1946-2002

The fonds consists of issues of the CGE Peterborough Works News and Canadian General Electric Company Limited Peterborough Plant News dating from 1945 through 2002.
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Access Points: Canadian General Electric, Ian McRae, Peterborough Industry, Peterborough Businesses

86Peterborough Public Library 75th Anniversary Fund
99Township of North Kawartha, Peterborough County
100Peterborough Old Buildings
105Cobb, Janet

Dates: 1961-2005

Fonds consists of records accumulated by Janet Cobb between 1961-2012, including correspondence, interview transcriptions, newspaper clippings, brochures, photographs and a scrapbook pertaining to Peterborough city and county, Trent University, the Peterborough Lift Locks, family history, and items of personal interest.
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Access Points: Peterborough County; Peterborough, Ontario; Peterborough Lift Lock; Genealogical research; Trent University; Cobb family; Mowry family; St. Joseph’s Cemetery

116Peterborough District Hospital Planning Council - Subcommittee
117Peterborough Hospitals Staff Lists
121Central School

Dates: 1944-2002

The fonds consists of scrapbooks, news clippings, collections of photographs, special events photographs, correspondence and memorabilia relating to the history of Central School in Peterborough from 1860 to the present, but mainly with documents gathered from 1960 to 2002.
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Access Points: Peterborough Schools

145Peterborough Examiner Editioral


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Access Points:

155Peterborough Elections
172Johnston, William

Dates: 1873-1886

The fonds consists of letters written by William Johnston between 1875 and 1976 to his son who was pursuing a career as a pharmacist. These have been supplemented with strong family and genealogical research, along with documents related to Alfred J. Johnston. Most of the original letters have been Xeroxed for research purposes, and are available digitally.

The photographs and original documents that accompany the letters include an 1860 photograph of the Johnston home and tailor business on Water Street decorated for the arrival of the Prince of Wales; copies of documents related to George Johnston`s role as chief of Police, in 1885; documents related to a study group on Civic Affairs, c. 1968; and a 1968 voter=s list for polling station 102, covering the Burnham street area of Ashburnham.
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Access Points: Peterborough Mechanics Institute; James and Jane Mitchell; Samuel J. Jackson; Stonewall, Manitoba; Stephens family; Pharmacies

179Peterborough Jail
180Peterborough Mills


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Access Points:

182Peterborough Jail
201CGE Peterborough 2008
211Peterborough Chamber of Commerce
213PUC, 1909, Peterborough Water Works
219Garnet Green

Dates: c. 1890

Fonds consists of a group photograph of several young people, including the photographer Garnet Augustus Green, 3rd from right in back row. Included in the file are photocopies of his death notice, pictures of his wife Annie May Green, his parents William John and Charlotte Green and Garnet’s son Roy Elvin Green.
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Access Points: Garnet Green; Peterborough Photographers

222Peterborough Air Surveys
223Peterborough Oddfellows
224Peterborough Industrial Society


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Access Points:

240Peterborough Gypsies
248Peterborough Public Library
250Cahorn, JP

Dates: 1983-2005

The fonds consists of the working files and drawings of J.P. Cahorn Engineering, which are arranged chronologically and alphabetically and filed according to his project numbers, which start with the year (although there are some conflicts in his system). They include information from other sources. He acted as a consultant on a variety of very different sites and/or buildings, mostly in the City of Peterborough but also throughout Peterborough County and beyond. Most of his work was related to structural engineering of new and existing sites and buildings for residential, industrial and commercial projects. He dealt with small and large projects, from someone’s garage addition to a 4-story condominium building. He consulted for residents, businesses, industries, cities, townships and public organizations. His approach to projects was always diligent, thorough, and consistent.

Access Points: Norwood; Collingwood; YMCA; All Saints Church, Peterborough; Millbrook; Hope Sawmill, Lang; Ennismore; 40 Auburn St. Condominium Building; Campbellford; Indusmin; Peterborough Club; Bobcaygeon; Peterborough Courthouse; Omemee; Nephton; Buckhorn; Warsaw

255Kennedy,William Nassau and Family

Dates: 2009 [originals 1850 to 1879]

The fonds consists of documents related to the Peterborough militia, 1850-1868, and to the Orange Order, 1867-1879.
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Access Points: Thomas Chambers; Robert Sherlock Tate; John Kennedy; William Nassau Kennedy; Peterborough Militia; Orange Order; Freemasonry

256Peterborough Power and Sail Squadron
258Ministry of Agriculture, Peterborough
270Peterborough Pathway of Fame
276Brummel, Ruth

Dates: 1931-1932

The fonds consists of Ruth Brummel's copy of The Peterborough Normal School Year Book, 1931-32.

The yearbook, with heavy cover stock, is complete but end pages showing some foxing. The book contains much information about the Normal School, as well as about the teachers and students. It contains some very useful photographs of student boards, and some events. The class pictures are group portraits.

The book was published by the Literary Society of the school. The members of the yearbook staff were Lloyd Saunders, Dorothy Hicks, Arnold Noftall, George Turner, Mary McConkey, Luella White, Winnifred Rickard, Gordon Davis, Emmeline Bannister, Mr MacDonald, Lorene Adams, and Max Parnall.

There are two pages of autographs. The second page is devoted to the AY@ Girls who give contact addresses. A few of these give YWCA as their address, while others list their homes. This is a good sample of the reach of the Normal School.
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Access Points: Peterborough Normal School, Peterborough YWCA, Peterborough Businesses, Peterborough Organizations

284Belmont Farmers Club

Dates: 1913-1915, 1944, 1964

Belmont Farmers Club minute book, including list of members; expenses; minutes; orders; and accounts. Includes separate documents: Annual report, Belmont Municipal Telephone System, 1944 and reprint, 1964, of the Peterborough Examiner, 20 October 1864.
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Access Points: Belmont Municipal Telephone System

286Daunt, Frances

Dates: 1914-2008

Fonds consists of typed manuscripts (some annotated and revised), correspondence, documents and books relating to Frances Daunt, together with archival and Xerox copies of correspondence of Austin Lane and Maggie Nickle. There are photographs dating from the early 1900s as well as the 1910s. Some of the typed manuscripts are annotated and revised for different occasions. The papers contain the manuscripts of key works such as Sleeping Dogs; A Theatre has Been Erected; her edition of letters from Austin Lane (A Very Different War: The Adventures of Austin Lane with the South Persia Rifles 1916-1919) and Dear Maggie.
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Access Points: World War I; The Law Society of Alberta; South Persia Rifles; Peterborough Theatre Guild

287Adams, Peter

Dates: 1966-2015

Fonds consists of the papers of Peter Adams relating to his work at McGill & Trent Universities, in the community and as an Ontario MPP and federal MP from Peterborough.

A. Trent University Geography Department

  • Departmental budgets, minutes, proceedings and correspondence

  • Course Work

  • Field Trips, Tours, Foreign Visits

  • Special Projects and Publications

  • Snow, Ice and Polar Studies

  • Northern Studies, Libraries and Universities

  • Eastern Snow Conferences

  • Lake Ice Studies

  • Malawi Project 1979 - 1985

  • Arctic Studies with McGill University 1959-66

B. Community Initiatives, Programmes, Campaigns

  • Parks Board

  • St. John Ambulance

  • United Way

  • Cancer Society

  • Canadian Red Cross Society

  • St. John’s Church

  • Terry Fox Run

  • YMCA

  • Energy Savers

  • Peterborough Historical Society

  • Trent Sport, Recreation and Wellness

C. Political Life

  • Peterborough By-pass

  • Peterborough County Board of Education (Boxes 16 - 24)

  • Saving PCVS 1970

  • M.P.P Annual Report 1988 - 1990

  • M.P. Annual Reports 1993 – 2005

  • Parliamentary Trips

  • Contributions in Ontario Legislature 1987-88

  • An Academic in Ottawa (April 2003)

  • Political Photos

  • Diaries

  • Hansard - House of Commons and Committees

  • Peterborough and Parliament (Book) 2013

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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Trent University Geography Department; Peterborough Collegiate Institute; St. John’s Church; Peterborough Historical Society; Peterborough Politics; Provincial Government; Federal Government; Canadian Arctic

297Lord Family

Dates: 1929, c. 1930

The fonds consists of two photographs of the rugby team of the Peterborough Collegiate Institute, 1929 and c. 1930.
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Access Points: Peterborough Collegiate Institute; Rugby

302Goselin, Elaine

Dates: 1975 to 2010

Fonds consists of slides, 1975, and photo prints, 1989-2010, taken at public events held throughout the Peterborough Region. The slides for 1975 relate to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Robinson settlers of 1825 and the Peterborough Exhibition, founded in 1843, marking belatedly its 100th anniversary.

The prints were taken at events connected with the Market Hall Clock Tower; the Santa Claus Parade; the Liftlock; Fourth Line Theatre; Festival of Trees; YWCA fire; Showplace; Special Olympics; Memorial Cup in Hockey; Lang Century Village; Havelock; Lakefield; Peterborough Airport; Nicholls Oval dog show; garden tours; road races; lawn bowling; Beavermead; Millennium Place; Canadian Canoe Museum; Pathway of Fame; Millennium Park; King Edward School; Memorial Centre; Alderville; Trent University; Artsweek; Lakefield Literary Festival; local churches; PCVS [Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School]; Little Lake; Dragon Festivals; Peterborough Regional Hospital Complex [PRHC] and more.

Particularly large files include several with photographs related to King Edward School and Park; the construction of the new Peterborough Regional Hospital (336 prints); Trent University; and the Liftlock Centennial.

This is a remarkable collection because of the quality of the photography and the wide range of events she covered. Many of the events were covered by other photographers; but none had this range.
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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Peter Robinson Settlers; Peterborough Exhibition; King Edward School; Peterborough Regional Health Centre; Trent University; Peterborough Liftlock

303Hawkins, Terry

Dates: 1906-1951

Fonds consists of photos of the Jackson Park and Bonnerworth area taken by Terry Hawkins with his first camera, c. 1948, showing the area in a period of transition; and pins, patches and other ephemera related to the Peterborough area.
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Access Points: Hamilton Park; Jackson Park; Bonnerworth Mill; Canada Packers

314Peterborough Industrial Map
322J. J. Turner Company

Dates: 1933, 1948-1970

The fonds consists of materials related to the operation of the J. J. Turner Company, a Peterborough based manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of canvas products, flags and outdoor recreation. Some files relate to the products handled by Turners; a large portion are shareholder and financial records, kept by R. J. Davies and his son. Of note is file one, which contains a 1933 catalogue in excellent condition.
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Access Points: R. J. Davies; D. W. Davies; Workers’ Payrolls; Board of Directors; Peterborough, Ontario

329Boucher, Irene

Dates: 1846 – c. mid 1960s

Fonds consists of papers gathered by Irene Boucher, related to the ownership and history of the property consisting of lots 10 and 11 on Edinburg Street South (or 269 Edinburg Street, west of George Street) in Peterborough, Ontario. The papers primarily consist of deeds of sale between the owners of the property, but agreements, assessment documents, and land surveys can also be found in this fonds.
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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario, Edinburg Street, Irene Boucher, Mossom Boyd, John Belcher

331Peterborough Plan 1922
340Peterborough Examiner


Microfilm, 1004 reels; Photographs, 14,000; Negatives, c. 500,000; NYB 15,000; Vertical Files, c. 80 cu ft; Manuscripts, 12 cu ft (and counting); Newspapers, c. 20 cu ft.
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Access Points:

343Rexe, J. Paul

Dates: 1969-2006

The fonds consists of materials pertaining to Rexe’s personal life and career as a teacher and politician, including correspondence, City Council memoranda and meeting agendas, planning documentation and reports, news clippings, personal notes, PCG reports and studies, court transcripts, legal invoices, and more.

The collection is organized into four series, Series B and C comprising the bulk of the collection. The first series, Series A, contains materials related to Rexe’s early teaching years and career(s) before re-entering politics in the 1980s. Series B contains materials from his years on City Council between 1980 to 1987, and is the largest and most extensive part of the collection. Series C contains materials pertaining to his legal matters, particularly Kazowski vs. Rexe (see biographical note, below); and finally, Series D contains materials from his later career(s), including his planning and consulting work (with Public Consulting Group, Inc.), his years teaching at Kenner Collegiate and Crestwood Secondary schools, his graduate work at Trent University, and his return to city politics in the early 2000s.
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Access Points: Ann Rexe; Lou Kazowski; Doug Galvin; 1979 Federal Election; 1981 Provincial Election; Peterborough, Ontario; Peterborough City Council; 1971, 1980, 2003 Peterborough Municipal Election; Peterborough County Board of Education; Trent University; Municipal Consultancy

351Peterborough Military


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Access Points:

375Fairbairn Photographs

Dates: 1892-1905

The fonds consists of a total of 189 plate glass negatives, most of which measure approximately 12.7×17.7 cm [5″ x 7″]. These were created by at least 3 different photographers between 1892 and 1905 at various locations in Peterborough County, Alberta, and British Columbia. The collection contains many culturally significant pieces, including views of work on the Trent Severn Waterway ca. 1900, views of Stoney Lake and Juniper Point, and portraits of prominent Peterboronians and their homes in the 1890s and early 1900s.

The first accession is divided into five series:

Series A, “Surveying Series” and “Beaverton”: Contains 17 negatives dating from 1900-01 and is divided into two sub-series. “Surveying Series” includes views of surveying and mining work at Cardston, AB and Greenwood, BC. “Beaverton” contains views of lakes, houses, mills, churches, and stores in or around Beaverton, ON.

Series B, “Trent Valley Canal Building”: Contains 21 negatives dating from 1900-01. Includes views of workers and surveyors, horses, and machinery at different locations along the Peterborough County portion of the Trent Severn Waterway.

Series C, “Stoney Lake”: Contains 61 negatives, some dating from 1900-01 and others dating from 1985-96. Views include Juniper Point (and “Juniper Lodge”), Sheriff Hall’s cottage, canoes at Eels Creek, Jack’s Creek, Grubbe’s Island, Julien’s Landing, Devil’s Elbow, Indian River, McCraken’s Landing, and more. Some images taken in Westmount, Quebec.

Series D, “Peterborough Houses”: Contains 72 negatives, some dating from around 1893-94 and others from around 1905-07. Includes views of Merino, Cordach, Hazelbrae, Idyl Wyld, John Robertson’s house on Bonaccord St., the side yard of what is today 361 Park Street, and others.

Series E, “Portraits: Jack Fairbairn et al”: Contains 18 negatives, most of them undated. One from 1893. The subseries “Jack Fairbairn as a Little Boy” includes formal portraits of Jack Fairbairn Jr. as an infant and even a view of him only a few days after his birth. Other views include some of the Fairbairns “at Hermitage” as well as two images of a Mrs. MacFarlane.

There is reason to believe that, in some cases at least, the dates written on the original envelopes were applied much later. For instance, D42 and D46 were more than likely taken the same day since the views are nearly identical, and nearly all items in the photos match. Yet each was given a different year (1903 and 1905).

An accrual was received in November of 2014

Accession 2 consists of:

Series F: Glass Plates
Series G: Negatives
Series H: Studio portraits by Peterborough photographers G. B. Sproule, G. E. Whiten and P. H. Green taken between about 1885 and 1900.

The second accrual consists primarily of prints and photographs.
More information.

Access Points: Trent Severn Waterway; Peterborough, Ontario; Beaverton, Ontario; Stoney Lake; Juniper Point; Eel’s Creek; Grubbe’s Island; Indian River; Merino; Hazel Brae; Idyl Wyld; John Morrice Roger Fairbairn; Hannah MacFarlane Fairbairn

378Peterborough Restaurant Association
400Griffis, Matthew

Dates: 1900-2003

The fonds consists of high-resolution scans of approximately 230 colour, sepia, and black and white vintage postcard images of Peterborough, Lindsay, and various locations in the Kawartha Lakes region. All originals measure approximately 9×14 cm. The scans include the front and back of each card (labelled “a” and “b” respectively); these were scanned (at a resolution of 600 dpi) and labelled by the donor before donation. All paper originals remain with the donor; he has donated only the scans to TVA to use for public research, publications (when copyright allows), and TVA publicity.

The overwhelming majority of the original cards date ca. 1900 to 1920; others date from 1920 to 1945; and a small portion of the original cards date from the late 1940s to the mid- to late-1970s. Most of the original cards are mass-produced cards consisting of lithographed images printed onto standard cardstock; others are real photograph postcards (RPPCs) which are black and white photographic images printed (from negatives) onto 9×14 cm photographic paper and rubber-stamped on the back. Many of the early cards were manufactured by the Valentine & Sons postcard company (which had offices in Toronto and, incidentally, used Roy Studio images on their cards) and the International Stationary Company of Picton. Others were produced by more local manufacturers, among them the Roy Studio.

The collection is organized into three major series:

Series A – Peterborough: Business and Industry, Churches and Cemeteries, Downtown Streets, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Homes, Hotels, Otonabee River (Bridges, Lift Locks, Marinas and River Views), Parks and Campgrounds, Railway Stations, Recreation and Entertainment, Services and Public Buildings, and Misc. Rural Scenes.

Series B – Lindsay: Canal, Churches, Downtown Streets, Services and Public Buildings, and Other.

Series C – Kawartha: Apsley, Balsam Lake, Bobcaygeon, Buckhorn Lake, Burleigh Falls, Chemong Lake, Fenelon Falls, Haliburton, Havelock, Lakefield, Pigeon Lake, Rice Lake, Stoney Lake, Sturgeon Lake, and Misc. Kawartha Lakes.

Also included in the digital image collection is a scan (front and back) of a cabinet photograph of the Peterborough Lift Locks (date unknown) as well as 1 file folder containing printed copies of approximately 15 articles from the Globe and Mail online database. The original articles date from approximately 1900 to 2003 and pertain to the life and work of Frederick M. DelaFosse (FMD), first Librarian of the Peterborough Carnegie Library (opened 1911). The collection includes published letters that DelaFosse wrote to the editor of The Globe, brief mentions of FMD in society columns, and obituaries related to members of the DelaFosse and Fewer families.
More information.

Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Lindsay, Ontario; Kawartha Lakes; Frederick M. DelaFosse; Carnegie Library

406Peterborough County House of Refuge

Dates: 1906-2006

Fonds consists of records and historical research notes compiled by Kim Krenz related to the history of the Peterborough County House of Refuge, and its successor Rosemere Manor. The House of Refuge operated from 1906 to the 1970s, when Rosemere Manor was established as a senior’s residence around 1979.
More information.

Access Points: Lakefield, Ontario; Rosemere Manor; Peterborough County; Kim Krenz; Preston Family; Richard McCarthy

414Peterborough City Assessment 1914
418Peterborough Flood 2004
425Matthews, T. Frank Family

Dates: 1907-1929, 1940

The fonds consists of documents, photographs, photo albums and other ephemera compiled by the Matthews family.
More information.

Access Points: Royal Military College, Kingston, ON; World War I; Kells Family; Peterborough Photographers: P. H. Green; G. B. Sproule, H. J. Byers; Louis Mendel; Other photographers: S. J. Jarvis; Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School; Peterborough Exhibition; S. S. Acquitania; 570 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario (home of Matthews family); Lt. F. A. Heymann

440Peterborough Normal School
443Peterborough Today
460Oriental Hotel, Peterborough
462Peterborough Utilities Commission
487Peterborough Guns Ltd
497Peterborough Clinic
517Peterborough Souvenirs
518Peterborough Birds Eye View 1875
519Peterborough County Council
529Canadian Horticulturalist

Dates: 1909-1915

The fonds consists of magazines published monthly containing horticultural content, articles and photos, mostly Canadian. Only Canadian Horticultural magazine published at the time. Of interest; story on growing celery on farm on outskirts of Peterborough, columnist R.S. Rose of Peterborough , picture and blurb on maintenance at Little Lake Cemetery and lack of maintenance at some other cemeteries around the country. Photocopies of selected items are included in file 0.
More information.

Access Points: Little Lake Cemetery, R. S. Rose, Horticulture, Gardening

549Peterborough Utilities Commission, Water Commissioners
566Rose, Rex

Dates: 1897, 1991-2000

The fonds consists of materials compiled by Rex Rose while serving on the Board of Directors for Anson House, including AGM minutes, long range planning information and a supportive housing proposal. Also includes a copy of the book “For Such a Time as This.”
More information.

Access Points: The Peterborough Protestant Home; Anson House; Anson House Project; Trent University

576Peterborough Newspapers: Despatch, Examiner, Review
577Peterborough Summer 1950
607Peterborough Colts
611Conservative Party Peterborough Riding
620District of Colborne

Dates: December, 1841

Letters patent for the creation of the justices of the peace for the District of Colborne, December 9th 1841, upon the completion of the courthouse in Peterborough. The letters lay out the duties of these justices and lists some of the types indictments they are to rule over, including assault, murder and lawmen who fail to perform their proper duties. It also suggests that men who have committed one of these indictments must either turn themselves in, be arrested by an officer of the law, or be outlawed. Punishment for those men who are not able to keep the peace is time in jail. The document includes the names of the Chief Justice, Vice Chancellor, Executive Council, the Legislative Council, and the Justices of the Peace of all local areas.
More information.

Access Points: Peterborough County Court House; District of Colborne; District of Newcastle; Peterborough Law Association

626Craw, Betty

Dates: 1968-2005

Fonds consists of correspondence, databases related to cemeteries and genealogy. In file 319, Betty Craw in 1982 made the following observations:

“Compiling a record of Memorial Stones in over 200 Cemeteries in the counties of Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Durham began in 1966. These publications are simply a labour of love – a memorial to my father and sister. The research developed into a rather onerous task when I realized how much information was being eroded by neglect, indifference, weather and sheer vandalism.” She thanked Alice and Marianne MacKenzie for their help in recording cemeteries. She also thanked Eileen Gariepy and Andre Dorfman.”

Series A: Cemeteries series; listing of stones within the cemeteries recorded, 1975-1980, files 1-164 (vols. 1-4) The cemeteries are from the counties of Peterborough, Victoria, and Northumberland and Durham

Series B: Genealogical research inquiries, mostly 1980s, 1990s, files 165-221 (vols. 5-6)

Series C: Archival research records, originals and copies, files 222-334 (vols. 7-11) Includes marriages, cemetery records, assessment and census records, and other documents with potential for genealogical research.

Series D: Maps, 1940s, files 335-342 (vol. 11)

Series E: Voters’ lists and assessments, 1964-1967, files 343-353 (vol. 11)

Series F: Marriages, Newcastle District mainly 1870-1872, transcribed c. 1975-80 (files 354-362) (vol. 12)

Series G: Genealogical resources (files 363-431) (vols. 13-17)

Series H: Genealogical cards recording individuals by birth, marriage and death; and cards cross-referencing to cemetery listings. (vols. B1 to B15)

Series I: Books and pamphlets
More information.

Access Points: Peterborough County; Victoria County; Northumberland County; Cemeteries; Genealogical research; Ashburnham, Ontario; Peterborough, Ontario

630Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School

Dates: January 11, 1960 to April 11, 1960

Fonds consists of seven issues of PoCket VerSion, a newspaper published by students from the Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational school. The issues date from January 11, 1960 to April 11, 1960 and are numbers 1-7 of volume 10. The newspaper includes information about activities happening in the school, interviews with students and staff, editorials, reviews and advertisements for local events and local businesses.
More information.

Access Points: Peterborough Collegiate and Vocational School; Adam Scott Collegiate and Vocational Institute; Sandy’s Department Store; Black’s Department Store; Empress Pharmacy; Rendezvous Restaurant; YMCA; CHEX Television; Peterborough Theatres

641Town of Peterborough Village of Ashburnham 1878 map
650Rotary Club, Peterborough
668Peterborough Industrial Map 1929
672County of Peterborough flag
682Rehder, Robert

Dates: 1977-2011

The fonds consists of reports, manuals and publications related to Robert Rehder’s career at Canadian General Electric in Peterborough, Ontario in the design and development of switchgears and insulation systems for motors and generators.
More information.

Access Points: Canadian General Electric; Electric Engineering; Switchgear Engineering; Insulation Systems; Hope Mill; Ontario Hydro; La Grande Complex

699Grove School, Peterborough
700Peterborough 1846
724Queen Mary School

Dates: 1910-2013

The fonds consists of documents, photographs, yearbooks and other materials compliled for the 100th aniversary of Queen Mary School. The materials cover the history of the school and its students from before its opening in 1913 to its 100th anniversary in 2013. The collection also has materials related to Safety Patrols across the city and Queen Mary’s Summer Theatre; and regesters from Queen Mary School, King George School, the Retarded Children’s School and the Havelock Public School.
More information.

Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Peterborough Schools; Queen Mary’s 100th Anniversary; Queen Mary Summer Theatre; Safety Patrol; Public School Registers; Separate School Registers

733Lobb, Charles

Dates: 1900, 1920-2007

The fonds consists of documents, publications, newspaper clippings, displays, ribbons, postcards, photographs and scrapbooks relating to the life and farming career of Charles Lobb.
More information.

Access Points: Norwood Fair; Royal Winter Fair; East Peterborough Agricultural Society; Upper Stoney Lake Regatta; Ontario Agricultural College; Ontario Department of Agriculture; World War II

738Peterborough County Voters' Lists
743Peterborough Lawn Bowling Club
746Peterborough Normal School
772Hall, W. Gordon

Dates: 1887-1960

The fonds consists of a book and five photographs. The book is the Western Manufacturing Co. Regina Catalogue No. 5 showing Builders Woodwork and an official price list and illustrations for 1919 done for wholesale manufacturers and jobbers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba.

The photographs include a Roy Studio shot of General Electric products at a home show or exhibition; advertising for Watson Tire & Radio Supply at 446 George, and W. Gordon Hall, at 88 London St., Peterboro, c. 1922; G. Hudson Hall; two photos of a group being trained in a training facility, c. 1945; and a photo of CGE seen from the Monaghan Road entrance c. 1950s.
More information.

Access Points: G. Hudson Hall; Western Manufacturing Co.; Canadian General Electric; Watson Tire and Radio Supply; Peterborough, Ontario

776Peterborough Cathedral
783Naming of Peterborough
790St. Andrew's United Church, Peterborough
799Jordan, Bill

Dates: 1940-2016

The fonds consists of family photographs and other materials related to Bill Jordan.
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Access Points: Peterborough Theatre Guild; Trent University Bookstore; Arbor Theatre

800Kiwanis Music Festival, Peterborough
801Hastings-Peterborough New Democratic Party Riding Association

Dates: 1984-1995

The fonds consists of correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, photographs, promotional material, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and signage created by the Hastings-Peterborough New Democratic Party Riding Association, pertaining to their administration, campaigns and history.
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Access Points: Elmer Buchanan; M.P.P. Ontario 1990-1995; Mary Smith; municipal councilor for Selwyn Township and its antecedents 1997-2018 (Mayor 2011-2018); Robert Rae (Bob); Premier of Ontario 1990-1995; Audrey McLaughlin; William Domm, (Bill), M.P.; Gillian Sandeman (Gill); M.P.P. Ontario 1975-1977; Linda Slavin; Waste Management; Environmentalism; Provincial Government; Federal Government

816St. John's 1st Peterborough Scout Troop
822Peterborough Digitized Newspapers
828Peterborough Shade Working Group
833Peterborough Examiner Style Book
840Peterborough Schools
847Peterborough Civic Arena
849Gilman, Joseph

Dates: 1907-1909

The fonds consists of a postcard album with a floral decoration on the cover, containing c. 280 postcards. It was a gift to Joseph from Agnes for Christmas in 1908.
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Access Points: Postcards; Peterborough, Ontario

852Inhabitants of Peterborough 1849
879Peterborough 1843
893Bullock, Clayton

Dates: 1912-1975

The fonds consists of personal account books, 1937 – 1942 kept by Clayton Bullock, a farm account book kept by Bullock’s father Howard James Bullock, 3 photo albums from Lakefield United Church pastor, Rev. William Archer (d. 1952), a class photo from Armour Heights School, George St. United Church histories, and a gavel. The fonds also includes photographs and memorabilia, news clippings tied notably to the Casablanca Conference of Churchill and Roosevelt in 1942, and postcards written to and collected by Rev Dr. Mark Fenwick, uncle by marriage to Una Jean Archer.
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Access Points: Lakefield United Church, Archer, Rev. Robert William family, Casablanca Conference, Fenwick, Rev. Dr. Mark, George Street United Church, Peterborough

901Peterborough Liftlocks
909.1Peterborough Court House
909.2Peterborough 1971
917St. Andrew's United Church, Peterborough
937Lyon, John

Dates: 1998

Album of Roy Studio photos kept by John Lyon in connection with his 1998 article for the Beaver magazine on the Roma group that came to Peterborough in the summer of 1909, and with a hope of reproducing the prints for profit in a calendar, cards for special events, and direct sale
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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Roma; The Roy Studio

946Paul Jobe Logistics

Dates: 1975, 1992-1999

The fonds consists of documents related to transportation logistics at Quaker Oats in the 1990s, and to the Trenton Pet Food Plant in 1975. They are very informative about Quaker’s objectives and successes in that period.
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Access Points: Quaker Oats; Peterborough, Ontario; Trenton Pet Food Plant; Trenton, Ontario

966Queen Alexandra School

Dates: 1894-1897, 1933, 1951-1958

The fonds consists of photographs of classes, sports teams and school groups at Queen Alexandra School, as well as other schools in Peterborough
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Access Points: Peterborough, Ontario; Peterborough Schools; Barnardo Avenue; Peterborough Normal School; North Ward School; Queen Alexandra Community Centre; Activity Haven; Peterborough Collegiate Institute